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This is a program using which administrators can facilitate their members to share their own views on different issues by creating an online discussion board. The administrators can have option to either allow their members only to post comments or to permit all to send comments. This program has searching functionality and allows administrators to take control over every aspect including editing and removing posts. This program can be used for building true threaded forum and provides effective email functionality for notification and support. This program works without requiring any component and can be easily setup by the administrators.
Tags: email , program , online , component , control , notification , creating , using , send , share , editing , true , removing , forum , post , searching , for , option , building ,


TrueColorToPalette, is a programme, which helps in converting true color images into palettized GIF images with the help of Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm. This programme offers various features like creating GIF images, offers free service for software and web site developers and more.
Tags: software , web , images , help , color , creating , site , service , true , into , converting , for , features ,


TrueColorTo Pallete is an easy to use tool with enhanced features. Using this tool you can convert true color images to palettized images using alogorithms. You can develop transparent gif images using this tool. You simply copy the file in your bin directory and it does not need any registration for the tool.
Tags: file , convert , tool , gif , images , easy , copy , color , using , directory , true , transparent , for , bin , develop , registration ,

 BlueMoon Wireless Application Server

BlueMoon wireless Application Server can manage existing complex enterprise systems through mobile devices with an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates. This enables true device independence using XML-compliant markup language and device adaptor technology. Blue Moon uses in-memory session management for performance or database session management for scalability, supports clustered environment to seamlessly manage increases in users and traffic and also supports many other features.
Tags: database , management , mobile , using , language , performance , manage , traffic , true , device , applications , wireless , environment , sample , for , enterprise , users , systems , session ,

 Patrol Express

This script is used to check variety of applications, systems, storages etc., and also it allows business persons to map the performance of customer transactions. This script allows users to monitor new systems in minutes. Patrol express monitors the performance and availability of web transactions. Several benefits of this script are, it measures customers true end to end website experience, it offers all parties centralized access, it reports service problems and notifies about contact etc.
Tags: web , monitor , website , business , script , check , service , performance , express , map , contact , reports , true , customer , customers , users , systems ,

 PHP Show If Recordset Field Condition Is True

PHP Show If Recordset Field Condition Is True is a php based program with which users can see their specified elements if their condition matches with recordset field. This program has simple If conditional class. You can hide an element when query returns zero. To compare with a recordset column you can give a value. It works only when the condition is true. You can view output using this program. It can be customized easily.
Tags: program , php , using , view , hide , compare , query , true , simple , field , column , users ,


iCounter is a powerful remotely hosted counter program using which you will come to know the exact figures of your website visitors. This counter program is simple and gives a true insight on the total number unique visitors to your website along with the website statistics. This program is simple and can be handled with ease.
Tags: program , website , using , true , simple , number , counter , powerful ,


"Compare-the-Graphs" is a precision, cross-browser, 500-pixel by 500-pixel 2-variable function grapher, featuring completely adjustible axes and up to 12 simultaneous, re-stackable, in-color function plots. The code is object-oriented, well-documented, very extensible, adaptable, and embeddable, free for non-commercial use, and available for commercial use via an inexpensive license. Offered with no warranty expressed or implied. Because this runs on IE 5+ on Windows 95+ and on Netscape 6.1+/Mozilla 1.0+ on Linux/Mac/Windows, this may be the world's most ubiquitous precision grapher. The code is truly abstract: it is based on true abstract classes that bestow both primitives and unique copies of objects upon concrete classes. This is possible even with prototype-based inheritance.
Tags: code , true , function , for , objects , commercial , available ,


Webmasters can utilize this program to generate different types of buttons on their websites for site navigation. Webmasters can create any number of buttons on their desired look and feel by using this program and can generate buttons using texts in any length due to its scalability. This program allows webmasters to create true image buttons and also to customize the colors and fonts.
Tags: image , program , create , site , using , generate , buttons , true , colors , number , customize , length , websites , for ,


Easy to install and maintain with many features to control and monitor your download files within a secure admin area. Set-up a download file with just 3 items of information and get the link code to copy into your site pages. The true locations of your files are hidden and access from designated domains only can be enforced. Options for limiting downloads are available and a suite of real time reports in combination with e-mail notifications will keep you up-to-date with downloading activity.
Tags: download , file , time , files , control , monitor , access , secure , copy , code , information , site , downloads , link , admin , install , reports , hidden , true , into , real , for , features , maintain , available , suite ,


