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 PHP Pro Bid

PHP Pro Bid is one of the market leaders in web based auction software. Visually its miles ahead of its competitors. It’s features also make it one of the most powerful auction software packages around. Installation is simple and takes less than 10 minutes. Visit us now for more information and a live demo
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 Custom Web Development using PHP MySQL Programming and ASP Database Programming.

Our service allows you to virtually hire PHP Developers, ASP Programmers, ASP.NET Programmer, Database Developers from us and use them as if they are under your won payroll. For a fixed fees you get an individual who works for you 8 Hrs a day, 5 days a week and you will be his virtual project manager during this contract period. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the abilities and technical skills of the developer as we follow a very stringent recruitment process and your work gets done by our full time employees only.
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 Online Store

Need a place to sell your goods online? Rent a store from us and start loading your products immediately. Your pre built web store can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on your orders. The cost to rent the store is only $9.95 per month! Need a place to sell your arts and crafts but don't have the money to open a store? Do you have a store and need a way to supplement your newspaper ad with full color photos of your store's items? These are all good reasons to have an online store. Renting an online store from us is the easiest and cheapest way to get your online store up and running! Everything you need to get your online store up and running is included in your low monthly fee. 1) A searchable online catalog. 2) A built in program to upload photos from your computer to the catalog. 3) Build your front page by just filling in forms. 4) A place your customer can leave a message for you. 5) A hit counter so you know how many people visited your store. 6) Your customer can pay using credit cards. 7) Web space. 8) Use of a URL name. You can open an online store in minutes! The pre built web site can figure out the shipping cost and taxes on the orders. The store can be setup to use PayPal.
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 Web4W3 is a site for web developers who are looking for possible solutions of non usual tasks. After years of developing Web sites and Web-based applications we have accumulated a vast industry experience and ready to share with you our knowledge and creations. We hope you will find this site interesting for you and your business. Our area of interests includes ColdFusion, Delphi, Java, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP.NET. You can be absolutely sure that all components, services and applications from here are 100% original. We are always open for dialog with other developers. Just mail us your questions or suggestions and we will thoroughly take theirs up. We can always find appropriate solution for your.
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Coolwatermark is an easy to use tool which helps us to create transparent watermark text on iamges. This tool support different brush styles such as gradient brush and random color brush and 9 positions to write watermark text on images. Using this tool you can rotate the text as well as easily create hollow and border text. This software is written in ASP.NET.
Tags: software , tool , create , text , easy , write , color , random , support , transparent , rotate , watermark , us ,

 Buddy Zone :: A Script for a Friends Community!!!

Buddy Zone has all the features needed to run a successful friends community website. The features include the following: Browse by Zip Code, Search Users, Invite Users, Internal Mailing System, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Events, Classifieds, Address Book, Music and more... We have also integrated an admin panel for the website so that you can administrate it easily. Please see the demo site for more details. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We will be more than glad to answer them.
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 Freelance Zone :: Run your own Freelance Auction with ease!!!

A unique freelance script with an extensive admin panel, which is able to handle everything from CMS of the site to Auctions. The script has the following features: Custom Software Development Auctions, Pre-Built Software Selling Module, Virtual Office, Project Management, Integration with paypal, Integration with 2Checkout, Integration with ITransact, Arbitration Handling, Private Messaging, Financial Reports and much more... Admin Contains :: Add/Edit/Delete Categories, Edit/Delete/Enable/Disable Members, Send E-Mails to Members, Approve Auctions, Approve Code For Sale, Feedback Answering, Newsletters, Coder's Financial Statements, Buyer's Financial Statements, Website's Separate Financials. and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us anytime for setting up the website or if you have any queries.
Tags: website , site , script , demo , contact , admin , for , us ,

 Mag Zone :: Online Library System!

