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 Active Python

ActivePython is ActiveState's quality-assured binary build of Python, available for Linux, Solaris and Windows. As part of ActiveState's support for Python, we provide the ActivePython binary packages free to the community. In addition to the core binary code, ActivePython currently includes commonly used external modules including expat for XML processing, zlib for data compression; a suite of Windows tools including the Pythonwin IDE, supportfor Python ASP, the PythonCOM system; and more.
Tags: data , tools , support , build , binary , addition , for , available , part , suite ,


This is a server application that provide security to ASP components for a shared web hosting. The added components in the suite are AdvFile- that manages files, AdvSMTP- for sending email messages, AdvIMAP4- that retrives and deletes messages from the server, AdvHTTP- complete http client, AdvDirectory- for directory management, AdvRegistry- for registry management, AdvDSN- for DSN management, AdvPOP3- to retrieve and delete mails from pop3 servers, AdvLDAP- all basic operations on LDAP directory servers, AdvZIP- to zip and unzip files on servers. These components comes with security box and intuitive admin interface.
Tags: email , security , web , server , files , delete , zip , registry , pop3 , application , http , directory , components , admin , basic , messages , unzip , retrieve , box , for , complete , sending , shared , suite ,

 Classic ASP Screenscraping

This is an article that deals with a function to return and send details from and to a website. Author says that this process can be easily done by using a tool suite from Microsoft component that is capable of working with XML technology. This tutorial elaborates that those tools have the ability to return HTTP output after posting variables. The author of this tutorial suggests that this function can be used by the users to submit information to several search engines to retrieve the results.
Tags: tool , search , component , tools , information , using , send , process , retrieve , tutorial , submit , function , author , users , engines , suite ,


Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has available. With Aspose.Total you will be able to programmatically manage some of the most popular file formats used in business: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, PDF and Flash. Aside from the powerful file management components Aspose.Total also contains components for charting, email, spell checking, barcode creation, ad hoc query generation, recurrence patterns and workflow. There are many suites that help developers build beautiful presentation layers, but no other suite offers wealth of raw functionality provided by Aspose.Total. Each component contained in the Aspose.Total suite is of the highest quality and each one is continually adding new features.
Tags: file , component , management , barcode , help , presentation , manage , query , components , beautiful , build , filemanagement , raw , quality , popular , spell , for , patterns , powerful , suite ,


This HTML editing suite gives an easy platform to authorize text contents with a spell checker. Using this editor you can generate, edit and format HTML, XHTML and CSS codes for almost all programming languages like PHP, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, VBScript, SSI etc., Some key features include readymade code templates, multi item clipboard, instant HTML preview, syntax highlighting, FTP connectivity, code library etc., This program comes in two different versions as standard 2004 and enriched 2004 Pro editions.
Tags: editor , program , text , library , edit , easy , code , format , programming , key , editing , instant , platform , syntax , spell , multi , languages , for , features , standard , contents , codes , suite ,

 User Manage

User Manage is a compact suite and is a simple script based on php. This suite helps developers to create applications with the standard user authentication. It has core which is used to manage basic authentication. Other modules can manage utility functions such as database handler. In any php script it can be used easily. It can be integrated into any active website. Online demo available.
Tags: database , utility , create , php , script , manage , demo , user , simple , basic , into , applications , active , compact , functions , standard , phpscript , suite ,

 Combining XML Documents using XSLT - a collection of 5 approaches

This is an online tutorial that can be utilized by users in combining number of XML documents into a single XML document by using XSLT. In this article the author offers a script suite cotaining five sample scripts. This tutorial can be used by the users as a better reference guide in gathering multiple XML documents as a single XML document.
Tags: online , document , script , using , multiple , documents , number , into , tutorial , reference , author , sample , guide , users , suite ,


Easy to install and maintain with many features to control and monitor your download files within a secure admin area. Set-up a download file with just 3 items of information and get the link code to copy into your site pages. The true locations of your files are hidden and access from designated domains only can be enforced. Options for limiting downloads are available and a suite of real time reports in combination with e-mail notifications will keep you up-to-date with downloading activity.
Tags: download , file , time , files , control , monitor , access , secure , copy , code , information , site , downloads , link , admin , install , reports , hidden , true , into , real , for , features , maintain , available , suite ,

 Web-Server Suite, for Windows 2000, XP

This is a web server suite and combines server components and user applications that are integrated into one single package. This webserver has essential tools and applications like the analog(log analyzer), phpMyAdmin (Mysql front end), and other components, providing a better solution. It has features like, users can operate domains and websites from their home pc, built on matured technologies to be reliable and stable, security for unauthorized access, functions on windows 2000 or XP operating systems and easy to install and use.
Tags: windows , security , web , server , easy , tools , home , 2000 , components , install , user , webserver , into , applications , windows2000 , websites , for , features , functions , users , systems , suite , Silver Store Builder

