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 jBLOB : Custom Tags for Large Date Objects.

Usually it is difficult to decide were to store files, uploaded by application users - as file on hard disk or in a database. But for those of you who want to store files in a database we recommend these CFX Java tags. It was not easy to work with large database objects in early ColdFusion versions. And we had some hardships resolved by using present CFX tags. jBLOB library is a set of easy to use ColdFusion CFX Java classes used to read and write binary information to and from database. jBLOB can be used to upload docs (images, MS Office files, etc) into Oracle, MSSQL and any databases with ODBC connection. The set of classes can be used on UNIX and NT platforms so jBLOB is universal and ultimate solution for ColdFusion developers who work with large data objects. Installation procedure has four steps: Check/install JDBC drivers Copy and register CFX tags Create demo database MSSQLBLOB Copy ColdFusion demo script to web server directory Tag Syntax Note: demo version can store files with size up to 8000 bytes only!
Tags: file , database , web , data , server , files , library , disk , easy , write , information , script , application , using , upload , demo , store , size , read , webserver , hard , set , work , into , version , binary , solution , databases , ultimate , for , register , users , objects , present ,

 Abstract Management

This abstract management software implements hosted solutions to allow people to write and submit their own suggestion under some topics. Admin area allows multiple authors, reviewers with individual username and password. Authors can submit their essays to several reviewers and reviewers can estimate their performance and automated email system helps to inform about results to essay posters.
Tags: software , email , management , system , write , performance , multiple , area , submit , automated , estimate , solutions , people ,

 You Are Here

This simple PHP programme displays the text 'you are here'. This is otherwise called as breadcrumbs. This script shows the path address that you are here by way of site, directory, subdirectory with your choice of separator. This also change the underscores or hyphen to spaces and write the first letter of each word in capital letters. Easy to download and install. simple to run.
Tags: download , text , word , write , script , address , change , simple , letter ,

 ActiveState Komodo

ActiveState Komodo is an award winning interface that allows users to test, debug and edit their applications. Source code control integration allows you control your development safely. Syntax checking and coloring gives feedback which makes it easier to write correct code. Visual interface can be added to create and debug regular expressions. You can find problems in both input code and data using cutting edge XSLT debugging technology. You can produce a quality code using this program. Supports Tcl, Php, XSLT, perl and python. Features include remote debugging, toolbox, templates, perl dev kit integration, activeState GUI builder and recordable macro capabilities.
Tags: data , create , control , builder , edit , development , find , write , code , using , remote , perl , macro , interface , quality , checking , input , debug , coloring , kit , users , integration , cutting , debugging ,


This is a program where the users can log information with ASP programs. This program allows the users to write syslog messages. This program can store the information to the system event log when the error occurs. This program provide support for the languages which can create ActiveX control or COM enabled languages.
Tags: program , create , control , system , write , information , log , error , store , support , event , languages , eventlog , for , syslog , users ,

 IIS Export Utility

IIS Export Utility is a simple yet an efficient software capable of exporting and importing websites to and fro between IIS 4, 5 and 6. This software can handle all read and write permissions for site transfers between the corresponding servers along with the directories and other required setting options. All copied website contents can be saved on a ODBC database.
Tags: software , website , write , site , read , simple , websites , for , directories , servers , contents ,

 AgMAY's Understanding PHP

AgMAY's Understanding PHP is an useful tutorial that teaches all novice programmers to write and develope powerful PHP programs. All essential facts of PHP language are dealt in detail to enrich beginners with every techniqes. Users are also facilitated with the guide lines to use appropriate syntax in the programs. The author has given a brief note on the latest versions of PHP language and discussed their ultimate usage in creating online applications. You are provided with some example codes and various other related weblinks for futher clarifications.
Tags: online , write , creating , language , note , lines , tutorial , syntax , usage , author , ultimate , for , guide , useful , powerful , codes ,

 BlogHoster (Weblog Hosting System)

Create your own weblog hosting service! With BlogHoster, you can create a network of weblogs on your website. Each user can create and maintain their own weblog with basic or custom templates, comments, user profiles, friend lists, avatars, interest lists, various privacy settings, and more. Your users will be able to write entries with a rich-text WYSIWYG editor and manage entries with an easy to use control panel. BlogHoster is very easy to integrate into your existing website. The script only requires that you have PHP and MySQL on your server. BlogHoster also gives you, the admin, the capability to place ads on your users' weblogs. This product is perfect for web hosting companies or community-focused websites. Come see the demo on our website and have a look over our customer forums!
Tags: web , network , editor , create , privacy , control , website , easy , write , script , manage , demo , user , ads , custom , basic , customer , into , product , for , entries , maintain , users , hosting , weblog ,


php2Static is a php based script and it requires Mysql database. It replaces any META Keywords and description information with your specified entries. This script has security features. Installation is easy. It creates only database entry when we add a new file by filling out the form properly and submit. It also deletes the file and entry when deleting an entry and removes database information. It works only by opening a correct URL. Read in the contents and write a file onto the server. Static HTML files contain all images and links.
Tags: file , security , database , files , images , write , php , information , script , form , contents , out ,

 Drop Down Informer.

