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01Publisher is a remotely hosted website creating program where users can create websites for their use. This program helps users in setting up of message boards, calendars, photo albums, guestbook, email, newsletter, map, polling booth, links etc. This program has features like, html or text editor, displays web page listing, publishing press releases and more.
Tags: html , web , photo , program , create , text , website , creating , message , page , links , webpage , publishing , websites , for , features , users ,

 IIS Log Manager

This software is basically built in ASP that performs to calculate the bandwidth of a website in a monthly basis and store the report in a database. Users can easily retrieve the report about usage of bandwidth per domain from the database and also the users can delete the report from the database. The backend log managers works under windows scheduler environment. Features included with this program are, bandwidth per site calculations and bandwidth per reseller, after process users can compress the log files, results are displayed in front end of the web page etc.,
Tags: software , windows , database , web , program , website , delete , site , report , log , compress , page , scheduler , webpage , store , process , bandwidth , domain , retrieve , calculate , usage , users , monthly ,


The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software. Userlist updating is more reliable. /me & /describe support has been added and now works as an action code to other clients. /msg now works from the command line for sending private messages. New features include the following: The local nick now shows in blue when messages are directed for the local user. CTCP outbound and inbound commands are working and being added at this time. The ability to change the CTCP response messages. RoomFlip is a new feature that puts the newest text on the top of the page not the bootom. History is a new feature that allows you to see the last 150 lines of text for that room.
Tags: software , security , web , text , component , action , access , browser , code , client , using , http , page , block , change , lines , commandline , webpage , private , user , line , messages , support , webbrowser , command , local , pages , feature , now , for , features , users , top , sending , clients ,

 Fashion Forms

Fashion Forms is a powerful ASP application that allows webmasters to upgrade data capturing techniques of the HTML forms. You can format the text of the forms, modify font faces and size, customize the text in bold, italic, alignment, underlines colors etc., There are also provisions for uploading images, web page links and boxes on the forms. Some of the important features include ergonomic conception, friendly user interface, ability to export data to word and excell files etc., Four different versions are available for this program.
Tags: web , data , text , files , word , export , application , format , page , forms , font , links , webpage , user , colors , customize , for , features , modify , boxes , available , powerful , upgrade ,


aipscroll is a visual effect applet that can be used in any web page to scroll a image left, right, up, down or at random. The applet supports linking the image to URL. You can use any of your favorite images and specify its dimensions in the parameters. The animation pauses on mouseover and displays the original image. You can also control the delay between the animation.
Tags: image , web , control , images , animation , visual , page , effect , applet , webpage , original , favorite , scroll ,

 Generate a framed page through one single file

This is an ASP based program which is helpful for the webmasters by which they can create header frame, left frame and right frame and they can use different colors for each frame. Sample source code has been given for the users and they can easily setup on their web page for better output.
Tags: web , program , create , code , page , source , webpage , sourcecode , colors , frame , for , users ,

 Alertra Web Site Monitoring

This is an useful component for the webmasters to monitor their uptime and downtime of their website regularly and gives real time report about the website to the administrator in real time. It monitors servers by using protocol, if any error is found in the server the another station will check the server in few seconds. Alert message will be notified to the user through email, mobile phone, SMS, MSN, Yahoo etc., It monitors page changes, availability of web page access, data performance etc., Protocols supported by this utility are, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 etc.,
Tags: web , utility , data , time , server , component , monitor , website , report , mobile , using , message , check , page , performance , error , webpage , administrator , user , real , for , useful , servers , uptime ,

 MailBee POP3 Component

MailBee POP3 is a set of powerful and easy to use COM objects which will enable your application or web page to reliably and securely receive Internet mails via POP3 protocol. MailBee provides support for secure authentication (APOP, MSN, NTLM), automatic charset conversions, html-formatted messages handling, multiple attachments, custom MIME headers and much more.
Tags: web , secure , easy , application , automatic , page , webpage , multiple , custom , messages , support , set , receive , for , objects , authentication , powerful ,

 Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Become a JavaScript expert in record time with JavaScript Editor, and reap the benefits: - Design great web pages: transform your Web pages from displaying static content to live, dynamic, interactive applications. - Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor for batch processing and common computing tasks on your local files or the intranet, and - Create stand-alone programs: create fully-fledged HTML Applications (HTA) powered by JavaScript. Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Enjoy JavaScript editing using a range of built-in tools: tutorials with plenty of examples, fast function finder, Intellisense and auto-complete, context-sensitive help, code folding, and categorized code solutions. Eradicate syntax errors in no time: JavaScript Editor finds them, highlights them, and explains them. Automate repetitive tasks and easily reuse your code with the only few keystrokes by using the state-of-the-art template and script management. Cutting edge: execute any portion of your JavaScript code straight from the Editor - no web page needed!
Tags: web , create , time , files , fast , record , code , batch , script , using , page , content , tasks , webpage , automate , editing , template , interactive , run , processing , errors , function , local , pages , applications , syntax , expert , execute , real , for , webpages , keystrokes , tutorials , transform , computing , static ,

 EBA: Grid Control V2.5

The EBA Grid Control is a JavaScript and DHTML based data-entry and data-browsing control designed to render data asynchronously from a remote database (or unbound) in a familiar Microsoft Excel style interface. Multiple control types including checkbox, combo-box, drop-down, date, text, etc. Languages supported include ASP, JSP. EBA:Grid V2 integrates seamlessly with MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, DB2, and more! Free download! The lightweight nature of the Grid distinguishes it from similar products. It downloads quickly, requires no preinstalled software or action from the user to install, and features a robust and full-featured user interface. V2 is the spreadsheet and data-entry solution for financial applications, point of sale systems, and database management tools. The control is delivered seamlessly with the web page as a JavaScript attachment. This means your application will not require prior installation of any software, and will be Windows Service Pack 2 compatible. Feature Highlights - Column Freezing. Freeze n columns to the left while preserving the scrolling ability on other columns. Useful for viewing complex recordsets. - Asynchronous Paging. Quickly scroll through large datasets without reloading the page. - Databound Comboboxes. Specialized input type with type-ahead autocomplete. Eg: Bind a cell to a remote database containing a list of clients which is loaded on demand from the server. Type the first few letters of the client's name and the combobox will attempt to guess which you are typing. - AutoSave. Save all changes to the Grid asynchronously in real time as the user types without interruping workflow or reloading the page. - Predefined Visual Styles. - Formatted data entry. - Multiple cell types including: Text, Number, Dates, Boolean, List boxes, Combo Boxes.
Tags: software , database , web , data , time , control , action , management , nature , list , application , remote , page , downloads , spreadsheet , webpage , user , financial , name , type , databasemanagement , pointofsale , installation , cell , solution , style , workflow , columns , input , real , for , features , scrolling , scroll , sale , letters , point , combobox , combo , changes , clients ,

 Alivesites Banner Ads

This is a program that comes with all functionalities of an enhanced ad management system. This program facilitates administrators to rotate ad banners on their website. Administrators can display number of ads in a single web page and can manage the advertisers details by adding, removing and updating details. This program comes with the ability to log all impressions and click-through which are happened to the advertisements.
Tags: web , program , management , log , page , manage , display , webpage , ads , number , rotate , removing , banners ,

 List of Server Variables

This is an ASP tutorial that deals with server variables in ASP and describes the methods needed to list them. Describes the functions with their syntax to collect the information from servers like server port and server software, web browser name and it's IP address, the DNS lookup details from an IP address, METHOD which is used to call a web page etc.,
Tags: web , server , browser , information , list , page , webpage , collect , port , name , lookup , webbrowser , tutorial , call , syntax , functions , servers ,

