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 IBEEM Content Management System - Standard Edition

Business users can add, edit or delete content and deliver them on their websites without any technical knowledge by using this program. Admin can edit contents on their websites by using WYSIWYG editor and can upload images into their websites. This program supports metadata and templates. This program has an ability to publish content anywhere through a web based interface and provides security and permissions. This program has other features like, ability to build 60 additional pages, ability to add, edit or delete text content, pop-up window manager, reports and datasheets etc.
Tags: security , web , editor , program , text , images , delete , edit , using , upload , window , content , reports , publish , build , into , interface , metadata , technical , websites , knowledge , features , webbased , users , contents ,

 Amazon Link MOD

This MOD adds a link to Amazon in on viewforum.php which searches Amazon for the topic title. It's fully customisable and very useful for those wishing to add some discrete advertising to their websites. In the control panel, you can choose either the United States, United Kingdom, German, French or Canadian Amazon websites to search through; add your own affiliate ID, specify which forums it is displayed in and more. You can make it so that it is only displayed in specific forums and against certain topic types (normal/sticky/announcement). You can turn it on or off with one click, as well as specify whether you wish it to open it in a new window or not.
Tags: search , control , make , link , window , open , advertising , websites , for , useful , searches ,

 Affiliate Commission Pack

Affiliate Commission is a PHP based software programmed to enhance the sales of products of books, music, dvd, video scripts, blackstar dvd chart, whsmith music chart and the products in myoffers competition listings. Using this script you can pay commissions for the affiliates either through the tradedoubler or affiliate window accounts of the affiliates.
Tags: software , video , music , script , chart , window , sales , accounts , enhance , for , competition ,


SupportChat.Net is a live chat application written from the ground up for the .Net platform. SupportChat.Net allows companies of all sizes to add live customer sales and support to their existing Web sites. The SupportChat.Net smart button can be used on any Web page, not just ASP.NET pages. SupportChat.Net runs on your own domain and Web site. Chat text is saved as XML and formatted with XSLT. SupportChat.Net uses HTML for the chat window which means faster display time for clients and multiple browser support. You can choose to force visitors to identify themselves before engaging in a chat conversation, or optionally let them chat anonymously. SupportChat.Net can be integrated with your site’s shopping cart and email announcements and features automatic ranking, a color-coded warning system with visual or audible alarms, after-hours messages, chat invitations, and extensive reporting.
Tags: email , text , time , system , browser , chat , application , automatic , visual , display , window , sales , multiple , button , smart , support , domain , customer , live , shopping , formatted , shoppingcart , faster , for , features , force , clients ,

 Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard

Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your web page to create popup windows that pops up when the user clicks on a link or when a new page is loaded or when a button on the page is pressed. You can control the height and width of the window and also configure the target URL or the page that has to be displayed in it. The other customizable options include the toolbar, scrollbars, extent of the details to be displayed etc.
Tags: windows , web , create , control , page , link , window , webpage , user , button , options , configure ,

 Window scrolling

This is a tutorial where the users are taught about the process of scrolling window to the end of the webpage for viewing the last record. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can scroll vertically and horizontally. This tutorial is useful for the users to perform scrolling process for their records on their webpage. This tutorial provides code snippet for the users who can make use of it on their webpages.
Tags: make , code , window , process , tutorial , info , for , records , scrolling , useful , scroll , users , codesnippet ,

 File Find & Replace dialog

This article is helpful for the programmers and for the Visual Studio.NET beginners which gives them an instruction on VS.NET in an user friendly way. The author has given tips in this tutorial about VS.NET like window management using auto hide, file find and replace dialog, outlining and #Region directive and more.
Tags: file , management , find , using , auto , window , replace , user , tips , tutorial , author , for , findandreplace ,

 Force IE to Maximize Window When Opened

Force IE to Maximize Window When Opened has been designed to work with the IE to maximize the window when your page is opened by your visitors. Usually the Internet Explorer opens new pages on a minimized window. But with this script you can be sure that whenever you page is called to be opened, it will be always opened in a maximized window. This script is a freeware and you can easily implement it.
Tags: freeware , script , page , window , work , pages , maximize ,

