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This is a program which provides tools to meet out the web developing needs on ASP and ASP.NET applications. This program provides tools like XSLT library, full developer documents, javascript and effective web console other than a software development kit for ASP and ASP.NET. Web masters can use this program to build portal, extranet, internet and intranet applications. This program allows webmasters to build web applications with powerful interface in the format of windows. Webmasters can have the facilities to build interfaces with several types of menus such as tree menus, drop down menus etc., and various functions like HTML editing fields, resizable editors and fields, tool bars and more. This program uses XML for providing more extensive and scalable features. Webmasters can find many useful features in this program to develop their websites.
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CF_COMMUNITY is an application written for the ColdFusion Application Server environment which allows the easy deployment of Web-based communities. The plans for CF_COMMUNITY is to allow the creation of sophisticated, hierarchical Web sites offering articles, bulletins and news items, links, file uploads and discussion groups. In addition, CF_COMMUNITY will allow the delegation of content administration, authoring and approval through a robust on-line administration and authoring system. CF_COMMUNITY is available under the terms of GNU Public License (GPL). As with all GPL software you are free to redistribute this application as well as alter it, extend it and improve on it. One of the aims of CF_COMMUNITY is to bring to the Cold Fusion community the vibrant software development which characterizes much of the open source world. CF_Community provides features like User management, Multi-lingual sites,Site Indexing and Searching ,A simple messaging system for communication between administrators Modular authentication so that individual sites can authenticate their sites using their own custom authentication mechanisms,ability to create and edit sections, sub-sections, bulletins, articles, information files and links Fine-grained security controlling administrative privileges for all sections and objects as well as fine-grained access security for end-user viewing of the site, basic statistics and session tracking system, set of custom tags which can be used to build user interfaces for sites, News item management,DHTML menus, WYSIWYG HTML editing etc
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 OnTime Defect Tracker

This OnTime Defect Tracker tool is useful for the software development team to handle the bugs in their projects and you can easily generate reports based on the bugs information and it is uploaded in pdf format. Any number of images or files can be added to the defects or feature using this tool and it provides Role-Based and Project-Based security.
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BugAware is a ASP coded software which is compatible to integrate with your software development system. Supports many features like - Displaying threaded user discussuion with each project, email notification about work assignment, searching, sorting and filtering assigned tasks, printing generated reports, storing knowledge bases, organizing user requests and a many more.
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 Password Protection Pro Kit(pppk)

This script is a management tool for on-line setting password protection on folders and files of your web site. To set protection you don't have to study Apache access directives and any programming - click only on catalogue tree visual image elements. Table forms are interpreted in Apache access directives which are encased into .htaccess files. Simple using unified web-interface allows you to control userís access to the restricted web site pages and user groups authentication. It works at the manual regime as well as at the on-line automatic regime. Script may be useful for wide range uses - unprepared in the programming, software development as well as for well skilled professionals. You may employ it for restriction access to the confidential or paid information. When some new access conditions occur - appropriate server directives will be exactly generated in the control access files (.htaccess, htpass, groups) according to all your interactive data manipulations.
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 Absolute Project Manager

This is a program built on ASP, programmers can utilize this tool for managing their project. This program organizes the projects and sort projects according to the priority. Users can use this ASP based program for their software development projects. It supports databases like MS Access, SQL server etc.,
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 OnTime 2004 Hosted Edition

This is a defect tracking software that can be used to track particular software development defects and features. Network opearation centre is provided to monitor network connectivity 24 hours per day. Redundant power connectivity is provided to opearate entire data centre. This program manages installation, setup and maintenance of the sever based application. This program prevents unauthorised people to access data center production areas by using security method.
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 ASP.NET and C# - Component Based Development -Writing C# Components, part II

Component based development is one of the important task in software development which could be learned through this tutorial. The author describes about assemblies, the key part which is much useful in developing components in C# using ASP.NET. The author teaches about the usage of C# in ASP.NET. This tutorial also explains the building of C# components. In the final description, the author highlights about how these ASP.NET pages make use of these C# components. The author elaborately discusses the properties of assemblies like Metadata, Security boundary, Versioning and Manifest. The source code is downloadable.
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 IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings

Programmers can find three types of briefings first one is by geography, second one is by country / religion and the last one is by type. They can gather more information about software development including new advanced technologies, techniques and products which are collected as briefings from all over the web. It makes programmers in resulting a quality solution in their effective software projects.
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 Project Pack

Project Pack is an useful software to keep track of the projects of your business and also helps you to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your product or software development team. The main features that are available with this software allows you to manage project, create new project, edit existing project, allows individual users to extract lost password, ability to upload or download files, supports private messaging, maintains accounts, backs up the entire database and compresses automatically in a zip file and has many other features.
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This is an useful PHP built developement tool using which you would be able to develop online application in multiple programming languages. This program supports almost all database engines and provides an user friendly interface environment with important software development suite like code editor, page builder, report builder, data dictionary etc., to assist you in the development process.
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 Simple Test for PHP

Simple Test is a simple software development tool with which users can navigate through the webpages, test cookies and submit forms easily. Users must be aware of both JWeb and PHP programming skills to run this software on their websites. Users would be able to perform unit test, mock objects and test webpages etc,.
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 HOW TO: Detect Which Version of the .NET Framework Is Installed in a Deployment Package

HOW TO: Detect Which Version of the .NET Framework Is Installed in a Deployment Package is a reference guide which gives how to use this .NET framework software development kit and visual studio. It also gives some points to add a launch condition in the deployment project and more. This article is easily understood and an useful article for the visitors.
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 Offshore Software Development

With the theme of Offshore Software Development, companies can gain competitive advantage through which they can concentrate on their core activities and leave their software development to technology rich countries where the development cost is also very much less. There are six types of software delivery models available for outsourcing services like onsite model, offsite model, offshore model, onsite/offshore, offsite/offshore model and global delivery model. By outsourcing, you can avail benefits like reduced costs, focused employees, high quality results and much more.
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This software development company introduces ASP.NET applications and components for commercial purpose. This company also sells the source code of the applications with the product at low cost. It currently offers a link manager and polling program based on ASP.NET.
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 Strategic IT Solutions Corp

This is a website where visitors can find information about a company Strategic IT Solutions Corp. This is the company that involves in offshore software development and designing. This company is a place where ASP.NET users can bring IT solutions and can also get service for software testing.
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 Getting Started with C

Getting Started with C# is a tutorial for those who need to gather information about the C# language. In this tutorial the author explains the requirement for installing the C# software, how to download .NET software development kit, perform syntax highlighting with c# files, add a c# compiler tool in the notepad etc.,
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 Seapine Software - Bug Tracking, Automated Testing, SCM

Scalable client/server solution with Windows and Web browser clients and server support for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X Tracks defects, feature requests, test configurations, users, customers, and more Interfaces with Surround SCM, Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase, PVCS, Perforce, CVS, StarTeam, SourceOffSite Classic, and CS-RCS source code control systems ODBC database access and XML import/export allow you to easily exchange data with TestTrack Pro and other databases Customizable fields, field relationships, and security at the user, defect, and field level SOAP-based SDK to extend TestTrack Pro's capabilities and integrate with your other business and software development applications.
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Inkorus Group of Companies have 24x7 operations and have a reach to the Global offshore outsourcing Marketplace through their offshore outsourcing centers across North America, Asia-Pacific, EU and Middle East regions. Inkorus is a fast growing Knowledge-based Offshore Software Development & Offshore Consulting Organization focusing on Management & Technology Consulting for offshore outsourcing. Offshore software development & IT Services outsourcing company with India software development center providing offshore outsourcing consulting, software programming & custom software solutions, Offshore Outsourcing Software Programming, Offshore Solution Provider, IT Offshore Outsourcing Consulting, Offshore Programming, India IT Services Consulting, Software Development, Offshore Software Programming, Outsourced Product Development, Custom Software Development, IT Outsourcing, Offshore IT Services, Web Application Development, Offshore Consulting.
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This website Zeelabs develops more good features for the webmasters. Their features extents in helping the developers in their software development and generating more adequate web services like web developing, web designing and web hosting. This site helps in finding all enterprise solutions. Other than these basic services, it also gives IT Consultancy services, Multimedia Applications and Search Engine Optimization.
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