The e-publish web application is a content management system that is perfect for publishing newspapers, magazines or any other content, over the Internet. It is very convenient to manage the contents of the site with an easy and quick way throught the administration module. No special knowledge is required. e-publish comes with a banner campaign utility. Throught this service the site owner can administer any advertizing banner campaign in the site. Supports true multilingual support (UTF-8)
Tags: web , management , system , easy , site , application , service , manage , content , quick , administration , true , support , banner , publishing , multilingual , knowledge , for , contentmanagement , owner , contents , contentmanagementsystem , special ,


XPCMS is the Web Content Management System that everyone in your team can use. This full-featured, yet practical solution allows organizations to run better Web sites and intranets in less time. Buy what you need, use what you buy and keep the Web site you have. Get broader ownership, true accountability and real savings. Without surprises. It's a better way to run your business.
Tags: site , true , run , solution , team , real , buy , sites ,

 ASP.NET Debug.Assert Handler [VB.NET Version]

ASP.NET Debug.Assert Handler [VB.NET Version] is one of the useful tutorial through which the author explains about the debug assert handler. Debug.Assert is an important component which reacts only when the expression arrives the result as true or yes. The webmasters could generate a very useful class which is set to activate only in DEBUG mode and ONLY on "LOCALHOST". This article is one of the very useful tutorial for the beginners to update their knowledge of error handling in ASP.NET. The objective of this tutorial is to get notified by an alert email for the every error on web page to list of people, who are capable to find the solution for it.
Tags: email , web , component , find , list , page , class , generate , error , webpage , true , alert , set , update , tutorial , solution , author , debug , knowledge , for , expression , mode , useful ,

 Flash Help Systems

Macromedia's Flash has become the de-facto standard in incorporating rich multimedia content into websites. But Flash can be used to improve usability in websites as well. This is especially true in complex web applications that are also becoming common on websites these days. This article looks at one of the ways you can improve usability on websites and provides suggestions on other ways as well.
Tags: web , multimedia , content , true , into , applications , websites , improve , standard ,

 Flash Studio PRO

Flash Studio PRO will take your SWF file and compile a fully customizable projector (exe) or screensaver (scr) for royalty free distribution. Flash Studio PRO empowers your Macromedia 4,5 and MX SWF files with unrivaled functionality and flexibility. Flash Studio also extends Flash Action script with over 90 new and extremely powerful fs commands, including advanced commands which allow database connection, real time socket communication and true video and HTML support for real multimedia capabilities
Tags: screensaver , file , video , database , time , files , multimedia , script , advanced , true , communication , support , real , for , socket , powerful ,


ImageLabel is an easy to use image maniputation tool which renders text as an image. This tool supports various image formats such as gif, jpeg, bmp, wmf, png, emf, tiff and exif and it provides design time support. Some key features of this tool are, it provides various true type fonts for the text, supports caching, and it provides shadow effects for the text in all directions. This software is written in ASP.NET.
Tags: software , image , tool , text , time , design , easy , tiff , effects , key , true , exif , type , fonts , for , features , shadow ,

 Webstef Counter

Webstef Counter is a powerful PHP program with a MySQL backend. This program can monitor your site traffic and provides report on the total number of hits and clicks on your web pages. All counting results for your site are screened as images by supporting GIF file formats. This easy to install program is unique in the way it displays the result and provides a true insight on the total number of hits for the site.
Tags: file , web , program , monitor , images , easy , site , report , traffic , install , true , number , for , counting , powerful ,

 Power-Web Image2D

Users can use this component to draw graphs, charts etc., on their websites. It creates images using the given data and embeds them into HTML page. This component can manipulate 2colours, 256colours, 16colours or 24bit true colours bitmap file which is coded in RGB and converts them into GIF or JPEG formats. It will be of much use for drawing geometrical images such as engineering drafts, charts etc.,
Tags: file , data , component , images , using , drawing , bitmap , true , draw , into , charts , engineering , for ,

 01forums - true threaded messageboard

01forums is a true threaded board for windows servers. It has many advanced features, all administratable from an online control panel. It is based on pure vbscript, and requires no components. Features: members\public, email responders, ip logging, and more.runs from access\sql server - Free Trial version available.
Tags: windows , email , online , server , control , board , ip , advanced , true , version , for ,

 Elite Pro

Elitepro is a web hosting tool that comes with more features. This is a PHP based programme. Elitepro features end user auto installation of software, true end user sub domain creation and management, end user database creation and management etc., Elitepro is included with a complete administration interface integrated into the appliance administrator control panel that allows you to manage your resellers. With this software your clients can install or remove frontpage extension instantly. Completely customizable site administrator main menu and built in help section are the important features of this programme.
Tags: software , database , web , tool , control , menu , management , help , remove , site , manage , auto , install , administrator , administration , user , true , domain , into , extension , installation , interface , creation , features , complete , hosting , clients ,

