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 CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE - Calculators for Fluid Mechanics, Engineering and science

CALCULATOR BOUTIQUE is a website which provides online calculators for the use in engineering and science. This calculator is made through fluid mechanics and wave propagation. The main objective in this program to provide readily accessible tools which carry out the calculation without requiring extensive background knowledge. Mainly this calculators will be useful for working engineers, and some laypeople.
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 Axis Spectrum Analyzer

Axis Spectrum Analyzer allows you to record audio along with sincronized 31 band spectrum analyzer readings from any audio source to be inputed into Macromedia Flash movies in an easy to integrate way. It records a wave file and an action script file for that wave file to be included in your Flash project. It allows you to set the frames per second used in the Flash movie. It comes with a full example, visit the web site, there is an example there. The software can also be used to display real-time audio with customized visuals on your desktop or on video devices such as projectors, tvs,etc..., the software comes with special features for making it appropriate for music performances (such as karaokes,shows) . For video device output capability you will need a machine with an audio board and a video board with an s-video or composite video output (quality is a differential in both audio and video hardware).Help included.
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 DS Sinus Text

DS Sinus Text is a javascript program used for creating text effect on the web page. By using this program the users can generate wave like text effect on the web page. Users can display it on their web page where ever they want and also they can set the speed of the waving effect and distance, font size and type are allowed to customize.
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SurfCaster - Surf Forecast and Reporting Tools is a web based PHP application through which the programmers can display the wave forecast in their website. By the help of this utility the programmers can generate accurate forecast and about the reports of surfing conditions. This utility offers various features like allowing the users to display the weekly forecast report, provision to display the location of surf spot etc.
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Users can get the benefit of this applet after loading their selected image into it to be converted as an animated one. This applet provides a wave like motion to create a live motion to the images on any website. Users can allow their visitors to view animated image with this effect, the animation can be stopped by moving the cursor over. Users can also customize various aspects of this applet.
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 Applet Wavefade

Applet Wavefade is an online visual effect application designed to assist web designers in applying different wave fade effects for their websites. This visual effect program is easy to customize and you can change and modify the width and height of the applet, edit the WM wavefade parameters in its back and foreground images, mouse overs, fading direction etc.,
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