This user oriented e-store builder provides you many online tools to help you to manage your e-business dynamically. Orders can be received by emails as well as via Fax. Your customer database can handle upto 500 customers. Your URL can be submitted into popular search engines to increse your web traffic. Payments can be processed online through payment gateways. And much more functionalities make this e-business suite more powerful.
Tags: database , web , search , online , builder , tools , make , help , manage , emails , user , customer , into , popular , payment , engines , suite ,

 ASP.NET Hierarchical Forms Suite

ASP.NET Hierarchical Forms Suite is a set of three programs to meet out webmasters needs in generating hierarchial forms on their websites. Users can find several objects such as hyperlinks, text boxes, etc., and facility to build tree views, grids, tool bars and any compound object using any group of objects from the program ASP.NET Hierarchical Forms component. Secondly this suite provides users Hierarchical form editor using which users can edit, store and modify the hierarchical forms. Finally ASP.NET XML database engine that has the ability to provide an interface for the hierarchical data to simplify the consumption, storage, control, access, production and transformation of the data. Each program has several enhanced features for the benefit of the users.
Tags: database , tool , editor , program , data , text , programs , find , using , form , tree , forms , store , engine , build , set , interface , group , object , for , features , modify , users , objects , out , suite ,

 Coldtags suite

This suite provides 200+ custom JSP tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers. Coldtags suite comes with a wide range out of the box ready-to-use the most common control components that are repeatedly required for the development of J2EE applications. They include standard user interface components like buttons, lists, edits, grids, menus, tables, tree views, calendars, ajax etc. With this suite developers and web designers no need to worry about writing browser-specific HTML or JavaScript. All controls are carefully written and tested to operate equally well on major Internet browsers as well J2EE servers. Find out more here:
Tags: web , control , development , tree , programming , components , tasks , user , custom , ajax , jsp , interface , writing , controls , box , for , tags , standard , userinterface , out , suite ,

 eCatalog Order

A web based e-commerce suite that can be accessed without any programming and web desigining knowledge. Spreading sales world wide and gaining more profit can be performed using web based interface. Customer orders can be processed dynamically and purchasing support both credit card and non-credit card systems. Email notification is available. Orders can be printed out. Purchased history can be tracked and can be allowed for viewing.
Tags: web , notification , using , history , programming , sales , world , support , profit , credit , orders , for , creditcard , webbased , suite ,


ColumnPro is an advanced news script and is used in accessing columns on website. It includes a customizable configurative file that allows you to make changes in it to suite to your aspects. Creating new users, changing user name and password are allowed. The effective administration assures the security and lets you create your own posts and news on individual column. Provides privileges to each user to add/edit/delete their own posts. Supports UBB style in comments. Layouts can be changed by your own. CSS file supports to edit the color of text and hyperlinks. Text smilies are converted into images. It supports all kind of text formatting.
Tags: file , security , password , create , text , edit , make , color , script , news , advanced , administration , user , name , into , style , columns , username , changing , smilies , changes , suite ,


Simple free user management system created with dreamweaver MX. With a simple code you can convert your website into a members only site. Users register and update their profile It has Admin suite to manage users and send email.
Tags: convert , management , system , website , code , manage , send , user , simple , into , update , profile , register , users , dreamweaver , suite ,

 Football Development Software

Football Development Software is a program which includes sections to create fixtures.It is a php based script.This program suite contains administering,website building, many modules and many aspects of football.It shows the result of played games and league.It is a range of software tools for football websites,team and clubs.
Tags: software , games , program , create , tools , php , football , for , suite ,

 STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP

STPhp - internationalization tool for PHP is a PHP script which is very useful for the webmasters as a string translation suite which serves as an internationalization tool. Its a vital tool for webmasters when they dont have full rights on the webserver for changing the configuration. This script stores the message externally and uses only when required by the programme. Installation is very simple.
Tags: tool , script , message , translation , string , for , changing , useful , suite ,

