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 DHTML and JavaScript Download Center

This is a collection of javascripts from which the user can select a particular script given in freescripts and script specials according to their needs. In this website there are free scripts categorized into text, image, background, game and much more. And also there are few script specials like code generation, dirty trickletter, script forum etc. In each script the user can get details of category, description, browser, author, web site, test scripts for their perusal.
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 Simple Calendar

This is an online tutorial which instructs and guides the web programmers to create their own event calendar on their website. This tutorial provides sample source code for the learners by which they can test the program for quick reference.
Tags: web , program , create , online , calendar , code , test , source , quick , sourcecode , tutorial , event , sample , for ,

 Visual XSLT

Visual XSLT is a powerful XML software dealing with the techniques of XML transformations. You can use this software to convert XML documents with XSLT development plugins designed specially for visual studio .NET. This online software is bundled with unique visual schema mapper and just in time (JIT) debugging tools with which webmasters would be able to test all XSLT codes embedded in other .NET applications and libraries. Using this software you can compress all XML input files, XSLT transformation files and the generated output files in a group with the ability to access them at any time. Key features include template browser, intuitive drag and drop interface, ability to build and test XPath expressions, synchronized debugging etc.,
Tags: software , convert , time , online , files , access , tools , development , test , compress , visual , documents , template , visualstudio , build , studio , applications , group , schema , drop , input , for , features , draganddrop , powerful , codes , debugging ,

 SQLOne Console - Java Edition

SQLOne Console - Java Edition is a powerful program that has the ability to convert SQL queries between different dialects. This program can also be used to construct and tests those SQL's in different databases like MS-SQL server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, ANSI-SQL, PostgreSQL etc., Key features include support for SQL migration, ability to test SQL queries, SQL dialect conversions, GUI for the conversion process etc.,
Tags: convert , program , conversion , test , process , support , tests , databases , for , features , powerful , construct ,

 SQLOne Console For Visual Basic

SQLOne Console For Visual Basic is an online database tool designed for the sole purpose of assisting webmasters in building portable database applications. Using this tool you can perform dialect conversions for SQL queries, migrate SQL database, save and test those converted SQL queries etc., This program is intended for all developers working on multiple databases like PostgreSQL, DB2, Informix, MySQL, ANSI-SQL, Sybase, Oracle, MS-SQL Server etc.,
Tags: database , tool , program , online , save , test , multiple , migrate , portable , databases , for , building ,

 Vdaemon - Web Form Validation

An important aspect of creating Web Forms pages for user input is to be able to check that the information users enter is valid. VDaemon is a PHP library that grants an easy-to-use but powerful way to check for errors and, if necessary, display messages to the user. VDaemon provides several custom HTML tags (VDaemon tags) to allow developer define form validation rules and some PHP functions to define validation behavior. VDaemon is intended for web developers who have at least basic PHP experience. VDaemon gives mechanism for all common types of standard validation - for example, testing for valid dates or values within a range - plus ways to provide custom-written validation. In addition, VDaemon allow you to completely customize how error information is displayed to the user. You enable validation of user input by adding VDaemon tags to your form as you would with other HTML tags. Each validation tag references an input tag on the form. When the user's input is being processed (for example, when the form is submitted), the VDaemon tests the user's input and set a state to indicate whether the entry passed the test. If any of validation checks failed, the entire form is set to invalid. You can test the state of the form in your own code. For example, you would test the state of form before updating a database with information entered by the user. If you detect an invalid state, you bypass the update. Typically, if any validation checks fail, you skip all your own processing and return the page to the user. VDaemon then produce an error message that appears on the page.
Tags: database , web , library , information , creating , message , test , form , check , page , display , developer , error , tag , user , custom , basic , messages , testing , tests , detect , processing , set , errors , customize , pages , validation , input , for , tags , rules , functions , users , standard , powerful , checks , dates ,

 Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C

Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C# is a tutorial through which you can learn about how to test the output of the wordbreaker component. wordbreaker is one of the fundamental pieces of Full-Text Search. It is necessary to create instance for the classes such as CWordSink, CPhraseSink, IWordSink, and IPhraseSink before using the wordbreaker.
Tags: create , using , test , learn , tutorial , for ,

 Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C

Testing a Full-Text Search Wordbreaker Using C# is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author offers details about the procedure to test the full-text search word breaker with the help C#. The author gives details about various behavior of word breaker, which helps in search the full-text with the help of example.
Tags: search , word , help , test , tutorial , author ,

