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eBusiness is the art of selling via a Virtual Subsiduary. This program helps to minimize overheads in engaging staffs and setting up an office. It helps to efficiently increase market share for any business by establishing virtual subsidaries. This program helps a business with Quote systems, auctions, shops, sweepstakes, coupons and classified systems.
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This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have any knowledge on php or html to setup this programme, just approve new members everyday and this programme takes care of the rest. The admin panel is easy and quick to master. This programme has advanced features like, photo uploads, instant messenger, chat, voice and video, multiple languages, hot list and black list, virtual kisses and a simple member registration process.
Tags: html , photo , website , easy , php , list , voice , advanced , multiple , admin , virtual , quick , simple , instant , levels , knowledge , for , features , registration , dating ,


How ePowerGuestbook!!™ Works: 1. POTENTIAL CUSTOMER VISITS YOUR WEB SITE Right now, people visiting your website will vanish without a trace. You are missing an opportunity to establish rapport with all those potential clients. ePowerGuestbook!!™ offers web visitors a shot at $1,000,000 or another Grand Prize just for telling you about their wants & needs. You can even offer your own Grand Prize & consolation prize(s) at odds you select. Give your web visitors a reason to tell you about themselves. 2. VIEWER CLICKS THROUGH THE EPOWERGUESTBOOK!!™ Enticed by the chance to win one of our fabulous Grand Prizes or a custom Grand Prize, your visitors start the registration process by providing information about themselves (Name, Email, Phone, etc.) & continue answering a series of custom survey questions which are integrated into an entertaining virtual application. 3. RESULT: VIEWER WINS A PRIZE - YOU GAIN A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER Once a registrant completes the process, you get an instant heads-up email notification (an automatic email outlining the contact's info & answers to the custom survey questions). The registrant (assuming he doesn't win the Grand Prize) gets a consolation/traffic-building prize (if you choose to include one) that he can print on a local printer. He also gets an instant, custom email responder from your company with a thank you note & added incentive to visit you again. In addition, each registrant is compiled into a database belonging to you & you alone. The real power our application provides is ongoing emarketing to your ePowerGuestbook!! list.
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 Custom Web Development using PHP MySQL Programming and ASP Database Programming.

Our service allows you to virtually hire PHP Developers, ASP Programmers, ASP.NET Programmer, Database Developers from us and use them as if they are under your won payroll. For a fixed fees you get an individual who works for you 8 Hrs a day, 5 days a week and you will be his virtual project manager during this contract period. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the abilities and technical skills of the developer as we follow a very stringent recruitment process and your work gets done by our full time employees only.
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 AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD)

This Virtual Device Driver is used for sharing devices by connecting serially using COM ports. It helps programmers who works with COM ports which is united by a null modem cable. This tool automatically makes invaluable if the program requires more than two COM ports. Sometimes expansion card is required for the users to connect multiple ports using corresponding number of null modem cables to link the ports, on that situation VSD is used. This tool supports upto two hundred virtual COM ports.
Tags: tool , program , using , sharing , link , multiple , virtual , modem , number , automatically , connect , for , ports , users ,

 Webmatic fireworks

This is Java visual effect applet that can enhance your web page with a wonderful fire work visual effect over an image. The applet can be supplied with your favorite images and you can insert a scrolling overtext and over image into this applet. The applet supports a hyperlink and the applet is compatible with Java virtual machine. You can make this applet function on any webpage powered with Webmatic.
Tags: image , web , images , make , visual , page , effect , applet , webpage , virtual , work , into , function , enhance , insert , fire , favorite , scrolling ,

 Online Dating Software by AEwebworks

Create a powerful dating web site with variety of features and options. Lifetime free version upgrades, free installation and technical support. Multiple languages, photos upload and resampling, voice and video, virtual kisses, on-site communicator, e-mails verification, online chat, instant messenger, ratings, polls, news, featured profiles, who's online, e-cupid, and more. aeDating software that has been tested and proven to work with big volume sites. Multiple languages, password protected photo, chat and IM, virtual kisses, e-mail verification, ratings, polls, news, new templates, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, UK, Australia, Canada zip-codes support, banners system, new IM, phpBB forum.
Tags: software , web , password , online , photos , site , chat , upload , voice , virtual , instant , work , version , volume , installation , payment , technical , features , protected , big , banners , powerful , dating ,

 aeDating 2.2

aeDating has a user-friendly administration interface which you will be able to understand after 2-30 minutes of playing with. aeDating is also designed to consume minimum administration time and efforts, its everyday maintenance is simplified and optimized so that you spend just a few seconds to approve new members and this is it - aeDating will do the rest. Online Dating and Personals Software - Dating scripts, software packages for dating, matchmaking, personals web sites. aeDating - online dating script with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support. Multiple languages, photo upload, audio/video chat and IM, virtual kisses, e-mail verification, ratings, polls, news, and more. aeDating Online Dating site script powered by AEwebworks. aeDating 2.2 - new version of famous php based dating software with free installation, lifetime upgrades and technical support. New features – New templates, password protected photos, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, UK and Australia zip-codes support.
Tags: software , web , password , photo , time , online , php , site , chat , script , virtual , administration , maintenance , version , interface , payment , technical , for , features , protected , famous , dating ,