 Webmatic fireworks

This is Java visual effect applet that can enhance your web page with a wonderful fire work visual effect over an image. The applet can be supplied with your favorite images and you can insert a scrolling overtext and over image into this applet. The applet supports a hyperlink and the applet is compatible with Java virtual machine. You can make this applet function on any webpage powered with Webmatic.
Tags: image , web , images , make , visual , page , effect , applet , webpage , virtual , work , into , function , enhance , insert , fire , favorite , scrolling ,

 Analog Clock (mouse trail)

Analog Clock (mouse trail) is a JavaScript that displays an analog clock with a dial and arms, which moves along with the mouse and follows it everywhere. You can incorporate this into your web page by integrating the script provided into the BODY section of your page. Through the script you can customize the font, font size and alignment of the analog clock.
Tags: web , clock , script , page , mouse , font , webpage , size , into , customize , analog , dial ,

 Andrey's Applet Snow

This software allows web page designers to create a snow effect image. It displays with snowfalling effect. Customization facilities are available that permits users to control the speed of snowflakes and the number of snowflakes. Users can set the color for snow.
Tags: software , web , create , control , speed , color , page , effect , webpage , snow , number , set , for , users , available ,

 Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard

Ace Generation 3 Popup Wizard is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your web page to create popup windows that pops up when the user clicks on a link or when a new page is loaded or when a button on the page is pressed. You can control the height and width of the window and also configure the target URL or the page that has to be displayed in it. The other customizable options include the toolbar, scrollbars, extent of the details to be displayed etc.
Tags: windows , web , create , control , page , link , window , webpage , user , button , options , configure ,

 Anibal's Essential Applets

This web site contains a collection of 18 wonderful java applets that can be used for web page designing. You can download all these freeware and shareware applets. Anibal's Essential Applets also provides navigation menus, text messengers, charts, slide shows etc for enhancing your web pages.
Tags: download , freeware , web , shareware , text , java , site , collection , navigation , page , slide , webpage , for , applets ,


CodeThatXPBar is a JavaScript menu navigation system, which can be implemented in your web page without any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming knowledge. This script is an advanced crossbrowser script, which implements the navigation feature, which is very similar to the Windows Explorer or the control panel. Script works on the IE+, NN4+, Opera 5+ and Mozilla browsers.
Tags: web , control , menu , script , programming , navigation , page , advanced , webpage , knowledge ,

 ap tgp²

The ap tgp is an online image gallery PHP script which helps you in creating your gallery with automatically generated thumbnails and maintains the tgp gallery effectively. This latest version has advanced features like Auto harvest which harvest galleries from other TGPs in a flick of a second; Bulk add galleries which loads and auto-thumb worklist based on category etc. The template manager customizes the submission responses, e-mail confirmation response and much more. The script also supports ad management with which you can run ads in your web page thereby increasing your revnues. Other features includes ordering galleries based on popularity, by weight, provides statistics to all registered webmasters and much more.
Tags: image , web , online , manager , management , creating , script , page , statistics , auto , gallery , advanced , webpage , ads , template , run , thumbnails , automatically , version , galleries , submission , features ,

 Leaping Letters Menu

Leaping Letters Menu is a javascript based text effect program. When the user use this program on their web page it allows them to display text with jumping effect. If any visitor of their site moves their mouse cursor on particular text jumping effect can be seen on the text. Several features of this script are, users are allowed to use system colors and color parameters, word wrapping, mouse over click sounds, text alignment and many features are included with this script.
Tags: web , program , text , system , word , javascript , color , site , script , page , effect , mouse , display , webpage , user , colors , click , cursor , features , users , visitor ,


phplinkexchange is a simple link exchange program and is a simple script based on php. With the help of phplinkexchange users can generate link exchange on their websites. phpClickXchange creates associate or affiliate lists. These lists can be placed into your web page via SSI. Placing the site which sends the most hits in the best position and least hits in the worst position. Installation is easy and quick.
Tags: web , program , easy , help , site , script , page , generate , link , webpage , best , exchange , simple , into , lists , position , users ,


