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 Antechinus Audio Editor

Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats, and you get to do amazing things with 29 great effects. You will not be left in the dark: the Editor explains in detail why and how to use the sound effects. Experiment without fear of mistakes: unlimited undo is always available. For stereo files, Audio Editor makes it easy to work with each channel at a time. It only takes one click to zoom into the selection when you need more precise selecting. You can then adjust the selection with simple point-and-click to get exactly what you want. Enjoy sound creation based on your intended use (for example, audio for near-CD quality) rather than raw properties (8,000 Hz, 16-bit, mono, 8kbps). Some sound formats are better for games, some for music, some for human speech... Chances are you'll need support for multiple formats, and even more so if you are using different technologies and operating systems. Audio Editor supports over 10 popular sound formats, making it easy to convert from one to another, and tells you which format to use in a particular situation. Save time when editing big audio files, which is often the case. Audio Editor supports the standard Windows Clipboard so you can copy and paste between different programs and sound files. Save time when you edit single audio files by cutting, copying, pasting and mixing using your Audio Editor's internal clipboard, which is optimized and much faster than the Windows Clipboard. Audio CD's can get scratched, or become heat-damaged. Even in ideal conditions, a lower-quality CD can become useless after few years. Your Audio Editor lets you open CD tracks with your important music files individually and save them in one of the highly-compressed formats for safekeeping.
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 SQL Transactions with the SqlTransaction Class

SQL Transactions with the SqlTransaction Class is a simple tutorial through which you can learn about the use of the SqlTransaction Class and its three methods such as commit method, save method and rollBack method which helps you to implement the transaction. Commit method is used to save the changes made to the database. Save method is used to place the checkpoints which helps you to rollback to a certain point of the transaction. Rollback method is used to undo the changes made to the database.
Tags: save , learn , simple , tutorial , point , method , changes , undo ,

 CSV Data Tool Component with Setup Support

While updating each record takes up much of your time doing data entry, why not try this alternative way for you to import the record from CSV data file that you can just prepare with Microsoft Excel and makes your work so easy at the end of the day. CSV Data Tool automatically handles all the necessary CSV file upload, extract the data from record, do the fields number checking, allow you to choose whether to append or replace all existing data, import the CSV data into the selected table. Besides, it backups your existing data for undo purpose. Finally, you can export back the data into CSV file as well.
Tags: file , data , time , easy , export , record , extract , import , replace , number , work , into , automatically , alternative , for , back , backups , fields , undo , append ,

 CSV Data Tool

CSV Data Tool component is a PHP based database program. This program enhanced with features like improved data updation in web applications, admin login and easy interface, can work with other CSV file or MS excel file, displaying total number of records in current table, undo import process and restore backup data fecility. This program offers a shortcut to update and maintain your database driven website easily and quickly. Records updating with MS excel file and import back to table, export and save as CSV text file are the other export features of this program. Totally a good database tool to maintain your databased website. This is a priced software. Very easy to download and run the program.
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 How to Recover a Table Deleted from an Access Database

This is an useful tutorial for the application developers. You can learn how to recover the table that was deleted from the Access database with the help of this tutorial.This tutorial provides two methods for table recovery. Using Ctrl+z undo command you can recover the deleted table. This method works only if you haven't done any cut, copy and paste undo combination of actions before trying to restore the table. Alternative method is using the code provided with this tutorial for restoring the deleted table.
Tags: database , restore , copy , help , code , recover , application , using , learn , table , deleted , paste , tutorial , command , for , useful , method , undo ,

 Replace Tool

Replace Tool is a search and replace utility for batch replacements in text and html files with special mode for visual editing or updating of html tags. Simple Grep regular expressions are supported. You can add many files from different directories into file list and do many replace operations in these files at the same time. It's easy with our step by step user friendly XP-styled interface. Arrange files and tasks in desired sequence to save as your own project. And be sure that your information is safe due to our smart undo action. Replace Tool will identify the type of file(MS-DOS, Windows, Linux) automatically. Also our tool has the multilingual support.
Tags: file , html , utility , tool , search , text , files , easy , batch , information , list , save , visual , safe , replace , tasks , user , editing , smart , into , type , searchandreplace , multilingual , for , directories , mode , special , sequence , undo ,

 HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor

HTML Syntax Highlighter and Basic HTML Editor as the name indicates is a simple and effective ASP syntax highlighter designed with all essential functionalities of a BASIC HTML editor. Using this program you can store the contents of all ASP and HTML files and enables you to perform all basic operations on the files like undo and redo, line - column display, mapping quick keys to tags, and tag insertions etc., Some of the key features include ability to highlight comments and HTML attributes, basic editor functions, ability to save the whole content of both ASP and HTML files etc.,
Tags: editor , program , files , save , key , content , tag , store , quick , simple , basic , line , name , keys , mapping , syntax , column , features , contents , undo ,

 Cygnus Hex Editor

This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Features include MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, blazing fast and flexible search, search and replace, delete and insert characters as easily as you can in a word processor, edit files up to available virtual memory (up to 2GB). Newer features include intelligent file comparison, conversion routines, checksum calculation, import/export operations, and developers can now extend the programís functionality by writing C/DLL extensions.
Tags: file , search , editor , files , word , delete , conversion , edit , fast , memory , virtual , hex , insert , writing , drop , checksum , now , characters , features , hexeditor , available , easiest , undo ,


WebChess is an internet gaming programme with various noval improvement features. With this script we can improve our chess playing skills and anyone can master in chess game. Latest version feature highlights are, bug fixes, many small improvements and a significant improvement in checkmate checking, undo moves, no client download or java and will operate through firewalls, move validation including check, pawn promotion, castling and en-passant, displaying of previous moves, choice of board and piece themes. Very easy to install and execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: download , internet , online , java , easy , client , board , script , demo , install , small , move , gaming , chess , version , bug , validation , feature , master , execute , skills , improve , improvement , available , undo ,

 The SQLTransaction Object

The SQLTransaction Object is a tutorial which helps you to gather more information about the SQLTransaction class and its methods. In this tutorial the author gives you the sample code which creates an instance for SQLTransaction class, add data to the database table, commit this insert operation using the commit method and undo the addition of data in the table using the rollback method of the SQLTransaction object.
Tags: database , data , code , information , using , class , table , tutorial , insert , object , author , addition , sample , for , method , undo ,

 YNet Editor

This is a simple to use content management solution that can be used to build HTML contents from any remote location through a browser based interface. Using WYSIWYG editor, users would be able to modify, email and submit HTML contents on the websites. This program has other features like, providing undo and redo capabilities, users can modify tables, custom color picker dialog can be included, ability to upload images, providing drag and drop fucntionality for an image, a text box, table etc.
Tags: email , program , text , management , browser , color , remote , upload , table , content , custom , simple , build , submit , location , solution , colorpicker , dialog , drop , picker , for , features , modify , contentmanagement , users , draganddrop , contents , undo ,


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