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Session.LCID (LOCALE ID) helps the users to assign a value to LCID and read its current value. Users are able to set the format of the data field with the LCID by going into the design view. It also shows the table of LCIDs and the corresponding language. This sessing.LCID will be very useful in formatting dates, numbers, currecy, etc.
Tags: data , design , format , table , read , set , into , value , field , useful , users , formatting ,

 Populating a Selectbox

The main objective of this online article is to teach the webmasters how to populate a selectbox. The author presents the method of populating a selectbox with the database table values. The author also selects the exact item for the current record. The sample source code of this article is downlodable.
Tags: database , online , code , source , table , sourcecode , teach , author , sample , for , method ,

 Sort a VBScript array

The array items in VBscript array can be sorted out quicker by converting the array into JScript array sorting function. This article shows the simplest way to interchange VBScript and JScript arrays using which you can sort any number of array table in lesser time. The analysis report on JScript's SortArray and VBScript's Bubble Sort methods lets you choose the faster method.
Tags: report , using , analysis , table , number , into , converting , sort , faster , out ,

 Data Integrity Using MySQL and PHP (Part 2)

This is a tutorial which tells the users about data integration by using mysql and php. The author provides information to the users that they can prevent the duplicate name entered into a database. This tutorial tells the user about MySQL which supports a column option called 'auto_increment' that stores the incrementing integer in the field of each new row. This tutorial provides info to the users that they can add a column called 'EmpId' in the table which will be auto incremented by using the commands like describe, select from, etc.
Tags: data , information , using , mysql , auto , duplicate , table , user , name , into , tutorial , prevent , info , author , field , column , select , users , integration , option ,

 Use ASP to create an HTML table that supporting paging and sorting

The author tells the simple procedures to be followed to generate an HTML table which would be ready for paging and sorting. The values from one column could be linked with another page is the main advantage. The entire sample source code is ready for the developer's reference.
Tags: code , page , source , table , generate , sourcecode , simple , author , sample , column , for ,

 AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator

With the AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator script, you can solve for velocity by simply entering the values for Initial Velocity (v0), Acceleration (a) and time (t) to get the result. Follow the simple steps to change your equation. Also for your reference a conversion table has been given.
Tags: time , conversion , change , table , simple , reference , solve , for ,

 Round Corner HTML tables

This utility is helpful for programmers to design card style or buttons in round corner table. Users have to do is just select three row and column table to place images on center of the table. Creation of this round table is simple and easy. By using this tool they can design their own banner ads, buttons etc.
Tags: utility , tool , images , design , using , table , buttons , simple , banner , style , column , for , select ,

 @lex EBS Poll

@lex Poll is fully written using PHP modules which is used to manipulate polling function on websites. Intuitive admin interface allows user's login under security. It is capable of handling several survey info. Defining table names is done on your own. Publishing surveys online is possible. Multi-skins features to modify graph layout. POP-up and flat file types are used for voting. Database is compatible with MySQL, MsAccess, MsSQL, Oracle, PostGreeSql 7. A Live demo is supported.
Tags: file , online , using , table , graph , demo , admin , function , login , interface , survey , for , names , features , modify ,

 Ascii Codes Table

This is a simple and useful table that contains American Standard Code for Information Interchange for all available numerals, alphabets and special characters. Numerical representations even for non-printing characters like extended Ascii codes are also available in this table. You can use these codes to represent different characters on your website pages. This development tool is an useful kit for webmasters.
Tags: tool , website , development , table , simple , kit , characters , for , useful , available , special , codes ,

 Search Databases the .NET Way

Search Databases the .NET Way is a tutorial which helps you to search for the data in the selected table of the Sql Server database. In this tutorial you can see a sample screen which helps you to get a clear idea about the database search. This tutorial explains it with the sample code to the users.
Tags: screen , database , search , data , code , table , tutorial , clear , sample , for ,

 PHP MySQL Table manager

PHP MySQL Table manager is a php based database script. This program brings an easy administration of MySQL database. Without any difficulty you can create, drop or rename database tables. Altering table structures by adding or dropping keys and indexes can be done with this program. This script helps to add, remove or alter the properties of coloums and edit, add, search or delete table records. Requirements are PHP4.1.0 or greater and a MySql databse to use this system. Easy to download and execute this program.
Tags: download , database , search , program , manager , delete , easy , php , remove , script , table , rename , administration , keys , drop , execute , properties ,

