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 Application Cache Viewer

Application Cache Viewer is a web based article through which users can gather information about cache viewer application which shows the current item stored in the cache memory with the help of ASP.NET application. This article will be helpful for .NET programmers and the web developers.
Tags: web , viewer , help , information , application , memory , cache , for , webbased , users ,

 Banner Ad Central

This is a banner exchange system that offers exchange ratio of 10:9. This offers webmasters to boost the viewer traffic to their websites easily and quickly. The main features of this system is that it supports all types of media files including flash and allows you to display ads in three different sizes which are standard banner size, button and mini banner size.
Tags: flash , files , system , viewer , media , display , traffic , exchange , ads , button , boost , banner , mini , websites , features , standard ,

 Remote ID3 Tag v1 viewer

Remote ID3 Tag v1 viewer is an useful and simple component which is helpful for the users to view ID3 tag of MP3 songs that are accessed on a remote server. If any error is found on the server or if there is no tag on the server it provides report to the users immediately. It uses little bandwidth to fetch and display ID3 tag.
Tags: server , component , viewer , report , remote , view , display , error , tag , simple , bandwidth , songs , for , useful , users ,

 BosClassifieds Classified Ads System

This is a PHP built general classified ads program that supports unlimited products with integrated paymant method. Visitors can use this program to post ads for both 'for sale' and 'wanted' listings with desired currency format and multiple language support. Admin are provided with menu driven administration with viewer statistics.
Tags: program , menu , viewer , format , language , multiple , administration , ads , currency , post , for ,

 View Source

This is an article that deals on viewing source of the ASP pages. Here the author provides a script for the users to let them generate a source code viewer for their web pages. Author also instructs about how to use this provided code snippet.
Tags: web , viewer , code , script , source , generate , sourcecode , author , for , users ,


CodeLifter is a source code viewer that allows you to see the code on any http:// html page, including pages protected by no-right-click scripts, trapped in windows without file menus or url boxes, or the 'referrer' pages that cannot be seen in your browser. You can also access .css (cascading style sheet) scripts, external .js files (JavaScript files), and any other text file at an http:// address.
Tags: windows , file , html , text , files , access , viewer , code , source , url , sourcecode , menus , pages , style , protected ,

 Simple Gallery

The Simple Gallery is a script written using PHP programming that manages your image gallery. This system allows you to have multiple categories and sub-categories to give the viewer a tree like structure of your gallery. It has a built-in installer and tracks down the number of times the image has been viewed and downloaded. The system uses MySQL database and Image Magick library.
Tags: image , database , system , viewer , script , using , tree , programming , gallery , multiple , number , tracks , installer , structure ,

 TrafficStuff Lite

The TrafficStuff Lite helps you to increase the viewer traffic to your website. This can be done by copying and placing the code available on the website in the source of your web page which will create false pages and fools search engines that your website contains numerous number of pages. Whenever a search engine crawler comes to your website, the code creates number of false pages and makes your website listed top among the list of search results.
Tags: web , search , create , website , viewer , code , list , page , source , traffic , webpage , engine , number , searchengine , pages , crawler , increase , available , top , engines ,

 Wish List, Reviews, Inventory Viewer add on for X-cart Gold

Wish List, Reviews, Inventory Viewer add on for X-cart Gold is an e-commerce software tool that assists you in tracking products 'Inventory levels', sending 'personalised emails', viewing 'product reviews' etc,. all through three different viewer functions. All these special functions are provided with wholesale pricing bands through screen, print and CSV formats.
Tags: software , tool , print , viewer , tracking , for , functions , special , sending ,


Pixels is a powerful image manipulation software that helps you to view graphical files. You can manage your graphical files online, view and pre reading images either in full or reduces sizes, create short cuts for image files etc., Besides being a good graphical viewer this program also serves as a powerful digital image processor helping you to process and apply special effects for the images. There are also facilities for searching and deleting all duplicate image files based on the contents.
Tags: software , image , program , create , files , images , viewer , digital , view , manage , duplicate , effects , process , reading , good , processor , searching , for , powerful , special , graphical ,

 PHP Nuke Link Exchange

The PHP Nuke Link Exchange is a simple and easy to use script that is written using PHP programming and uses MySQL database for easy and quick storing and retrieval system of data and information. With this script you will be able to get genuine and targeted viewer traffic to your website easily. The script is very simple and easy to install as well as to use.
Tags: database , data , system , website , easy , viewer , script , using , programming , traffic , install , quick , simple , for , retrieval ,

 HVT 2.0

This tool tracks all the visitors to your webpages. You can have a look at all the ipAddress from which your site and which file was visited. It also has the acurate time and date when the vist happended. The simple and nice HVT viewer makes it so easy to view the reports. The new feature enables the users to set MaxFileLength value. i.e users can set the file length parameter so that whenever the file reaches x entries the oldest y entries will be removed.
Tags: file , tool , time , easy , viewer , site , view , date , simple , tracks , set , nice , feature , length , entries , users ,


