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 Enterprise Time Tracker

The Enterprise Time Tracker is a script which will coordinate the workflow in your company, giving the employees daily activities a common direction and ensuring that the outcome is the most profitable. It contains a simple Employee interface and an Administrative interface which shares the qualities, powerful access, more menu of choices and controls. It gives you the ability to store all your employee profiles with photos and easily access them at any time, store all your client information in a password-protected database, keeps track of all your current projects and invoices, calculate the amount of hours spent on individual or group tasks and also their expenses and contains many other employee level features and administrative level features.
Tags: menu , photos , access , information , client , script , track , tasks , store , simple , employee , interface , daily , calculate , group , workflow , expenses , shares , features , powerful , activities , projects ,

 PHX Platform

PHX Platform is a php based script.It is used for developing modular php applications. It provides fill-the-blanks method which minimize the time required to start a new php web applictions. It divides project tasks into smaller applications, and divides applications into commands. Complex applications are developed easily. It takes control of how you organize your files and codes. It provides very high performance platform with low overhead. Its objective to provide a platform to maintain and develop web applications easily.
Tags: web , time , files , control , php , project , organize , performance , tasks , start , into , platform , applications , minimize , for , develop , maintain , method ,

 1-2-All Broadcast E-mail

1-2-All Broadcast E-mail is a 'Rebrandable' mailing list script that can hold unlimited lists and subscribers effectively. Using this script you can send multi-formatted, HTML and or text based e-mails to your customers. This template driven script has web based setup wizard to make your mailling tasks simple and is provided with time-sensitive auto responders. Users are provided with an online demo in the website.
Tags: web , text , online , make , list , script , auto , send , demo , mailing , wizard , tasks , template , simple , mailinglist , lists , webbased ,

 AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor

AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor is a powerful software capable of enhancing your advertising tasks by tracking all your banners and ads. Using this remotely hosted program webmasters would be able to record sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, site visitors etc., Webmasters are facilitated with a detailed report on the total expense of all banners and ads along with the profit obtained from each and every ad campaign. Some of the important features are total hits on all banners, pay-per-click search engine ads and newsletters, ability to experiment with different variations with result tracking, easy to use marketing tool etc.,
Tags: software , tool , search , program , easy , record , site , report , tracking , marketing , tasks , ads , engine , newsletter , searchengine , expense , advertising , profit , features , sign , banners , powerful ,

 Antechinus JavaScript Editor

Become a JavaScript expert in record time with JavaScript Editor, and reap the benefits: - Design great web pages: transform your Web pages from displaying static content to live, dynamic, interactive applications. - Save time and automate everything: run JavaScript directly from the Editor for batch processing and common computing tasks on your local files or the intranet, and - Create stand-alone programs: create fully-fledged HTML Applications (HTA) powered by JavaScript. Add JavaScript code to your web pages quickly and easily - giving your Web creations a real edge. Enjoy JavaScript editing using a range of built-in tools: tutorials with plenty of examples, fast function finder, Intellisense and auto-complete, context-sensitive help, code folding, and categorized code solutions. Eradicate syntax errors in no time: JavaScript Editor finds them, highlights them, and explains them. Automate repetitive tasks and easily reuse your code with the only few keystrokes by using the state-of-the-art template and script management. Cutting edge: execute any portion of your JavaScript code straight from the Editor - no web page needed!
Tags: web , create , time , files , fast , record , code , batch , script , using , page , content , tasks , webpage , automate , editing , template , interactive , run , processing , errors , function , local , pages , applications , syntax , expert , execute , real , for , webpages , keystrokes , tutorials , transform , computing , static ,


TaskFile is a quick and easy to use web-based multi-user task flow management application designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and teams. It allows you to quickly organize and share your tasks between the members of your team. Its web-based nature makes it ideal to install on your company Intranet. It will also work fine on a public web server for distributed teams with remote and work-at-home employees.
Tags: web , server , management , nature , easy , application , remote , organize , task , tasks , install , quick , share , webserver , work , flow , for , public ,

 ActiveX ASP VBA COM Dictionary object

Free-threaded hi-speed dictionary algorithm with unique/nonunique keys (map/multimap). Connect to another dictionary object in the same process. Lock/Unlock methods to synchronize tasks (lookup, application scope). Share ASP Application/Session objects.
Tags: dictionary , application , synchronize , tasks , keys , object , algorithm ,

 "Wizard" me, baby!

