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 How do I deal with MEMO, TEXT, HYPERLINK, and CURRENCY columns?

Programmers in ASP can go through this online tutorial to get more information to manipulate text , memo fields in database using ASP forms. It gives the solutions to avoid the problems with database when using text area, carriage returns with HTML page. Defines the ways to declare the currency and hyperlink columns in Access and other databases.
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 Abstract Management

This abstract management software implements hosted solutions to allow people to write and submit their own suggestion under some topics. Admin area allows multiple authors, reviewers with individual username and password. Authors can submit their essays to several reviewers and reviewers can estimate their performance and automated email system helps to inform about results to essay posters.
Tags: software , email , management , system , write , performance , multiple , area , submit , automated , estimate , solutions , people ,

 AC e-Garage Sale System

Ac e-Garage Sale System is an application meant for the garage sale market, where there are not much solutions to assist this markets.This programme is a total solution for your internet store and no professional web developers are needed to manage and administer your Garage Sale business anymore.This programme is fully customizable and also this programme maintains your portal automatically.
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 PPP Web Mail

PPP Web Mail is an ASP.NET email utility application that provides mailing solutions on websites. This tool allows user to retrieve emails from pop server and they can store it in MYSQL database. This tool offers various features like providing links to PPP users registrations, logins and address books, support for any number of pop accounts, folders to manage mails, ability to create new folders, integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor and more.
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 Adserver Solutions

This ASP based ad management software is used to generate rotating banners and images for marketing the products of private firms online. This tool really gives solutions for the online marketers for revenue generation and gives real time report to the customers. By using this tool users can generate different models in ads on their web pages like, contextual ads, vertical scrollers, text ads, scratch offs, moving ads etc.,
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 Ad Management Software

This web based application provides you the solutions to handle your ad section effectively using easier means of functions. Supports CPM, CPC, CPA and other timed compaigns. Can be used with to manage inventory system, to earn revenue, to provide realtime statistics about revenue, ad-responses, etc., Web based user interface allows you to utilize ads without any hassle and offers more effective marketing techniques.
Tags: web , inventory , application , using , manage , statistics , marketing , user , ads , interface , webbased , solutions , userinterface ,

 Web Application Error Handling and Logging For ASP

ASP programmers can gain more effective solutions to the errors in their ASP application simply by understanding this tutorial. It describes the possiblities of errors with internet server and database while running application and teaches about the ways to create error log file system to trap all errors. From the in-built sample program, you can get the required functions to store the errors in a database.
Tags: internet , file , database , create , server , system , application , log , error , store , errors , sample , functions , logfile , filesystem , trap , solutions ,

 ASP Code Breaker's Script Encoder

ASP Code Breaker's Script Encoder is an unique content management software that offers custom encoding and decoding solutions for online applications built in ASP. You can even use this script to decode application encoded by SCRENC - an official MS encoding program. You can prevent others from viewing and modifying your orginal source code of your program. Key features are ability to encode and simultaneously decode, simple and easy configuration.
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Advertmarket provides solutions for the advertisers and publishers for online advertising. It allows publishers to submit their sites to be listed in the directory of Advertmarket and allows advertisers to search for websites which they think will suit their requirements. The advertisers can bid their maximum cost per click to gain their ranking in a particular ad space and allows them to automatically insert ads wherever they want and offers many other features.
Tags: search , online , space , directory , ads , automatically , click , submit , cost , insert , websites , for , sites , bid , ranking , solutions ,

 Agency extragency

This is an active website where you will find flash and graphical designing solutions to design both static and dynamic webpages for your website. This website also offers media support for designing the webpages and helps you to create web pages with cross browseer compatibility. Besides these, you are also facilitated with three different webhosting scheme packages.
Tags: web , flash , create , website , design , find , media , support , dynamic , pages , active , for , webpages , solutions , graphical , static , offers few PHP scripts like, statz, pandora and leecher. Webmasters can use it on their sites. This site also helps you to host your site and to design your website. They offer different services regarding website design and development. This site also offers personal web solutions and dynamic website applications for business needs.
Tags: web , website , business , design , site , scripts , personal , dynamic , services , applications , host , for , solutions ,

 File archive

File archive is a simple article in which the author has given simple and effective solutions for sharing file archives on the net. The author has used 'File Access Component' built into IIS and PWS to lists all files of the website in a single folder. The author has also analysed on demerits of other alternate solutions that helps you to list the files in a single folder without the need to update the ASP files.
Tags: file , files , website , folder , list , archive , sharing , simple , into , update , author , lists , for , solutions , archives ,

 What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET?

