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 Dating Software script for your online dating business

Online Dating Software for your Online Dating Business. Open Your own profitable online dating business with our Professional Online Dating Software! We have developed an effective high-end online dating software and you are welcome to use it. Each Dating site is a self contained Online Dating business that is run and controlled by you including content, prices, metatags, view/add users, create free listings and much more. You can even choose database categories enabling you to set-up a dating site for any theme for example: Gay Dating or USA Dating. Admin Panel allows you complete control over all aspects of the site without any knowledge. Full Featured, Profitable online dating software Solutions with: Free Installation by our specialists, Free and Fast reliable Web Hosting of Your Dating Site, Free Domain name of Your Dating Site, Free Lifetime Upgrades to enhance Your Online Dating Software whenever they become available, Free Outstanding Support of You!
Tags: software , database , create , online , control , business , site , self , run , name , theme , enhance , for , complete , dating , controlled ,

 Exceptions in ASP.NET

Exceptions in ASP.NET is not new but this tutorial introduces System.Exception class to handle the exception. This exception helps the users to debug at runtime. This also helps to find and catch the different types of errors occur at runtime. This is the theme of this article which is given along with the sample code.
Tags: find , class , theme , tutorial , errors , debug , sample , users ,

A website for your children / newborn babies can be constructed with few simple steps through this full featured baby site. Allows you to upload any number of photos, video files and interesting and important events in your child life etc., You can select a theme of your choice to design the pages. All available data can be maintained more securely.
Tags: video , data , files , website , design , children , upload , simple , number , child , theme , life , events , baby , for , select , available ,

 MessageBox for ASP.NET

The user can easily create HTML messagebox in a proper way setting the properties like title, message, icon etc. It helps the users to work very easily. It has enhanced features like extendable message box, 4 stock message box theme etc. The message box can be created as embed or popup render types. The user can customize the messagebox as they need if they are familiar in using HTML and CSS tags.
Tags: create , icon , using , message , stock , user , theme , work , customize , box , properties , features , embed , users ,

 N-Tier Applications and .NET

Creating n-tier application is the main theme of this online article. This tutorial starts with briefing the n-tier application. In this the complete application is distributed to various small parts or tasks which could be physical or logical. Each part executes a seperate task. These are in any amount of layers or tiers. The main three layers are explained in this article. This article covers the area of more layer options and about the merits of n-tier architecture. The author extends by explaining the data passage from one layer to another.
Tags: data , online , application , tasks , small , theme , area , tutorial , options , author , parts , physical , complete , layer , part , layers , covers ,

 .NET Interoperability with COM

.NET's interoperability with COM is the main theme discussed in this tutorial. The author describes how COM is good enough for component development. The difference between .NET and COM components are also discussed in this article.
Tags: component , components , theme , good , author , for , difference ,


This is a set of PHP scripts that can assist you in creating themed webpages. It takes all the theme info and puts it into a separate file. Thus, allowing you to change the look of a large site fast. It also gives you the ability to write web pages quickly because there is no theme info required in the web page.
Tags: web , write , creating , site , scripts , change , theme , set , into , pages , info , webpages ,


Royalty free music for Film and TV, Flash animation, game developement and multimedia applications. Stereo broadcast quality MP3 and WAV. Full soundtracks (1-3 min) for use as the main theme or background music and 30 second cuts ideal for Flash web intro's, interactive presentations and television advertisments. music loops and sound effects for webmasters, game developers and film makers. Download instantly via e-mail. Also, Sound and html tutorials for web page background music.
Tags: game , html , web , music , sound , multimedia , page , effects , webpage , background , interactive , film , theme , broadcast , quality , presentations , television , second , for , tutorials ,


This application gives a website visitor the ability to search for companies that have been entered in a database through the administrative interface. The visitor just needs to enter the zip code and the mile radius within which he wants the search information. The information stored in the database within that radius will be displayed to them. It comes with 35 different themes that you are able to choose from or you can create your own theme through simple style sheet integration. The application can be obtained with either the database in access or mySQL.
Tags: database , search , create , access , website , zip , code , information , application , simple , theme , themes , zipcode , sheet , style , for , visitor ,

 DSN, DSNless connections

The main theme of this online tutorial is about both the DSN and DSN Less connections. The author discusses about OLEDB connection string. Further in this article the author describes the various ways to open a database to connect through System DSN, File DSN and DSN LESS. The test scripts displayed in this article for each connection helps the developers to understand very easily.
Tags: database , online , test , scripts , open , connection , theme , tutorial , author , connect , for ,

 Chatter's World

This is a tool in which you can choose a theme among the themes like Sports, College & Teen, Romance & NightLife, Fun & Games, Financial - Politics, and Lifestyles and build a remotely hosted theme-based chatroom system.
Tags: tool , build , theme , themes ,

 Cyberlord Forums

You can increase and enhance your website's user interaction by implementing this discussion board on your site. You can encourage your website visitors and customers to post their messages and topics for discussing through the forums. You can freely signup and have it installed on your website. You can apply your own design layout that suits your theme and the logo.
Tags: website , design , board , user , messages , theme , enhance , layout , post , for , customers , increase ,