This tutorial provides detailed explanation about generating wizard and uses of wizards. Author also lists the features of the wizard as follows: centralizing update code, update or addition can be easily deleted without disturbing database, simplifying the complex and difficult tasks for the benefit of the visitors etc.,
Tags: wizard , tasks , deleted , update , tutorial , lists , addition , for , features ,

 Project Edit

This is an ASP based program that can be used to generate and modify projects, resources, tasks etc on the user's websites. Project managers can customize text font color, font style etc according to their needs. This is an useful and handy tool for webmasters. Installation of this program is easy. This program can be easily integrated into any website.
Tags: tool , program , text , generate , font , tasks , into , customize , style , for , modify , useful ,

 Display Content From Another Website

This CMS article will help you to script ASP code for displaying other website contents on your pages. The author has given simple code snippets for the tasks and emphasize the need to get permission for the aforementioned process through a proper channel. This is an useful article for all webmasters.
Tags: website , help , code , script , tasks , process , simple , author , for , useful , contents , is an adaptive program to integrate billing tasks online through web based user interface. All payments including recurring and one time payment are handled effectively along with flat fee billing on hourly basis automatically. Customizable payment gateway is supported in addition with payment service. Invoices can be created unlimitedly and can be scheduled which are informed to the clients thorugh in-built email module. Billing records contains all detailed info for each client. Supports ticket system add on.
Tags: email , web , program , time , online , system , billing , tasks , user , info , payment , addition , for , records , gateway , webbased , ticket , clients ,

 N-Tier Applications and .NET

Creating n-tier application is the main theme of this online article. This tutorial starts with briefing the n-tier application. In this the complete application is distributed to various small parts or tasks which could be physical or logical. Each part executes a seperate task. These are in any amount of layers or tiers. The main three layers are explained in this article. This article covers the area of more layer options and about the merits of n-tier architecture. The author extends by explaining the data passage from one layer to another.
Tags: data , online , application , tasks , small , theme , area , tutorial , options , author , parts , physical , complete , layer , part , layers , covers ,

 DTS Grows Up

DTS Grows Up is an article which helps you to know about the data transmission service package. The DTS is used to transfer data and do other activities such as FTP and sending messages to queues. This article shows you the use of global variable in DTS. Using global varibles in data transmission service package is similar to using local variables in the stored procedure. In this article the author gives you the explanation about various tasks such as Execute Package task, Dynamic Properties task, File Transfer Protocol task etc., that has been added to the data transmission service package.
Tags: data , using , transfer , service , task , tasks , messages , package , local , author , global , activities , sending ,


CxCalendar is an online scheduling software that can be used to archive events, journal, tasks etc on the websites. This program has an ability to show calendar entries in day, month, year, week etc. Users are allowed to import and export entries from iCalendar files. Color and date picker are available in this program. Users can perform various kinds of search operations like keyword search operations, date range search operation etc.
Tags: software , search , program , online , calendar , export , archive , import , date , scheduling , show , tasks , keyword , picker , entries , available ,

 Coding ADO.NET Data Access Solutions

Some ADO.NET sessions focus on the object model and .NET Framework classes and not on specific data access tasks that ADO.NET can solve. This session assumes you're somewhat familiar with the ADO.NET object model and want to see how to address the common tasks your application is likely to perform. Focus on getting connected in an ASP and Windows application, how to setup and run ad hoc queries as well as parameter-driven stored procedures, with and without returned parameters. See how to bind to DataReaders and DataSets and when it makes sense to use each. See how to fill and bind to a ListBox and a DataGrid and how to update the data, even when the query is the result of a complex join.
Tags: data , access , application , address , query , tasks , run , update , model , object , fill , focus , session ,


City'O'Scope is a visual financial tool to enable you to survey prices and earning around the world with which you can earn more and pay less. It can encourage and support exploration, discovery of unexpected structures and can formulate new hypotheses. Supports overview of the global relationships between objects. You can view different aspects of the data at the same time with multiple views. You can embed fine grain tasks in a global frame of reference.
Tags: tool , data , time , visual , view , tasks , multiple , world , financial , support , frame , survey , embed , global ,

