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 EmailArchitect Email Server

Webmasters can utilize this server to provide enhanced email functionalities to their site visitors. It supports multiple domains and remote administration. It performs message forwarding and can either start or stop or configure the mailservices of SMTP, POP3, Webmail etc., It also performs antispam operations that stops the emails from specified domains or users, and performs anti virus operations by eliminating the mails or attachments based on attachment names.
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 Protecting Your IIS Server and Web Application

Protecting Your IIS Server and Web Application is a tutorial through which users can gather information of protecting the users IIS server and their web applications. Here the author gives details about securing the web server and applications from the virus attack, securing the server and to protect them from other attacks.
Tags: web , server , protect , information , virus , webserver , tutorial , applications , protecting , author , users ,

 No Spam Today! SMTP Proxy Free

No Spam Today! is an SMTP proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server. Incoming mail is accepted from the open internet, checked for spam, and is then delivered to your existing SMTP mail server. NoSpamToday! uses the award-winning SpamAssassin engine to flag spam mail in the subject line and add a filtering report to spam mails according to your configuration. When installing No Spam Today! you will get: 1. A complete one stop setup routine that installs one of the world's most advanced and thorough spam filters on your server in a matter of minutes. 2. A reliable SMTP proxy service software that makes it easy to integrate No Spam Today! into any existing SMTP infrastructure 3. An easy to use Admin Wizard to configure all important settings of No Spam Today! and the SpamAssassin engine 4. Updates, e.g. when new versions of the SpamAssassin engine are released 5. An attachment blocker, and built-in support for third-party virus checkers 6. Free support (for commercial editions only) For commercial use we offer a pricing for No Spam Today! that offers exceptional value! For personal, non-commercial use there is a fully functional Freeware Edition of No Spam Today! (see website) NoSpamToday! works with products of all vendors of mail server software.
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 Data Recovery Applications

Data Recovery Applications is a php based script that helps all users to recover their lost data quickly and easily. It performs not only recovering data, it also allows users to scan for virus in data. This script has several tools which provides live forensic analysis. This tool is easy to use and to install.
Tags: tool , data , easy , tools , scan , php , recover , script , lost , virus , live , for , users , lostdata ,


This is a database driven application which can be used by the webmasters to create the home page. They can build the home page with stock market feeds, virus alert, news, local weather and amusement capabitility for the benefit of the viewers. And for them they can set a reminder, customized favourite links with mailing facility and calendar. Webmasters can also have the facilities to edit the web pages online and to post any announcement for their clients or visitors. It is an effective program and allows webmasters to find the visitors details (first name, last name, email address, city name etc.,) using its searching capability.
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 Data Recovery CD

Bootable cdrom based distribution with the goal of providing an immediate environment to perform forensic analysis, incident response, data recovery, virus scanning and vulnerability assessment. Also provides tools for live forensics/analysis on win32, sparc solaris and x86 linux hosts. Links to other disaster recovery software as well.
Tags: software , data , recovery , cdrom , tools , linux , virus , distribution , live , scanning , environment , for , virusscanning , disasterrecovery , recoverysoftware ,

 eScan 2003 Virus Control

This is a program that has the ability to protect the computer system from being assaulted by the virus. This program scans the virus and content for all type of POP3 and SMTP traffic. This program also has the ability to detect and protect computer system from spammers intention. This is an easy to use and effective tool.
Tags: program , system , protect , easy , computer , virus , content , detect , type , for ,

 eScan 2003 Anti-Virus for Windows

Users can utilize this efficient utility to detect and protect their Windows operating system from virus. Anti virus signature updation can be easily done in automatic action and users can have the facility to schedule the event of scanning duration for their desktops as they like. This program has several features for the benefit of the users.
Tags: utility , program , action , system , protect , schedule , automatic , virus , detect , event , signature , scanning , for , features , users ,


SurgeMail is an mailing programme that has an SMTP server that allows users to facilitate their sites with mailing ability. This program offers virus and spam free emails to users. It has several advanced features like, full SSL secure support, mirror system, friends only system, virus scanning, fully threaded POP, SMTP and IMAP servers, archiving of incoming outgoing or select accounts, mail fetching from other systems using the popfetch facility and more.
Tags: program , mail , server , secure , spam , using , virus , emails , mailing , advanced , mirror , sites , features , select , archiving , users , friends , systems ,