 PHP OpenCard 2004

This is an efficient V-card system in PHP. Using this program you can generate cardfile similar to the popular 'rolodex' files through a simple user friendly interface. This MySQL supported PHP program enables you to edit and replace the HTML templates of the card file according to the theme and requirement of your website.
Tags: file , program , files , system , edit , generate , replace , templates , user , simple , theme , popular ,

 DragonForest Guestbook

This is a php software and guestbook where users are allowed to decide the appearance of the guestbook. This script provides understandable config file to edit the static settings like database information. Here few simple and editable template files are available where users can easily create their own theme that is used for the guestbook. Features such as multiple themes, fast and stable, highly customizable guestbook, easy admin interface and only one table.
Tags: software , file , database , create , files , edit , easy , fast , php , script , multiple , admin , template , simple , settings , theme , interface , for , users , available , editable , configfile , static ,

 Adrenalin Labs: ASP Chat

ASP Chat facilitates realtime chat over the web. You can create as many forums as you need and organize them by categories if you wish. Forums can be categorized. Who's Online facility allow your users to view who is currently on your site. Member directory will be provided. Using your browser customize the feel, features and look of the boards (the whole board is customizable!). Provides Board based Mail allows your users to contact one another through the boards increasing page views and keeping your users online longer. Allows users to get notification of replies to message and other features. Boards include FREE ASP Email Component or you can use one of many popular components (pre configured for you). Has integrated software to offer polls on your boards. The boards will automatically post and welcome the last registered user on the front page. The boards will automatically tally and display the total number of posts in your boards. Allows admins to post message to a particular forum that always stays at the top of the summary page to ensure the majority of your users view your announcement. Allows admins to post edit, move, close, open, delete threads or posts You can create private forums that only certain users can view and post. Allows users to view a printer friendly version of a thread. Allows users to search based on thread, topic, forum, date, or user. Message Smiley's - allows users to post expression into their message view smiley icons. The software will automatically filter out bad words from being posted to a forum. Users have the ability to customize a significant portion of the boards including: Users can select a specific theme that most appeals to them for viewing the boards bMail is a mail system integrated into the message boards. bMail allows users who do not wish to make their private email address visiable but still allows users to contact them while still keeping their privacy. users can customize their profile in a number
Tags: software , email , search , create , mail , online , system , delete , browser , make , notification , filter , chat , board , address , message , organize , view , directory , page , printer , words , display , components , contact , private , user , number , theme , into , automatically , version , customize , popular , forum , post , profile , smiley , for , expression , features , select , users , top , out ,

 GuestPro Guestbook System

GuestPro Guestbook System is a simple and useful guestbook program designed with powerful admin control panel. You can customize the entire guestbook design and layout to suit your site theme and delete, add, edit and remove visitor postings and comments from the book through the admin panel. This program is easy to use and can be easily installed on any active websites.
Tags: program , control , design , edit , easy , book , remove , site , admin , simple , theme , customize , layout , active , useful , powerful , visitor ,

 Embracing the Web Part 3: Paradigm Shifts and Maturity Factors in Web-based Application Development

The main theme of this online tutorial deals with the paradigm shifts which changes from connectivity to presentation and then to programmability. Here in this article the author discusses about the above said shifts in detail. In the final part, the article describes about the XSD and the SOAP protocol. Under the maturity factors, the author covers about the availability, manageability, interoperability and scalability.
Tags: online , presentation , theme , tutorial , author , changes , connectivity , covers ,

 Nuke-Proxima Pack

This is a software pack composed of Php-Nuke 5.5 by Francisco Burzi and Proxima Pro theme-editor by Roberto Beltrame. features * Module Contents with unlimited categories(credits to Crossnuke) * Module Sections with unlimited categories(credits to Crossnuke) * Module Suggestions added * Two Proxima themes, one Nuke theme ready to run * Block Led Display 2.0 added * Admin module "Random Quotes Multilingual" added * Block "Random Quotes Multilingual" added * More than 60 Random Quotes in the database * Block "Private Messages" added * 3 languages (English, Italian, Turkish) fully translated in admin and user * The other languages are in a separate folder(not included in the "html" directory to avoid to increase the sites' workload) structured in their respective folders. * All the "readme" and document files are in a separate folder "DOCS" not included inside the "html" directory, to avoid to increase the sites' workload. * NS-Home module added to create the Home Page (you can use another module) * Example module added to show the two columns feature of Proxima Pro * We inserted various blocks, articles, messages, surveys,etc., to give the user an idea of the capabilities of this software * Lot of minor tweaks here and there .
Tags: software , create , files , folder , document , directory , show , admin , user , module , theme , pack , columns , languages , feature , increase , tweaks ,

 Clan Engine

The Clan Engine is a PHP and MySQL based database engine that is created for the purpose of gaming clans. It consists of a fully featured admin login section, players profile, challenge forum, shout box etc. It is also a theme based clan and consists of various themes in the database and new themes are constantly being developed every week. The script is very simple and easy to use.
Tags: database , easy , script , admin , engine , simple , theme , gaming , themes , login , challenge , box , for , players ,

