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 Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Become a JavaScript expert in record time with JavaScript Editor, and reap the benefits: - Design great web pages: transform your Web pages from displaying static content to live, dynamic, interactive applications. - Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor for batch processing and common computing tasks on your local files or the intranet, and - Create stand-alone programs: create fully-fledged HTML Applications (HTA) powered by JavaScript. Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Enjoy JavaScript editing using a range of built-in tools: tutorials with plenty of examples, fast function finder, Intellisense and auto-complete, context-sensitive help, code folding, and categorized code solutions. Eradicate syntax errors in no time: JavaScript Editor finds them, highlights them, and explains them. Automate repetitive tasks and easily reuse your code with the only few keystrokes by using the state-of-the-art template and script management. Cutting edge: execute any portion of your JavaScript code straight from the Editor - no web page needed!
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 Write ASP cookies Basics

Write ASP cookies Basics is an ASP tutorials which deals with generation of ASP cookies in the users website. This article gives details about various methods involved in generating asp cookies and how the users can personalize their site with the help of asp cookies.
Tags: asp , help , site , cookies , users , tutorials , generation , personalize ,


Royalty free music for Film and TV, Flash animation, game developement and multimedia applications. Stereo broadcast quality MP3 and WAV. Full soundtracks (1-3 min) for use as the main theme or background music and 30 second cuts ideal for Flash web intro's, interactive presentations and television advertisments. music loops and sound effects for webmasters, game developers and film makers. Download instantly via e-mail. Also, Sound and html tutorials for web page background music.
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 Code Demons

This active website is well known for its online programming resource and provides a variety of tips and tutorials on almost all computer programming languages. A handfull of free scripts, community forums, java applets are available and besides these, provisions for registering as a member for this site, search for tutorials, submit your tutorial are also provided for the visitors.
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 Code Demons

Code Demons is an online forum based community software built with PHP. You can post topics, reply and read messages posted by the webmasters regarding computer programming languages. Besides these provisions to chat on general issues, tutorials etc., are also available for the users. All topics are listed along with the total number of posts and date of last posts.
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This is a website that deals with .NET framework and ASP.NET. Visitors can find several tutorials and articles related to various ASP.NET issues. This website can be utilized by the visitors to learn more about the functions of .NET framework. This website also provides visitors a chance to participate on quizzes to let them develop their knowledge on ASP.NET and .NET framework.
Tags: website , find , learn , knowledge , quizzes , articles , functions , framework , develop , tutorials ,

 Coding Ground - JavaScript Tutorials

Here people intrested in learning javascript can find plenty of tutorials for them to use. Through this tutorial the beginners can learn to create some useful scripts for their webpages. This site has a big collection of other javascripts tutorial sites.
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 Coding Ground - Java Tutorials

Coding Ground - Java Tutorials provides several tutorials that teaches the users from the basics to the final level of programming in java. It offers some tutorial that is especially created for nontechnical personnels. So, this website teaches java for nontechnical to technical professionals. Using this website, users with any level of capability can enhance their programming skills using the available tutorials.
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 Constant Content

Webmasters who wants to build their website with efficient content can get benefits from this Constant Content software. You can design your websites with fast loadable images, musics, text files, reviews, tutorials with the help of HTML, CSS and PHP scripting language. And offers the opportunity to the writers to write content for presenting articles, and as well as ideas to develop content pages. This acts as a bridge between webmasters and authors.
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TECFA's PHP Page is a resourceful website that provides various articles, PHP documentations, libraries and softwares etc. for the users. This site has engaged itself in implementing an online PHP virtual resource library. This library is fully equipped with several PHP manuals, specifications, introductory materials, tutorials and printed books on the library.
Tags: online , website , library , site , virtual , resource , libraries , for , tutorials , books ,

 Displaying Multiple Fields and Records with Flash and ASP

The author has written "I wrestled for quite sometime on how to integrate Flash with Active Server Pages and owe a lot to some excellent tutorials available on the web: However, most of these tutorials only dealt with returning one row of information at a time." This tutorial describes how to display multiple fields and records using Flash and ASP.
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 e-mergence is a Flash powered site. This site offers tutorials and downloadable flash movies. These are available for free.
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This is a website that dedicates itself to offer services and products for ASP users. Visitors can find free ASP codes as well as tutorials related to ASP. Visitors can also find number of online information such as free resources, links, references etc.,
Tags: online , website , find , information , number , services , for , tutorials , codes , is an huge resource of PHP projects and articles. This website provides users with a lot of programs, scripts, algorithms, games, files and directories. Developers can make use of the tips and tricks in programs. Learners can also enhance their programming abilites using the tutorials provided on the site.
Tags: files , website , make , using , programming , tips , resource , enhance , users , tutorials , projects , is a program which has resources like online training courses, free tutorials at incrediable value and lots more. It shows the availability of hundreds of free tutorials with their advantages, thousands of IT jobs, training area with its motivation, cost, quality assurance, etc., are explained in detail. This is a fast and an easy program for the users.
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XEWeb is a PHP community for webmasters. Offers tutorials for choosing webhosting, error pages, style switcher and more. Some downloads offered for free are, BearShare 4.5.1 , AceFTP Pro and a few more. The online discussion board has topics such as programming issues, computer stuff, and more.
Tags: online , computer , board , programming , downloads , error , style , for , community , tutorials ,