 Constructioner® WebTechnology

Constructioner® WebTechnology features backoffice, content management, table integration, user administration, search features, newsletter service, message board, backup and statistical reports. Constructioner Development Version is delivered for total free, but there has to be added an URL-specific Public Access Key for the built-up webapplication.
Tags: backup , search , message , table , content , user , newsletter , for , features ,

 Delete Record

This is a simple ASP tutorial which is useful for deleting the records from the database table. This show the step-by-step process of deletion. This tutorial first checks the data that is required for deletion and if the data exist in the database table it perfoms deletion otherwise it display the message to the user that the data does not exist. The sample code can be used on your applications.
Tags: database , data , code , message , show , display , table , user , process , simple , tutorial , deletion , sample , for , records , useful , checks ,

 String Handling - Trimming Strings

Beginners in ASP can go through this ASP learning module to get solutions to parse a required data with particular length from a database table using text trimming process. Provided step by step explanation lets you understand the proper implementation on data parsing. And the provided program gives the string trimming and other loop functions with their syntax.
Tags: database , program , data , text , using , table , learning , module , string , length , functions , solutions , parse ,

 Displaying information from a database

Displaying information from a database is a web based tutorial which gives you an explanation about binding the datareader object to different ASP.NET web server controls. You can display the information from the database table and XML files using these controls. In this tutorial the author shows a live example for these controls to display the data.
Tags: database , web , server , files , information , using , display , table , webserver , tutorial , live , object , controls , author , for , webbased ,

 Data & ASP.NET

This is an ASP.NET article through which you can know the method for adding the database table to the datagrid control using the ADO.NET objects. The author shows how to fill the dataset object with the data using the filldataset method and how to bind it to the datagrid using the databind method with a sample program.
Tags: database , data , control , using , table , object , author , fill , sample , for , method ,


This is an online content editing solution that helps users to create and edit contents on their websites. Web developers can create toolbar items and cusomized buttons. This program supports Cascading Style Sheet, vertical layout and multiple languages. Color pickers are avilable to set text background color or text font color. Advanced image functions, table and cell functions can be included in this program. Other features of this program are, ability to create and publish web contents, no plugin, table editing, ability to access document without farmatting and more.
Tags: image , web , program , create , text , online , access , edit , color , document , toolbar , table , font , content , multiple , background , editing , publish , set , cell , solution , layout , vertical , features , functions , users , contents ,

 Tell Friends

This is a program which acts as a tag in which the emails are sent by users to their friends to view the webpage where the tag is placed. This script provides an alert message and post back the informations to the users webpage. The users can edit the table format or alert message. This program can be customized and configured by the users.
Tags: program , edit , script , format , message , view , table , emails , tag , alert , post , back , users , friends ,


This is an online content management program that helps users to generate and administer contents on their websites. This program supports different types of web pages such as, JSP, HTML, PSP, ASP etc. Users are allowed to insert table on their websites. This program has other features like, ability to customize document font style, font size, font color etc, users can update contents, ability to check spelling and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: web , program , online , management , color , document , check , table , demo , generate , font , content , spelling , update , customize , pages , insert , webpages , features , contentmanagement , users , contents , available ,


This is an online content management program that helps users to modify web contents on webpages itself. This program supports different types of web pages such as, JSP, HTML, PSP, ASP etc. Users are allowed to insert table on their websites. Any webpage could be made editable in less than 5 minutes. This program has other features like, ability to customize document font style, font size, font color etc, users can update contents, ability to check spelling and more. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: web , program , online , management , color , document , check , table , demo , font , content , spelling , update , customize , pages , insert , webpages , features , modify , contentmanagement , users , contents , available , editable ,

 Showing data from a database

After reading this online article the webmasters can learn more about the procedures that help to show data from a database. The author explains this concept with an example in which the data from a table would be printed with columns. The sample source code is available for the beginner's reference.
Tags: data , online , help , code , learn , show , source , table , sourcecode , reading , author , sample , for , available ,

