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.netSHIP is an useful program that assists cart owners to work on product shipping charges. Using this script you can even track the shipping process online and is designed with a flexible algorithm to support codes for identifying different countries. Several shipping services like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Canada Post and Airborne Express, USPS etc., are supported and allows admin to sort prices and services for the products.
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 Enterprise Time Tracker

The Enterprise Time Tracker is a script which will coordinate the workflow in your company, giving the employees daily activities a common direction and ensuring that the outcome is the most profitable. It contains a simple Employee interface and an Administrative interface which shares the qualities, powerful access, more menu of choices and controls. It gives you the ability to store all your employee profiles with photos and easily access them at any time, store all your client information in a password-protected database, keeps track of all your current projects and invoices, calculate the amount of hours spent on individual or group tasks and also their expenses and contains many other employee level features and administrative level features.
Tags: menu , photos , access , information , client , script , track , tasks , store , simple , employee , interface , daily , calculate , group , workflow , expenses , shares , features , powerful , activities , projects ,

 012 Guestbook

You can freely signup for this guestbook to track visitor's comments. Website visitors and users would be able to post either public or private messages with differnet colours and backgrounds on customizable data fields. HTML tags are allowed. Admin can track all visitors from their browsers and can also include profanity filters to prevent any disgusting comments from the messages. This remotely hosted program is easy to install and requires low maintenance.
Tags: program , data , easy , track , install , private , messages , prevent , backgrounds , filters , post , for , tags , users , public ,

 ASP Techniques for Webmasters

With the help of this effective online ASP study material, the ASP developers can handle all type of errors like internal server errors, file handling errors, access denied errors etc., through ASP in addition with other error handling techniques. Suggests you to track the broken links, to enable the visitors to report about errors and to create custom error pages etc., By reading this ASP learners can acquire more information about handling errors in ASP.
Tags: file , create , online , server , access , help , information , report , track , error , custom , reading , study , type , errors , pages , addition , broken ,

 Profit from Web Services

This tutorial is helpful for the entry level ASP.NET programmers through which they can refer the details about web services and how to provide security on web services for authentication and authorization using prescribed protocol for web services. This article guides the users to create a tracking system to track the usage of web services.
Tags: security , web , create , system , using , tracking , track , protocol , tutorial , services , usage , for , users , authentication ,

 Practice your debugging skills

Developing your debugging tools can be done effectively through this ASP tutorial. Provides the tips to track the error that may occur in your coding manually. And suggests to take notes about the errors for a subsection of the source if your application has larger coding snippet. Including the comment lines with possible errors for each line of source code, helps you can handle the errors easily while debugging.
Tags: tools , notes , application , source , lines , track , error , line , tips , errors , for , coding , debugging ,

 Website File System Report

This is an online tutorial which is based on ASP that allows the webmasters to track how many gif files on their pages, how many pages used on their website, what is the size of JPG files on their website etc., and it clearly guides them to create such script on their web pages to get this feature.
Tags: web , create , online , gif , files , website , script , track , size , tutorial , pages , webpages ,

 4track - Visitor tracking and site statistics

Webmasters can use this script on their website to track their website traffic. Users can view in which page did the visitor spent more time, what the specific visitor did and where he went from the website, when did they entered your website etc., This script is easy to configure and to install. It also tracks number of hits per page. It tracks and gives daily, weekly and monthly report.
Tags: website , easy , script , view , page , track , number , tracks , configure , monthly , visitor ,

 AIMpromote - Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

Generate more leads for your business and close more sales. AIMpromote provides you with the tools to easily generate and track leads through your website, telephone, or direct mail. With it's combination of visitor tracking, CRM, and sales force automation you will have the professional tools to give your website the competitive advantage it needs to go to the next level. Marketing Automation Features: Create & modify feedback forms with no coding necessary Instantly update forms on all sites with a single click Complete visitor tracking for every site Generate reports on a single site or for all sites cumulatively Automatically create perfectly optimized promotional sites... Detailed Reporting Features: Which campaigns are producing phone calls Which campaigns are producing feedback submissions How much revenue each campaign has produced Actual Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the campaign Number of leads closed Number of leads in-progress Number of possible sales lost Non-qualified leads handled... Also included are complete Customer Relationship Management features (CRM), automatic promotional website generation, data mining, and more. Sign up for a free 14 day full featured trial!
Tags: data , create , website , business , tools , site , automatic , phone , automation , tracking , lost , forms , generate , track , sales , reports , professional , update , click , day , for , sites , features , modify , force , complete , revenue , coding , visitor ,

 click counter

ClickCounter is a click link counter based on PHP/MySQL script.It keeps the track of the hits to your links.It tracks how many times the user visited your site, where he came from and the output is stored in the flatfile text in the database. It is not so hard to understand and it's installation is very easy.
Tags: text , track , link , user , hard , tracks , click , counter , installation ,


BanManPro is an ASP program which is basically for the webmasters to create banner ads on their web pages. It allows them to create rotating banner ads which displays various ads in rotation. It supports unlimited number of banners, campaigns and zones. Some features of this script are, it has option to create user accounts, ad tracking facility to track advertisements, frequency cap option, advertiser login area and more.
Tags: web , program , create , script , tracking , track , user , ads , number , area , login , banner , for , features , option , frequency ,

