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 Minchiate Tarot

This is one of the interesting game which offers more enhanced features. This game attracts the guest very much by which the site traffic would increase. These cards contains the trump cards, four elements and the astrological houses. 97 cards are there in one single tarot deck. The users could choose their choice out of eleven various Tarot Spreads.
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 Actual Counter

ActualCounter is a script written in PHP. This script does not use database. The eminent feature of this programme is, it has ability to get statistics individually for every visit. ActualCounter use only for the pages with low traffic but not over 1500 hits a day, where more deep analysis of statistics are needed. Actual Counter stores detailed information about each visit during last 10 days. The main features of this programme are, statistics for visitors, reloads, hits, graphical view of statistics on page, multi page support, invisible mode etc.,
Tags: information , script , analysis , view , page , statistics , traffic , invisible , pages , multi , feature , for , features , mode , graphical , deep ,

 ActualAnalyzer Pro

Actual Analyzer Pro is written in PHP and uses MySQL database for achieving of high performance. This mighty web statistics tool is equally effective as for sites with big traffic so for sites with low traffic. Multi pages support allows getting detailed statistics separately for each page. Multi-groups support allows getting combined statistics for each logical group of pages. This script has advance features like, it runs directly on your server and nothing send to another servers, web interface with authentication for all scripts and detailed visitings statistics for each page of web site separately. Online demo is available.
Tags: database , web , tool , server , site , script , scripts , page , statistics , send , demo , traffic , support , logical , interface , pages , group , for , sites , features , big , authentication ,

 ActualAnalyzer Gold

This is an user-friendly web traffic analysis tool through which you can generate reports based on the web traffic statistics of your web site. You can generate various reports such as 3D graph, 3D pie chart, 3D bar chart etc., and can easily upload the reports to applications such as MS word, excel etc.,
Tags: web , tool , excel , analysis , chart , upload , bar , statistics , generate , traffic , reports , applications , pie , barchart ,


This is a classified ads script where the ads are created by the users for trading purposes like, services and products. This program has the capability to provide service through classified ads on websites owned by the user for the visitors. This script allows the customers to sell and buy services according to their needs. This system increases more traffic to users website and thereby increase the revenue.
Tags: program , system , website , script , service , traffic , user , ads , trading , services , websites , buy , for , customers , users , sell , increase ,


Tired of keeping in mind passwords and wasting your time filling countless web forms? Get rid of this inconvenience. Just put you personal data into a profile, and let iNetFormFiller do the rest. It would save you from all the routine operations and fill web-form of any complexity by one click. Before coming to the main form you may have to fill several intermediate forms, such as login/password, etc. But the objective gets more complicated, if you have not only fill intermediate forms, but even choose links in the text to make the following step to the main form. There may be many of such steps, and in this case the problem would not by solved by any of existing online formfilling software. None, but iNetFormFiller, that is capable of not only recording the process of formfilling, but even checking the links you click, so that to reproduce all your actions in future. Form filling acceleration and traffic saving owing to immediate sending of data (no need to load complete pages). iNetFormFiller provides you with opportunity to edit web forms without loading them from the Net. When the needed form is called, iNetFormFiller shows it to you the same way it was display on the corresponding web site. The process of editing would be obvious and wouldn’t differ a lot from working with online form in the Internet. iNetFormFiller works correctly with any types of forms and identifies fields of any online forms and automatically fills them with appropriate data from profile. iNetFormFiller automates the process of filling online forms with standard data (batch mode), and also the process of sending inputted data. Standard data can be taken from a text file arranged in user set format. Additional features include: working with different data bases, reserve data base copy, export/import of user formcards, profiles and also of the information inserted into profiles, secure access to information, auto password generation and much more.
Tags: file , web , password , data , text , time , online , access , secure , edit , make , information , save , form , personal , auto , display , forms , passwords , recording , traffic , links , user , process , editing , mind , set , into , acceleration , automatically , checking , case , load , fill , problem , features , base , fields , standard , complete , generation , sending ,

 AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can accurately identify the geographic location from which visitors access web sites and the network origin of the visitors. It allows you to target traffic on a global basis and will allow you to maximize every hit. This allows the webmasters to redirect their incoming traffic to other sites or URL's based on IP address, countries, and domains. The main feature of this script are, number of hits of users with or without cookies, javascript. It also give screen size statements, browser statements etc.,. It displays Daily, monthly, weekly hits thru MySQL database. It is easy to customize and to use.
Tags: screen , web , network , access , browser , easy , script , traffic , size , number , customize , location , feature , sites , users , maximize , global ,

