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This is a software and a guestbook which can fully administer the entries in users guestbook. This script includes a search engine, compressed code and national flags. Here users can post several entries in the guestbook. Features like language translation system, anti double post through IP address, long line, word wrap, time zone, private messages, extensive field, verification, min and max character limits and bad word censoring. This also provides IP banning, admin email notification, administration replies and page spanning.
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 CAT Count

Computer Assisted Translation(CAT) software is used for easy word count. This software is mainly designed for skilled persons of translation industry and computer assisted translation jobs. Allows to print and transfer files of CAT Scheme. Provides easy interface and sharing options translators and their teams.
Tags: software , files , print , word , easy , computer , transfer , sharing , translation , interface , options , for ,

 ASP Soft Tools

This component helps you to upload file in any ASP based web application. You can use unicode character set and this component eliminates ascii translation algorithms. Using this component you can log on to the Windows NT / 2000 event log file.
Tags: file , web , component , log , upload , 2000 , translation , unicode , set , event , character , eventlog , ascii ,

 Website Translation Kit

Website Translation Kit is a website language tool that helps users to translate their english language websites into 8 different languages like, spanish, portuguese, Italian, Korean, Chinese, German and French providing access to more people. This program provides 21 ASP redirect pages for each language. Nine GIF's are provided with this software to use as links for the translation.
Tags: software , tool , program , access , website , english , language , links , translation , into , translate , pages , languages , websites , for , users ,

 Free Translation

Free Translation is a JavaScript, which can be used in your web site to implement a translation of your web site into as many as 6 languages. It uses the translation feature offered by in which you can translate you site into the required language by specifying your site’s address in a specified URL format. The images and text links are separate for each translated language. Supports a drop down menu from which the required language can be selected.
Tags: web , text , menu , images , site , address , language , links , translation , into , translate , drop , feature , for ,


This is a php based program and is a translation service between french and indonesian. It requires Mysql database as backend. All words are stored in the database. Users can receive difficult word translation for indonesian language. A small program for WAP device. It can be used everywhere and especially for travelling visitors who's native language is french.
Tags: database , program , word , php , service , language , words , french , small , translation , receive , native , for ,


This is a php based program and a translation service between english and indonesian languages. This program replaces the regular oxford or websters dictionary on your device. This small program allows users to get difficult words translated between indonesian and english. A nice small application for WAP devices.
Tags: program , php , dictionary , application , english , service , words , small , translation , nice , for , users ,


This is a php document management solution and a open source that is available for the open source products like PHP and MySQL. This script permits users to find documents and the documents can be tracked. This script is ready for translation into other languages. The documents are sent directly to and from employees through the email. A demo page is provided for this script.
Tags: management , find , php , document , script , page , source , demo , documents , open , translation , into , documentmanagement , solution , for , users , available ,

 Connect Daily

Connect Daily, a web-based calendaring system, allows multiple users to add and edit calendar events using a web browser. The calendar display can be directly integrated into your web site. Connect Daily provides advanced capabilities for managing resources and facilities. Approval processes allow many users to edit calendars, with the assurance that all items added are approved. Webmasters and site developers will find Connect Daily an ideal addition to their tool library, providing a quick calendaring software solution for their personal and client sites. Connect Daily is customizable & integrates seamlessly into any web site and is fully controlled through a web browser. Connect Daily supports event Download to Microsoft Outlook, and Palm OS PDAs. Connect Daily is extensively localized. Calendar formats for most languages are transparently supported, including the starting day of week, names of months and days of the week. Additionally, the software itself can be easily translated. Program captions and labels are stored externally, allowing easy translation. A unique feature to Connect Daily is that you can create many different translation files, and Connect Daily will select the appropriate one based on the user's browser settings.
Tags: software , web , tool , create , calendar , browser , edit , easy , find , client , site , using , personal , display , advanced , multiple , quick , translation , into , event , day , solution , events , labels , languages , resources , feature , addition , for , names , select , processes , users , controlled ,


Localize-It is a PHP based translator program by which the PHP programmers can edit their PHP code normally. This program uses plain text file which holds the translation files. Any user can use this feature for their PHP script development.
Tags: file , program , text , edit , code , script , user , translation , translator , feature , for ,

 STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP

STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP is a PHP script which is very useful for the webmasters as a string translation suite which serves as an internationalization tool. Its a vital tool for webmasters when they dont have full rights on the webserver for changing the configuration. This script stores the message externally and uses only when required by the programme. Installation is very simple.
Tags: tool , script , message , translation , string , for , changing , useful , suite ,

 Plug-in Chat Room

This is a free, HTML and java-based clients supported tool available in 18 languages with instant translation and sending live chats through e-mail. Features: ·Join the hundreds of other webmasters who sign up each week for their own site. free associates program allows any webmaster to instantly create a co-branded classified, Chat Room and NewsWatch site with the user friendly interface. Sites that allow collect their own user database. ·Whether it is used for advertising items for sale, or simply to promote visitor's sites on the net, people coming to your site will appreciate this interactive service. Your Plug-in Classified Ads page (VIEW DEMO) is completely customizable so you can make it look just like the rest of your site. ·Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the most popular and most interactive services on the Internet. Sure, the Web is nice for finding info and E-mail beats snailmail hands down, but when you've been wondering 'where the others are?', then IRC is what you're looking for. Our Plug-in Chat room (VIEW DEMO) are "real-time" discussions. ·More than 350+ categories of news from difference resources. Plug-in NewsWatch.
Tags: tool , program , create , make , site , page , news , user , instant , collect , interactive , translation , services , advertising , live , info , popular , nice , languages , hands , for , sites , difference , sign , available , room , people , sending , clients ,