 Code4Design Email Marketing Tool

Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is an mailing script designed to support email campaigning tasks on the website. Using this script you will be able to launch flexible mailing list program with subscription and unsubscription options on your website. Key features of this script includes personalized emails, automatic newsletter archives, generation of HTML templates etc., This online script is capable of reporting the website owners about the total number of opened mails, bounces, and click throughs on the sent mails.
Tags: email , program , online , website , list , script , automatic , mailing , tasks , templates , launch , number , support , newsletter , mailinglist , click , reporting , options , features , personalized , generation ,

 Coding Ground - PHP and MySQL tutorial

Coding Ground - PHP and MySQL tutorial is a simple article that relates about the ways and means of creating and managing websites with a MySQL backend. Users are also guided to deal with all types of database related tasks such as storing data in the table, retreiving data from the database etc., Online references are also available on the website.
Tags: database , data , creating , tasks , simple , tutorial , websites , available ,

 Convea-Business Applications

CONVEA-BUSINESS APPLICATIONS is an web based business software which provides full application to develop production and to develop the various application for lower cost. This software offers various applications like providing email module to control over whole organisation through email, providing calender module to develop tasks and events about the business, allowing group discussion from public or from management, providing instant management module for interacting with others and more.
Tags: software , email , web , control , management , business , application , tasks , instant , module , events , applications , group , for , businesssoftware , develop , webbased , public ,


cpCommerce is a PHP script that contains built-in manuals for maintaining every day tasks of your e-shops. This shopping cart can be used to create stores with unlimited number of categories for your products. This script is completely both template and module driven and hence important announcements can be displayed. Sales and product history will also be provided along with site documents.
Tags: create , site , script , history , tasks , template , number , module , shopping , day , product , shoppingcart , for ,

 Hockey Stats PHP

Hockey Stats PHP is an online program designed specially for hockey sport. This program eases and simplifies the tasks of scheduling the games for all participating teams and generates statistical reports for the total number of goals, individual goal figures etc., Details of each and every player of the team are stored on a database with their corresponding number, team name, country and other relevant data.
Tags: database , games , program , online , scheduling , tasks , reports , number , team , for , country ,

 ANGIE Generation Now!

This is a productivity by frame based generator technique created using aspect oriented programming. This ANGIE framework provides technology for all imperative partial tasks like coding of artefacts and to format the generated sources. The main feature of using this ANGIE frames is that you will be able to create your own design patterns and code fragments thereby increasing your productivity.
Tags: create , design , code , generator , format , using , tasks , productivity , frame , feature , frames , for , patterns , framework , coding ,

 Implement a One-Stop Authentication Web Service with .Net

This tutorial is helpful for the webmasters which allows them to refer and collect the solution to create a powerful authentication facility on their web services by using .NET for their web applications that allows the users to provide security over their internet applications. Sample code snippets have been implemented for the users for different tasks like XML encryption for SOAP headers, .NET cryptographic classes, custom SOAP headers for transmission etc.,
Tags: internet , security , web , create , encryption , code , using , tasks , custom , collect , tutorial , services , solution , applications , for , users , authentication , powerful ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,

 Employee Task Chaser

Develop the execution abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register all tasks assigned to employees. This new solution will allow you to monitor every endeavor until its conclusion. Co-workers will capture daily activities using a consistent process, creating a common inventory of all business tasks that must be accomplished. All information is updated instantly and accessible at any time from a computer with internet access. Employee Task Chaser is the superior method to get things done.
Tags: software , internet , time , control , monitor , business , capture , computer , information , creating , inventory , using , tasks , work , solution , daily , register , method , activities ,