 Real-time Message Logging Utility - Part 1

The utility which helps in logging the messages and alerts sent by programs is called as a message logger. It shows the time required or taken for a function to execute. It also shows the idle time and any required messages for the function in future. This article is about the study dealing with the logic of the message logger. The author added up with more content like creation of a client-server application, process of message logger, list view class, file saving in disk, resizing the window controls and threading model in C#. This article helps the users to know about the working process of a server and its features.
Tags: file , utility , time , server , logic , programs , list , message , view , window , content , process , messages , logging , study , model , function , controls , author , creation , for , resizing , users , alerts ,

 Popup Closer - Button

This is an article that teaches the users how to make the popup window to close by adding a button which permit them to close window. This tutorial provide info to the users that they can generate the 'close window button' and can edit the window for modifying the button text. This tutorial provide simple code snippet for the users who can handle on their websites. This tutorial is useful for the users to close window on click.
Tags: edit , make , code , generate , window , button , simple , tutorial , info , for , useful , users , codesnippet ,

 Open 2 Popup Windows at Once

This is an article where the users are taught about opening the two popup windows at a same time. This tutorial provide details to the users that they can perform editing window parameters for opening the popup windows with the specifications that varies. The author says that they can add more number of popup windows according to their wish. This tutorial provide code snippet for the users who can manage popups on their websites.
Tags: windows , code , manage , window , editing , number , popups , tutorial , author , for , users , codesnippet ,

 PopUp Making Wizard, with Cookies

This is an article that informs the users how to handle the popup wizard for adding popup windows to their webpages with the support of cookies. This tutorial provide information to the users that they can activate the popup windows by clicking a button or link when their webpage unloads or loads. The author says to the users that they can set the window to popup once or at the time interval per visitor for managing cookies. This article provide detail to the users that they can adjust the window for creating scrollbars, toolbars and to specify dimensions.
Tags: windows , time , information , creating , link , window , wizard , button , support , set , toolbars , tutorial , author , for , users , adjust , visitor ,

 Hold Window Focus

This is an article that tells the users how to hold the focus of the browser window on top. The author says to the users that this tutorial is suitable for the small popup windows or website news which can be out of focus. This tutorial is useful for the users to hold the focus of the window on load. This article provide simple code for the users to make use it on their webpages.
Tags: windows , website , browser , make , code , news , window , simple , small , tutorial , author , for , useful , users , focus , out ,

 Popup Closer - Click Anywhere

This is an article that tells the users how to close the popup window by the process of clicking anywhere on the screen. This article provide simple code for the users to close window by clicking anywhere. By the end of this tutorial users can perform any action to close popup windows.
Tags: action , code , window , process , simple , tutorial , for , users ,

 PopUp Making Wizard, w/Cookies!

Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard, with cookies is a tool that allows the webmasters to include popup windows, they can alter the window's appearance by changing the properties such as scroll bars, tool bars etc., as they wish. They can set the windows popup time only once per visitor or at the interval set for each visitor. When a link or a button is clicked, then the window is activated.
Tags: windows , tool , time , link , window , cookies , button , set , properties , for , changing , scroll , visitor ,

 Popup Closer - Click Anywhere

Visitors at times need not like the appearance of the popup menus for a longer time, for this purpose, this script offers a code that makes the popup window to close whenever the mouse is clicked at any point on the popup. This script offers an easy code and can be placed on any type of website. This will be very useful for advertisement popup windows.
Tags: easy , code , script , mouse , window , menus , type , for , useful , point ,

 Popup Closer - Timer

Webmasters like to display the popup window on the screen for a few seconds or few minutes. For this purpose, this script offers an easy code that allows the webmasters to tell the required amount of time in advance. After the specified amount of time, the popup window expires automatically. Webmasters need not have an indepth knowledge of javascript to use this script.
Tags: screen , time , javascript , easy , code , script , display , window , knowledge , for ,

 "BYE" Popup, onUnload

If the webmasters have to thank their site visitors for visiting their sites, then they can use this easy script for opening a popup window whenever each visitor takes leave from the site. This script is light weight and can be added on any type of websites. This script need not require the webmasters to have a well versed knowledge in Javascript to use this script.
Tags: easy , site , script , window , weight , type , knowledge , for , visitor , light ,

 Popup Closer - Button

Visitors who like to close the popup window can make use of the buttons offered by their webmasters using these scripts. This script is easy and simple and can be placed on any type of website. This script need not require the users to have an indepth knowledge of Javascript. This script can be effectively used in advertisement popups and has a lightweighted code.
Tags: easy , make , script , using , window , buttons , simple , popups , type , knowledge , users ,