It is the simple and compact informer. You can write in him the help text, instruction and any other information.
Tags: write , help , simple , compact ,

 An Active Server Pages Tutorial, Part 1

Through this tutorial, you will come to know the basic aspects in ASP programming and can write your code in ASP. This article describes how the user requests are carried out by ASP on webserver to output the result to the users via HTML coding. And data types, variables, naming variables and build in functions are described in detail using which you can easily start to write your code in ASP.
Tags: data , write , code , using , programming , user , basic , start , build , functions , users , out ,

 Using the QueryString

This online ASP educational tool deals with querystring which is used to pass varibles from a ASP page / form to other web pages. Comes with demonstrative functions and shows how values are transferred through querystring. Tells the ways to retrive files from database and how to write values to querystring. And how the parameters can be set with querystring to use single / multiple values is explained clearly.
Tags: database , web , tool , online , files , write , form , page , educational , multiple , set , functions ,


Coolwatermark is an easy to use tool which helps us to create transparent watermark text on iamges. This tool support different brush styles such as gradient brush and random color brush and 9 positions to write watermark text on images. Using this tool you can rotate the text as well as easily create hollow and border text. This software is written in ASP.NET.
Tags: software , tool , create , text , easy , write , color , random , support , transparent , rotate , watermark , us ,

 Read and write windows INI files in VBS?

Read and write windows INI files in VBS? is an easy to understand online article for all webmasters who have installed hosted applications on their systems. From this tutorial you will come to know how to read formatted Windows INI files using VBS functions with scripting.filesystemobject. You are also provided with example codes to modify, to get private profile string, to parse, read and write INI files.
Tags: windows , online , files , easy , write , using , private , read , tutorial , applications , formatted , profile , for , functions , codes ,

 ActiveX ByteArray object for ASP

Read and write binary data from a disk. Conversion between unicode string (OLE string - VBA, VBScript, Jscript) and any code page (ConvertCodePages). Conversion from/to any code page (charset). See list of available charsets at ConvertCodePages page and CharSetConvert method. Hi-speed binary-to-hex, hex-to-binary, string-to-hex and hex-to-string conversion algorithm (usable to store binary data with SQL statement, HexString property) Hi-performance Base64 decoder and encoder (binary-to-Base64 encode and decode) Other features Process up to 2GB of data Works also with very large files (>4GB, block-by-block) Samples to download very large files (Download of large files in ASP) Samples to accept very large PUT request (ByteArray - accept very large data in POST/PUT request, ASP, VBScript) Part of ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload, you will get more functionality! C++ source code is available with Distribution license, please see License page for ScriptUtilities and Huge ASP file upload.
Tags: download , file , data , files , conversion , write , code , list , page , encoder , source , decoder , store , encode , sourcecode , unicode , binary , string , for , available , algorithm ,

 Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files

Work with binary files in VBS - read and write local and remote files is an article in ASP demonstrating the method of working with binary files. The author has explained how to deal with binary files both on the local and remote computers using free objects from Microsoft. You will also come to know the underlying concepts of binary conversions and the ResponseText property of ASP in obtaining the document data as string.
Tags: data , files , write , document , using , remote , read , binary , local , author , computers , property , objects , method ,

 PHP Message Box

PHP Message Box is simple PHP based script. This script reads a simple form. It has text file as backend to write all the values. This text file is included into the main page. It works in a very simple format and easy to understand. You just need PHP server to run this programme.
Tags: file , text , server , easy , write , script , format , simple , run , into ,

 Monitoring your Web App

Monitoring your Web App is a web based article in which author elaborates the procedure involved in writing a perfect code for monitoring the performance of ASP.NET application. In this article author explains about various procedures that can be taken by the users to write a perfect coding by avoiding unwanted objects and other data which increases the execution time.
Tags: web , data , monitoring , write , code , performance , writing , author , for , webbased , users , objects , coding ,

 Writing ASP Scripts

It is an effective online tutorial from which you can gain the ways to write your scripts in ASP. How delimiters, statements, expressions, HTML and script tags work combined to create fucntions in ASP are illustrated with samples. And tells in detail about how to include file keyword, virtual keyword and external files are described clearly. And from the sample program you can learn how to modify a client script via server side scripting.
Tags: file , program , create , online , server , files , write , client , script , learn , scripts , virtual , work , tutorial , keyword , sample , modify , tags ,