 Cartweaver ColdFusion Shopping Cart

Cartweaver CF can be quickly installed into your Dreamweaver web site using the Cartweaver extension suite! You can quite literally install Cartweaver into your website, configure a few simple settings, and begin adding your products in less than 15 minutes! Cartweaver CF is not just a shopping cart extension for Dreamweaver; it is a complete e-commerce solution with all the files you need to create your online store. You get everything; extensive PDF documentation, the Cartweaver 2 Extension Suite and all source code/application files should you choose to develop in another web development application or prefer to work in code view. The package also includes your MS Access database. MS SQL Server and MySQL v4+ is also supported. Free Database Creator Scripts are available to create the Cartweaver tables, fields and relationships in your MS SQL or MySQL database.
Tags: database , web , create , online , files , development , code , site , application , using , source , install , simple , work , into , package , extension , shopping , solution , webdevelopment , shoppingcart , for , develop , configure , fields , complete , available , suite ,


This is an useful PHP built developement tool using which you would be able to develop online application in multiple programming languages. This program supports almost all database engines and provides an user friendly interface environment with important software development suite like code editor, page builder, report builder, data dictionary etc., to assist you in the development process.
Tags: software , database , tool , program , data , online , development , code , dictionary , report , application , using , programming , page , multiple , user , interface , environment , useful , develop , softwaredevelopment , engines , suite ,

 Performance Comparison: .NET Remoting vs. ASP.NET Web Services

Performance Comparison: .NET Remoting vs. ASP.NET Web Services is an ASP tutorial that helps users with details by comparing the .NET remoting and .NET web service. Here author describes about best way to suite the design options for the cross process communication. The author has engaged a variety of tools and applications to bench mark the performance of .NET remoting and .NET web services. This tutorial will be helpful for the .NET programmers and the developers.
Tags: web , design , tools , performance , best , process , tutorial , services , mark , applications , options , author , for , users , suite ,

 Firestorm Remote Edit

Firestorm is a true WYSIWYG Remote editing suite which makes website updates and amends hassle free. Designed to work along side professional HTML authoring software such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage, Firestorm is the perfect tool for quick online editing. Firestorm Remote Edit allows the user to easily connect to multiple FTP accounts (websites) and make any changes and amendments, as if they were editing a local file. Editing is done through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode, and for advanced users, changes can also be made directly to the source code. Firestorm will manage all of your accounts automatically, which leaves you to simply edit and update your wepages.
Tags: software , tool , online , website , edit , make , authoring , manage , source , advanced , multiple , quick , user , editing , true , professional , work , update , accounts , local , connect , for , leaves , changes , suite ,

 Webmaster Suite (Plus 390+ Web Applications)

This is a program which is combined with several web applications and five monitoring and marketing programs. Those five programs are ICQ promoter, shadow pooper, ad messenger, yahoo advertiser and an online checking tool. This suite of program also provides a collection of 390 applocation which can be used for the websites which are supporting ASP. Using these resources webmasters can save time and developing cost for their web developing needs.
Tags: web , program , time , online , programs , monitoring , collection , save , marketing , yahoo , cost , checking , applications , resources , websites , for , shadow , suite ,

 Netopia E-Commerce

With this hosted e-commerce suite creating business site and maintaining product pages can be performed easily. Consists of several modules like calendars, discussion boards, customizable pages, forms, mailing list manager, WYSIWYG editor, animated flash files and many more to assist you maintain the products, sales and customer interactivity. Gives multi-language support. Protective methods keeps your pages and contents securely.
Tags: flash , files , business , creating , site , list , animated , mailing , sales , mailinglist , customer , pages , product , maintain , contents , suite ,

 Nu Quote Calculator

This program is a suite of seven applications, it is specially built for the users to quote their services to their customers. It includes applications for providing quote services for instant car insurance, computer company to allow their clients to have options to select from upgrades and varities of configurations, car rental company to post their options for monthly payments, webdesign by presenting a quote calculator, vacation quote, web quote for mailing results to customers and designers and finally for screen printing.
Tags: screen , web , program , computer , mailing , car , instant , services , quote , applications , options , rental , post , for , select , customers , users , vacation , monthly , clients , suite ,

 SpinPike Commerce CMS (Previously Author.CMS Commerce)

Ideal CM solution for online stores or web sites promoting and selling goods. The SpinPike usability-tested user interface significantly simplifies most common tasks related to information publishing. The modular structure of the content management system allows easy adaptation to the particular site requirements and provides for future functional growth. SpinPike embeds a variety of intuitive site management tools that save the content publishing time and give full control over the website. The Commerce package includes standard SpinPike features: • Usability-tested administration interface; • WYSIWYG editor and intuitive site management tools; • High-level functions that considerably save templates creation time. SpinPike Commerce package includes: 1) A quick and comprehensive step-by-step installer; 2) A set of high-level functions; 3) Documentation Kit (Developer guides, User manual); 4) A suite of incorporated modules (Product catalogue, Shopping cart, Order placement, Product comparison, Sections management, Content management, Versions management, Templates management, Images & Files management, Administrators rights management, Site user groups management, Site Search).
Tags: web , editor , time , online , control , management , system , easy , tools , information , site , save , content , tasks , templates , quick , administration , user , set , package , interface , publishing , solution , creation , for , sites , structure , contentmanagement , functions , standard , userinterface , contentmanagementsystem , suite ,

