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 4nChat for PHP Nuke

4nchat script is used for php nuke. It is used as addon for php nuke. It helps webmasters to facilitate their site with chatting facility. Some features of this script are, own admin section, it allows users to protect their chatroom by using password, private messages in chatroom is available, it supports multiple language, sounds and smilies integration are allowed etc.,
Tags: protect , php , site , script , using , addon , multiple , admin , private , messages , for , sounds , features , smilies , users , integration ,

 Post A Comment

This program comes with the ability to let the webmasters to collect their visitors opinion. By using this program they can let their visitors to post comments on their websites. They can utilize this as a tool to gather visitors opinion about anything like art, new stories etc., Webmasters can have the facilities to use either their own smilies or provided smilies.
Tags: tool , program , using , collect , post , smilies ,


This is a php guestbook software where webmasters configure parameters of visualization like color table, background, edge table, color text and number of comments for the page. Features such as support for emoticons through code, IP logging for one greater emergency and inserts smilies in whichever point of the comment, It also provides wordwrapping comments in order to prevent problem of the increase of the guestbook, Redefining messages for partial localization and pagination of the comments.
Tags: software , text , color , php , number , messages , support , logging , prevent , emoticons , visualization , problem , for , smilies , configure , increase , point ,

 AZ Bulletin Board

This is an useful PHP built discussion board designed to work independent of any SQL database. You can use this bulletin board to post topics, messages, announcements etc., on the forums. This bulletin board supports and enables users to share centralised skins, sounds, forum images, smilies and language files etc., on the forums. Multiple forums are available under different categories and features password protected forums, XHTML based layout etc.,
Tags: password , files , board , language , share , work , layout , forum , post , features , protected , useful , smilies , users , available ,


This is a php software and a guestbook where webmasters can easily administer. This script provides a block from HTML code and it is replaced from smilies code by pictures. This script can be easily integrated with any active websites. Online demo and a free download options are available in this script. Easy to configure and access for users.
Tags: software , download , access , code , php , freedownload , script , block , demo , options , active , for , smilies , configure , available ,


This is a feedback service that can be used to collect feedback entries from the visitors or associates through the website. This program has Basic and Pro versions. Basic features like, ability to customize feedback pages, each feedback entry contains upto 400 characters, admin can view feedback entry etc. Some of the pro features are, ability to use smilies on feedback form, every feedback entry consists upto 1000 characters, admin can delete feedback entry, ability to provide edit mode, optional email notification etc.
Tags: email , program , delete , edit , notification , view , service , admin , collect , pro , customize , features , entries , smilies , emailnotification ,

 bluetag Tagbox Premium

bluetag Tagbox Premium is an efficient chat program in PHP that helps users to organise live chats on the net. This software can be used to enhance your already existing tagboard systems with advanced techniques. This tagboard software is enriched with several advanced features like remote smilie hosts, tag box moderators, powerful admin panel, flood control etc., Admin can easily customize the sytle and look of the board with CSS style sheets and by using smilies in the chat program.
Tags: software , program , control , chat , board , using , remote , advanced , tag , admin , customize , live , enhance , style , box , features , smilies , users , powerful , systems ,

 Bravenet Message Forum

Bravenet Message Forum is an ASP based online attractive discussion board which display the threaded messages, ban IP of unwanted images, select any one of many layouts and can be easily installed into the web pages. This offers features like allowing visitors to post their own images, add more smilies into the message board, requires password for accessing and posting, display messages through multiple format and more.
Tags: web , password , online , board , format , message , display , multiple , messages , into , post , for , features , select , smilies ,


ashnews is written with PHP script that provides simplicity and speedy based news admin script. Login/user system generates numerous users. News file is inserted into any page, An easier admin directory to access news/blogs, Unlimited categories and all that are available on same page, News entries can be splited, Stale news are archived, Supports comments on news entry, Files can be attached to each news item, Limits the length of posts, Supports a file for headlines, HTML and smilies inclusion supports Javascripts, Avatars are available in news posters, It bans the IP addresses of unauthorized users. Database tables stores all the site information. Requires PHP 4+ and MySQL for installation.
Tags: file , system , access , site , script , directory , news , admin , into , length , for , addresses , entries , smilies , available ,


This is a guestbook and a php software that deletes individual contributions by using the password protected function. Simple adjustments can be made to the design of their own homepage. Features like Icq status indicator, email notification, number of entries on a side, paging function, HTML code, smilies added and badword filter. Here IP and host of the visitor are stored. This script is easy to setup and install for users.
Tags: software , email , password , design , easy , php , script , using , install , number , host , for , entries , protected , smilies , visitor ,


BlogMe is an online weblog program in PHP allowing end users to post their comments on the blog entries. This blog script supports images and smilies on visitor messages and enables you to format the text messages of your blog. Through the powerful admin panel you can monitor every comment entries for your blog and you have the right to alter the number of displays on your blog entries.
Tags: program , text , online , monitor , images , script , format , admin , number , messages , blog , post , for , entries , smilies , users , powerful , visitor , weblog ,