 The Evolution of Web Services - Part 2

This tutorial is helpful for the webmasters and they can get the details about web services terminology. It also discusses about EDI from socket based Internet transfer controls over .NET applications Web client class usage. Testing code snippets for the developers have been given. It offers more topics to be known they are, EAI and EDI translation in enterprise applications, how to create a sort code lookup for XML web service etc.,
Tags: web , create , code , client , transfer , service , class , translation , lookup , tutorial , services , applications , controls , sort , for , webservice , enterprise , socket ,

 ModuloCom Affiliation Server

List of Modulocom Affiliate Server features: Compatible with UNIX, LINUX et WINDOWS NT/2000 PHP 4, mySQL powered Compatible with virtually all online payment gateways and shopping carts scripts Customizable administration control panel Customizable partner/affiliate control panel Control panels available in 5 built-in languages with easy translation to other languages on demand Texts are easily changeable and adaptable to each client reality Definition and management of affiliate programs (multiples) Mixed-programs possibility 2-tier and multiple levels programs Recurrent and subscription programs Affiliate and partners registration Affiliate categories according to customizable criteria HTML contents (including multiple links) broadcasting on affiliate sites Possibility to delocalize significant site parts Real-time clicks, sales and leads tracking from affiliate sites Recurrent commissions Statistical analysis of affiliate programs activity Performance analysis Affiliate payments management Referral system Security P3P cookie compatibility (W3C recommendations) "Peer-to-Peer Marketplace" technology
Tags: online , control , management , easy , programs , client , site , analysis , tracking , sales , multiple , administration , translation , levels , shopping , cookie , payment , languages , contents , available ,


Multichat is an ASP program that helps users to create a chat facility for the visitors of their websites. This tool has some features like password protection for users, translation tools, real time chat, ability to add co administrators, HTML version, compatible with any browsers and users have options to customize font style, font colour and font size. An online demo is available for basic and advance chat version on the website.
Tags: tool , password , program , create , time , online , protection , chat , demo , font , basic , translation , version , passwordprotection , customize , options , colour , real , for , features , users , available ,


Advanced Chat system (written in php) that is server friendly. Online Administration zone helps you to manage the system Smilies, sound management, colours, ICQ notifications, online users, private rooms, advanced user permission management, online registration with email verification, support multilingual encoding, online translation is available from admin zone
Tags: email , online , server , system , sound , manage , advanced , admin , private , user , translation , support , multilingual , zone , registration , available ,

 JS Translator Front-End

JS Translator Front-End implements javascript function to translate HTML pages into several languages. This script displays multiple flags on a single web page and allows the users to click on a flag and produce contents in appropriate language. To acquire the required result, Google's translation service can be used default.
Tags: web , javascript , script , service , page , webpage , multiple , translation , into , click , function , translate , pages , users , contents ,

 smc Webstore Standard

smc Webstore Standard is a remotely hosted software that helps you to develop your shopping cart using it's inbuilt functionalities. upto 50,000 items are diplayed with product categories and presenting the products can be done with the help of customizable templates, layouts, themes and colors. Search function with products lets the visitors to find out desired articles where search output page can be built as per your design. Any number of categories are created with unlimited sub-categories. Language files are included for translation facility.
Tags: software , search , files , find , help , using , page , number , translation , themes , function , shopping , product , shoppingcart , for , articles , develop , out ,

 smc Webstore Express

smc Webstore Express facilitate the e-traders to create and manipulate upto 50,000 items on dynamic websites. You can build your store in a matter of minutes. It has language interpret files for translation and for multiple currencies. Product display is integrated with links, categories. Products can be imported from other database. Payment, shipping, and checkout options are handled securely through 'Buy now' and 'checkout' functions.
Tags: create , files , language , display , multiple , store , translation , build , dynamic , options , for ,

 Spaghetti learning

Spaghetti learning is a good e-learning open source and totally free project and it is used by most of the business,schools,institutions and universities in all over nations.The language now supported are English,Spanish,Italian,Finland and German.It has a translation centre where you can download a languages pack to translate in to your own language.
Tags: download , project , language , source , learning , open , translation , pack , translate , languages , now ,


Need a simple script? Don't need useless features such as translation into Thai? Don't understand how to change a complex script? This script is very simple and easy to install. You can use the source as a base for your own script. Some key features are several login accounts, deletion and editing of the existing news in the admin panel
Tags: easy , script , news , change , source , key , admin , editing , simple , translation , into , login , deletion , for , features , base ,

 Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player

Dynamic SWF Video Multi Player is a modern techinique inducted programme with full control over the player. Feature highlights are, each and every part of the players skin is customizable through XML files, capable of easy translation by editing the external XML files, adjustable to allow several number of externally loaded SWF video files, compactly designed for not take up valuable space, can control the size of the popup window, when a video is loaded in a larger window and allowing for flash cookies or shared objects to save users choices ie-bandwidth selector, sound volume and looping of videos and easy installation. This programme is easy to run.
Tags: video , flash , control , sound , easy , save , window , skin , cookies , editing , size , number , translation , volume , videos , for , users , objects , players , part , shared ,

 Website Translator

Using this program webmasters can publish their websites in seven various languages. Webmasters can easily integrate translation capability with the help of this web service. Webmasters can facilitate their visitors to choose their desired languages by displaying the appropriate flag on their web pages using this program.
Tags: web , program , help , using , publish , translation , pages , languages , websites , webpages ,


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