 ContribuHelp - Instant Messaging

ContribuHelp - Instant Messaging is a browser based chat software that provides customizable links, layouts, icons with chat window creation. It can be used to track the data such as number of times pages are visited, customer requests to develop the site and helping them to navigate all pages, and many more utilities are seen with this module. Supports multiple representatives.
Tags: software , data , utilities , browser , site , chat , icons , track , window , multiple , number , customer , pages , develop , navigate ,

 Winsock Library

This library function is used to establish network connection between multiple systems. This library is a window based API used in GUI like, Visual Basic and also in system programming like C, C++ and VC++. This API is used to act as a bridge to transfer data between client and server. Winsock library is an essential tool for network administrators to administer desktops connected to the server.
Tags: tool , network , data , system , library , client , transfer , programming , window , multiple , connection , function , for ,

 JavaScript Tips, Tricks, And Techniques

This is an article that explains the users how to handle tricks, techniques and tips on their websites. This tutorial provide several techniques for the users to learn and use them on their webpages. This article teaches the users how to scroll to the page top using javascript support link. This tutorial guides the users in setting their window size and position and maintaining their background of the webpage as stable even the page scrolling process is done. This tutorial is helpful for the beginners to learn and use the tips provided here.
Tags: javascript , using , learn , page , window , background , process , size , support , tips , tutorial , position , for , scrolling , scroll , users , top ,

 Closing Windows From JavaScript (Six Methods)

Closing Windows From JavaScript (Six Methods) is a JavaScript that can enable you to implement closing of window in six different ways. The closing is implemented by using a link, a clicked image, or a clicked form button. You can replace the name of the image in the script to you’re the name of your own images if you desire to use your own images. All you have to do to implement this is just include the code in the section of your web page.
Tags: image , web , images , code , script , using , form , window , replace , name ,

 No-Right-Click From Hell

Webmasters can use this script to offer a different memorable experience for their website users. This script is very simple and can be used effectively even by the basic developers of Javascript. When the users right click on the mouse, then a popup window appears and it moves across the four corners of the screen. To close this window, they have to follow some instructions.
Tags: website , script , window , simple , basic , click , for , users ,

 Accept Focus

This is an article that tells the users how to generate the process of keeping popup window on top till the popup window is closed by the user. This tutorial provide a simple code for the users to use it on their webpages. This popup can be used in any website to display ads.
Tags: website , code , display , generate , window , process , simple , tutorial , for , users , top ,

 Code That Tab

Code That Tab is a javascript based tab control program with windows Graphical User Interface specifications. It offers customizable options to control tab fonts, tab background colors and tab colors using CSS classes. With the help of this program users can create multiple webpage in one window and display overlapping webpages with distinct information. Ability to move the tabs to right, bottom, left and top of the webpages.
Tags: windows , program , create , control , javascript , help , using , display , window , multiple , background , colors , move , options , tab , tabs , users , top ,

 Auto Center JavaScript Popup Windows

This javascript enabled program can be used for displaying pop-up windows at the center of browser window. This program allows you to include your link target with the existing script code and you can copy them in your source directory. You can set a window to appear on screen with a specified size. Any number of links can be opened at the center of screen through this module.
Tags: windows , screen , program , browser , javascript , copy , code , script , source , link , window , links , number , set , for ,

 Passing a value back from a Popup window (ASP)

This is a program based on ASP that enables webmasters to include any content to the main window via a popup window. This program does its process by sending back the received values to the main window by using a popup window. This program can be used in login applications.
Tags: program , using , window , content , process , login , back , sending ,

 Easy pop-up window generator

Easy pop-up window generator is a JavaScript code generator, which can be used to select the desired options in the generator and create codes. The codes created can be easily incorporated into your web page to implement popup and popunder windows. Anybody even without the knowledge of programming in JavaScript can generate codes easily by filling out the required fields. You can select different features specific to IE or Netscape.
Tags: web , create , code , generator , programming , page , generate , window , webpage , into , options , knowledge , features , select , codes , out ,

 ChattyWays: A.Net application

This poweful online chat application provides unlimited number of environments and emoticons missing on other chat programs to add in the chat window during chat session.This tool shows a user friendly login screen interface with enhaced features and access the client side as well as server side web services easily. This program can be easily customized to users preferences.
Tags: screen , web , tool , program , online , server , access , programs , client , chat , window , user , number , login , services , interface , emoticons , features , users ,


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