This applet supports display of a status text on the status bar of the browser window, adjust the image size between 1 to 100 and control the speed by adjusting the pixel increment values. This is a customizable grid image viewer that supports jpg files. When you click on the images, all images zoom in to full view. You may use this applet freely for all non-commercial web sites.
Tags: image , web , text , control , jpg , images , browser , viewer , speed , bar , display , applet , size , zoom , imageviewer , click , grid , for , adjust , pixel ,

 NlsTree Pro 1.2 Multipurpose Javascript Tree

NLSTree is a high performance multipurpose cross browser tree view. Most of the tree view in the market are suitable for navigation purpose only but NLSTree gives you more extra functionalities such as runtime tree node manipulation for adding, deleting and updating nodes, incremental loading, context menu, drag and drop, XML output, checkboxes, 'windows explorer like' node editing mode, customizeable look and feel and a lot more others that makes the tree exceptionally different. It makes the tree a great option for configuration tool in your application as well as data viewer and data gathering component.
Tags: tool , data , browser , viewer , explorer , application , tree , view , navigation , performance , editing , market , configuration , for , context , option ,


cf_MSSQLDBViewer is a viewer that allows users to browse trough the available databases and tables for MS SQL showing detailled info and data on tables.
Tags: data , viewer , browse , info , for , available ,

 Simple File Manager

Simple File Manager is a software that allows users to manage files and this tool can be placed into a specific directory and give access to that directory as well as any directory below it, including those created by SFM. In this script, centralized access is allowed for other directories. Features like definable character filter from filename, option to TURN-OFF files with specific extensions, internal text file viewer, internal image viewer with zoom function and definable external directory access.
Tags: software , file , image , tool , text , files , access , viewer , filter , directory , manage , zoom , imageviewer , into , function , character , for , users , option ,

 Event Log Management Information

The Event Log service enforces a standard logging format and makes it easy to view logs by using a single event viewer application that provides one-stop shopping for the system administrator.
Tags: system , easy , viewer , application , format , using , view , service , logging , event , shopping , logs , for , standard ,

 nBit WYSIWYG HTML Editor ActiveX Control

A data bindable HTML WYSIWYG Edit ActiveX Control for Website CMS designers. Features table editing, CSS support via a CSS file or string, and customizable language localization. The embedded FTP class can upload images to a web server automatically or, can be used independently to upload other files. Images may also be inserted into a document without uploading and uploaded automatically later. HTML DOM branch status bar allows manipulation of tags, object properties and CSS classes of any HTML node. The CSS class of any HTML element can be altered with a single mouse click. Images may be resize proportionally. The editing features of the control can be disabled ( which hides all the UI controls, and prevents the control from reacting to mouse and keyboard events in the displayed HTML ). This turns the control into an HTML viewer the contents of which cannot be edited. The nBit HTML Editor ActiveX control is compatible with any environment that supports ActiveX components such as VB6 , Access 2000 + , Delphi7, VS.NET etc etc. The install package contains examples for Access and VB6.
Tags: file , web , data , server , control , images , viewer , document , keyboard , language , upload , bar , resize , mouse , class , table , 2000 , components , install , editing , webserver , support , into , automatically , package , events , object , environment , properties , for , features , contents , examples ,

 MySQL(TM) manual in MS HTML Help

MySQL(TM) manual in MS HTML Help is an article about MS HTML help, what is conversion of MySQL manual? The author gives some explanations about the HTML help, HTML help viewer and requirements for this. The author gives some illustrations about table of contents, index, full text search, favorite help topics with some reference sites. This tutorial concludes that MySQL manual conversion bring extra functionality and make using of MySQL manual more comfortable.
Tags: text , conversion , viewer , make , help , using , table , tutorial , reference , favorite , author , for , manual , illustrations ,

 Movie Organizer Deluxe

This is a simple and easy to use inventory and management program that helps users to add, delete or edit their movie related informations and organize them. HTML generator wizard, lable wizard and report wizard are available to create movie reports, video labels, documents, catalog etc. This program has several features like, modifying movie records and database templates, viewing data in any way by using browser viewer etc.
Tags: video , database , program , data , create , management , delete , browser , edit , easy , viewer , movie , generator , inventory , report , using , catalog , organize , wizard , simple , features , records , users , available ,

 Book Organizer Deluxe

With the help of book organizer deluxe, users can add, delete or edit book related data on their PC and organize them. This is suitable for small private or public libraries, book collectors and book clubs. Label wizard, Report wizard and HTML generator wizard are available to create book labels, documents, catalog and library reports. This program has other features like, modifying book database templates, table viewer, web ready feature, browser viewer etc.
Tags: database , web , program , data , create , organizer , library , delete , browser , edit , viewer , help , book , generator , catalog , organize , table , wizard , private , small , for , features , users , public , available ,

 Formula1 Organizer

This is a organizing software that can add, delete or edit Formula 1 related informations and organize them. This program control over the database structure and use Formula1 database organizers to create formula 1 data. Web Organizer can be used to organize web Formula 1 resource informations, races, diary and driver organizer are available in this program. This program has other features like label wizard, report wizard, HTML generator wizard, modifying database templates, ability to access and view data, modifying reports, browser viewer, table viewer etc.
Tags: software , database , web , program , create , control , access , organizer , delete , browser , edit , viewer , generator , report , organize , view , table , diary , label , resource , driver , formula , structure , features , organizing , available ,