This is an easy to use program that can be used to send comments and display them on the websites. Using admin panel, users would be able to monitor blog content. The site visitors can incorporate smilies for each blog entry. This program uses MS Access database as backend to store data and provides pagewise entry display. Users may continuosuly link to your articles by using permalinks.
Tags: database , program , data , monitor , easy , site , using , send , display , link , admin , store , blog , for , articles , smilies , users ,

 Edik's Chat

Edik's Chat is a simple PHP script used to build multi user chat. To use this chat the user must enable cookies and javascript. Not necessary for you to register with this and login to chat. You can just give your username or screen name select the room and you can start chatting. You can use smilies and change colors,gives you useful information like, who are online, refresh time interval can be altered,strong admin support. It is easy for you to understand and make use of it.
Tags: screen , time , easy , make , information , chat , script , change , cookies , admin , user , simple , start , name , build , login , multi , for , select , register , useful , smilies , room ,


ColumnPro is an advanced news script and is used in accessing columns on website. It includes a customizable configurative file that allows you to make changes in it to suite to your aspects. Creating new users, changing user name and password are allowed. The effective administration assures the security and lets you create your own posts and news on individual column. Provides privileges to each user to add/edit/delete their own posts. Supports UBB style in comments. Layouts can be changed by your own. CSS file supports to edit the color of text and hyperlinks. Text smilies are converted into images. It supports all kind of text formatting.
Tags: file , security , password , create , text , edit , make , color , script , news , advanced , administration , user , name , into , style , columns , username , changing , smilies , changes , suite ,

 vBulletin users sharing

vBulletin Users module for Esvon Classifieds offers a PHP based functions to build and maintain a fourm system on PHP driven platforms. Admin supports user registration and membership management. Users can interact with them using the forum tools such as emails, posting comments, events and more. Bad words filter is available. Profiles can be maintained for users with their personal details in which images and smilies are allowed. Esvon Classifieds module can be shared with popular vBulletin community members.
Tags: images , system , tools , filter , using , personal , words , user , module , build , events , popular , forum , for , community , functions , smilies , maintain , users , membership , registration , shared ,

 ezboard Gold Community Message board

ezboard Gold Community Message board is a simple and yet an affordable discussion cum message board software with powerful and fast processing dicussion forums. Through these forums users can post topics for discussions, organize personal chat programs, online conferences etc. This remotely hosted discussion board software is enriched with several user friendly features like uasge of smilies and icons, fast processing forums, customizable headers and footers, epost formatting, member management interface, ad and banner free etc.
Tags: software , online , management , fast , chat , board , message , organize , personal , user , simple , processing , banner , post , for , features , smilies , users , powerful , affordable ,

 Elite News

Elite News is an efficient PHP program that allows admin to post latest news and hot topics on their websites in HTML formats with special tags. You can post news and reviews with smilies along with your signatures. Users are facilitated with unlimited number of news categories and several plugins to make easy customization of their message postings. This online news publishing program supports BB code conversions and avators and allows admin to post news on their website without the support of MySQL database. Some of the main features include color schemes, rating systems, immediate posting, word wrap etc.,
Tags: program , online , word , website , easy , make , code , color , message , news , admin , number , support , publishing , websites , post , features , rating , smilies , special ,

 Forum Hoster Premium

Forum Hoster Premium is a remotely hosted discussion board script with which webmasters can include a powerful discussion board program on their site. Website owners are provided with several advanced facilities. Admin are offered with as many as thirteen skins to choose their own favorite layouts and are also provided with full access for the database. Key features includes smilies and icons, higher bandwidth, multiple language support easy to customize etc.,
Tags: program , access , easy , board , script , language , advanced , multiple , skins , support , customize , favorite , for , features , smilies , powerful ,

 Forum Threads.PHP

Forum Threads.PHP is an efficient forum based PHP discussion board. Using this board webmasters can have threaded form of online discussions with the visitors through password protected forums. Being simple in its integration it can be easily customized in its layout and looks. Admin are provided with full control over the board and users are facilitated with several advanced features such as smilies and icons on the posted messages.
Tags: password , online , control , board , form , icons , advanced , simple , layout , forum , features , protected , smilies , users , integration ,


IonPanel Orion (Version 1.1) is the next generation of IonPanel. After an extensive user feedback survey IonPanel Orion was begun to take IonPanel where the users wanted it to go. IonPanel Orion will feature a completley new code-base for website visitors featuring a more efficient skin parser/processor. The control panel will be faster and easier to navigate. IonPanel 1.1 (Orion) will feature IonPanel plugins which are installed into MySQL for extra security, but transfered via files. The Navigation bar system will be revamped, alongside the automatically generated classic navigation bar will be improved adding category-only nav bars, full site maps and a manually configured nav bar which lets the administrator decide exactly how to lay out his/her navigation bar. The BB-code system has been radically overhauled, Administrators can disable or enable BB code and have full control over HTML processing. News pages have been improved to allow a single-news story per page with comments underneath. Other smaller features such as backup routines, breadcrumb navigation and a drastically improved core content management view have been added. This means that each page/file/link/news post and category has options built-in to turn BB-Code, smilies code and HTML on/off like in a message board. This technology was planned for IonPanel Orion 1.2, but such was the need that we decided to bump up the timetable. Altogther IonPanel Orion will be the largest update to IonPanel since IonPanel 1.0 Release 465 when site skins and a new control panel was added. IonPanel Orion is still under-development. A development snapshot (Release 472) will be avaliable soon to download, however IonPanel Orion is currently unstable for deployment on other servers. However the release data once speculated as Late October 2002 has now moved to late September as development has increased 10 fold in the past three weeks.
Tags: backup , data , control , management , system , website , development , code , site , message , view , classic , navigation , page , news , bar , skin , content , administrator , user , skins , disable , snapshot , into , update , automatically , pages , options , feature , survey , post , now , faster , for , maps , features , contentmanagement , smilies , users , deployment , generation , navigationbar , out ,