MagZone is a comprehensive online library system, where you can allow the users to rent out magazines, books or any stock which you want to rent. The website features include: A unique encryption scheme developed specially by Vastal I-Tech to protect the users credit card numbers the encryption is password based so only the one with password will be able to decrypt the credit cards numbers. A user can add books/magazines or your stock in the wish list and move the items in wish list up and down. Categorized listing of stock. Basic Search of Stock. Advanced Search of Stock. 14 days trial account facility. Users can update subscription at any time. Admin side includes : Complete CMS, Easy to add in the stock, categories, Separate heads for trial users, processed users, unsubscribed users, expired accounts, un processed users. Complete meta tag editing, multiple admin accounts, view users wish list, view sent stock, view stock returned, view returned stock and much more... Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us at any time.
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 Starter Kit II

This is a membership system where the users can build membership website to provide security to their files or folders from intruders. This program provide a cookie option for the users to remember login to access the secured webpages. This program has features like password protection for the ASP webpage, user can modify password, admin can activate and deactivate user accounts, provides a built-in member mailing list facility, etc. It provides rotating image banner, comments page, support page, contact us page and more.
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 Counters Component

This article tells us about counter object which is created by counter component inorder to store, create, increment and retrieve any number of count in the website. Here there are few examples and sample code for executing the counter with various methods like get, increment, set and remove.
Tags: component , code , number , retrieve , set , counter , count , object , sample , for , us , examples ,

 WebMailer:Sending 1000s of emails from a web page without timing out.

This article tells us about sending more emails from any web page. This is demonstrated for the user along with providing a status page to check the status of the mail user. A multi-threaded windows service is used to send any number of emails from any site. This article also displays the code of executing more mails at a time without timeouts and scripts.
Tags: windows , web , mail , time , code , check , service , page , send , emails , user , number , for , us , sending ,

 Making UI more responsive using Threading

Making UI more responsive using Threading is a web based tutorial which teaches the method of utilizing thread for making User Interface responsive. The author tells us about usage of buttons which can make the UI responsive or unresponsive. The author has included a complete working sample for us to follow easily.
Tags: web , make , using , buttons , tutorial , usage , author , sample , for , webbased , us , complete , method ,

 Learning to Love WSDL: Web Services Real-World Scenario

Learn about the contracts that XML Web services describe between systems using standard XML technologies (XML, XSD, WSDL, and SOAP), and dig into exactly how XML Web services are implemented in ASP.NET. Burrow through the layers and understand the complexities of the SOAP protocol, and see how the .NET Framework insulates us from those complexities. Examine the business ramifications of XML Web services, as well as sniff the network to explore actual Web services on the wire. This session is for both the savvy business person and the technical person. Explore new ways to think about enabling your business on the Web, and explore directories and command-line tools you didn't know existed. Hear how Web services enabled communication between internal systems at a top 10 U.S. financial institution. Leave understanding the benefits of XML Web services for your business, having a much deeper understanding about the philosophy and reasoning behind XML Web services, and the tips and tools required to a build a service quickly with Visual Studio .NET.
Tags: network , business , tools , using , service , financial , communication , build , tips , into , services , technical , for , directories , explore , standard , us , top , systems , layers , session ,

 Chilkat XML

Chilkat XML has an Auto fix property and fixes errors in XML. This parser is non-validating, less memory intensive and the API is much simpler. Even though it uses less memory Chilkat XML is 300% faster than MSXML4. When you link to Chilkat XML it helps us in providing more free components in the future.
Tags: memory , link , fix , components , errors , parser , property , faster , us ,

 Getting Hits Part 1

Everyone who has a website would love to have more traffic and getting a higher rank in search engines. The author of this article tells us a simple method to get a higher rank in web searches. He also says that URLs with query string are normally averted by search engines so the use of static web pages could fetch more visitors.
Tags: web , search , website , query , traffic , simple , love , pages , string , author , webpages , us , method , engines , static ,

 What's New in PHP4?