 EShopper Deluxe

EShopper Deluxe is an online windows based organizing script that helps users to organize catalog and maintain online shopping experience. They can organize regular and electronic coupons by using ecoupons organizer. Online store informations can be stored with store name, customer phone number, URL address, description etc on the eShopper organizer database. This program has other features like, ability to access and view data, modifying records, publishing the database to the web by using web ready feature, modifying database templates with the help of designer, browser viewer etc.
Tags: windows , database , web , program , online , access , organizer , browser , viewer , help , script , using , phone , catalog , organize , view , templates , store , customer , shopping , publishing , electronic , features , organizing , maintain , users ,

 Wine Organizer Deluxe

This is a windows based wine data management script that can access and process data on the database. HTML generator wizard, label wizard and report wizard can be included to create wine reports, catalog, lables, documents etc. You can launch email program or web browser and publish the database to the web by using web ready feature. Other features available are, viewing data in rows and columns, standard record viewer to enter and modify records, organizing wine cellar collections, wine inventory management solutions etc.
Tags: windows , email , database , web , program , data , create , management , access , browser , viewer , record , generator , inventory , report , script , using , wizard , documents , process , launch , publish , label , webbrowser , features , modify , organizing , standard , solutions , available ,

 Music Organizer Deluxe

With the help of Music Organizer Deluxe, users can manage and maintain music related datas on computers. This program has a easy to use interface that helps users to quickly access and process datas. It has a browser viewer to view datas and standard record viewers that can be used to enter or modify datas. The built in templates could be customized to user's needs with the designer tool. This program also facilitates users to import artist name, category, CD title and track infomations from the site. The database could also be published on the web easily.
Tags: database , web , music , program , access , browser , easy , viewer , record , help , import , view , manage , track , templates , process , designer , interface , artist , modify , maintain , users , standard ,

 KUMO Browser

Webmasters can use this utility to record their entire action on the browser and save in script and play again when ever necessary. This program can be not only used to create web macros but also to build websites. Webmasters can find a page object navigator and HTML tree viewer to use them in designing websites. This program has several enhanced features like printing page automatically in the browser, permitting to record on popups, filling forms in automatic action using random values etc.
Tags: web , utility , program , create , action , play , browser , viewer , find , record , script , using , automatic , save , tree , page , forms , printing , random , build , automatically , object , macros , features , navigator ,

 Sothink SWF Decompiler

Sothink SWF Decompiler is a tool used for browsing, viewing and parsing Shockwave Flash movies (.swf files). It can extract sounds, images, movie clips from Flash movies. SWF Decompiler can also decompile the action scripts in a Flash movie and turn them into neat and readable code. It has a built-in Flash viewer to view and play the Flash movies you selected. It can display all movie components in groups, such as Shape, Image, Sound, Font, Text, Sprite, Button and Frame. Using Sothink SWF Decompiler, you can find out almost everything in a Flash movie. Besides SWF format, the resources can be exported in several formats so you can use them in other applications
Tags: tool , action , play , viewer , find , movie , extract , movies , view , scripts , swf , display , components , into , resources , for , clips , parsing , out ,

 NukedWeb Banner Exchange

NukedWeb Banner Exchange allows you to create text based ad banners on your site and to exchange them with others. Once you have signed up with the system, you will receive a JavaScript code which you have to insert into your website and initiate the exchange system by clicking the ad on your website. This will generate more viewer traffic to your website.
Tags: create , text , system , website , viewer , code , site , generate , traffic , exchange , into , insert , receive , banners ,

 tov (Three-D Object Viewer)

tov (Three-D Object Viewer) is a Java applet requires a data file to implement a color 3D object viewer with wireframe and shaded features by using simple back-face culling, depth cueing, and z-buffer for hidden surface removal. Many other parameters are also provided which include initial position, spinning mode, displaying mode, scale, overall transparency, etc. Three sample data files are provided (tov_blocks.txt, tov_helicopter_1.txt, tov_helicopter_n.txt, and tov_face.txt), which can be customized or a data file of own can be used.
Tags: file , data , files , viewer , color , using , applet , hidden , simple , object , surface , sample , for , features ,

 Xceed Chart for .NET

Xceed Chart for .NET is an easy to use chart tool that support 14 chart types such as 2D/3D bar, line, area, pie, bubble, stock, radar,point, polar, high, grid, shape, low, mesh, shape. These charts state remains constant on the server. Using this tool you can create header, footer, watermark text and borders for these charts. Xceed Chart support empty data points and drill down feature, 360degree rotation, viewer rotation etc., This program sports true run time and design time editors to add effects and edit charts.
Tags: tool , program , data , create , text , time , design , edit , easy , viewer , chart , effects , true , run , sports , support , watermark , charts , points , for , rotation , editors ,


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