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 Advertisements Free Banners Exchange

1800 banners provides you a solution to display the advertisement for your website in others website at no cost. This can be done by exchanging banners and display other's banners on your website. The exchange ratio offered is 2:1 and also users will receive 1000 banner impressions on sign up. Other features include real time banner statistics that displays information regarding the number of times your ads are displayed and clicked by the users etc.
Tags: time , website , information , statistics , display , exchange , ads , number , banner , solution , receive , real , for , features , users , sign , banners ,

 AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor

AdWatcher - Ad Tracker and Monitor is a powerful software capable of enhancing your advertising tasks by tracking all your banners and ads. Using this remotely hosted program webmasters would be able to record sales, leads, newsletter sign ups, site visitors etc., Webmasters are facilitated with a detailed report on the total expense of all banners and ads along with the profit obtained from each and every ad campaign. Some of the important features are total hits on all banners, pay-per-click search engine ads and newsletters, ability to experiment with different variations with result tracking, easy to use marketing tool etc.,
Tags: software , tool , search , program , easy , record , site , report , tracking , marketing , tasks , ads , engine , newsletter , searchengine , expense , advertising , profit , features , sign , banners , powerful ,


AskMars is a website that visitors can ask questions related to ASP and other topics. Answers come from experts and get paid a certain amount of points per question they answer. First you must sign up and sign in to post a question.
Tags: website , points , questions , post , sign , question ,

 Alxnet Guestbook

Alxnet Guestbook is a simple and easy to use program, for which you can freely signup to have it on your website. After you succesfully sign up for the program with your unique username and password you can customize the guestbook as you wish from the admin panel. There are also provisions for including word filters and spam filters to prevent badwords from the postings. Instant mail notification are provided for every visitor entries.
Tags: password , program , mail , word , easy , notification , spam , admin , simple , customize , prevent , filters , for , sign , visitor ,

 Click Bank Affiliate Page Generator

Created Specifically for CLICKBANK Merchants! These scripts will Increase your sales by increasing your presence on the web and inviting affiliates to participate in your program! Not only this, but our scripts will actually keep a record of every affiliate signed up with your referel scripts! The more affiliates you sign up, the more links you will have and that equals a great search engine ranking! This will undoubtly lead to more sales as well! Now Here are some great features of this great application! Give FREE static web pages to your affiliates Totally easy to understand PHP script language. Send out HTML email messages to your signups Unlimited affliate listings Totally customizable HTML email page Each email contains your affliate link and banner tools Form Validation Checks for duplicate clickbank names Creates custom affiliate banner link code Instant HTML banner code generation Custom redirection HTML code
Tags: email , web , search , easy , record , code , script , scripts , duplicate , link , links , sales , engine , custom , messages , searchengine , banner , pages , for , webpages , features , sign , out , static ,

 AShop Deluxe Shopping Cart Software

This shopping cart programme works on a MySQL database and a musthave for any ecommerce or online shopping sites that sell any type of products. This script is also a affiliate tracking programme. Users could sign in and have rights to access password protected secure directories. This script has support for currency types like, US dollar, Gritish pound and Euros. Taxations like the american sales tax, Canada GST/PST and European Union VAT are also supported. A free time limited downloadable trial is available on the website.
Tags: database , password , time , online , access , secure , script , tracking , ecommerce , sales , trial , support , type , currency , shopping , shoppingcart , for , sites , american , protected , sign , downloadable , sell , available ,

 Introduction to Custom Controls

This is an easy to learn ASP.NET tutorial through which you can learn how to develop guest book in web sites. This tutorial explains you about the four source that are used to manage a guest book on the web sites. GuestbookForm control is used to sign the guestbook and an xml file called guestbook contains all the information that exist in the guestbook.
Tags: file , web , control , xml , easy , book , information , learn , manage , source , tutorial , develop , sign ,

This is a free banner exchange service exchange. Allows you to promote your web site for in your own private labeled banner exchange it also lets you sign up and build your own banner the version it operates is 1.0
Tags: web , site , service , exchange , private , build , version , banner , for , sign ,