What's New in PHP4? is an essay about the enhanced features of PHP4 than PHP3 and a compartive study of both. The author discusses various areas like, output buffering, evaluate for Identical operator, COM support on Windows and displaying portions of raw HTML code with some examples and simple sample programmes which makes it clear to us about the enhanced features of PHP4 and what is new in the PHP4. A nice article to the web developers.
Tags: web , code , simple , support , study , raw , nice , author , clear , sample , for , features , us , evaluate , examples ,

 verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, content management systems (CMS) or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. VerveJEdit has been extensively tested under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will work on any platform that supports java. VerveJEdit requires the java plugin version 1.4 or better. Key Features * Rich support of HTML 3.0, including images, tables, lists, and indents. * Easily integrated into any custom project. * Fast loading times (up to 4 times faster than the competition). * Saves to any web page via POST method for easy integration with database backends Intuitive, Attractive, WYSIWYG Interface VerveJEdit is built with an attractive, intuitive interface immediately recognizable to anybody who has worked with industry standard editors like Microsoft Word. VerveJEdit allows anybody to jump in and start creating or changing content, freeing the web developer from mundane site updates and empowering the users themselves to shape and contribute to the site content. The interface familiarity even extends to keyboard shortcuts. Familiar combinations like ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-x (cut), ctrl-v (paste), and ctrl-z (undo) are handled under Windows and Unix. For Mac OS, the shotcut keys use the standard command key combinations. Screenshots: Windows Mac OS X. Easy, Flexible Integration VerveJEdit is independant of any web scripting software. It can be integrated into a project built on any platform including ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, or even CGI scripts. VerveJEdit posts it's content to any form on any webpage. From there, the data is easily routed to whatever backend database is being used for the site. Being based on Java makes this WYSIWYG HTML editor platform/browser independant - freeing the web developer from having to worry about client compatibility and thus simplifying the developer's job. Rich HTML 3.0 Support Without any knowledge of HTML Programming, the user can create and edit content that includes: * Bulleted Lists * Images * Tables and nested tables * Indents * Links and anchors * Different fonts and font sizes Fast, Effective Support Codeverve offers 24 hr email support for any issues that crop up during integration of our product with your project. Your questions will be answered directly by one of our developers. Most importantly, for a very fair price, the product can be customized to your particular needs. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like to see. Distinguishing Features There are a few good browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editors available but we believe that we provide the best balance of features, capabilities, and price. Unlike all the active-x components and javascript scripts out there, verveJEdit will run on any client platform. All that is required is the java plugin. Unlike the ASP or PHP solutions, verveJEdit is not tied to any particular server platform. VerveJEdit has been heavily optimized for quick loading times - the applet is only 40 KB in size. Compare this to our java competitors who weigh in at over 150 KB. This makes a very noticeable difference in loading times - and nobody wants a page that takes 30 seconds to load. VerveJEdit is well priced and flexibly licensed. It can be integrated into your project for as little as $299 USD.
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AUTOMATE SALES... IPN Pro is ideal for selling e-goods online like ebooks, scripts, mp3, software, etc using a PayPal "Cart" or "Buy Now" button & need to securely send customers Instant Payment confirmation email with a file attachment, activation key, download link or members access details. Compatible with ebay BUY NOW auctions! SAFE, SECURE... IPN Pro prevents fraud by making critical security checks against every transaction, assuring YOU receive the payment & not someone else! ADMIN PANEL... With the IPN Pro Admin Panel you can easily automate & track your sales - manage items, customers data, configuration settings, upload files, manage outgoing messages, send customers newsletters(text or HTML). EZINSTALL via one form! Visit us for full list of features & Admin Panel DEMO!
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 Your First .NET Web Application

Your First .NET Web Application is a web based tutorial which helps you to create a web page using ASP.NET and display some output on the screen. In this tutorial the author shows us how to create a web page that contains a text box and a button and defines the code in the click event of the button control.
Tags: web , create , text , code , using , page , display , webpage , button , click , tutorial , event , author , box , webbased , us ,

 Improve ASP.NET Application Performance

Improve ASP.NET Application Performance is a web based article that deals with enhancing the performance of ASP.NET web form event model, normally all the events or handle on the server side but here the author tell us some methods that helps in increasing the performance of the ASP.NET application through client side process handling. In this article author offers sample code through which users can understand it clearly.
Tags: web , server , code , client , application , form , performance , process , event , events , author , sample , webform , webbased , users , us ,

