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 Merchant Central

Merchant Central is one of the internet based e-business solution that offers plenty of features to upgrade your online store. Products can be defined in detail with catalog feature and you can add, edit and remove products via secured admin area. Orders can be placed in real time and you can review all orders and status can be emailed to clients. Traffic analysis tools helps to get a overall view about your customers and lets you improve your business. Credit card system can be accepted to transfer payments, Shipping and tax calculations can be done as per purchased goods weight, quantity etc.
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This is ASP based compression tool that can zip a file through a single command and has the feature to attach this file and mail to any mail address. This component offers various benefits like providing technical email support, provide free uploading of zip, avoiding time limits, providing facilities to upgrade and to install in more than one server etc.
Tags: email , file , tool , mail , time , server , component , zip , compression , install , command , technical , feature , upgrade , attach ,

 Fashion Forms

Fashion Forms is a powerful ASP application that allows webmasters to upgrade data capturing techniques of the HTML forms. You can format the text of the forms, modify font faces and size, customize the text in bold, italic, alignment, underlines colors etc., There are also provisions for uploading images, web page links and boxes on the forms. Some of the important features include ergonomic conception, friendly user interface, ability to export data to word and excell files etc., Four different versions are available for this program.
Tags: web , data , text , files , word , export , application , format , page , forms , font , links , webpage , user , colors , customize , for , features , modify , boxes , available , powerful , upgrade ,

 Agora Lite

Agora Lite is generated in PHP script language that gives easy ways to upgrade your web content pages quickly. Block system and article engine display the content pages and allow you to customize them dynamically without complex steps. Statistic details are included. Articles are allowed with combo box categories. Header and footer information are editable. Publishing forums, listing manager and links can be done. Language file enables you to access this code in your own language.
Tags: file , web , manager , system , access , easy , code , information , script , language , display , links , content , engine , customize , pages , box , listing , combo , upgrade ,

 Alliance of Free Customer Support Software

Alliance of Free Customer Support Software is an efficient software program with which website owners can upgrade and enrich their website by extending its apllications with helpdesk softwares. This website currently supports softwares such as customer relation management, customers support softwares and mobile data and scheduling software along with helpdesk softwares. Users are also provided with details regarding freely available softwares and its corresponding website links. Several helpdesk tools are made available for the users to efficiently take care of their helpdesk and customer support needs.
Tags: software , program , data , website , tools , mobile , scheduling , helpdesk , support , customer , for , customers , users , customersupport , available , upgrade ,

 Amazia MarketPlace

This full featured remotely hosted online store application fulfills every aspect with powerful product and sales management by providing extremely flexible features. Affiliate links, password protected customer area, tell a friend, one click shoping, importing / exporting stored data, pop-up module, historical info about products, departments with nested facility, optional handling and shipping management, product entries with detailed description and images, customizable store appearance, promotion tools to upgrade productivity, online orders and still much more facilities enables you to earn good profit and customer satisfaction.
Tags: password , online , management , tools , application , sales , store , customer , good , click , promotion , profit , info , product , orders , entries , protected , powerful , upgrade ,

 Automatically Upgrade Your .NET Applications On-the-Fly

In this article, the author explains about the built-in installing abilities of .NET Framework and how it is used in generating a perfect .NET application. The main highlight of this article is about using the class libraries to add upgrade abilities to the Windows forms applications. The author also discusses about the AutoUpgrade Class and its Framework. In a nut shell, this is an users guide to auto upgrade their web applications using class libraries.
Tags: web , using , auto , class , forms , applications , author , libraries , guide , users , classlibraries , upgrade ,

 ASP Membership Subscription

ASP Membership Subscription is a powerful online membership management application written in ASP. Using this program you would be able to manage all customers and their account details in a seperate MS access database. Whenever an user registers for your services, instant notification is sent through your mail with thorough details of the user. There are five different member levels for all your customers and as an admin you can upgrade the accessing levels of the members as desired.
Tags: program , mail , online , management , access , notification , application , manage , admin , user , instant , levels , account , for , customers , membership , powerful , upgrade ,