 Display Records Horizontally

After going through this online article the developers can learn to display the database records horizontally. Usually these database records are always displayed vertically. But here in this article the author explains about this process of displaying the records of database horizontally. The example mentioned here in this tutorial displays three database records horizontally in a table and if the user like to display more records also it is possible. The entire sample source code is available.
Tags: database , online , code , learn , source , display , table , user , process , sourcecode , tutorial , author , sample , records ,

 ASP Report Wizard

With the help of this script webmasters can build any type of reports including columnar, tabular, master detail, charts with graphs etc., on their websites. Users can have the facility to preview before publishing and export them into different formats like CSV, Excel, XML and Text if necessary. It has several features like ability to produce reports dynamically when clicking on the links and to hide specific table or view, creating report from more than one table, generating pagesize report dynamically etc., So using this program users can create reports for increasing the efficiency of the buisiness.
Tags: program , create , export , help , creating , report , script , using , hide , table , links , reports , build , into , type , preview , charts , publishing , graphs , master , for , features , users , efficiency ,

 Amazon_functions for PHP

Amazon_functions for PHP is a web application that extracts data from Web Services 1.0. XML-parser helps you to collect news from amazon and accumalates them on your site. Searching on author, artist, actor, director, designer, and searching of asin, isbn are done simply through HTML based search forms. It creates table for reports in HTML format that include product list, product description, short-teaser list, and more. Generating 'add to cart' forms is allowed. Language file is available to access this script in desired language.
Tags: file , web , search , data , access , script , application , format , language , news , forms , table , reports , collect , product , searching , for , available ,

 Backend Wizard PHP code generator

Backend Wizard PHP code generator is a powerful PHP application that can generate full backend management system for your database tables. Using this tool you can modify all the contents of the database records and would also be able to create, list, search, update, delete rows in the table of the database on the fly with a simple and intuitive interface. All PHP scripts can be easily transformed, tested and debugged online to rectify the errors. Key features include flexible and easily modifiable tables, support for complex scripting codes, time saving etc.,
Tags: database , tool , time , online , management , system , delete , code , generator , application , scripts , table , generate , simple , support , scripting , for , features , modify , records , contents , powerful , codegenerator ,

 Building database table handlers in PHP using OO approach

This tutorial is particularly aimed for PHP programmers to know the basic OO ideas and SQL. The author discusses about the heading like why table handlers, need for Object Oriented programming, reference implementation, example table handler, example application. The author finally concludes that the methods described in the article gives a possibility to reduce huge amount of work related to database integration through reusability of code offered by OO approach and collecting all the related code in one place. This makes initial writing, rewriting and supporting of the code, a easy task. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: database , easy , code , table , basic , work , tutorial , reference , author , reduce , for , integration , ideas ,


The Web Testimonials is a script written in PHP with which you can add a testimonial page on your website. It can be integrated with your existing website easily. All the testimonials of your site will be displayed in the testimonial page and can be viewed by your customers and clients. The admin panel allows you to add, change and delete customer quotes at anytime. All the quotes and the data are stored in a simple table and it displays the recent 25 quotes on the testimonial page.
Tags: data , website , delete , site , script , page , change , table , admin , simple , customer , quotes , recent , customers ,

 Graphs from a database

This tutorial helps you to create simple bar graphs. You can access any form of database and can select any fields in the table using this code. These bar charts can be displayed with different colors. This tutorial provides the easy way to create bar charts.
Tags: database , create , access , easy , using , form , bar , table , simple , tutorial , charts , select , fields ,

 Access My Wizard

This is a database tool which is helpful for the users who needs to convert MySQL database contents into Microsoft Access database. With this tool users can convert- selected tables, both table structures or to convert data only. It allows users to avoid duplicate table while conversion and it shows detailed report after conversion of data.
Tags: convert , database , tool , data , conversion , report , duplicate , table , into , for , users , contents ,

 Developing An Image Upload Web Service

This article allows the users to refer the instruction about the creation of image upload web service which allows the users to store and get images from SQL server database. To create web service and to create SQL server database table source code has been given. This tutorial also helps the users to create the client for the web service.
Tags: image , database , web , create , server , images , code , client , service , upload , source , table , store , sourcecode , tutorial , creation , for , webservice , users ,


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