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 EZ Shopper

EZ Shopper is a PHP based shopping cart script integrated with popular online payment agents like Pay Pal, Nochex that supports world currencies for all online transactions. Using this scriipt administrators can create tables, view, delete and update records and also provides options for upgrading the settings of stores through administrator's panel. Single button clicks is a remarkable feature of this script.
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 RainbowJ - IT marketplace: best projects, best developers is IT marketplace site. If you have a project to be performed you can post it for free on our site. Service providers will bid on your project and you will select a winner. We have service providers from whole world including cheap countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia, Romania etc. If you prefer local developers don't worry: we have providers from whole world! You are going to pay about 1/5 of regular price, so try it!
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 Logical games. On-line World Championship by

This website hosts logical games and world championship games online. The users can find a collection of logical games either to be played online on this site or to be used on their own websites by downloading it. It also runs an online world championship, the users can take part in this championship after getting registered themselves. This championship games include Tangram the chinese puzzle and Find pair Find numbers.
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 ASP-World.Com EventCalendar

An easy to use online calendar program to inform the world of upcoming events. This is an Easy to install and use applicaiton. This supports three view interfaces they are Default , Large Calendar and Entire Months Listing. This provides a Search feature which allows finding specific events. Supports unlimited events for a specific day. Protected by Password for more authentication. Provides browser based administration facilities. Create, One can manage the events (own events) ie edit & delete events through your browser. One can Create recurring as well as single events. Option to review postings from users
Tags: program , online , calendar , delete , browser , edit , easy , view , manage , ie , install , world , administration , events , feature , for , review ,

 Universal DB Viewer

Universal DB Viewer is an helpful tool for the database administrators who want to view their stored procedures from their database by giving three constants for the connections such as, username, string and password from any where in the world using internet. It also allows them to customize the tables like, sorting column or drill down based on any value and also users can view all the hits to a specific page.
Tags: database , tool , password , using , view , world , customize , string , value , column , for , users ,


This web based e-bay auction management software has all the facilities to help you to sell your products all over the world using the provided hosted features. Marketplace tools places your product items into major auction sites like Yahoo Auctions, ebay motors, etc., Inventory tools lets you add more items with previewing option. Image manager helps you to upload your own iamges for items. Supports hit counter with sales system. Storefront tools, order management, customizable online reports, customer supportive tools and still lot of functionalities are available to ease your work with auction based sales.
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You can start your sales world wide by implementing an online storefront with the help of this store builder program. Also, can be integrated with exiting business to improve the productivity to a greater level. Shopping cart technologies allows you to customize shipping methods and lets you calculate sales tax as per city, state basis. Creation of more product pagegs with unlimited categories can be done easily. Credit cards can be accepted with merchant accounts and buyers can purchase goods with real-time credit card option.
Tags: online , builder , business , help , sales , store , world , tax , productivity , start , accounts , customize , calculate , credit , product , purchase , creditcard , improve ,

 Network Messenger

The Network Messenger is a simple php script with which the user is allowed to send the messages through their local area network. With the Network Messenger it is possible to use unlimited number of users with a high quality world class service. The chief administrator can send messages to any user at any time. It is easy to use and handle. It is also easy to customize.
Tags: network , easy , php , script , send , class , administrator , world , user , simple , number , messages , area , local , quality , users , phpscript ,

 Camdate Audio and Video Chat

This is a PHP based program which can be used for creating chat room with fully functional features like audio and video chat, it allows site visitors to chat with their friends from any where in the world using microphone and webcam, it has one click operation, it offers customizable feature and many enhanced features are available. Users are allowed to change animated emoticons and the design of text. Web visitors can use this feature for their dating purpose.
Tags: video , audio , program , design , creating , site , animated , chat , using , change , world , click , microphone , emoticons , feature , for , features , friends , dating , room ,

 Real-World Tips for Real-World Web Applications

Creating a flexible Web application is more than just putting together a bunch of ASPX pages. Learn the top 10 things to do to make an ASP.NET application sizzle! See demonstrated techniques such as: configuration management, creating a base page class, and creating a data-driven menu system. See how to benefit from User Controls and effective exception management. Learn how optimizing your architecture will increase your code reuse from one ASP.NET application to another, and how it will reduce your development time! See how this worked in the real world at a major insurance company's Web site.
Tags: menu , development , make , code , creating , application , page , world , configuration , real , reduce , base , increase , top , insurance ,