 AutoLinks Lite/Pro

AutoLinks Lite/Pro is high featured exchange software that provides too many functions to upgrade your site rating. Tags supports to include your links. Control panel can manage all link exchanges. In / out stats are recorded by site, by referrer, and by day. Links can be ordered in under top, new, and custom. Image system supports customizable image dimensions with links. Signup form allows multiple users. Information, newsletter can be sent to all referrers. Admin area supports template modifications. Refferers can link your websites directly. Credit system is included which fix a ratio for each refferer and finds hits. Supports SMTP server for emailing tools. It has a live demo.
Tags: software , image , server , system , site , form , manage , link , fix , links , multiple , exchange , template , newsletter , area , live , stats , websites , for , functions , out , upgrade , emailing ,

 BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro

BN Soft URL Rotator Host Pro is a PHP based affiliate program to create affiliate's rotating pages containing advertisements. Using this script you can redirect customers to required URL. This script can handle as many as affiliate links inorder to upgrade the affiliate's services. This script is provided with an easy to use admin panel and control panel. Online demo for both admin and members are available on the website.
Tags: program , create , control , easy , script , demo , links , admin , pages , for , customers , available , upgrade ,

 Dating Website

Dating Website is built by using PHP which is helpful for the webmasters to facilitate their web site with dating facility through which website visitors can send instant message to their girl / boy friends and also they can send their pictures and greetings. It is an useful tool for youth to find their perfect matches and it is provided with pal's list. It has powerful admin control panel through which the administrators can add, delete, view, ban and upgrade memberships. It has email verification facility to verify users email address.
Tags: email , web , tool , control , website , pictures , find , site , using , message , send , admin , instant , verify , for , useful , users , friends , powerful , dating , verification , upgrade ,

 Buy Domain's Web Hosting

Buy Domain's Web Hosting provides web based developing tools for website creation. The programs that are offered are, guestbooks, counters, form processors, mails, redirection, postcard, random behaviour and more. All these scripts are spam protected and are ad free. You can add or upgrade all these scripts at any time. Free value added services and good support are provided.
Tags: web , website , programs , tools , spam , form , scripts , random , support , good , services , value , for , protected , webbased , upgrade ,

 Livejournal Module

Livejournal Module for PHP-Nuke is given in PHP code and is used for webmaster to publish journals of registered and paid users. PHPnuke site supports to upgrade the displayed journals, stories, news and posted contents. It supports CSS style and many editors for modifications. Configuration is simple and easy to use which is also editable. PHPNuke 6.8 and a LiveJournal Account on your site are needed to implement this script.
Tags: easy , code , site , news , publish , simple , style , for , editors , upgrade ,

 Web based Help System Web-App (ASP)

This is a program using which webmasters can run an online help system on their websites. This application can be run on any IIS server and it uses MS Access database. It is possible to upgrade the database into MySQL server. It is easy to use this program on users ASP supporting websites.
Tags: database , program , online , server , system , easy , help , application , using , run , into , users , upgrade ,


You can utilize this program to upgrade your real estate business which supports ASP driven platforms. Properties that to be sold and rented can be added via admin area with proper details such as price, attributes, comforts with usage etc., Any record can be found within seconds using advanced search engine capability. Listings can be displayed with payment calendar and availability calendar. And several other useful features lets you have an efficient real estate manager on your site.
Tags: search , program , manager , calendar , business , record , using , advanced , admin , engine , area , searchengine , realestate , usage , payment , real , features , useful , upgrade ,


Websites which have different modules like document library, user accounts, event listings, e-commerce system, media gallery can upgrade them with the help of this remotely hosted application. Features are provided for each module and you can add this all-in-one product into your webstie to manage them easily.
Tags: help , document , media , manage , gallery , user , module , into , event , product , for , upgrade ,


* 4MemberOnly can create a login and member area on your site quickly and with the least effort and expense. * 4MemberOnly emails the login details to new users and can recover lost passwords. * 4MemberOnly uses PHP and MySQL. * 4MemberOnly can integrate with any existing website easily. * 4MemberOnly can validate users's email address * add as many member pages as you want # Members area. * new member join page. * login page. * forgotten password retrieve page. * activate account by email * a single header file. * a single footer file. # Admin area. * view account details. * degrade or upgrade an account. * modify account. * activate or deactivate account * delete account.
Tags: email , password , create , website , delete , recover , site , address , view , lost , emails , join , account , area , retrieve , login , pages , validate , forgotten , modify , users , upgrade ,