 Adsense Monitor

You can use this ad management program to track and monitor adsense accounts particularly, google adsense accounts. This program works from your computer system tray and keeps on constantly logging on your google adsense accounts for every thirty minutes to give you a statistical report on the total hits for your ads. This program is safe and is easy to handle without disturbing your adsense TOS.
Tags: program , monitor , management , system , easy , computer , report , safe , track , tray , google , logging , accounts , for ,

 ChatSpace Community Server

ChatSpace Community Server fulfills all your requirements to provide live support to your customers. Supports concurrent users unlimitedly. Oracle database can track all available content, records, etc., Statistics can be displayed with the details - number of users, usage time, location and many more. Messages can be archived to develop business. Schedules are allowed for appointments, meetings, interviews.
Tags: database , track , number , support , location , live , usage , for , develop , users , available ,

 Help Desk software

This is a network utility that allows the users to manage and track technical problems with a web interface for medium and small business. This script permit the members to alter their accounts according to their needs. The tickets can be assigned to members from the department. Features like assigning the staff members for separate departments, admin can get details of ticket status and members, flexible FAQ system, supports email forwarding and more are available.
Tags: email , web , utility , network , script , manage , track , admin , small , accounts , interface , staff , technical , for , users , ticket , forwarding ,

 Epiware web based project management

Epiware is a secure web-based project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project collaboration. Epiware is ideal for organizations that need a secure way to share information and manage projects. Epiware runs on your Linux server in coordination with Apache, PHP, and MySql to minimize total cost ownership. It is specifically developed for fast track and user-administered collaborative workgroups and offers powerful and proven customer-driven capabilities Epiware can quickly establish a private, secure intranet, that allows users to share documents and information, set deadlines, and manage projects from any computer with an internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Access to your project site is by invitation only. You decide who can use your site, and you decide the appropriate level of security for each project.
Tags: internet , security , server , management , secure , tools , fast , computer , document , information , site , application , project , manage , projectmanagement , track , documents , share , set , cost , minimize , for , users , powerful , projects ,

 intelli MailBot Enterprise

This is a coldfusion mail lists management program which allows the users to provide mail list services to their clients. This program permit the users to process the bounced email messages and track the email adddress. This program provides more features like user interface, speed etc. This script supports MS Access, MSSQL server and MySQL databases. This program is useful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: email , program , mail , server , management , speed , list , script , track , user , process , messages , services , lists , for , features , useful , users ,

 AGTC PHP Click Counter v1.0a

If you want to keep a track of how many people are clicking on your links, photos or downloads then you need PHP AGTC-Click Counter v1.0a. Very easy to install, will require myqsl. All you need to do is replace the original URL of your link with a Click Counter Link ID and each time somebody clicks on your link the Link ID will increase by 1. View the counter admin panel and see how many clicks you have. You can add as many links as you like. Easy to install, some HTML knowledge required.
Tags: time , photos , easy , downloads , track , link , replace , links , admin , original , counter , knowledge , increase , people ,

 ScheduleAnywhere is the online employee scheduling software designed for assigning shifts to employees. Developed by Atlas Business Solutions, makers of the #1 PC-based employee scheduling system, enhances employee scheduling by making it accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. Easily schedule shifts, time-off, and add additional information in one of four views; daily, weekly, two-week, or 28 days. Plus, the perpetual scheduling system will help you pre-schedule vacations and keep track of historical events.
Tags: software , internet , online , system , help , information , schedule , scheduling , track , employee , for ,

 X Video Converter

X Video Converter is an useful and powerful converter using which you would be able to spilt, edit and join movie files easily through a simple interface. This program works with all AVI file formats and support batch file convertion process. You can join small video files to create a new movie or spilt large movie files, convert file fomats, extract audio track from movies etc.,
Tags: file , convert , video , converter , audio , program , create , files , edit , movie , extract , batch , using , movies , track , simple , small , support , join , useful , powerful ,

 Corporate Intranet

Using our dynamic corporate intranet, you will be able manage project tasks, track company information, communicate with your employees and organize information. With the user-friendly interface project team members will be able to easily inform others on the status of various projects and tasks.
Tags: project , organize , manage , track , dynamic , interface , team , projects ,

 Total Hits with Database

This site has been provided with simple tutorial which helps the users to create a visitors hit counting program. It allows them to track their websites regular traffic and stores the report on their database. This tutorial elaborates users from adding the code into their webpages and saving the hits on a text based statistics directory.
Tags: create , text , code , site , report , statistics , track , traffic , simple , into , tutorial , websites , users , counting ,

 Getting Information from a User

This is an ASP based tutorial section which gives information about the usage of request and its variables to fetch the visitors information using HTML form. It helps them to query string, cookies, track server variables, client certificate etc., Example has been shown to guide easily to the users. At the end of this tutorial the users can grab visitors details with the help of HTML forms.
Tags: server , help , information , client , using , query , track , grab , tutorial , usage , guide , users , certificate ,