 GU2 Blog

This weblog is written in PHP and gives your site visitors the ability to comment and message their suggestions to you. This blog script is simple and is easy to handle. You can easily configure this blog to fit your website theme and designs. All essential features required to control and maintain a successful weblog for a website is available with this program.
Tags: control , website , easy , site , script , message , simple , theme , blog , for , features , maintain , configure , available , weblog ,

 ASP.NET and C# - Component Based Development - Introductory Article, part I

The author starts this article by describing ASP.NET and C#. This article higlights on ASP.NET web forms and the method of C# implemented in component based development. The author explains about how C# could be used in ASP.NET with and without the help of assemblies. The main theme helps the users to know about the difference between code behind and code inline with example.
Tags: web , component , help , code , forms , theme , author , difference , users , method ,

 Guest Book V. 2

This Guest Book registers users and their comments. And for good measure upload a picture to be place beside their comment. The image is stored for you to review to prevent inappropriate material. If they desire, the poster can choose an image from a image library. This is our most popular and requested Guestbook. The colors can be changed to suit the theme of your website. The Guest Book comes with 25 stock images or you can use your own images as stock images such as Dungeons & Dragon Icons or Pokeman. This script requires PHP and MySQL. Downloaded in a zip file with instructions.
Tags: file , image , picture , images , zip , script , stock , upload , colors , theme , good , measure , prevent , popular , for , users , poster , review ,

 DK3 Discussion board

DK3 Discussion board is a simple and yet an affordable discussion board service provider offering optimum solutions for all website owners to integrate a full featured discussion board script on their website. This remotely hosted discussion board software is easy to customize and can be configured to your own website requirements. Key features include different theme options, ability to either enable or disable HTML and BB codes in the message postings, easy installation, powerful administration tools, ranking systems for the users etc.,
Tags: software , website , easy , board , script , message , service , administration , simple , disable , theme , customize , for , features , users , ranking , solutions , powerful , systems , codes , affordable ,

 Alien Menus

Alien Menus is a web site with a huge collection of menus that will help you to implement navigation in a very advanced manner. All the menus support superior performance, higher scalability, greater optical impact and faster development. These menus are organised in a three-dimensional hierarchy rather than a two-dimensional hierarchy. You can combine any type, theme and level, or to move to super-ordinate pages in the hierarchy.
Tags: web , help , site , collection , navigation , advanced , menus , support , theme , move , pages , combine , faster ,

 ITWwebsolution's Website Templates

This website is a collection of web templates for creating website with better performance. The list of templates available are, business templates, photoshop (PSD) templates to create website with pictures, corporate templates, business grey theme PSD templates etc. Users can choose specific template to improve their site design and can save time and money while they creating a website.
Tags: web , create , time , website , business , design , creating , site , list , money , collection , save , templates , photoshop , template , theme , for , improve , available ,

 ITWwebsolution's phpWebSite Themes

ITWwebsolution's phpWebSite Themes is a collection of php website themes for designing needs. Some themes available are, business gray theme, sunfire theme, global reach theme, nautical theme etc. Users can choose specific theme to create a professional website and can save time and money while they creating a design from scratch. Users can get php website pro bundle from this website.
Tags: create , time , website , business , design , php , creating , money , collection , save , professional , theme , themes , pro , for , bundle , available , global ,


THCNet is a simple integrated message board in PHP with a powerfull search engine. This board is easily customisable with the bugs fixed in the script and contains several security checks. The key features of this board includes the full halo jones theme and the nifty statistics bar charts for the files.
Tags: security , search , board , script , message , bar , statistics , key , simple , theme , charts , for , features ,

 Chunky interfaces for .NET distributed components

The task of building a chunky interface and explaining more about this chunky interface are the main theme of this article. This article lights on the differences between state and chunky. In this tutorial the author explains about distributed .NET components in an easy way.
Tags: easy , task , components , theme , tutorial , interface , author , building ,

 Liquid Frog - Free Graphical Hit Counter

Liquid Frog - Free Graphical Hit Counter is a simple PHP based visitor counter. Every unique visitor for your website are tracked and reported in graphical format. This graphical hit counter supports six different types of graphical output formats among which you can select any desired format to display your website visitor figures. This program is simple and can be customized easily to suit the theme of your website.
Tags: program , website , format , display , simple , theme , counter , for , select , graphical , visitor ,


LOGIHYIPRATING is a PHP & MySQL-based easy to install complete advertising oriented solutions to install complete advertising oriented solutions to 1) LIST ADVERTISERS 2) RATE THEIR CREDITBILITY and 3) SERVE THE INVESTORS AND OWNERS who like to publicize their HYIP investment sites. With easy to manage templates and changeability theme of your existing site you can start earing those ads dollars almost immediately.
Tags: easy , site , manage , templates , install , ads , start , theme , advertising , investment , complete , solutions ,


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