C-Portal is a PHP based content management script with SQL backend and is able to store and access variety of informations. This custom portal system consists of integrated pnphpbb2 forums, shoutbox and smilies for creating websites with ease. Admin can retrieve details from the SQL database using powerful Sql tools and can also make groups, set permissions for the users to access websites. This software is similar to Postnuke CMS in all its functions and operations.
Tags: software , database , management , system , access , tools , make , creating , script , using , content , store , custom , retrieve , set , websites , for , portal , contentmanagement , functions , smilies , users , powerful ,

 TheWarrior Productions Forum

This is a simple and effective online message board where you can post topics for discussing with other online users. You can get the reports such as number of posts, number of topics, number of messages etc., The members can post their reply with smilies and HTML is allowed. The users can able to search for any keywords and the forum also comes with powerful user and admin control panel.
Tags: search , online , control , board , message , admin , user , reports , simple , number , messages , keywords , forum , post , for , smilies , users , powerful , reply ,

 Jevon Guestbook

This is a simple guestbook and a php software where users can store entries in the text file. The webmasters can control the actions of the users in the guestbook. Features like easy to customize to your own needs, easy to install and users can add smilies to their message are available in this script. This script is perfect for all kinds of websites.
Tags: software , text , control , easy , php , script , message , install , store , simple , customize , for , entries , smilies , users , available ,

 Komy Net Forum

Komy Net Forum is an advanced discussion board software that provides web based custom solutions to build strong online communities for any website. This remotely hosted discussion board software is bundled with MySQl database and a personal sub domain for the forums. Using these forums you can post topics for online threaded discussions along with smilies and images. Admin are provided with powerful administration tools to have full control over the board.
Tags: software , database , web , online , control , tools , board , personal , advanced , administration , custom , build , domain , post , for , smilies , webbased , solutions , powerful ,

 Free Box

Free Box is a simple chat script with all essential skins. This program is featured with- remember me option, flood control, bans specific IP address, support for multiple languages etc., you can indicate your online status to all your friends through the user online mode, select any desired font style and size to message, include smilies etc., during your chat session.
Tags: program , online , me , chat , script , font , multiple , user , size , simple , support , style , languages , for , select , smilies , remember , friends ,

 Chatter Box

Chatter Box is a chatting program for webmasters to put on their websites. Users can chat, using a chat window, has options to turn smilies and other features on and off. Chatter Box has an installer which makes it a little easiers for webmasters to get it started. There is a download demo available.
Tags: download , program , chat , using , demo , installer , options , for , features , smilies ,

 Chatter Box

This is a program using which administrators can run a chat program on their existing websites. This program facilitates administrators to display smilies and ad banners. This program also comes with the ability to detect and filter the bad words. This program helps administrators to run a full-featured chat system and thereby to increase revenue.
Tags: program , system , filter , chat , using , display , run , detect , smilies , increase ,

 Molesoft News Manager

Molesoft News Manager is a PHP based news tool that helps you to access the news manager on your website easily. you can add, edit and delete news on news pages, News items can be categorized. Layouts are customizable, Comment system allows HTML styles in comments which can be edited or deleted using user rights, Appearance of the homepage can be modified, Supports smilies on posts. Installation needs PHP and MySQL database.
Tags: tool , manager , system , access , website , delete , edit , using , news , user , deleted , smilies ,

 LSP - Enigma

LSP-Enigma is a simple wep portal management that provides features to manage all the website requirements. You can generate your website with articles like news, forums, links to refer URLs and displaying articles and categories, guestbook, FAQs, downloads, and chat functions to allow people to share things on online, a rewrittten smilies functions supports smilies for determining Customs Smilies, Skin-level Smilies, Root-Level Smilies and it supports Photo Gallery scripts to assign pictures. It avails with language files and online demo. Requires PHP 4.2+ and MySQL.
Tags: online , files , management , website , chat , scripts , language , manage , generate , links , share , simple , for , features , portal , articles , functions , smilies , people ,

 my little weblog

my little weblog is a professional blog software that allows users to post comments, suggestions and feedbacks about your services in an unique weblog forms. All these comments and suggestions are stored on flat files. This database independent software supports BB codes and smilies and also provides users with options to upload images. This blog system is unique in providing email notifications to each and every added comments.
Tags: software , email , database , system , upload , professional , services , blog , options , post , smilies , users , codes , weblog ,


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