 Read ASP cookies Basic

Read ASP cookies Basic is a web based tutorial in which author discusses about creating cookies to identify the visit of their sites registered users with the help of the browser. In this article author offers various codes through which users can write the user name and password of the visitor in the visitors computer browser which helps to identify them whenever they return to the users website.
Tags: web , password , browser , computer , write , help , creating , cookies , user , name , tutorial , author , sites , username , webbased , users , visitor , codes ,


This is an ASP.NET article in which the author shows how to display the information on the client side using the write method of the response object and how to move to any page or URL using the redirect method of the ASP.NET response object. The author also explains about CacheControl and Expires property of the ASP.NET Response object.
Tags: write , information , client , using , page , display , move , object , author , property , method ,

 POP3 EMail

This tutorial explains the webmasters about how to write utility using the TcpClient class to check your mail. Through this article the users might feel reading and deleting the emails very easier. The author has covered the part of logging on and off, then getting into the mailbox, checking the message size, recovering the messages and headers, and atlast deleting the read messages.
Tags: utility , write , using , message , check , class , emails , read , messages , logging , reading , into , tutorial , checking , author , users , part ,

 Open and Read content from a text file

Open and Read content from a text file is a simple ASP article where you will learn the procedures involved in file management. You can learn how to handle files of your website, to open the files and to read the content of the files line by line. The author in this tutorial has illustrated the methods with two examples on how to create a new text file and write the contents on it, and how to record visitor's IP address in a file.
Tags: file , create , text , files , record , write , address , learn , content , open , read , simple , line , tutorial , author , contents , examples ,

 AVI Processor

This is a program that comes with the ability to read and write the AVI files while it is in active status. It will be useful for the users in generating their own AVIs and in extracting the sound track and video from any live AVI. It supports formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF for writing. It has two effective object one is AVI writer and another one is AVI reader for the benefit of the users. It comes with the ability to read the AVI files either those are compressed or non compressed.
Tags: video , program , files , sound , write , track , read , reader , live , writer , object , active , for , useful , users ,

 ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server

Comprehensive SMS Gateway. The software supports all major SMSC protocols, like TAP/XIO and UDP. It also supports GSM cellular phones (like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson) and SMS devices (like WaveCom) according to the FBus and PDU standards. Filter all incoming messages and define actions on them. For example, you may filter all messages matching 'notify activexperts' in the message body, reply the senders with a 'thank you' message (action1), write a message to the Windows Event Log (action2) and finally add the message to an Access database (action3). The VBScript scripting language is the default language for defining actions in the SMS Messaging Server program. The ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server has a large install base, and is often used by television stations, radio stations, network operators and e-commerce companies. ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server received the 'Product of the month' award by in 2003 (see also
Tags: software , database , network , write , filter , message , language , radio , install , messages , scripting , television , matching , for , reply , cellular , What are Active Server Pages? - What are Active Server Pages? is an article which describes information regarding ASP. It discusses about the difference between ASP and HTML, technology, three elements which are used to write an ASP page, functions of HTML and ASP, creating dynamic websites, advantages of using ASP and more.
Tags: write , information , creating , using , dynamic , difference , functions ,

 Buffer Component

Buffer Component is an ASP encoding component through which encoding of datas with BASE64 coding object can be done. This component also offers read and write facilities for the binary files and computation is done through MD5 checksums. It is very easy to integrate and it is easy to handle.
Tags: files , component , easy , write , read , binary , object , encoding , for , coding ,

 A to Z of Stored Procedures for ASP and VB Programmers

This is an online tutorial for the database administrators which elaborately explains about stored procedures and its usage. It guides the users like where to write stored procedures, what are the types of SPROC, calling, querying, storing stored procedures etc.,
Tags: database , online , write , tutorial , for , users ,

 Handling the "Permission Denied" Error

This ASP course gives useful tips to manipulate the Permission Denied error while accessing reading writing functions with file system. Implements the VBscript techniques and uses the server side objects to open and read / write files. And provides the methods and parameters to handle file system through ASP. Offers the tips to access internet files by setting windows internet explorer properties.
Tags: windows , internet , file , server , files , system , access , explorer , write , internetexplorer , error , open , read , reading , tips , writing , functions , useful , objects , filesystem , course ,

 Can I use JavaScript with ASP.NET web controls? How?

Can I use JavaScript with ASP.NET web controls? How? is an article in which the author discusses about writing javascript with ASP.NET web controls. In this article the author gives you the solution for overcoming the situation that arises when you cannot able to write OnClick DHTML event handler for the button control.
Tags: web , javascript , write , button , event , solution , writing , author , for ,


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