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Submit multiple urls to multiple searcheniges simply by pushing the button on the screen. The script will read the urls from a txt file one line at a time and submit each url to each searchengine. When purchased you are entitled to free life-time upgrades!
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 DB Banner Rotator

This is a full working sample and you may add and remove account, assign banners t clients, assign accounts to admin or clients, etc. All we ask is that you leave the admin and the client accounts alone. Our banner rotator will display random banners . Every time a banner is viewed, the time, date, times viewed, are updated in the database. When you click on one of the banners, the time, date times clicked are updated it the database. Admin Tools - There are two different types of log ins. There is obviously an "admin" log in and client log ins. You can have as many admins and client as you need or want. The admin log in will let the user and other admins and clients, as well as add banners and assign the clients to them. The admin also has full control of banner urls both link and picture urls. Admin may also reset the numer of views or clicks on any one banner at any time. Edit, delete accounts are also available to the administrator. Client Tools - Any client can have any amount of banners with a single account. When the administrator adds new banners, he can add as many banners as the client wants to his account. When the client logs in, he will see all of his banner stats. These include Last time the banner stats were reset, last time the banner has been viewed and the total amount of views, the last time the banner was clicked on and the total amount of clicks the banner has received since last reset. The client can change the banner and the banners link, and can reset the number of views and clicks. Implementing the banner system is extremely simple. All you have to do is paste this " "in your page. Thats is. You may want to also add a link to the log in page so that both the administrators and clients can log in but its not necessary if you don't want your client to have any access.
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 Video Code Script is proud to release our new (Music) Video Codes Script for the limited offer price of $24.99! The music video codes industry has boomed lately, dont you think its time to catch on to the trend? With our dynamic script you arent limited to music videos, you can set up your site to provide any video code content. With VideoCodeScript you can either use the basic script set up seen at or you can easily integrate it into any mainstream website with its simple, dynamic and flexible set up. VideoCodeScript was purpose built as a SEO optimized music video codes script, you can tell from the page set up - header tags, page titles, friendly urls and link titles - ideal to get the best listings in the industry. Remember the $24.99 introductory offer cant last long and be the first to own this fantastic script to get the prime listings! With 10,000+ songs and 5,000+ artists listed with an easy to search functionality it encompasses everything you want in a video codes script. All you need to take the top searching listings is this script, a prime domain and a little bit of link building - I know of no other script that has such an advanced SEO page set up - each page can optimized further with great ease. VideoCodeScript is extremely flexible with a great admin interface. Most of the current music has been spidered from the Yahoo music portal but you can any new video or videos source with a few simple clicks. Dont miss out on this great opportunity, you will receive an instant download straight link to your email after payment! Be one of the first, just visit now
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 JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software

JOMO Pay Per Click Search Engine Software is a simple script based on php and is a search engine program. This program allows admin to access everything on the websites. It requires Mysql database as backend. It is easy to use and fast. It shows search time and banners in search results. It uses smarty templates. It has members area where members can add any number of urls and listing with keywords. It has features like advanced stats which can be grouped by listing or date, affiliate area. Admin can view and edit listings. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: database , search , program , time , access , edit , easy , php , script , view , demo , advanced , admin , engine , simple , number , area , searchengine , stats , features , banners , listing , available , urls , - Free URL Redirection

Offers a free url redirection. Can transform long urls to short ones. Some features include the following: No forced ads, sub domain address, URL masking/cloaking, optional www prefix, traffic statistics, meta information, and more.
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Some of the things you can do with DigiPal - Transaction Verification and Validation with HTTPS Postback or Shared Secret Key - Using the Administrator's panel you can add products and create PayPal buttons for them - Select from 2 different built-in delivery methods (download link, email attachment) or write your own as module! - DigiPal uses "return" and "notify_url" button variables so you can set it up on many different websites without changing your IPN or PDT urls in your single PayPal account - If you enable PDT, your customers will be returned to the URL of your choice after payment is completed. Then, you can show a thank you page or offer them a link for Instant Download. You can also edit these pages since they are html templates to match your taste or website style. You can use placeholders such as %client_email% or %first_name% etc. - Send your customers an email with a download link or attachment. You can easily edit the email template. - Set the number of hours that a link will expire. 72 hours (3 days) is the default. - Write your own PHP scripts as modules that will be executed whenever a SUCCESSFUL VERIFIED IPN or PDT transaction is received or get them from a 3rd Party. - The system will post an email with ALL transaction data while it will record in the database the most important transaction and client information - For advanced users, DigiPal offers the option of Shared Secret Validation, the Validation method recommended by PayPal by simply setting your Shared Secret Value (if you select this option it is imperative that you encrypt your button code) - Expired Links can be purged manually through the Admin Area or automatically with cron - DigiPal will notify you of Pending,Completed,Reversed or Refunded transactions and their reason. It will also notify you of transactions changing status e.g from Pending to Completed and initiate the delivery method at that point.
Tags: email , download , html , database , data , create , system , website , edit , record , write , encrypt , client , scripts , page , show , link , advanced , buttons , url , templates , button , number , set , automatically , pages , match , payment , notify , websites , post , for , select , customers , changing , option , method , urls ,

