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 Submission Manager

Submission Manager is a URL submission program that helps users to popularize their sites by submitting to hundreds of popular search engines. Apart from site submission users can also submit search engines to the existing search engine database. To avoid spamming this system restricts only one submission a day.
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ChangeRequest is an ASP.NET software through which users are allowed to submit their request for performing changes in their management projects on the fly. By which developers can know about the changes made in that particular projects. This application has various features like allowing the users to assign the various status and priority for particular issues, supervisors are allowed to check regularly about any change request and more.
Tags: software , management , application , check , change , submit , for , features , priority , users , projects , changes ,

 4Webmasters Free Submitter

4Webmasters Free Submitter is a remotely hosted URL submitting script where users can submit their websites using popular search engines like, 0123search, advanced free, whatuseek, AA link, evisum, exactseek,, AhHa, a2z solutions, aesop, searchclickz, aec info center, ad wizard, bravenet, iseek, 2C site and more. Users need to submit their websites along with URL's, title, description and keywords. Users can choose specific search engine through a checkboxes for site submissions.
Tags: search , site , script , using , advanced , engine , searchengine , submit , info , popular , websites , for , users , engines ,

 Cactus Gallery

Cactus Gallery is a PHP-based photo gallery with a number of advanced features: * Fast, simple installation * Attractive, well-designed interface * Intuitive, easy-to-use administrative interface * Ability to allow multiple authors to manage their own photo galleries, all within one installation * Visitors can submit photos to be added to the gallery * Visitors can post comments on photos within the gallery * Automatic thumbnail creation
Tags: photo , photos , thumbnail , manage , gallery , advanced , multiple , simple , number , submit , post ,

 Abstract Management

This abstract management software implements hosted solutions to allow people to write and submit their own suggestion under some topics. Admin area allows multiple authors, reviewers with individual username and password. Authors can submit their essays to several reviewers and reviewers can estimate their performance and automated email system helps to inform about results to essay posters.
Tags: software , email , management , system , write , performance , multiple , area , submit , automated , estimate , solutions , people ,


Organizations and companies can utilize this software that connects them with the persons who need their products through emails. Buyers need to register and submit a request on a category. Sellers are notified about this request through an email. Sellers can select the category to be subscribed by the buyers. This system offers customizable category response fields. This system shows the latest buyer's request to the sellers.
Tags: software , system , submit , select , register ,

 AddPro's Manual Search engine submissions

AddPro's Manual Search engine submissions is a remotely hosted website submitting program to top search engines like, google, altavista, hotbot, lycos, gigablast, alltheweb, onseek, infotiger, whatuseek, surfgopher, 2kcity, exactseek, scrubtheweb etc. All you have to do is just click on the link button. After clicking a button You will be taken to the concerned search engines add URL page, where you can submit website URL.
Tags: search , program , website , link , button , engine , click , submit , top , engines ,

 AddPro's Free Website URL Submission

AddPro's Free Website URL Submission is an automated website URL submitter and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to submit their root pages using 20 top engines like, google, exactseek, scrubtheweb, entireweb, splatsearch, fybersearch, findonce, abacho etc from a web based interface. From the same domain you can submit number of site submissions which can be considered as spam and your site to get banned by search engines. Users may select specific search engine for submitting sites.
Tags: web , search , website , spam , site , script , using , engine , number , domain , searchengine , submit , automated , pages , for , select , webbased , users , top , engines , submitter ,

 AddPro's Professional Search Engine Submission

Professional Search Engine Submission is a remotely hosted URL submitting program where users can submit their websites to top popular search engines like, altavista, google, yahoo, alltheweb, lycos, hotbot, MSN etc manually. Users just have to singup with their email and URL's for submitting sites. Automated submissions comes with more than 120 search engines and directories. Users can choose specific search engines and specific directory for submitting websites. This program displays search reports according to user's submitting search engines in HTML format.
Tags: email , search , program , directory , reports , submit , popular , websites , for , users , top , engines ,