 Authentication Password Protection Membership Management Scripts

With these scripts you will be able to protect directories, create login area or paid membership area within minutes. Self-installing software - no programming skills, no authentication or php knowledge required – take, set it up and launch at once. Only registered users, members gain access to the protected area. Programs combine visual directories password protection, member management, total user access management. It consists of two parts: web based admin control panel and user area (adaptive forms and modules); supports manual (administrative) and automated (online) regimes. One click on the folder - directory will be protected and protected area created. Your web site is ready to register and authenticate users. Program provides control panel with directories tree image. Using only your web browser you will be able to perform all operations like password protection, multilevel access management – activation and inactivation, user account management, modifying of program settings. Script supports different user registration scenarios (methods) – simple administrative or online registration, with email notification, with email confirmation. You may choose proper registration method and use email templates that have been created in advance. It interprets all your data operations and operations with catalogue tree image into the directives of access control files - .htaccess/htpasswd. Easy integrate with web site and payment system. One link to the registration form and script will register members and authenticate users, collect user data, send and receive email notification (optional). Control panel allows also create and save email templates. Automated backup solution provides security, reliability and user registration-access history. Scripts are simple-to-use but completed and powerful solution. It is suitable for most tasks “out of the box”. Also more sophisticated tasks may be resolved with this software. Full featured version with expiration access, forgotten password, registration approval facilities etc. may be generated. A lot of live examples available. No installation, no programming skills required. Today you purchase program – today it works with your web site.
Tags: software , email , image , web , backup , password , program , data , create , online , files , control , management , protect , access , folder , browser , php , notification , site , script , save , form , tree , visual , programming , scripts , directory , send , forms , link , tasks , templates , admin , user , launch , simple , collect , account , area , webbrowser , set , into , accesscontrol , version , click , login , automated , live , catalogue , solution , combine , payment , receive , purchase , forgotten , skills , knowledge , for , directories , protected , register , webbased , reliability , manual , membership , authentication , registration , powerful , method , emailnotification , examples ,

 Coldtags suite

This suite provides 200+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. Coldtags suite comes with a wide range out of the box ready-to-use the most common control components that are repeatedly required for the development of J2EE applications. They include standard user interface components like buttons, lists, edits, grids, menus, tables, tree views, calendars, ajax etc. With this suite developers and web designers no need to worry about writing browser-specific HTML or JavaScript. All controls are carefully written and tested to operate equally well on major Internet browsers as well J2EE servers. Find out more here:
Tags: web , control , development , tree , programming , components , tasks , user , custom , ajax , jsp , interface , writing , controls , box , for , tags , standard , userinterface , out , suite ,

 Picture Previewer

Picture Previewer is a powerful ASP component using which you can perform every related tasks of image manipulations and displays. Using this program you can save all manipulated images as ASP document, JPEG, BMP files etc., You can even draw antialiased text on your images, resize image files, produce resamples and mirror views, rotate, flip etc., This program supports almost all image forms and various manipulation techniques like transparency, stretching, cropping etc.
Tags: image , program , text , files , component , images , using , save , resize , forms , tasks , draw , mirror , powerful , flip ,

 e-novative DocBook Environment (eDE)

The e-novative DocBook Environment (eDE) is a free, ready-to-go integrated environment for Windows enabling you to various output formats from DocBook XML sources. Currently a single HTML page, multiple HTML pages and PDF output are supported. eDE installs in a snap and lets you create output files with one command line command. Supports articles and books, includes well-documented customization. Using DocBook has many advantages over using a regular word processor. eDE was designed with the average user in mind. No special XML, HTML, CSS, XSL or even Windows knowledge is required to install and use eDE. eDE installs on Win32 systems in a few seconds, does not mess up any registry or put anything into a Windows directory. The document generation is performed by batch files so you only have to enter one command to create output. Since eDE is command-line-oriented, all tasks are particularly easy to automate. eDE currently supports single HTML page, multiple HTML pages and PDF output; HTML Help support will be added soon, other formats like Plain Text, Postscript and Latex might be added in the future.
Tags: create , files , word , easy , registry , batch , document , using , commandline , tasks , multiple , install , user , line , support , into , command , pages , environment , knowledge , for , articles , snap , systems , generation , special , average ,

 EJB 2.1 Kick Start : Implementing a Solution Using EJB 2.1.

This chapter explains about installation of an applications server that can develop and organize an EJB in to it. The EJB radically and irrevocably alters the fundamental look and feel of Java code. The EGB deducts the source codes in to dozens form hundreds of lines of codes which are used by the other non-EJB corollaries. EGB makes implementer's coding tasks much less burdensome because of the much smaller amount of codes.
Tags: server , form , organize , source , lines , tasks , installation , applications , develop , coding , codes ,


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