What is IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Microsoft .NET? is an online tutorial dealing with IBM's tivoli techniques. In this article the author has explained about the usage and functionalities of IBM tivoli access manager products for websites running on Microsoft .NET environment. You can learn how to intergrate and apply these products in arriving at an optimum security solutions for the huge enterprises. In this article the author has given a brief note on the functions of IBM's tivoli manager in providing securities for websites on .NET environments.
Tags: security , online , manager , access , learn , note , tutorial , usage , author , websites , for , functions , solutions ,

 Web4W3 is a site for web developers who are looking for possible solutions of non usual tasks. After years of developing Web sites and Web-based applications we have accumulated a vast industry experience and ready to share with you our knowledge and creations. We hope you will find this site interesting for you and your business. Our area of interests includes ColdFusion, Delphi, Java, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP.NET. You can be absolutely sure that all components, services and applications from here are 100% original. We are always open for dialog with other developers. Just mail us your questions or suggestions and we will thoroughly take theirs up. We can always find appropriate solution for your.
Tags: web , mail , find , site , open , share , area , services , solution , applications , dialog , questions , knowledge , for , sites , us , solutions ,

 Registration script

Registration script is a powerful security software that offers custom solutions for all website owners to implement secured user registration programes on their site. You can generate registration forms for your site that allows your customers and clients to register the online programes with their username and password before they navigate through the website. Using this online program you can enrich and enhance your website security from frauds and hackers from stealing your website contents.
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 Jakarta Lucene Search Engine

This is a java applet program where the users can do text searching process for any cross platform applications which need full text search. The purpose of this applet is to offer quality server solutions which is based on java platform. This program is useful for the users and the webmasters.
Tags: program , text , server , java , applet , process , quality , platform , applications , javaapplet , searching , for , useful , users , solutions ,

 Using the built-in ASPError object

This tutorial offers the solutions to generate an error handler for your ASP coding to log all errors with detailed data. Using ASPError object all errors can be transmitted to 500-100 HTTP error handler page and it tells the ways to use the properties of ASPError object to perform your needs with error handling module. Here, How to use the seventh built-in ASP object to log all errors can be understood quickly and easily.
Tags: log , page , generate , error , tutorial , errors , object , properties , for , solutions , coding ,

 Mass Emailing With CDO

ASP learners can obtain more information from this web based study material about sending of mass mails using ASP page. Provides the solutions in creation of email list and guides you to store them in database and everything are given with needed executable syntax within a sample coding snippet. Mostly can be used with ASP enabled newletter applications.
Tags: email , database , web , information , list , using , mass , store , study , syntax , creation , sample , webbased , executable , solutions , coding , sending ,

 Using Scripting Languages

This ASP tutorial provides descriptive explanation for HTML, programming and scripting languages and describes their relation among them to perform web based tasks. You can learn how to set any scripting language including VBScript as primary scripting language to implement server side scripts in your ASP applications. Also, gives solutions to manage languages that support and do not support Object.Method Syntax which is used to access in-built components of ASP. And still a lot of information are provided in an easier understadable way.
Tags: web , server , access , information , learn , programming , scripts , language , manage , components , support , scripting , set , tutorial , languages , for , webbased , solutions ,

 String Handling - Trimming Strings

Beginners in ASP can go through this ASP learning module to get solutions to parse a required data with particular length from a database table using text trimming process. Provided step by step explanation lets you understand the proper implementation on data parsing. And the provided program gives the string trimming and other loop functions with their syntax.
Tags: database , program , data , text , using , table , learning , module , string , length , functions , solutions , parse ,