 AddPro's European search engine submissions

AddPro's European search engine submissions is a URL submitting program that is limited only to search engines in the 13 european countries like, austria, belgium, denmark, finland, france, germany, greece, italy, netherlands, norway, sweden, spain and UK. When the user selects a country from the drop down menu, a popup box appears listing all major search engines in that country. The users can choose the search engines they want to submit their URL's. Most of the search engines in these countries allow site only in their language or in their country domain.
Tags: search , program , site , language , user , engine , searchengine , submit , drop , box , country , users , listing , engines ,


Advertmarket provides solutions for the advertisers and publishers for online advertising. It allows publishers to submit their sites to be listed in the directory of Advertmarket and allows advertisers to search for websites which they think will suit their requirements. The advertisers can bid their maximum cost per click to gain their ranking in a particular ad space and allows them to automatically insert ads wherever they want and offers many other features.
Tags: search , online , space , directory , ads , automatically , click , submit , cost , insert , websites , for , sites , bid , ranking , solutions ,

 Aknad Form Filler

Aknad Form Filler is a simple online form utility that has the ability to fill online HTML forms with arbitrary data. All these data are selected randomly from your MySQL database and after filling the form fields completely, submits it online to any desired web application. This program can virtually generate and submit unlimited number of forms with random data.
Tags: database , web , utility , program , data , online , form , forms , generate , simple , random , number , submit , fill , fields ,

 Add an ASP guestbook

This is a tutorial that comes with the ability to teach ASP users to create and manage a full featured guestbook on their ASP supported websites. Author clearly explains about creating a form to allow the visitors or guests to submit their details, displaying the collected information and finally about including greetings to the guestbook file.
Tags: create , information , creating , form , manage , tutorial , submit , teach , users ,

 Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL - 1

This is an online tutorial that contributes to readers on building an online subscription form to allow the visitors to submit their details for receiving newsletter. This tutorial will be useful for the webmasters to learn about saving names and emails of the people. The author guides users about utilizing both MySQL database and PHP to perform this process.
Tags: database , online , form , learn , emails , tutorial , submit , author , for , names , useful , users , building ,

 Dynamic Submission

Dynamic Submission is a remotely hosted promotion script where users can submit their URL's to 100 major search engines by just clicking few buttons. This program submits user's websites automatically in minutes. This program has features like, keyword library and builder, automatic search engine submission, meta tag generator, manual submission, link popularity check, pay per click(PPC), pay per inclusion (PPI) engines support etc.
Tags: search , program , library , script , automatic , link , tag , engine , support , searchengine , automatically , submit , promotion , keyword , websites , features , users , manual , meta , linkpopularity , engines ,

 MailMe! Pro

This script is helpful for the web developers to enhance their site with online form either it is, feedback form or order form or survey form etc., that allows their website visitors to fill out the form and to submit it. By using this form visitors can send their feedback and suggestions to the web owners. It has autoresponder facility which provides thank you message to the form submitters automatically after their form submission.
Tags: web , online , website , site , script , using , message , form , send , automatically , submit , enhance , fill , survey , for , out ,


Submit multiple urls to multiple searcheniges simply by pushing the button on the screen. The script will read the urls from a txt file one line at a time and submit each url to each searchengine. When purchased you are entitled to free life-time upgrades!
Tags: file , time , script , multiple , url , button , txt , read , line , submit , urls ,

 Employee Resume Posting and Editing Application

This tutorial explains with an online employment exchange to the readers to build their own online resume site. The employees who seeks job could enroll their name and submit their resume. This article also provides a complete registration process asking the employee's wish to work in the country, state and category basis. They could also edit and view their curriculam vitae. The sample coding sheet is displayed for better understanding.
Tags: online , edit , view , exchange , process , name , resume , job , build , work , tutorial , submit , sheet , sample , for , registration , complete , coding ,

 Classic ASP Screenscraping

This is an article that deals with a function to return and send details from and to a website. Author says that this process can be easily done by using a tool suite from Microsoft component that is capable of working with XML technology. This tutorial elaborates that those tools have the ability to return HTTP output after posting variables. The author of this tutorial suggests that this function can be used by the users to submit information to several search engines to retrieve the results.
Tags: tool , search , component , tools , information , using , send , process , retrieve , tutorial , submit , function , author , users , engines , suite ,

