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 Alertra Web Site Monitoring

This is an useful component for the webmasters to monitor their uptime and downtime of their website regularly and gives real time report about the website to the administrator in real time. It monitors servers by using protocol, if any error is found in the server the another station will check the server in few seconds. Alert message will be notified to the user through email, mobile phone, SMS, MSN, Yahoo etc., It monitors page changes, availability of web page access, data performance etc., Protocols supported by this utility are, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 etc.,
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IISTracer helps to know request, incomming /outgoing bytes, http headers and request execution times of any IIS server it is installed. It monitors state of running scripts, applications and big downloads. This tool can monitor web-site uptime and response time of the IIS servers. Users can also see which program, script or client hangs the server and thereby rectify the problem.
Tags: tool , time , server , monitor , client , script , http , applications , big , uptime ,


This is a software based on php where status of the server can be checked by visitors. It monitors load, services and uptime of the server. Features like server load graphs, add services to port scan, email notification to more addresses, notice board, add and edit notices and multiple server support. It is easy to combine with any applications.
Tags: software , email , server , edit , easy , php , notification , multiple , port , services , combine , load , uptime , emailnotification ,

 Server Uptime Percentage

Server Uptime Percentage is a php driven script with mysql backend that shows the status of the services of your servers. Version 1.2 enables you to easy customize the look of the status page and listen on seven different server ports. Supported services are: cPanel, ssh, ftp, http, DNS, pop3 and mysql.Beside that, script shows server IP number, and most important, it shows server uptime percentage! Script have to be on cronjob - the most often cronjob will run the script - more accurate will be uptime percentage result. Script tracks when server is down and does not count negative percentage when one of non-crucial services are down. But when http, DNS or all services are down then it will be counted. Script can email you whenever any of monitored servers goes down - feature can be easily turned on/off! Easy editable results page + easy to implement on any page you want. Simple and effective admin area - add and delete servers! Script is mysql driven - database will not grow large even if you use it for years!( one month old database for script that tracks 8 servers every three minutes is 4Kb only ). Very low bandwidth consumption, even with cron that runs every minute. Results page shows 10 fields in total - 7 services, uptime percentage, server IP address and server name. Three predefined graphic sets.
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The pHpHp is a script written using PHP and requires SNMP into your PHP to run this script. This is a simple script that uses SNMP function to monitor the HP printers. With this script you have to create a text file and place it in the php directory. This script will work only with HP printers. If you want to use it with any other printers, you have to change the code to match it with your printer. The script serves you by finding the number of pages printed, uptime and other details of the HP printer with the help of SNMP.
Tags: file , create , text , monitor , help , code , php , script , using , printer , change , simple , number , run , work , into , function , pages , match , uptime ,


JSig is a PHP based image manipulation script that generates images based on the collected information. You can create and design signatures as images with the details of the type of system OS, CPU, RAM usage etc., Some of the main features include I33T, two versions of signatures, multi templates, font setting etc., This online software can also provide details such as memory information, audio and video card details, system uptime etc.,
Tags: software , image , video , audio , create , online , images , system , design , script , memory , font , type , usage , multi , features , uptime ,

 Apache Server Uptime 4 Windows XP

Apache Uptime 4 Windows XP is a web statistics analyzer that helps the web masters to view their site visitors, hits per day, hits per month etc., This programme gives printout about Apache server uptime. It is easy to customize and simple to understand. It is integrated to any active web sites.
Tags: web , server , easy , site , view , statistics , analyzer , simple , customize , active , uptime ,


The ADSLLog is a script which can be used to get all the information regarding your network. It may be a cable or DSL or ADSL connection. It provides you the details of your network like the network card with which you are connected to local network, connection details to internet, date of commencement online, details of connection uptime and connection sharing, sent and received packets and much more.
Tags: network , information , script , date , connection , local , cable , uptime ,

 Check UP and Down- Website Monitor

This is a remotely hosted website monitoring tool which monitors the website functions every day for twenty four hours. This utility monitors webservice and it helps webmasters to view the functions of their website. It monitors whether the website is active or inactive. If this tool found the website is down or the website loses its connection it will send an error report to the specific administrator. It also gives report about uptime and response time of the website.
Tags: utility , tool , time , website , monitoring , report , view , send , error , connection , day , active , for , functions , uptime ,


This program help users to known the uptime of any system from the last restart. The uptime is reported in the days, hours, minutes, seconds format. This is a handy server management tool that will help the webmasters and administrators to track the system performance.
Tags: tool , program , server , management , system , help , track , users , uptime ,


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