 Kernel Access - Repair Corrupt Access Databases

Kernel for access - recovers corrupted access database files corrupted due to unexpected system shutdown, virus attacks. During repairing process a complete scan of the all the damaged files is performed to locate and extract the recoverable information. After the complete scanning the files which are recoverable are recovered and copied in the user defined location. Kernel for Access database repair software uses quick algorithm for searching and repairing the corruptions in the corrupted access files and hence is a fast, simple and easy to use access Repair Software, which helps you to recover and repair your corrupt access files in minutes. Kernel for Access - corrupted database recovery software supported versions includes access 2003, access XP, access 2000, access 97, access 95 files.
Tags: software , database , files , recovery , system , access , easy , scan , extract , recover , repair , virus , quick , user , process , simple , damaged , corrupt , corrupted , scanning , searching , for , locate , complete , recoverysoftware , algorithm ,

 OutBlaze E-Mail

This Web-based Email tool has enhanced features to send Email messages. This sofware supports SMTP and POP3 protocols which help it to manage multiple email accounts. Some key features of this sofware are Unified Log-in API, Calendaring, virus scanning, spam blocking, filtering unwanted mails, Abuse Monitoring, Account Migration Services etc.,
Tags: email , tool , help , spam , manage , virus , send , key , multiple , filtering , features ,


This is a file utility which provides ability for the users to perform file compression process through a web based interface. This tool allows the users to encrypt passwords with AES and 3DES. This program permit the IT managers to compress data and to perform password based file encryption process. Features like automatic virus scan, administrative control for enforcing the compression practices, zip files from email, providing support for multiple file size, single click zip and easy rezip and more are available.
Tags: file , web , utility , tool , password , program , data , files , control , encryption , zip , easy , encrypt , automatic , compression , compress , virus , passwords , multiple , process , support , click , fileencryption , for , webbased , users , fileutility ,


PowerWebPro site allows webmasters to build their website instantly. You just buy a design or program related to website building through this site. This site offers, unlimited bandwidth, website pages, graphical designs, real time shipping calculations, complete e-commerce functionality, virus scanned e-mail etc., and the amount is refundable if you are not satisfied.
Tags: program , time , website , design , site , virus , build , real , buy , complete , graphical , building ,

 R-Drive Image

This is an useful tool that can be used to backup the contents in your hard disk so that you can restore them immediately incase your system gets a virus attack or hardware failure. The main features of this tool includes the ability to create image files, contents are protected with secured password, ability to convert the file system, ability to restore data on other existing partitions and much more.
Tags: file , image , convert , tool , backup , data , create , system , disk , restore , virus , hard , hardware , attack , features , protected , useful , contents ,


R-Linux is a data recovery software that helps you to retrieve the important files that are lost due to power failure, virus attack, system crash, etc. It also recovers lost files from your existing logical disks. The features that are offered by this tool supports Ext2FS file system of Linux, recognises and parses partitions layout scheme, recognizes localized names and has many other featuers.
Tags: software , file , tool , data , files , recovery , system , datarecovery , lost , virus , retrieve , power , logical , datarecoverysoftware , layout , names , features , filesystem , recoverysoftware ,


**BROWSING** You can specify which folders you allow to be shown by this tool. Usually people have one "root folder" with images and several "subfolders". This script will prohibit user to see anything above the "root folder" moreover you can prohibit him/her to see some of the "subfolders" as well. Another useful feature is "search filter" -- you can type something like *.gif to see only gif images **UPLOADING NEW IMAGES** The ImageManager allows user to upload new images. It will check if the uploaded file is the supported image and not a virus or other malicious stuff. Upload is allowed only to the folders which have "write permission" **EDITNIG THE IMAGE** Here is list of some image transformations: ***History (Undo/Redo/Save) ***Rename ***Set New Size ***Crop ***Sharpen ***Shadow ***Write Text ***Rotate ***Grayscale Everything what possible to ImageProcessor is possible to ImageManager as well, however not everything is implemented yet.
Tags: file , image , gif , images , list , script , check , folders , upload , virus , user , type , feature , useful , people ,


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