 Filtering a View

This tutorial is simple and easily understandable by the novice. From this tutorial .NET programmers can know how to register the event handler for the filter button and how to perform filter operation from the sample code given in this tutorial. You have to set the RowFilter property to true when you implement filtering through a view. This tutorial clearly explains with a sample code to the readers.
Tags: code , filter , button , true , simple , set , tutorial , filtering , event , property , sample , for , register ,


DOMIT! is a PHP script consistent with DOM specifications. It is designed to be fast and so unused complex functions are not included. It is a fast parsing tool with all basic functions. It is a true PHP script and runs on all PHP supporting platforms.
Tags: tool , fast , script , true , basic , functions , parsing ,

 1 Cool Menu FX Tool

1 Cool Menu FX Tool is a navigation utility written in java allowing users to create customizable java menus for all available web pages of the website. You can include floating navigations, animated buttons, expandable menus etc., on your menu system without any prior knowledge in flash and java applets. Provisions for implementing any true type fonts on the menu are provided so that you would be able to integrate attractive menu effects and flash animations with a step by step interface.
Tags: web , utility , flash , create , menu , java , system , animated , navigation , effects , true , menus , type , pages , animations , fonts , knowledge , for , webpages , users , available ,


PHPGcount is a javascript enabled PHP based hit counter application independent of SQL database. This counter can track all your webpage hits and can also be used to monitor the total hits for websites, hosted on a remote server. There are several options in colours and styles to choose from and you can customize them acording to your website design and layout. The main highlight of this program is that a HTTP referer validation is also bundled to give a true insight on the total hits for your websites.
Tags: program , monitor , website , design , javascript , application , remote , track , true , counter , customize , options , validation , for ,


phpMiniCounter is an useful counter software that gives a true insight on the total number of visitors for active websites. This program is simple and is easy to handle by even beginners. You can integrate this counter on any website to track the total hits for the webpages.
Tags: software , program , website , easy , track , true , simple , number , counter , active , for , useful ,

 Liquid Frog - Free Visitors Online

This Liquid Frog - Free Visitors Online can display the current number of visitors for your website. This PHP program uses a MySQL backend and stores all hits and clicks on a single table. This program can help you to get a true insight for your web traffic at any desired time. Some of the key features include light weight, simple configuration, easy handling etc.,
Tags: web , program , easy , help , display , key , traffic , true , simple , number , for , features , light ,

 Popularity Report

Popularity Report is a powerful online PHP application that gives a true insight on the populairty of your website on major search engines. This program supports HotBot, DMOZ, AlltheWeb, MSN, AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, Zeal etc., and gives a detailed report on alexa traffic ranking. The total number of links you have on those search engines will also be provided for your reference.
Tags: search , program , online , website , report , application , traffic , links , true , number , for , powerful , engines ,

 Popularity Report

Popularity Report is a powerful online PHP application that gives a true insight on the populairty of your website on major search engines. This program supports HotBot, DMOZ, AlltheWeb, MSN, AltaVista, Google, Yahoo, Zeal etc., and gives a detailed report on alexa traffic ranking. The total number of links you have on those search engines will also be provided for your reference.
Tags: search , program , online , website , report , application , traffic , links , true , number , for , powerful , engines ,

 .Net MatchGame

.Net MatchGame is a free game that consists of 2 files. To install simply unzip the two files in a directory and browse to default.aspx. The game shows how to create and manipulate a datatable, generate true random numbers, respond to events in a datalist, construct and consume custom business objects, and implement a codebehind file
Tags: game , create , files , business , directory , generate , install , browse , true , custom , random , unzip , events , construct ,

 Firestorm Remote Edit

Firestorm is a true WYSIWYG Remote editing suite which makes website updates and amends hassle free. Designed to work along side professional HTML authoring software such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage, Firestorm is the perfect tool for quick online editing. Firestorm Remote Edit allows the user to easily connect to multiple FTP accounts (websites) and make any changes and amendments, as if they were editing a local file. Editing is done through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode, and for advanced users, changes can also be made directly to the source code. Firestorm will manage all of your accounts automatically, which leaves you to simply edit and update your wepages.
Tags: software , tool , online , website , edit , make , authoring , manage , source , advanced , multiple , quick , user , editing , true , professional , work , update , accounts , local , connect , for , leaves , changes , suite ,


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