 Ace Popup Maker Software

Ace Popup Maker Software is an effective software for both the experience and new comers to develop a very reliable windows for incorporation in your web pages. It can also test the codes instantly which saves a lot of time in modifying and re-doing many complex tasks. Ace Popup Maker Software requires IE5.0 or later and Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 to work. This is a freeware and can be downloaded for free.
Tags: software , windows , freeware , web , time , test , for , develop , codes ,

 Upload - to database, or not to database

Upload - to database, or not to database is an online tutorial in ASP dealing on file manipulation techniques. You will learn to test your stored files to MS SQL 2000 using ADO recordset, to disk, to MS SQL 2000 using SQL UPDATETEXT command, to MDB file using ADO recordset etc., The author has given seperate ASP codings for all the above mentioned tests along with a detailed description and instruction.
Tags: file , database , online , files , using , test , learn , 2000 , tests , tutorial , author , for ,

 Other ways to stress test

Other ways to stress test is a web based tutorial which deals with stress testing using application center stress. In this article author describes about various testing that are performed by various applications, here author describes various stress applications like MS web application stress tool, openSTA, pure load, QAload and load runner.
Tags: web , application , using , test , testing , tutorial , applications , load , author , webbased , stress ,

 Free ASP counter

From this site the webmasters will get several tips and hints about how to create a simple and powerful hit counter and also it guides them how to use on their web page. Example for demo and for test drive is given for the users .
Tags: web , create , site , test , drive , demo , simple , tips , counter , for , users , powerful ,

 Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix

Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix is an article which discusses about a tool called as web matrix. Web matrix is an useful tool for developing web applications in ASP.NET. The ASP.NET web matrix contains a WYSIWYG designer which helps you to drag and drop HTML and ASP.NET server controls from a toolbox onto your aspx page and it has an inbuilt web server that helps you to test the ASP.NET web applications.
Tags: web , tool , server , test , page , webserver , designer , matrix , applications , controls , drop , for , useful , draganddrop ,


Web-based quizzer script allows visitors to test their knowledge and learn at the same time. Create quizzes in a simple, XML format and upload them to your website. Features added in Version 2.0: Added support for remembering user answers from page to page. Added grading support.
Tags: script , format , test , learn , page , upload , user , support , knowledge , for , quizzes ,


CFAUTHNET SIM is a cold fusion program which is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to manage their website members payment collection. By using this program the web owners can monitor payment details, online payment transaction and gives response to the members significantly. Users can use this program for securing their web members payment data collection. This program supports several unique features like, MD5 Hash Encryption, CCV2 Verification, tracks and records customers IP address, multiple currencies, test mode and more.
Tags: web , program , data , online , monitor , website , using , test , manage , multiple , tracks , payment , for , features , records , customers , mode ,

 ASP Counter - Counting and Looping

ASP Counter is a slowly expanding website based around 'counting things' in ASP. Includes Demo code for making your own image counter, or text counter. Count form fields sent to a page - useful to test your paypal ipn pages. Count all session variables and easily view them.
Tags: image , text , website , code , test , form , view , page , counter , for , useful , fields , paypal , session ,

 Testing a Cloned Object Using Reflection

This tutorial instructs the users how to test a cloned object using reflection. The author says .NET framework provides the IClone hence the users can easily implement their own clone() and test it by using System.Reflection object. To perform this action the tutor of this article has provided sample code for testing.
Tags: action , code , using , test , tutorial , object , author , tutor , sample , for , framework , users ,

 Installing PHP 4.x under windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0 instructions

Installing PHP 4.x under windows 2003 server with IIS 6.0 instructions, is a tutorial helping users with the installation of php on a windows 2003 server. The installtion procedure is detailed with necessary screenshots making it a breeze for users. After the installation necessary configurations are done and test files are run to check.
Tags: windows , server , files , php , test , run , tutorial , installation , for , users ,

 PHP, HTML and Java Test Board

PHP, HTML and Java Test Board is a full featured online testing and debugging tool designed specially for javascript and PHP programs. This online compiler is simple and provides an intuitive GUI for testing the programs. Several built in code snippets are available to help you in the testing process and runs on any platforms that supports PHP. The main highlight of this utility is that it does not require FTP coonection to test your softwares.
Tags: utility , tool , online , javascript , help , code , test , process , simple , testing , compiler , for , available , onlinetesting , debugging ,