 Email Tracking: Tracking Email Reads using ASP.NET

This tutorial tells the users about tracking read emails. The author demonstrates how to track the read emails using ASP.NET. Through this article, using three easy techniques, you could find out when anyone reads out your email. Just like confirmation you could request the reader to mail his request before reading it. HttpModule is the recent method to track the read emails. The final method is to sent a transparent beacon image into the HTML. This article explains the users how to track the mails readers.
Tags: image , mail , easy , find , using , tracking , track , emails , read , reader , reading , transparent , into , tutorial , author , recent , users , method , out ,

 AVI Processor

This is a program that comes with the ability to read and write the AVI files while it is in active status. It will be useful for the users in generating their own AVIs and in extracting the sound track and video from any live AVI. It supports formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF for writing. It has two effective object one is AVI writer and another one is AVI reader for the benefit of the users. It comes with the ability to read the AVI files either those are compressed or non compressed.
Tags: video , program , files , sound , write , track , read , reader , live , writer , object , active , for , useful , users ,


This is an online e-commerce program which gives affordable and optimum solutions for launching a successful internet storefront with customer-centric environment. Through this software you can create web based product catalogs, track product sales, manage invoices, offer shipping and taxing abilities etc., A complete guidance for maintaining the store front will be provided on a commerce background.
Tags: software , internet , web , program , create , online , manage , track , store , product , for , webbased , complete , solutions , affordable ,


This full featured remotely hosted ad servicing software is more useful for the businesses to advertise their products and sites. Web based interfaces allows to perform required functions such as adding, editing and disabling banner ads with password protected. Statistical reports about visitors, clicks, etc., can be got dynamically and can be provided to 3rd parties. Advertisers can choose a targeting functionality from the available ones. Supports analysis reports with statistical information to track browser types, unique IP used for ad-views and ad-clicks and many more.,
Tags: software , password , browser , information , analysis , track , editing , ads , reports , banner , for , functions , useful , available ,

 Setup login and logout script

This is a simple and easy script to track your users online using PHP session. it doesn't uses cookies to store the information. It collects username, name, address and email and store them into a flat text file. This script allow users to access the secured files or folders in your server. You also can deny access to the unauthorized users or ban any user. It is easy to integrate into any custom website.
Tags: email , text , online , files , access , easy , script , using , address , folders , track , cookies , store , custom , simple , into , users ,

 Business Automated Web Site

Business Automated Web Site is a php based script.In the Business site you can upload documents,images and business files using a custom file uploader, add content and HTML pages to your website. This uploader allows for the files to be searchable. This site can be used by any small, medium or large business to control their online business. Users need not to know HTML knowledge. It includes layout, file uploading tools, meta keyword tools and content tools. It keeps track of the files. New developer can build this site. Administrators can create content online with clicking a few buttons.
Tags: file , create , online , files , control , business , tools , php , site , using , upload , developer , track , content , custom , build , pages , keyword , for , meta , uploader ,

 BidWorks - Online Auction Services Professional Plan

This program is an online service and it supports the users in managing auctions and it gives unlimited email accounts in the track of sales. It automatically emails both sellers and buyers about the status and information of the sales on completion. It supports the sellers by collecting email addressses of the buyers through a form for easy delivery and the seller can view the informations about the sold Auctions. It has features like archiving previous auctions and provides support tickets through help desk.
Tags: email , program , online , easy , help , information , form , view , service , track , emails , sales , support , accounts , for , features , archiving , users ,


Adding shopping to your website is now easier than ever with CF Merchant. CF Merchant is a shopping cart program designed for ease of use and unprecedented power. With our step-by-step guide you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet today. Store Front Features: Cookie-less and Java-less ColdFusion driven storefront. (No client dependencies other that a standard web browser) Upsell/Cross-Sell, Assign discounts on a per user basis, Product pages optimized for search engines, Intelligent product search engine, Automatic delivery of electronic goods, Shipping, Flat fee for entire order, Base price plus weight. Allow returning customers to login, and account data is automatically retrieved from a previous registration, Email customers their forgotten user names and passwords, allows your customers to track their orders 7 days a week/24 hours a day via the web with their login and password. This will allow your customer to be informed and reduce the number of phone calls. Administration Features: Update order status to be viewed by your customer, Top selling months, days and products reports, Set the number of products to display per page in storefront, Customizable messaging settings such as the home page, order complete, invoices, etc. Set your own colors and fonts for a customized look, Use our included graphics or define your own images for all navigation buttons, Define sales tax rates, Unlimited number of categories, Assign category header and tree images, Assign name, product code, weight, taxable status, description, keywords, images and more to a product and many features
Tags: web , search , program , data , images , graphics , website , secure , digital , client , phone , tree , navigation , page , home , display , track , sales , user , process , messaging , tax , colors , number , account , build , settings , customer , automatically , login , shopping , day , pages , fonts , product , shoppingcart , now , forgotten , orders , reduce , for , names , electronic , customers , distribute , guide , sell , standard ,


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