This is a powerful email utility with which you would be able to access your email account and mail server data with a simple interface. Several mail modules are available to help you to add, edit and delete mail accounts and to archive messages from your inbox. You can even access and read your mail messages and the attachments from a web page through this program.
Tags: email , web , utility , data , mail , server , access , delete , edit , help , archive , page , webpage , read , simple , messages , account , mailserver , attachments , accounts , available , powerful ,

 Error Manager

Error Manager is a simple and efficient online error handling software capable of assisting webmasters to manage their website error pages and to guide visitor navigation through the website pages. This program can generate instant error messages for any fake web pages and provides a new redirecting web page link for the visitors. A detailed error page report will be provided for your reference.
Tags: software , web , program , online , website , report , navigation , page , manage , generate , link , error , webpage , simple , instant , messages , pages , for , webpages , guide , visitor ,

 Daily Hits

New Website makers can find some details about the usage of Daily Hits program on their website and what benefit will be provided by that program etc., has been shown briefly for quick reference. Sample code has also been provided to install on their web page to test.
Tags: web , program , website , find , code , page , webpage , install , quick , usage , for ,

 Using Class Libraries to Simplify Code

Through this online tutorial, the author highlights the class libraries to simplify the code while developing ASP.NET Web applications. The main implementation of these class libraries might lead to better code readability and reusage. This class libraries helps the developers to update their web page instantly. The author also discusses about how to create and use them. Through this the beginners could develop their site with the help of these class libraries in a better way.
Tags: web , create , online , help , code , site , page , class , webpage , update , author , libraries , develop , classlibraries ,


This is a simple tutorial which is more informative to the .NET programmers to get the solution for placing the variables and methods globally on a web application. The author shows how to perform this operation using Global.asax, Modules, Include Files and User control. The author shows you how to add a file in the required web page using the include directive with a sample program. The author also shows how to create user control and modules with a sample program. This tutorial also shows how to define the events of the session and application objects in the global.asax file.
Tags: file , web , create , control , application , using , page , webpage , user , simple , tutorial , solution , events , author , sample , for , objects , session ,

 Free Simple Ad Rotator (.asp)

This is a tutorial where ASP users can gather more information about including their websites with banner rotator. This tutorial elaborately discusses step by step process for handling file to store the ads and thereby to perform a banner rotation whenever web page is accessed by the visitors. This tutorial will be of much use for the ASP users to manage a banner rotating system on their websites.
Tags: file , web , system , information , page , manage , webpage , store , process , ads , tutorial , banner , websites , for , users , rotation ,

 Populate Form from Database

Through this online article the author explains the procedure of generating a form in the web page which collects the data from the database and the clients can modify their details. The author explains this concept with sample source code as webmaster's reference.
Tags: database , web , data , online , code , form , page , source , webpage , sourcecode , author , sample , modify , clients ,

 Starting with ASP.NET basics

Starting with ASP.NET basics is an useful tutorial for the .NET beginners to learn how to create dynamic and database driven web sites using ASP.NET .In this tutorial the authors shows you how to create an aspx web page and how to use various web controls such as button, datagrid, listbox, checkbox, datalist, table, hyperlink, image, textbox etc.,of ASP.NET.
Tags: database , web , create , using , learn , page , webpage , dynamic , tutorial , controls , for , sites , useful ,

 Server-Side Includes Reference

This is a quick reference SSI article that helps you to know about the various directives and how to use them. #include, #config, #echo, #exec, #flastmod, #fsize are the directives of ASP discussed in this article. You can place the size of the file easily in each web page using the #fsize directive and you can also execute server variable using #exec directive. All these SSI are showed with syntax in this reference article.
Tags: file , web , server , using , page , webpage , quick , size , reference , syntax , execute ,


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