 Andy's Site Stats

Site Stats is a web traffic analyzer programme written in PHP with MySQL database. It counts number of hits by the visitors to your site and store the details in numerical value in MySQL database. Not only the number of hits, it also tracks IP address, country of origin and domain name etc.,
Tags: web , site , traffic , store , analyzer , number , name , tracks , domain , value , domainname , country ,

 iNet Shaper

iNet Shaper is All-In-One internet connection sharing software solution covering the variety of expensive networking equipment fuctions. iNet Shaper based on software router with NAT, VPN, traffic shaping (optional bandwidth limitation for user), filtering capabilities, powerful user access accounting and restriction, detailed traffic statistics, remote administration, activity monitor, activity logs, special user authentication utility.
Tags: software , internet , access , accounting , remote , sharing , traffic , user , connection , bandwidth , activity , solution , networking , for , authentication , powerful , special , internetconnection , equipment ,

 aeDirectory Free Directory Script

Directory script that builds “search engines – friendly”, static pages. Main idea is to build effective structure to maximize directory traffic potential – heavy optimization and heavy traffic volumes support. If you’re going to build a directory that can cope with huge traffic flow – aeDirectory is your best bet. aeDirectory has all features of a Yahoo-like directory script, easy and powerful administration panel, classic structure, and a static pages building system. aeDirectory is created specifically for big projects.
Tags: easy , script , classic , directory , traffic , best , administration , optimization , build , pages , flow , for , structure , features , big , powerful , maximize , building , engines , static ,

 Total Hits with Database

This site has been provided with simple tutorial which helps the users to create a visitors hit counting program. It allows them to track their websites regular traffic and stores the report on their database. This tutorial elaborates users from adding the code into their webpages and saving the hits on a text based statistics directory.
Tags: create , text , code , site , report , statistics , track , traffic , simple , into , tutorial , websites , users , counting ,

 Ad Mentor

Ad Mentor is an ASP program which is helpful for web site owners to cover their site with banners for increasing web traffic through their site. It helps business persons to increase their revenue by giving ads to the website. It uses different image formats to build rotating banners on the web pages. Users can use this tool easily and it is understandable.
Tags: image , web , tool , program , business , site , traffic , ads , build , cover , for , banners , increase , revenue ,

 AutoLinksPro Manager

This AutoLinksPro is a PHP script to increase your sites ranking and popularity. It gets popularity to your site by linking with related websites and increasing web traffic thereby increasing the search engine ranking. It has many enhanced features, handles unlimited number of links and link partners, good looking interface, manage and organize links, spiders the URL submitted by the user, email your link partners, unlimited categories can be added, for every new link you will be notified by an email. It has powerful admin control panel, it functions are, edit / add / delete categories, templates can be edit and email, add / edit /check the links from the directory and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: email , web , search , online , control , delete , edit , site , script , organize , directory , manage , demo , link , traffic , links , templates , admin , engine , number , searchengine , good , websites , for , sites , functions , increase , ranking , available , powerful , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,

 Seeing current connections

This article is used to verify about how to create a web traffic analyser program to analyse the website for finding who is currently connected to the website. It supports global.asa for physical access to the server. It stores the events and objects used globally.
Tags: web , program , create , access , website , traffic , events , verify , analyse , for , objects , analyser , physical ,

 Banner HQ

This remotely hosted banner exchange utility helps web developers and webmasters to show their website with banner ads to stabilize their income by using a simple HTML code presented by this site. If the webmasters want to display their banners on the other sites, this tool helps them and it increases their sites traffic regularly as per click.
Tags: web , utility , tool , website , code , using , show , display , traffic , exchange , ads , simple , income , banner , sites , banners ,

 Banner Ad Central

This is a banner exchange system that offers exchange ratio of 10:9. This offers webmasters to boost the viewer traffic to their websites easily and quickly. The main features of this system is that it supports all types of media files including flash and allows you to display ads in three different sizes which are standard banner size, button and mini banner size.
Tags: flash , files , system , viewer , media , display , traffic , exchange , ads , button , boost , banner , mini , websites , features , standard ,

 Hi-Net Marketing

Hi-Net Marketing is an application in PHP that lets you to make classified ads on the website. This script bring you enormous amount of website traffic and thereby gives you high revenue. This creates a big potential platform for your business. This programme focuses on promotions of products and businesses in the Global market using Internet technology.
Tags: website , make , script , application , using , traffic , ads , market , platform , for , big ,

 Webby V2 - PHP Web Statistics

Webby V2 - PHP Web Statistics is a PHP based traffic analysis software to control archives and archive compression along with an e-mail notification and force to reset your website. Using this script users can monitor their website visitor details such as IP address, browser details, operating systems, DNS, referers, cron jobs, total number of visits etc,.
Tags: software , control , monitor , website , browser , notification , script , archive , analysis , compression , traffic , number , users , force , visitor , archives ,