 SpinPike Standard CMS (Previously Author.CMS)

The SpinPike Standard usability-tested user interface significantly simplifies most common tasks related to information publishing. The system is specifically geared to all size sites allowing small and big businesses rip the benefits of real dynamic web. SpinPike Standard embeds a variety of intuitive site management tools that save the content publishing time and give full control over the website. The main system features are: • Usability-tested administration interface; • WYSIWYG editor and intuitive site management tools; • High-level functions that considerably save templates creation time. SpinPike Standard package includes: 1) a quick and comprehensive step-by-step installer that easily installs the system on a server 2) a set of high-level functions 3) Documentation Kit (Developer guides, User manual) 4) a suite of incorporated modules (Section management, Content management, Version management, Template management, Images & Files management, Administrators rights management, Site user groups management, Site Search)
Tags: editor , time , control , management , system , tools , information , site , save , rip , content , tasks , templates , quick , administration , user , size , small , dynamic , set , installer , package , interface , publishing , creation , real , sites , features , functions , big , userinterface , suite ,

 Ovelo Sentry

Ovelo Sentry™ is the Internet's premiere password protection service for membership websites. At some point in time, it is an almost certainty that your membership website will come under attack. This costs you in lost revenue, extra bandwidth fees, time, and does not leave a favorable impression on prospective customers who find your site lagging. This is where Ovelo Sentry comes in. We at Ovelo, LLC. have developed a system to protect your website 24 hours out of every day and 7 days out of every week. Using our sophisticated enterprise suite that we call Sentry™, your website is completely protected from password traders, brute force hack attempts, and users leeching your site. If any suspicious activity such as multiple logins for one user id or multiple IP addresses accessing one account is observed by Sentry™, that account will be automatically blocked from anyone trying to use it to access your site. What's more, you can equip your site with all of this for as little as $19.95/month!
Tags: password , system , protect , access , website , protection , find , site , service , lost , multiple , user , bandwidth , account , activity , automatically , call , passwordprotection , day , for , addresses , customers , protected , enterprise , users , membership , force , point , out , suite ,

 Site Minder

The Site Minder is a link management suite written using PHP programming for maintaining the thousands of links in the directory on your website. The new feature that is included in this version includes a web link manager which allows you to manage the external links via a single control panel. The script is also easy to customize the settings of the directory.
Tags: web , manager , control , management , easy , script , using , programming , directory , manage , link , links , settings , version , customize , feature , for , suite ,

 Eventcorder suite

Eventcorder is a visual, easy-to-use and versatile macro recorder and player. Eventcorder suite is a set of applications and tools to create regression and gui testing sessions, simple and complex automation, data inputting, self-running presentations, benchmarking, and similar.
Tags: data , create , tools , recorder , macro , gui , simple , testing , set , applications , regression , macrorecorder , suite ,

 Phpauction Pro

Phpauction provides a complete suite of applications and services for building auction web sites. Phpauction auction programs offer flexibility, power, and ease of use for small businesses and individuals. We can provide an integrated set of scripts that will assist in building successful web sites and increase business and sales. PHPAuction PRO has many features packed into a robust package that offers complete user interaction and admin control. Under the Apache/PHP/Linux environment PHPAuction PRO will perform with stability and precision. PHPAuction PRO uses MySQL as the database back-end for fast perfomance. Features Include New User Registration User login/logout User Defined Usernames New Password via E-mail User Control Panel Item Watch Auction Watch Item Descriptions HTTP Item listings Ability to Upload Photos Advanced Search Displays # of Users Displays # of Auctions View Bid History View User's Active Auctions View User's Closed Auctions View User's Active Bids E-mail Notification of Bids User Feedback Counter Ability to Edit Auctions Display Seller Name and Info Display Quanity of Items Auction Page Counter Send Auction to a Friend Browseable Categories Display Last Posted Auctions Display Highest Bids Display Auctions Ending Ability to Re-submit Auctions Reserve Prices/Minimum Bids Standard & Dutch Auctions Post Questions to Seller User Help Section Winner's Contact List Seller's Contact List Ability to Edit User Data FeedBack System
Tags: database , web , control , business , programs , fast , scripts , admin , user , small , set , into , package , services , auction , applications , environment , for , sites , features , increase , complete , building , suite ,


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