MAIN ADMIN AREA FEATURES : Admin Home: This page displays a quick link to and brief description of all the other pages, Images: Allows you to view and delete all uploaded images, Users: Search for, list, view, edit, add, upgrade and downgrade all registered members, Payments: List and view details of all account upgrade payments processed by the PayPal IPN script, Site Settings: Main control panel for site options - editing templates for email messages automatically sent, for example when a new member signs up etc…
Tags: email , control , delete , site , view , page , link , templates , quick , editing , messages , account , automatically , options , for , upgrade ,

 heathcosoft search engine

heathcosoft search engine is a search engine software and is a simple script based on php. This software allows for unlimited searches to be setup to index various web pages. It does'nt need shell access. It supports boolean searches. To the search engine, upgrade link is used to check for upgrades. It has search engine spider which will scan url for other links to index. Powerful searching algorithm is available for accurate results. It is perfect solution for any website. Online demo available.
Tags: software , web , search , scan , script , check , demo , link , shell , links , url , spider , engine , simple , index , searchengine , solution , accurate , searching , for , available , searches , algorithm , upgrade ,

 cPanel email integration software with PayPal IPN!

CPanel Auto Email is the perfect cPanel integration software suite. Allowing users to sign up for email in real-time, upgrade their accounts via Pay Pal IPN in real-time, allowing users to change their cPanel email passwords and even retrieve lost passwords in real-time. With the pay pal and integrations, your users will pay you for hosting their email and you can even offer 3 membership levels that you choose the price and quota for! I wrote this software from the ground up and I guarantee only the strongest in php security and data validation. Shawn Desrochers, my stalker, has been giving me fake ratings at various sites, but do know that I have never had a dissatisfied customer, never! The customer is always right, even if it means more work for me! Only $25.00, don't waste your money on those over-priced rip-offs.
Tags: software , email , security , data , php , me , money , change , lost , passwords , levels , retrieve , customer , work , accounts , for , users , integration , membership , sign , hosting , quota , upgrade ,

 SFS Classmates

Classmates can list for free and also can upgrade their account to add photos and contact others for a fee. After someone has registered, he/she is able to select wether they would like to upgrade or not. Payment can be done via PayPal and registration is automated. Siteadmin panel: 1. Admin can add/edit/delete members 2. Admin can add/edit/delete school types (elementary, college, etc) 3. Admin can add/edit/delete pricing options. 4. Mailing list manager 5. Banner manager - view/delete banners 6. Manage the site settings - title, keywords, description, paypal email, Contact email, agreement, etc. 7. Admin info - change username, password, name, email
Tags: manager , photos , site , list , change , contact , school , account , settings , info , for , select , registration , paypal , upgrade ,


ASPortal is a web based website with the hosted applications of ASP code files. This program allows the user website to connect with internet and intranet with the help of an interface. This website offer various features like providing users desired front page with two column for the screen capture, admin section to create, delete, edit and change module of the user website, providing user registration and login, allowing users to change the content and colour of the user website, users can upgrade email and password.
Tags: email , internet , screen , web , program , website , edit , help , code , page , change , content , admin , user , module , intranet , applications , colour , connect , column , for , features , webbased , users , registration , upgrade ,


Newslive a highly efficient content system allows you to display newest headlines and news articles which you get from Yahoo News, Lycos News, Google News, MSN, CNN etc. Updating features are integrated to your site automatically. News are allocated to be in the location you specified that can be customized later as your wish. Built-in templates makes easier to work with templates. New database engine is very fast. The salient feature is update function and using this facility you can upgrade your site with the latest news , articles to your site.
Tags: database , system , site , using , news , display , content , templates , engine , work , update , function , location , feature , features , articles , upgrade ,