 BlueMoon Wireless Application Server

BlueMoon wireless Application Server can manage existing complex enterprise systems through mobile devices with an XML-based language, extensive API, and plenty of sample applications and templates. This enables true device independence using XML-compliant markup language and device adaptor technology. Blue Moon uses in-memory session management for performance or database session management for scalability, supports clustered environment to seamlessly manage increases in users and traffic and also supports many other features.
Tags: database , management , mobile , using , language , performance , manage , traffic , true , device , applications , wireless , environment , sample , for , enterprise , users , systems , session ,

 Video Instant Messenger

This is a powerful online chat program which lets the webmasters to run an online chat program on their flash websites. It comes with live text chat, streaming audio video chat and more enhanced features. The webmasters can utilize this tool to create traffic and to gain good revenue. This program has familiar interface and usages for good convenience. It is easy to use and customize this program on any website.
Tags: video , tool , audio , flash , program , create , text , online , easy , chat , traffic , streaming , run , good , customize , live , interface , for , powerful , streamingaudio ,


This is a fun and entertaining script that presents bogglers on user's websites for their site visitors. These are brain teasing, riddle and puzzle solving visual entertainments for visitors. Visitors are presented with hints of popular phrases, words, sayings etc that they have to guess. Pressing the answer button, displays the correct answer. This script helps to increase site traffic by getting repeated visitors.
Tags: puzzle , fun , site , script , visual , traffic , brain , popular , websites , for , increase ,

 HyperSubmit - High Traffic

HyperSubmit - High Traffic is a website submitting software that is capable of generating traffic to user's websites. This program assures of inclusion in search engines for a whole year. It also guarantees listing on google search engines making it more popular.
Tags: software , search , program , website , traffic , google , for , listing , engines ,


Hyper Tracker is an online tracker which tracks the websites traffic and displays the track report statistically. This tool is generated by using ASP codes. The output of the report will be in graphical and in textual mode. It counts outgoing and incoming traffic of the website and also counts inside traffic of the website. Users can setup their own affiliate program.
Tags: tool , online , website , report , using , track , traffic , tracks , tracker , websites , graphical ,


The Boldchat is a live customer support program written using PHP and MySQL. This system helps you in achieving more results by solving the customer's queries at the same instant through online chatting. It also helps you in monitoring customer traffic which leads you to understand your customer better than anyone. The screenshots available in this website allows you to improve ppc conversion, helpdesk solutions, ecommerce site conversion etc.,
Tags: program , online , system , website , conversion , monitoring , site , using , traffic , ecommerce , helpdesk , instant , support , customer , live , improve , ppc , customersupport , available ,

 Web Stream

Web Stream is an online tracker tool which is helpful for the webmasters to view their sites real time traffic report. It counts number of visitors visited the website and who are currently online. This utility also provides the customizable protection for the website running under IIS.
Tags: utility , tool , time , online , website , protection , view , traffic , number , tracker , real , for , sites ,


This is a affiliate program where the merchants can market their products on websites. This program provide options for creating lists and can write reviews on the products. Features like monitoring users sites traffic with visitor tracking system, uploading graphical header, sharing users views with weblog, different color schemes and headers etc are available. This script provides way for configuring the looks of the website.
Tags: program , monitoring , write , color , creating , script , tracking , traffic , market , options , lists , for , sites , users , graphical , visitor ,


BuildTraffic is a traffic generating program that helps users to increase their site traffic. Many resources are avaliable for generating traffic like check ranking that is used to check your site ranking on the top search engines, meta tag generator which creates tags for your site, banner advertising using which you can advertise your site on the net, checking popularity, exchange links and more.
Tags: search , program , generator , site , using , check , traffic , links , exchange , tag , advertising , banner , checking , resources , for , tags , users , meta , increase , ranking , top ,

 Mega Sweepstakes Script

This script is useful to build and maintain sweepstakes for your website. It has many enhanced features like multiple sweepstakes and scheduled sweepstakes etc. All types of money transactions can also be handled easily. Email authentication, bulk mailing are also added with this script. Hence, this script is useful for webmasters and promoters inorder to increase the web traffic and revenue. Members can subscribe and unsubscribe themself.
Tags: web , script , money , mailing , bulk , traffic , multiple , build , for , features , useful , maintain , increase ,

 Picture Rating

Install Picture Rating to your existing picture gallery with which you can increase the visitor traffic to your online gallery. With this script the visitors to your gallery are allowed to rate pictures of members and also displays top 10 men and women or in any other categories of the album. You can also send pictures to anyone as emails and add pictures to favourites. The settings are easily customizable.
Tags: picture , online , pictures , script , send , gallery , emails , traffic , women , settings , rate , increase , top , visitor ,


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