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 Prepare for .NET

Prepare for .NET is a reference guide which describes about introduction of ASP.NET. It gives definition and uses of common language runtime, describes about the visual basic language, uses of XML-based protocols, Microsoft Component Object Model, migration strategy, etc. Visitors can gain more knowledge about inheritance-based object-oriented programming, how to use the system classes in the .NET framework, etc.
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 Synopsis - Visual Programming Tool

This program contains visual program tools. This tool helps visual basic program learners or for any users to build software applications by dragging and droping icons which represents software components. Data used by the software components is entered via synopsis interface. By using this tool users can build complex applications very easily. Several features of this tool are, rapid application development, offering more than hundred components, example programs etc.,
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 Creating and Using XML Web Services

From this tutorial you will learn how to develop and deploy an intuitive user friendly web service on your website through XML. The author of this article has explained the above concepts with simple examples demonstrating how to access the necessary details using visual C# and visual basic .NET. You can even learn to read appropriate URL's for the webservice from the configuartion file and to use asynchronous calls from the client to your webservice.
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 Develop Scriptless Web Apps Using Visual Basic

This is an article through which the author details a technique to engage visual basic in the development of web based applications without the usual associating problems. In this tutorial the author figures out all the problems for better analysis and provides a technique to let the developers avoid those problems. This tutorial would be useful for developers who are used to VB based development environment.
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 Working with Multiple Forms in Visual Basic .NET: Upgrading to .NET

Working with Multiple Forms in Visual Basic .NET: Upgrading to .NET is an ASP.NET tutorial which concentrates on method to work along with multiple form which is built in visual basic.NET. Here the author explains about several new technologies that the users can gain along with this multiple forms like modifying the outlook of the form, displaying next forms, utilizing form as a dialog and more.
Tags: outlook , visualbasic , form , visual , forms , multiple , basic , work , tutorial , dialog , author , users , method ,

 Code Advisor for Visual Basic 6.0

This tool is helpful for programmers to review the source code of visual basic program to ensure whether it meets coding standards of professionals. Easy to understand even by other programmers. Programmers can maintain their codes easily. These standards are based on Microsofts best practices.
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 UPL Compression

UPL Compression is a library component for providing high performing compression of files in the database. It has many enhanced features like providing eight specially designed compression algorithm, supporting ASCII and Unicode environment, supporting multi threaded DLLs component, provide win32, DLL, Active X component for visual basic and more. This library function can be customized easily.
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