 ASP.NET Migration Summit - Moving from ASP to ASP.NET

From this session, brought to you by Microsoft and DevelopMentor, you will learn the internal details of how ASP .NET works, from the new compiled processing model to the inheritance story of a page and code-behind. Also, learn about the strengths of Web Forms and a completly new Server-Side controls architecture. You will also learn how to scale a Web site by taking advantage of the new state management features in ASP .NET. Finally, you will learn about Web Services - how they work and where they fit in the world of distributed computing. Source code included.
Tags: management , code , site , learn , page , world , processing , work , model , scale , controls , features ,

 Security Practices for Web Services (Part 1): Now I Understand

Security is the most mature area of the Web Services architecture and it should be. However, getting up to speed on what security means in a Web Services world is a daunting task. This session (of a two part session) is dedicated to covering the foundation for security in the Web Services architecture. Specifically covering encryption, integrity via digital signatures and using various credentials like Windows identity, X509 certificates and custom tokens for authentication and authorization. We will review several patterns for proper programming techniques. Use of the WSE will be shown. Other topics like choosing the right ciphering algorithm will be discussed. Walk away with a strong understanding of how to secure your Web Services.
Tags: security , secure , digital , speed , using , programming , world , custom , area , for , patterns , authentication , part , algorithm , review , session , - Free Forum Hosting

FORUMMATE.COM - Free Forum Hosting - FORUMMATE.COM provides FREE forum hosting service to all users around the world with their OWN domain name. You get your FREE Phpbb forum/message board activated within minutes. All users can access their forums either via or . ALL FREE FORUMS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FEATURES Personalized Address For Your Forum OR Unlimited Members & Messages Unlimited Space & Bandwidth Customize Your Board With Over 80 Skin/Styles Upload & Use Your Own Logo Unlimited Forum Categories & User Groups Multiple Languages Powerful Search Feature, Find Posts & Threads Easily Private Messaging (PM) System With All Forums Attachments, Profiles & Polls Fast & Realiable Servers Free Search Engine Submission & Optimization No Pop Up Ads Completely 100% Free !
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 Generating graphics on the fly

This is an online tutorial which can be utilized by the users to learn about creating dynamic graphics in ASP.NET. Here the author explains and illustrates about creating graphics on the server and sending them to the client with the help of Microsoft .NET framework SDK. This tutorial starts with hello world programming and presents step by step procedure on generating graphics for an easier understanding.
Tags: online , server , graphics , help , creating , client , learn , programming , world , dynamic , tutorial , author , for , framework , users , sending ,


City'O'Scope is a visual financial tool to enable you to survey prices and earning around the world with which you can earn more and pay less. It can encourage and support exploration, discovery of unexpected structures and can formulate new hypotheses. Supports overview of the global relationships between objects. You can view different aspects of the data at the same time with multiple views. You can embed fine grain tasks in a global frame of reference.
Tags: tool , data , time , visual , view , tasks , multiple , world , financial , support , frame , survey , embed , global ,

 Databound Countries Combo

This is an useful utility which helps the programmers to display 240 countries of the world in a drop down combo box. This utility displays all the countries in the alphabetical order. You can easily download and install this tool on your application.
Tags: download , utility , tool , display , install , world , drop , useful , combo ,

 CorporateVisions HelpExpress Enterprise

A web-based helpdesk based on tickets to cut your company costs and boost your techniciansí efficiency. It has many features including assign technicians, technician notification, advanced printing, live support, knowledge base etc. This is also Accessible anywhere in the world Help Express requires no client no installation, no programming, no downloads to interfere with your current computer configurations just a web browser.
Tags: web , computer , client , downloads , advanced , helpdesk , world , boost , live , knowledge , features , base ,


The Airsort is an useful script written in PHP for searching an airport and produces the output in a graphic format which displays the location of the particular airport on the world map. The search can be made with keywords related to airport like the name of the airport, city, latitude or longitude, IATA code and ICAO code. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: search , online , code , graphic , script , format , demo , world , name , keywords , location , searching , for , useful ,

 Delivery Address Verification

Delivery Address Verification can be used with shopping cart systems to deliver high volume, high valued goods to proper address. Helps the webmasters to gain their customers satisfaction. Addresses in more than 200 countries all over the world can be verified and checking can be done within seconds. Common errors in address fields can be corrected automatically. Prompt the customers at the shipping form to enter valid address. Provides features to keep the customer database without duplicate addresses.
Tags: database , address , form , duplicate , world , customer , errors , shopping , checking , shoppingcart , features , addresses , customers , fields , systems ,