 Writing ASP Scripts

It is an effective online tutorial from which you can gain the ways to write your scripts in ASP. How delimiters, statements, expressions, HTML and script tags work combined to create fucntions in ASP are illustrated with samples. And tells in detail about how to include file keyword, virtual keyword and external files are described clearly. And from the sample program you can learn how to modify a client script via server side scripting.
Tags: file , program , create , online , server , files , write , client , script , learn , scripts , virtual , work , tutorial , keyword , sample , modify , tags ,


This is a program where the users can determine the memory available, system operating system and virtual memory with ASP. This program is capable of working on MS windows operating system. Features like troubleshooting, file support, users can have an activeX DLL registration facility etc. This server application is compatible with PWS, IIS 3, IIS 4 and IIS 5.
Tags: windows , file , program , server , system , application , memory , virtual , users , registration ,

 ASP.NET Applications Overview

This article gives a complete description about the ASP.NET applications. The article illustrates about how the virtual directory is configured in the local server. The author defines the application boundaries and its lifetime. In the final part the author highlights about the application variables and projects their storage capacity and sharing values across sessions using them.
Tags: application , using , directory , sharing , virtual , storage , local , author , complete , part , projects ,

 Tilde: Reference the Application Root

This tutorial can be used by the users to learn about using tilde character to reference the application’s root. In this tutorial the author explains that this tilde (~) has the ability to reference the virtual web’s root to the web server’s root and explains this concept in detail by providing sample codes.
Tags: web , using , learn , virtual , tutorial , reference , character , author , sample , users ,

 .NET Framework For Java Programmers

.NET Framework For Java Programmers is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. It gives an introduction to CLI and CLR. It briefly describes about common language infrastructure, common type system, common intermediate language, just in time compiler, virtual execution system, runtime hosts, and more. This is an useful article for the visitors.
Tags: time , information , language , virtual , type , reference , for , guide , useful ,

 A Complete Virtual Shop Web Service in C

This web service tutorial discusses about the generation of virtual shop web service in C sharp and the author say this program can be used to collect information about a product online and also he says MS Access database is used for storing data. The author has given source code for the users to test on their system.
Tags: database , web , program , online , code , information , test , service , source , virtual , sourcecode , collect , tutorial , product , author , for , shop , webservice , users , generation ,

 CDFscheduling-online Sports reservatin system

The CDFscheduling is an online reservation system for sports clubs by which their members can consult court availability and reserve a court through your website. It can be easily integrated with a club's website and can be accessed by a secured password by players and administrators. The administrator has full control over the reservation schedule. With a detailed client database, you can have extensive statistics on reservation usage, send targeted emails by player or demographic group, manage a dynamic virtual online shop of all your products and much more. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: password , online , control , system , website , client , manage , statistics , send , demo , emails , administrator , virtual , sports , dynamic , for , shop , available , players ,


The Clan Tek is a virtual clan community script written using PHP which offers you custom ranking system which allow you to change the ranks of members, includes custom medals, improved statistics system, tournament and squad system, more console commands, custom add-on pages and has many other features. This script is also very easy to customize.
Tags: system , easy , script , using , change , statistics , virtual , custom , pages , console , tournament , community , ranking ,

 PHP Labs

This website was designed to suit webmasters' needs at a cost that will not break the budget. We specialize in "off the shelf" PHP scripts and custom PHP programming, support, and installation. Please enjoy the site and look at the many reasons to become a member today! New! Instant Memberships They say that membership has its advantages and they were dead on the money here at PHP Labs. Nobody else can even hope to compare to the sheer number of resources we give you over and above our already unbeatable scripts. Most script places sell you scripts. We do that, PLUS we give you the tools and resources to make sure you have a fair chance of succeeding in your online business. New! Totally Promotional We just added a brand new website product and service promotion and marketing area. Inside this members only area is a virtual wealth of articles, software, ebooks, and resources to make sure you have a head start on any competition. Need to get more traffic to your website daily to boost sales? This area can show you many ways to do it. And for a fraction of the cost of advertising! What else is there? Ever wish you could find enough content that was free to use to fill up a few dozen websites? Or maybe wished you knew how to do this or that? Or maybe you just need some new sponsors? Well, we have all that and more inside our members area, literally thousands and thousands of places to scour through and find exactly what you need. And we add to these areas all the time, making sure you never run out of fresh content. ... more Still want more? We also give you a very complete learning area, with all the articles, tutorials, tools, and resources to allow you to learn the PHP language, or even just learn more about installing, configuring, and customizing what you have. We go the extra mile to make sure that you have the ability to learn and advance yourself, thus advancing your business and profit margins. Who else does all this for you?
Tags: online , website , business , tools , find , make , site , script , money , learn , scripts , service , compare , show , learning , marketing , traffic , content , virtual , custom , number , start , run , boost , area , break , promotion , cost , profit , daily , product , resources , fill , for , membership , sell , complete , out , fraction ,