 GET PAID TO SURF AND CLICK Script ** hot **

Get your own Get Paid to SURF AND CLICK Website like, and make extra profits our scripts ::>>MEMEBERS AREA>> - Paid to click area - Upgrade account - Buy credits - Members can report TOS vilations - Adding multiple urls - Changing url - Changing site info - Deleting url - Assigning credits - Changing status - Changing e-mail address - Viewing history - Viewing stats - Earning referral bonuses - Read emails - Click on banners - Exchange credits for money system - Advertising statistics - Paid to click statistics - Detailed earning statistics - Stormpay integrated support - Paypal integrated support - Other payment processors can be added>>ADMIN AREA>> - Extremely high end admin area - Fully customizable script - Easily approve or disapprove sites - Checking abuse reports easily - Easily view sites - Selling credits - Mailing all members - Changing user profile - Changing site information - Changing user name and e-mail address - Assigning additional credits to user(s) - Setting % of credits earned by referrals - Setting amount of bonus credits for referrals - Setting time-out interval - Delete, add, disable or enable sites - Specify viewing time - Specify surf ratio - Specify the deducted amount of credits - Inbox emails maintenance system - Pay per click banners management system - Exchange credits for money system - Banner rotator management - Stormpay and Paypal integrated support
Tags: time , management , system , make , information , site , report , script , money , address , history , view , scripts , statistics , emails , bonus , multiple , url , admin , user , reports , disable , name , support , account , area , maintenance , click , stats , info , payment , surf , profile , for , sites , username , banners , urls ,

 Glorified GuestBooK

This guestbook is a php software where users can give message, name, email, location and urls on website in which they can also sign in. Features like email notification, smilies and bad word filter are provided in this script. Admin panel for controlling users. A password protected feature to delete unwanted entries. Easy to customize. Free download is available.
Tags: software , email , download , password , word , website , delete , php , filter , location , feature , for , protected , smilies , users , sign , urls ,

 XapSeo v1.0: The Ultimate Seo Analyzer Toolkit

XapSeo v1.0 : Advanced Features Google PR analysis, alexarank analysis, Google LPC, Altavista LPC, AlltheWeb LPC, Yahoo LPC, Msn LPC, Teoma LPC, all at once. Stores all your analysis in form of projects so that can view them at any later time. Provides users an option to download excel report of the project. Provides users a flexibility to work on a partial/complete analysis depending upon number of analysises selected. Ability to work on bulk urls atonce. On-Demand changes in script at reasonable rates. XapSeo v1.0: The Ultimate Seo Analyzer Toolkit The XapSeo is an Advanced Seo Analyzer Toolkit. These days every site owner wants to have an edge over others and thats a must for a successful business. Therefore its need of the hour to analyze our business ratings frequently to ensure that you are not at the last on the race track. There are various methods by which you can check your business ratings, but amongst the best are google PR analysis and alexarank analysis. Rest are link popularity checkers which give you stats about how many sites are connected to yours. Obviously more links means more the sources of your customers/clients and hence its also important. XapSeo v1.0: Added Feature As per our customer response we have added another amazing feature in this script. The user now has the flexibilty to purchase only a partial script, i.e., only some of the analyzers depending upon his needs. The basic price of the script now becomes $10 and it varies according to users choice.
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 Image RollNow!

Image RollNow! allows to create image roll overs and buttons for your webpage easily,in a few seconds.Image RollNow! generates all the JavaScript code so you don't need to write it yourself anymore.Just some clicks and your roll over will be ready to go. Some Image RollNow! features are: -Fast and easy roll over development. -Image RollNow! will save your JavaScript code to a *.js file so you won't need to write any code yourself. -The generated code will preload the images needed at page loading to make smoother animations. -Make roll overs link to urls and customize every aspect of it -Preview your roll over at any moment to fit it to your needs.
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