 HTML Parsing Function Library

The usage of strings within ASP applications can be learnt through this ASP article that clearly provides solutions to parse the HTML documents to filter required text by removing the HTML tags. Seperate source snippets describe all needed process step by step. Several string functions split(), join(), len() and a lot more are described to acquire the required output from HTML documents.
Tags: text , filter , source , documents , process , removing , applications , usage , string , functions , solutions , parse ,

 Query Studio

Query Studio is an .NET applications which is specially designed for solving complex queries. This tool helps in customizing void data information into usefull data. This tool perform multiple visual queries and provide solutions for complex data programs. It offers benefits like allowing the users to generate data from various applications, improving the quality of the reviewing data while brewing. It is an useful tool for the users to develop their SQL knowledge and more.
Tags: tool , data , information , visual , generate , multiple , into , quality , applications , knowledge , for , useful , develop , users , solutions ,


This is an online e-commerce program which gives affordable and optimum solutions for launching a successful internet storefront with customer-centric environment. Through this software you can create web based product catalogs, track product sales, manage invoices, offer shipping and taxing abilities etc., A complete guidance for maintaining the store front will be provided on a commerce background.
Tags: software , internet , web , program , create , online , manage , track , store , product , for , webbased , complete , solutions , affordable ,

 Variables and Values in VBScript

In this online ASP learning module, the basic aspects in variables are taught with clear explanation. It describes about the data types used to store string values, number values, etc., And a detailed description can be learnt on VARIANTS in VBScript used to store any data type dynamically. More solutions can be got through this article that also comes with several other related articles.
Tags: data , online , learning , store , basic , number , type , string , clear , solutions ,


A PHP based script called BlueShoes is a comprehensive application framework and content management system. It supports not only MYSQL database but also supports Oracle and MSSQL also. It provides solutions for system components such as user management, Session handling, form building and handling. Its extensive feature simplifies all common programming tasks. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: database , management , system , script , application , form , programming , demo , components , content , user , feature , for , contentmanagement , framework , solutions , available , building ,


xoapWeather is a PHP script that gives solutions to integrate a weather monitoring system on your websites. It can be embedded with several weather channels. XML file manger is used to access error detection. It finds out locations using 'Zip code' facility. XML formatted weather results can be outputted in desired text formats. This script needs no database. Weekly forecasting is included.
Tags: file , text , system , access , monitoring , script , using , error , weather , formatted , solutions , out ,

 When Session Variables Go Bad - Introduction

In this ASP tutorial, the benefits and disadvantages of Session Variables are analysed where the solutions are also provided to reduce the probelms when using session variables in ASP applications such as newsgroups. Also, describes the utility of database hidden fields and query string etc., with web applications.
Tags: database , web , utility , using , query , hidden , applications , string , reduce , fields , solutions , session ,


This is a program with which developers can create various scheme to enable security for the .NET applications. This will be useful for the programmers who are involving in creating complex solutions to maintain the multiple users by providing appropriate access rights. This program facilitates developers to alter the scheme by including new access rules with the help of components. This program comes with several enhanced features for developers benefit.
Tags: security , program , create , access , help , creating , multiple , for , features , rules , useful , maintain , users , solutions ,


This script helps the IM users to talk to each other over Cross Protocol. The present IM solutions doesnt give the option for the user to talk to another talk to another user using another IM programme. Jabber overcomes that by allowing its user to connect with an AOL user, or an IRC chat room, or any number of other programs. The installation is very easy and is explained in detail on the site.
Tags: easy , chat , script , using , user , number , talk , installation , connect , for , users , option , solutions , present ,

 Build XML Data-Driven Web Solutions

Learn how to build live XML data-driven Web solutions by editing and presenting live XML data on the Web, making the data available for easy, wide consumption. See how you can create Web pages with live views on XML data from a range of data sources including XML data from Office documents, spreadsheets, and XML forms, XML from OLEDB databases, XML Web services, and data from SharePoint lists, and doc libraries.
Tags: data , create , doc , editing , build , live , pages , for , solutions , available ,


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