 Sending Email in C# for Asp.Net

Using C# for Asp.Net helps us to learn how to send emails with or without attachments and also integrate SQL for storing addresses. This article describes the method of using SQL table in the place of email address source. By this the webmasters could produce any number of personalised email messages in text or HTML format that too in a very short span of time.
Tags: email , text , format , using , address , learn , send , table , emails , number , messages , attachments , for , us , span , method ,


FormDesigner is one of the powerful tool for the web developers, helps to create any sort of online forms. Forms like custom forms, membership forms, contact us forms and even survey forms can be designed easily. The features are more advanced and easy to carry out by the novice developers also. It supports multiple number of questions, an admin interface to add, delete or edit questions. MS Access 2000 is used as a backend.
Tags: web , tool , create , online , delete , edit , easy , forms , 2000 , advanced , multiple , contact , admin , custom , number , interface , sort , survey , for , features , membership , us , powerful , out ,

 Inserting Records into the Database using Java Servlets.

This tutorial enables you to insert records into database with Java Servlets in a most efficient and optimized way. The article describes everything from setting up a Connection to executing the INSERT SQL query. Using the ‘PreparedStatement’ is more efficient than using INSERT method. PreparedStatement fills that gap and allows us to create efficient SQL queries, which are compiled. The article also provides an online demo. This article suggest that it is more efficient to insert database with Java Servlets using a JDBC class ‘PreparedStatement’ than the INSERT method.
Tags: database , create , online , using , class , into , tutorial , insert , records , us ,

 Traffic Boost

Traffic Boost can be used to incorporate many versatile features to your web pages. This is a JavaScript software that can break out of frames in case your page is being viewed in frames. The script enables visitors to set your page as their default Home page. It can display popup windows without any frames or titlebar. Other features supported include bookmarking us tool, referring your site tool, logo branding, browser entry, your own search engine, and pop-up web page.
Tags: software , windows , web , search , browser , site , script , page , display , set , break , case , logo , frames , features , us , out ,

 Why PHP?

The author starts from the origin of PHP - how it was formed and for what reason and the giant leap of PHP in the last three years. He gives us a big list of resource sites for PHP and says about the increasing usage of LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Anyone reading this article can get a clear idea of why one should use PHP.
Tags: list , reading , resource , usage , author , clear , for , sites , big , us ,

 Posting HTML Form Data as XML Strings

In this article the author tells us how to use Active Server Pages to integrate XML applications with exisiting websites. The provided sample script will guide users on utilizing XML documents with existing ASP websites.
Tags: script , documents , applications , author , sample , guide , users , us ,

 Flat Calendar

Flat Calendar was designed for those of us who need calendar and event book functionality but do not have access to a database. Unlike most of the calendar and event book scripts available, Flat Calendar stores all its events in files on the server without any use of a database. This provides user default with current month view and allows user to select required month and year. You can add events and edit the events defined on particular day. Also you can view all the events at a time and edit and delete them.
Tags: time , server , files , calendar , access , delete , edit , book , view , scripts , user , event , events , for , select , us ,

 Flat Calendar

Flat Calendar was designed for those of us who need calendar and event book functionality but do not have access to a database. Unlike most of the calendar and event book scripts available, Flat Calendar stores all its events in files on the server without any use of a database.
Tags: server , files , calendar , access , book , scripts , event , events , for , us ,


A fast and free php/mysql forum script under active developement, please join us and tell us what you think of the script so far!
Tags: fast , script , join , active , forum , us ,

 Using cookies in your forms

The author clearly explains how to use Cookies on forms, he also tells us how to set expiration time etc., He also tell us methods on how to manage different users on a single system using cookies. This tutorial has some sample codes to explain the cookie usage.
Tags: time , system , using , manage , cookies , set , tutorial , cookie , author , sample , users , us , codes ,


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