 KariChat: Live Chat for website sales and customer support

KariChat is a live chat application for providing live customer support and answering pre-sales questions on your website. By using KariChat, you can: Chat in real time, without page refresh or delay Get information about your visitor instantly, like which country he is in and what is his IP address Know which page your visitor came from (referring page) Know which search engine your visitor used to find you, and what keywords. Talk with up to 5 visitors/operator Start with 1 operator, and upgrade to up to 5 operators or more Use online/offline images on your website, which lets your users know if you have operators available for chat Receive offline messages: if your images shows "offline", your users can click and leave a message in a snap, without even knowing your e-mail address. All offline messages are sent to your e-mail directly Recognize repeat visitors, and view previous chats with them instantly Use push technology to open any page in your visitor's browser. Extermly useful if your visitor needs help finding a specific page Operators, as well as visitors, have the option to save the chat session and receive a copy by e-mail Grab your visitor's full name and e-mail address without having to write anything down. Customize your visitor's chat window, by displaying your own company logo and name. Use your own offline/online images, to match your website's look and feel. Change chat text color Totally hosted, requires nothing but a Macromedia Flash enabled browser (95% of browsers already have Macromedia Flash plugin Very easy to use, just copy and paste html code into your web pages Unlimited automatic free upgrades Flexible and affordable pricing
Tags: html , web , search , text , images , browser , easy , find , copy , write , help , code , information , chat , application , using , address , automatic , message , save , view , page , open , offline , engine , messages , name , support , paste , searchengine , customer , into , click , live , match , logo , receive , questions , real , for , country , useful , users , customersupport , option , available , visitor , repeat , upgrade , affordable , session ,

 Metaverse Content Server

This remotely hosted content management software comes with plenty of solutions and features to build and maintain content systems via web based interface. Supports upto 5 distinct workflows to upgrade and update contents dynamically. Email systems and other communication tools like PDA, phone are available to organize the workflow on content. A web based history maintains all workflow performances with viewable format. Enables to view the content in any language. Supports scheduling functions with content updating. And several other fucntions makes this content management software as a more effective one.
Tags: software , web , management , tools , history , phone , organize , view , scheduling , content , communication , build , update , workflow , features , contentmanagement , functions , webbased , maintain , contents , solutions , available , systems , upgrade ,


This is a program that allows webmasters to upgrade all their ASP projects to ASP.NET saving their time and money. This program can be also used as a powerful tool to transfer VB script into VB.NET or C#, file access to nce.scripting namespace, RegExp to nce.regex namespace, CDONTS new mail to nce.cdonts namespace etc., Webmasters can utilize this tool to produce .NET assembly for the activeX/COM and VB.NET code in a most understandable form. It has the ability to check whether the parameters of subroutine is byVal or byRef. Webmasters can have the reports of the entire migration. This program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the webmasters.
Tags: file , tool , program , mail , time , access , code , script , transfer , check , reports , into , assembly , for , features , powerful , projects , upgrade ,


This remotely hosted financial transaction program provides more features to upgrade small businesses. An unified operation can be accessed multiple types of transactions. Multiple users are allowed to utilize the features and online reports can be generated about their activities. It supports internet banking, small business transactions like Payroll, 401k and insurance.
Tags: internet , program , online , business , multiple , reports , financial , small , smallbusiness , features , users , upgrade ,

 Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit

Onlisys EZ-J Java Toolkit is an easy to use online java toolkit with which you can build and fabricate online applications with dynamic presentations. This light weight loading toolkit is platform independent and enables you to enrich and upgrade the programming interface with java runtime environment. Since this program supports JDK you can even use this toolkit to control and improve your web applet interface without the need to install any external software modules on your browser.
Tags: software , web , program , online , control , java , easy , programming , applet , install , weight , toolkit , build , dynamic , interface , platform , applications , improve , light , upgrade ,

 OutBlaze Chat

This real time chat software implements lot of hosted features to maintain and upgrade a chat module dynamically. User information such as log details, conversation and other data can be tracked into storage system. Special effects can be shown at the time of chatting with the help of java support. Multiple rooms can be created. A drawing system can be included with chat. And many other examples has been given with this module to learn all aspects of chat software.
Tags: software , data , time , java , system , help , information , chat , log , learn , effects , drawing , module , into , storage , real , features , maintain , conversation , upgrade , examples ,


This website focusses mainly on educating users to develop their programming skills and enabling them to create, organize and manage their web publications dynamically and at the same time interactively. There are several tutorials and articles in PHP giving a brief introduction, pinpoiting the flexibility of PHP in creating web applications. Besides these articles there are also forums, tips and valuable guidelines to upgrade and enhance PHP/ MySQL based applications.
Tags: web , time , website , creating , organize , programming , manage , tips , enhance , skills , articles , develop , users , tutorials , upgrade ,


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