 FlashGuru's MX 101

This site offers the users a bulk informations about flash and it guides the users by providing some experimental results. The webmaster offers this website for the users to learn about flash websites ie- it is like a study course for the users. And also the users can have more tutorials from this website. This site comes with the ability to guide the users in all aspects of the flash usage.
Tags: flash , website , site , learn , bulk , study , websites , for , guide , users , tutorials , course , site helps the webmasters or programmers to submit their resource contents in this site. It helps others to download their resource through this site. Only members could submit their resource. They have to register their names. This site also offers payment web hosting, tutorials for help, forums for discussing doubts etc.,
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Geekpedia is a community for webmasters and programmers. There are resources available, discussion board for programming related topics, tutorials and more.
Tags: board , programming , resources , for , community , tutorials , offers asp articles, tips, tutorials and downloads.
Tags: asp , tutorials , is an online active website focussing its attention mainly on PHP and its resources. You will find some interesting articles on PHP along with easy to understand tutorials for learning PHP. You can subscribe yourself as a member for this website to make use of some of the advanced PHP scripts that will help you to enhance your tasks in developing PHP applications. Besides hosting some useful PHP scripts and programs for the members, some javascripts are also available in this website for the users.
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This website has collection of resources in it to offer information all about the web incuding flash. This site provides more tips and tutorials about flash usage. It also presents some links including Flash sounds, Flash templates, Flash books, Flash downloads etc., So the visitors can have a bulk information about flash in this site.
Tags: web , flash , website , information , site , collection , downloads , bulk , links , tips , resources , tutorials ,

 I0fB5 - installing Php, Mysql, Apache on Windows

This tutorial educates anyone and walks through the installation process of php, Mysql and Apache on windows. The installation is done as a CGI binary. There are detailed tutorials on downloading, installing, configuring and test running example scripts. This tutorial is added with a new FAQ, phpMyAdmin, Mysql control centre and ideas from users to make this tutorail better.
Tags: control , make , test , process , tutorial , installation , users , tutorials , ideas , has source code and tutorials for PHP, ASP, c, c++ and more. Each and every category contains open source code programmes. Categories in PHP scripts are available with open source code such as, php algorithms, php applications, php games, php graphics, php multimedia and more. Tutorial helps you to learn more about web based programmes and system programmes. Programmers can submit their coded program to this site. Submitters must register their name in this site.
Tags: web , program , system , multimedia , code , php , learn , scripts , source , open , sourcecode , name , submit , for , register , webbased , tutorials , available ,

 Jason Perry's Flash Tutorials

Jason Perry's Flash Tutorials offers many Articles and tutorials on software like Flash MX, Action Scripting, ASP.Net, J2EE, Dreamweaver MX, C#, and e-commerce
Tags: software , tutorials ,


JavaWorld is an online Java Community that offers tutorials and other references.
Tags: online , tutorials ,

 PEAR Documentation and Tutorials

PEAR Documentation and Tutorials is a narration about PEAR, its documentation and PEAR DB tutorials. The author explains that Pear is the fruit of PHP and a code repository of PHP extensions and PHP library code that provides a means for library code authors to organize their code in a way shared by other developers to give the PHP community a single source for such code. The author gives some sites list that gives PEAR documentation and also the tutorials of PEAR DB, MDB, PEAR table, PEAR Caching classes, and explorer style menu that are available on the websites in his article. Useful for web developers.
Tags: web , menu , library , explorer , code , list , organize , source , documentation , style , author , websites , for , sites , community , tutorials , available , extensions , shared ,

JavaScript Section at is a website which gives detailed about the client side javascripts, core side javascripts, and server side java scripts. This site gives information about client side javascripts like 1.3 PDF Guide, And tutorials for Total Non Programmer and more. And also has information about the sponsored ads and the reference book.
Tags: server , java , website , information , client , site , ads , javascripts , reference , for , tutorials ,

 How to Detect If Cookies Are ON

How to Detect If Cookies Are ON is a web based tutorial in which author deals with how to detect the cookies existance in the visitors computers with the help of session variables. This is an useful tutorials for the programmers and the ASP developers for detecting the presence of cookies.
Tags: web , help , cookies , detect , tutorial , detecting , author , computers , for , useful , webbased , tutorials , session ,


This software lets the users to create desktop screen captures, presentations, tutorials and corporate elearning and training material. It provides its service by recording all on screen activity and compile as a flash movie. The users can create new projects easily and have a choice to screen capture at custom size, full screen or select as a specific application.
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