TECFA's PHP Page is a resourceful website that provides various articles, PHP documentations, libraries and softwares etc. for the users. This site has engaged itself in implementing an online PHP virtual resource library. This library is fully equipped with several PHP manuals, specifications, introductory materials, tutorials and printed books on the library.
Tags: online , website , library , site , virtual , resource , libraries , for , tutorials , books ,


LiveStats.XSP is an online simple and effective client server application utility tool designed with SOAP programming interface to enable large website owners to track all their visitors, clients and customers with detailed statistical reports. This online log analyzer is furnished with fast processing log analyzing engine with which you can generate intuitive customer intractive charts with web based statistics. Some of the key features include automated account creations and invitation system for all users, automated maintenance, scalable licensing, bulk configuration and virtual server management etc.
Tags: web , utility , tool , online , server , management , system , website , fast , client , application , log , programming , key , generate , track , bulk , virtual , analyzer , engine , simple , account , processing , customer , charts , loganalyzer , automated , interface , configuration , for , features , customers , webbased , clients ,


This is a software based on php where virtual accounts are setup on Ensim server. This script checks your email every few hours for new order with this autoEnsim. Features like Email Notification of New order, send out welcome emails with instructions on using the site to customers automatically and automatic account setup are provided. This script is easy to install and configure.
Tags: software , email , easy , php , site , script , using , automatic , send , emails , install , virtual , account , automatically , accounts , for , customers , checks , out ,

 dtSearch Web with Spider single-server

dtSearch Reviews • “The most powerful document search tool on the market”— Wired Magazine • “dtSearch ... leads the market” — Network Computing • "Finding a virtual needle in a digital haystack is now much easier" — MS OfficePRO • “Blindingly fast” — Computer Forensics: Incident Response Essentials • “A powerful arsenal of search tools” — The New York Times • “Super fast, super-reliable” — The Wall Street Journal • “Covers all data sources ... powerful Web-based engines” — eWEEK • “Searches at blazing speeds” — Computer Reseller News Test Center See for hundreds more reviews and case studies. INSTANTLY SEARCH TERABYTES OF TEXT The dtSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site. dtSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large document collections to Web sites or CD/DVDs. General features include: • over two dozen indexed, unindexed, fielded and full-text search options •highlights hits in HTML, XML and PDF while displaying embedded links, formatting and images • converts other file types — word processor, database, spreadsheet, email and full-text of email attachments, ZIP, Unicode, etc. — to HTML for display with highlighted hits • built-in Spider adds local or remote web sites (including dynamically-generated content) to your searchable database Products include: dtSearch Desktop with Spider; dtSearch Network with Spider; dtSearch Web with Spider; dtSearch Publish for CD/DVDs; dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Win & .NET; dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine for Linux. See for hundreds of reviews and developer case studies, and to download fully-functional evaluations. dtSearch is the Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991
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 Esvon Classifieds - Chat module

Chat module is a PHP script used to chat for the registered users. They can chat and create their own dynamic chat rooms. The users can create a virtual meeting place in chat where the users will assemble from all over the world. There are many features with this Chat module, they are, Dynamic chat rooms created by the user protected by password,template based design,user can be ignored,filter is used to restrict the bad words and more. It is easy to customize and understanable.
Tags: create , easy , chat , script , words , virtual , user , restrict , module , dynamic , customize , for , features , meeting , protected , users ,


This is a ASP based source code analyzer that helps users to monitor server side include files and global variables or constants and to produce reports on them. This program supports both file and virtual include references. Users are allowed to scan particular directory of ASP pages and to insert JSP, JS, include file reports. ASP based search and reporting tool are available with which users can search component names and comments for particular component type.
Tags: file , tool , search , program , server , files , component , monitor , scan , code , directory , source , virtual , analyzer , sourcecode , reports , reporting , pages , insert , for , names , users , available , global ,