This tutorial is an introductory guide to get you started in the world of server-side-scripting and web databases. It covers installation and configuration of MySQL, Apache, and PHP. An example script is also included as a guide for making your own server-side-scripts.
Tags: web , script , world , tutorial , installation , configuration , for , guide , covers ,

 eCatalog Order

A web based e-commerce suite that can be accessed without any programming and web desigining knowledge. Spreading sales world wide and gaining more profit can be performed using web based interface. Customer orders can be processed dynamically and purchasing support both credit card and non-credit card systems. Email notification is available. Orders can be printed out. Purchased history can be tracked and can be allowed for viewing.
Tags: web , notification , using , history , programming , sales , world , support , profit , credit , orders , for , creditcard , webbased , suite ,

 RadLance - Freelance Auction Software

Freelance Auction Software: - Every field of business uses freelancer talent and freelance consultants to empower business connections with freelance talent the world over. Simple to deploy, one can easily manage every aspect of our freelance software with a few clicks of the mouse, including the payment process between the freelance talent buyer and the freelancing seller, monitoring of all freelance projects, financial records and finally, the paying of your client freelancers for a job well done. Now with two freelance script versions (and a third in production), RadLance is designed to give you the tools needed to rapidly deploy a freelance solution for any given field of business, along with the ability to create a thriving community of buyers and sellers all paying you to help them connect. No lengthy programs program process, no need to hire developers as we'll install our freelance software free of charge, or, you can configure the script and run it yourself in under five minutes.
Tags: software , program , create , business , programs , tools , monitoring , help , client , script , manage , install , world , process , financial , run , job , solution , payment , field , for , community , records , configure ,

A world community for web developers, promotes the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.
Tags: web , exchange , world , skills , for , community ,

 Weather Connect

This program can be used by the webmasters to let their visitors to view the weather status on their websites. They can display the weather status including weather description ie- about clouds and sunshine, weather icons, temperature in either celcius or fahrenheit, wind direction and speed in either miles per hour or kilometer per hour, UV index and 'feels like' temperature. Users can view weather report for any place in the world simply by using an american zipcode or city name in the world or any postal code of canada.
Tags: program , speed , code , report , using , view , display , world , weather , name , index , city , temperature , wind , for , american , postalcode , clouds ,


ComCenter is a php based script which can be used dually as a small CMS and also as a small bug tracking system. Only through Admin panel webmasters can add new users. Webmasters can communicate with their team located on any other part of the world with this software. Easy installation and has multi language support.
Tags: php , script , language , tracking , world , small , installation , bug , multi , team , bugtracking , part ,

 Free LIve chat customer support

Live chat customer support software will help you to monitor the traffic of your site. You can easily chat with them and solve thier problem . By this way you can increase your site's performance and reliability. We are now giving the solution absolutely free. Just create a account from us. Download operator software , Generate tag ,place it in your site and use it. I hope we can give you the solution as a world class customer support software in absolutely free of price.
Tags: software , create , monitor , help , site , chat , performance , class , traffic , tag , world , support , account , customer , solution , problem , now , solve , customersupport , increase ,

 Currency Exchange Rate Calculator

This world currency exchange rate calculator is capable of giving exchange rates for any desired international currency format. Using this remotely hosted calculator you can transform currencies between any formats, through a simple button click interface by just specifying a currency form and the required currency format.
Tags: calculator , form , exchange , world , button , simple , click , currency , interface , rate , for , international , transform ,


This web based shopping cart application is more useful for all kind of internet business to create a online store to feature their products universally. Supports affiilate links. Database can be included to track all your customer accounts, merchant accounts, sales and orders details. Supports WAP to enable wireless orders. Supports several world wide currencies. Inventory module helps to track all your product info. Demo is available online for this online store program.
Tags: internet , web , create , online , business , application , track , sales , store , world , module , customer , shopping , wireless , product , feature , shoppingcart , orders , for , useful , webbased , available ,

 Executing Applications on a Server Through an ASP Page

This is a tutorial that contributes to web developers on the execution of a program on their servers from a remote location. Author details on creating an ASP page that allows users to go anywhere in the world and still be able to execute a program on their web servers. This program also offers security to users and a wide range of scope in intranet and internet applications.
Tags: internet , security , web , program , creating , remote , page , world , intranet , tutorial , execute , users , servers ,

 Spam Assassin PHP POP3 Proxy

Spam Assassin PHP POP3 Proxy works with the world trusted spam. For testing incoming emails, custom functions can be written by the users. This does not support multi threading. This is 100% experimental and easy to use program. This tool is written in PHP.
Tags: tool , easy , world , custom , support , testing , multi , functions ,


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