 How to prevent multiple clicks of a submit button in ASP.NET

How to prevent multiple clicks of a submit button in ASP.NET is an ASP.NET tutorial in which the author gives you the solution for the error that arise when the user clicks on the submit button again and again before the postback is completed. The solution is you have to change the text of the submit button, disable it and then cause a postback to fire.
Tags: text , change , error , multiple , user , button , disable , tutorial , submit , solution , prevent , author , for ,

 OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK

This is a solution that can be used to create bug reporting application on exising web or windows applications for software testing personals. Web developers would be able to generate customized win form applications to submit bugs and web pages. They can integrate bug reporting feature into their existing applications. Software developers can store data in their OnTime database and can manipulate, read or update them using web service APIs.
Tags: software , windows , database , web , data , create , application , using , form , service , generate , store , read , testing , win , into , update , reporting , submit , bug , solution , applications , feature , for , webservice , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,


ProSupport is a powerful script that enables clients to help themselves. Clients can browse through your Knowledge Base articles, download helpful utilities and tools, view company announcements in real time, or submit a trouble ticket to your support team. ProSupport was built on several key features that are important to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. It is a tool to help you answer your clients' questions with ease and efficiency. Several important features such as email piping, complete ticket management, server scanning, per department registration requirements, template based design for easy customization, and an advanced activity alert program (ProAlert) are all included in the base package to enable you to serve your customers better and faster than ever before.
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 Bhushan's Guestbook

This is a guestbook program that enables webmasters to build and manage a full featured guestbook on their websites. Visitors or guests can have the facilities to submit their name, email, city and home page with comments. Webmasters are allowed to view the visitors submitted entries. This program can be used by the webmasters to make a better analysis about their site.
Tags: program , make , analysis , view , page , home , manage , build , city , submit , homepage ,

 ASP.NET File Upload

ASP.NET File Upload is a web based tutorial in which author describes about constructing a uploading form, which helps the users to select a particular file and then by clicking the submit button the files will be stored automatically in the webserver. The author discusses about the above said process with the help of examples and source code.
Tags: file , web , files , help , source , process , button , automatically , tutorial , submit , author , select , webbased , users , examples ,

 Oracle Commander

Oracle Commander is simple PHP script in which Oracle database is used as backend to store the data. The idea is based on the phpMyAdmin for MySQL. It has several features such as, adding new tablecolumns, tables deleting or renaming, displaying table data which is included with sorting, submit of SQL Statements, partial views on table data and more.
Tags: database , data , script , table , store , simple , submit , for , features ,

 Barcode for Office

This is an utility that is capable of creating barcode images. This tool permits the users to automate macro applications such as MS-Word, Excel etc for performing operation like mail merging. The users are allowed to embed the images into their documents or contents. This utility initiates the users to submit barcode images to printer and to store barcode to a file. A useful tool for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: utility , tool , mail , images , barcode , creating , printer , macro , documents , store , automate , into , submit , applications , for , embed , useful , users ,

 HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic

HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic is an URl submitting script where users can submit their sites to popular 100 search engines. This program submits URL's every month. It has a meta tag generator and sends email reports every month. Users have a easy to use control panel. Free customer support is offered for this program.
Tags: email , search , program , control , easy , generator , script , tag , reports , support , customer , submit , popular , for , sites , users , customersupport , meta ,

 Bpath Rank

This script is useful for the web owners to submit their site in different search engines to hike the website traffic. It allows them to receive huge number of unique visitors through search engine. It also supports ad units and community tools. This tool is used for driving targeted visitors to the website, to add the website in search engines, users can communicate with their visitors and to create professional ads to get visitors.
Tags: web , tool , search , create , website , site , script , ads , number , professional , submit , receive , for , units , community , useful , users , driving , engines ,


The PHPfaqtastic is a simple and useful script which allows you to get questions and queries from your website visitors and answer to them through the administration panel. If you do not wish to get any questions further, you can close the form. The features that are available in the latest version comes with a password protected admin panel, allows users to submit queries, ability to sort the list in ascending or descending order. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: password , online , website , list , script , demo , admin , administration , simple , version , submit , sort , questions , features , protected , useful , users , available ,


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