 Developing A Newsletter Subscription Web Service

Building a newsletter subscription Web service is the main content of this article. It is very easy to understand this process through this article using ASP.NET. The author briefs about the functionality of the web services. The web methods in the web service is enlisted in this article. This article also deals with the model about how to generate a user friendly client for web service. At the end of this artcile, the users could find the tips to test their applications.
Tags: web , easy , find , client , using , test , service , generate , content , user , process , newsletter , tips , model , author , for , webservice , users ,

 BFN Quiz and Tests

Create and moderate online quizzes and tests. Simple enough to support fun quizzes, as well as strong enough to administer real life exams. Optional protection against cheating, and retaking. Optional time limit, and result display, and Email notification on test completion. Questions and answers may also contain images for non-text testing situations. No Ads.
Tags: time , online , images , fun , protection , notification , test , support , testing , life , real , for , quizzes ,

 BFN Quiz and Tests

This program lets the webmasters to conduct both fun quizes and real exams. This online tool comes with the ability to detect and protect from people retaking the tests and cheating. The test has certain set of questions and certain number of answers for each question. The test taker should choose the right answer from the options. The administrator can limit the test with a certain time frame.
Tags: tool , program , time , online , protect , fun , test , administrator , number , tests , detect , set , limit , questions , real , for , people ,


PhpTest is an web based application for conducting test quiz. Feature highlights are, randomization of questions on tests, randomization of order of multiple choice questions, user and group security models, yes or no type, true/false and multiple choice question types, automatic grading , multilingual support of English, Spanish, Czech, Norwegian and chinese and easy installation. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: security , web , online , easy , application , automatic , test , demo , multiple , chinese , user , support , group , multilingual , questions , for , webbased , question , available ,

 Load Down: Application Center Test

This is an online tutorial that helps programmers in knowing about a debugging tool known as ACT which can be used to load and test a .NET application. Here the author illustrates this process by providing examples and lets the programmers find solution by providing sample codes.
Tags: tool , online , find , test , process , tutorial , solution , load , author , sample , examples , debugging ,

 Writing ASP.NET Web Forms with C

This tutorial has fully compiled with the details about web service creation by using ASP.NET and C sharp. It also teaches about server control and how the separation are made between presentation layer and business logic in web forms. To refer quickly code snippets sample to test has been provided.
Tags: web , server , control , logic , business , code , using , test , presentation , service , tutorial , creation , sample , webservice , layer ,

 Spell Check Web Service

This article offers various contents about web services in details to teach the learners in an easy method. After referring this tutorial users can create spell check for web services. It guides the users in step by step method for easy use. Sample code has also been given for the users to test on their system.
Tags: web , create , easy , code , test , check , tutorial , services , spellcheck , spell , teach , for , users , contents , method ,

 Testing .Net Components Using NUnit

In this tutorial users can find information about utilizing NUnit to test the .NET components. The author describes that NUnit is built on C# for examining .NET applications. In this tutorial the author explains about the necessity of application testing, provides information about JUnit -a unit testing framework for examining java applications and explains the relationship between JUnit and NUnit. By the end of this tutorial readers can learn how to examine .Net components using NUnit.
Tags: java , find , information , application , using , test , learn , components , testing , tutorial , applications , author , for , framework , users , unit ,


C#@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge in C#. This is a text engine and also a question bank of 150 questions in C#. Supports a Diagnostic text to understand your weakness and strength. Provides detailed descriptions for each and every question and quick revision. Each and every concept is supported with examples. When you finish a text it can generate a report of the result. Customization includes number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.
Tags: text , report , application , test , generate , quick , engine , number , bank , questions , knowledge , for , question ,

 FTP Server in C

This is a simple tutorial which can be used for referring about the use of FTP server in C sharp and also this article has given what are the benefits available on using FTP server. He describes about FTP server usage in step by step they are, to promote file sharing, to transfer data reliably etc., This article has provided code snippets for the users to run test program by their own.
Tags: file , program , data , server , code , using , transfer , test , simple , run , tutorial , usage , for , users , available ,

 Events and Delegates

This article is basically for the C sharp and .NET developers which guides them how to use event and delegates. The author has given test code for quick reference and to allow users to test on their system. It helps users for callback functions in C sharp program.
Tags: code , test , quick , event , reference , author , for , functions , users ,


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