 WebExplorer Server

Using this system, webmasters can easily manage their files and folders online. Using this program, one can start a program like This system has an administration panel, which enables easy modifications of files on the users or groups or on the settings. This system has an interface that is similar to the Windows Explorer and it offers icons and toolbars for each and every action. This system has a virtual file system that maintains security over the files. It offers 'Access lists' and 'Folder tree' which enables easy navigation through folders. It performs activation or deactivation of the users and also offers the facility to delete the accounts which are kept idle for a specific period of time.
Tags: file , security , program , files , system , delete , easy , icons , folders , navigation , manage , virtual , administration , start , toolbars , accounts , interface , for , users , filesystem , period ,


The php payment processor script allows YOU to own and operate YOUR VERY OWN paypal or stormpay type of website and YOU make a percentage OF EACH TRANSACTION that takes place on your site. All you need is a domain name of your choice that is available and hosting to have a complete payment processor website! This is a system where members can buy virtual credits to spend at in the different members' sites. Members can use their accounts to send money to other members, they can pay for auctions or purchase any other products with just a email address.
Tags: email , system , website , make , php , script , money , send , virtual , name , domain , type , accounts , payment , domainname , purchase , processor , buy , for , complete , paypal , available , hosting ,

 Opt-in Safelist System

The Opt-in Safelist System is a virtual community script which has the ability to create a constant flow of your e-mail adverts going out to thousands of webmasters that join your opt in community. This system includes full administrative control panel as well as built in banner rotation and admin adverts on all emails sent through the system, member management, e-mail all members, stats on all levels and many other features. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: create , online , control , system , script , demo , emails , admin , virtual , levels , join , banner , stats , flow , community , rotation , available , out ,


ActiveBundleTM is the component bundle of choice for Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages. This package contains the runtime for the following components, ActiveCreditCard 1.0, ActiveFile 2.3, ActiveMessenger 1.1, ActiveNavigator 1.0, ActiveProfile 1.3, AppletFile 2.5, ASPLightning 1.2 ActiveCreditCardTM is designed as an easy-to-use, server-side ActiveX® control for performing real-time credit card transactions from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveCreditCard provides: Credit Card Processing - process credit card transactions with your choice of processors. Integrated Shopping Cart - quickly build your online store with our optional shopping cart. ActiveFileTM is designed as a full featured server-side ActiveX® control for manipulating files and directories from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveFile provides: An interface to files and form data uploaded using RFC 1867. Download (response) of files anywhere on the server (not just in the web server's virtual directories). File, directory and archive (zip, tar, stuffit, etc) manipulation. Active Data Object (ADO) integration. ActiveMessenger is an excellent choice for adding email capabilities to web-based applications. If you are designing a commercial application and plan to bundle ActiveMessenger, you should contact our sales department regarding special OEM pricing and support information ActiveNavigatorTM is designed as an easy-to-use, server-side ActiveX® control for creating and interacting with toolbar and tree navigators from any Microsoft® Active ServerTM Pages application. ActiveNavigator provides: Tree Navigator - a hierarchy of nodes that can be expanded and collapsed, and used to navigate hierarchical information. Toolbar Navigator - an arrangement of buttons, either horizontally or vertically, that can be used to navigate an Active Server Pages application Refer product page for more details
Tags: email , web , data , online , server , files , component , control , creating , application , archive , using , form , toolbar , tree , directory , page , sales , contact , virtual , store , process , plan , support , build , package , interface , shopping , credit , product , shoppingcart , for , creditcard , directories , commercial , bundle , navigate , special ,

 Collaboration Server

This is powerful online CFML application using which you can create virtual digital workplace to organize and collaborate with all your team members. This program supports both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration between the team and enables you to share and authorize the documents. Activity tracking, instant notification, independent of time and zone etc., are the key features of this program.
Tags: program , create , time , online , digital , application , using , organize , key , virtual , share , instant , collaboration , team , features , zone , powerful ,

 IPro Manager

IPro Manager is an ASP program that facilitates you to handle your real eatate listings more easier through web based admin area. Clients on your website can feel the listings through virtual tour who can also enquire about listings for full details. Subscribing and mailing facilities are included. Property manager can create new listings and can remove / customize the existing ones. Supports FAQ system, print page, and many more.
Tags: web , program , create , manager , print , website , remove , mailing , admin , virtual , customize , real , for , webbased ,

 ivata op

ivata op is an effective java application designed as a powerful intranet system. You can use this program to enhance your website activities in specialized areas like online contacts, calendars, virtual drives, library CMS, search and webmails etc., Software developers and webmasters are facilitated with several advanced technologies with which they can construct full featured active websites with all essential utilities. Key features include easy integration, support for research and development, simple configuration etc.,
Tags: search , program , online , java , website , library , easy , application , advanced , virtual , simple , support , intranet , enhance , research , active , configuration , websites , for , features , powerful , activities , construct ,


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