 Phpmail 2

Phpmail web based email system with paypal, paypal recurring, clickbank, and 2checkout auto payment gateways to collect money from every email sign up. It also has unlimited user groups and attribute categories you can assign to any group. Other features include a dynamic calendar, search, user defined folders, auto trash emptying, limiting sent emails per email sent or per day, RTF editor for both IE and non IE browsers, Empty trash button, printer friendly email, forward email attachments, previous and next email links from within the email view page, 20 different charecter encodings for composing and sending email including russian, and many other non-english languages that can be invoked by the user themselves. Account management payment gateway. Image signup verification included. There is a full set of professionally designed custom templates that come standard with the script.
Tags: email , web , editor , management , system , money , view , printer , auto , emails , links , templates , user , custom , collect , dynamic , set , payment , languages , forward , for , features , trash , webbased , composing , sign , attribute , standard , paypal , verification , sending ,

 Zip Code Look Up Form

This is a program where the users have the ability to view state, zipcode and city. The users can create minimum lookups to the US portal service since this program can log the zip which is stored in a database. This program allows any users to register them in a form to sign up and validate data. This program can be cutomized and configured by the users. Helpful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: program , create , zip , log , form , view , service , validate , for , portal , register , users , sign ,

 PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist

PHP MySQL Free/Pro Safelist is an application for users to run a successful professional safelist system and earn more revenue. Features are, free members send to only other free member and paid maembers can send to all free and pro members, automated and instant free to pro upgrades, automated sending of account info upon sign up, automated resending of members account info. Admin has full administration area, uses cookies for all login areas and easy installation features. Simple to execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: online , system , easy , application , send , demo , cookies , administration , instant , run , account , professional , pro , login , automated , installation , info , execute , for , features , users , sign , available , sending ,

 Event Registration, RSVP, Signup list

RSVP for Events List - Reservations - VIP USER DEMO ADMIN DEMO Username: admin Password: admin Ever had an event that you needed people to be able to sign up on? Welp, we've got it! Admin Login There can be unlimited number of events and users can signup for each one seperately if they want... Admin can view list by event and can sort by last name. User Fields: First name, last name, age, email, # of guests (+1,+2, or +3) Admin Fields: enter event name, event date, event location, event time Email sent to user when they signup confirmation with confirmation number Confirmation number will be kept on database for future reference. Template and codings are separated. Language File for changing to any language you want!
Tags: database , list , view , language , user , number , event , events , sort , for , changing , users , sign , people ,

 Phantom Cycler - The Matrix

You can enhance your online business and earn more money through this program. You can add several money making scripts to your website and create member subscription pages with several levels and matrix structures. This program supports points as well as twisting system and deals the transaction securely through popular payment processors. Some key features are banner rotations, link exchange, reserve funds, instant sign up, unlimited matrix lines etc.,
Tags: program , create , online , system , website , business , money , scripts , lines , key , link , instant , levels , matrix , banner , enhance , pages , popular , payment , points , features , sign ,

 Webfree: Give Away Free Websites

Web free is more than a software package that allows you to give away free websites or web accessible storage to your visitors. Webfree was written with the idea that that not everyone wants the same thing and as such the software is written in such a way that you may select the functionality that you desire. It is written in php and uses a mysql database. The installation is very easy just edit the config.php file and then direct your browser to setupmysql.php which adds the tables into your database then login to the admin control panel and enter all the variables. Thats it! the software is set up!. Then all you need to do is point to the sign up page or edit it to your liking and include it in your template so that your users may sign up then just edit the header and footer that will be included at the top and bottom of all of the web accessible files that your users create or upload! The free version will add a link to our home page in the footer. If you don't want the links to our site you will have to pay for the software which is only 24.99 and gives you the right to all of the updates for free. So far Webfree has several addons which are described below: Webfree Suspend Users add-on: The suspend users add-on allows you to suspend users that violate the rules of your website with just a click of the mouse. Once suspended and the user tries to login he/she will be notified that their account has been suspended and that they have 7 days to contact the administrator or their files will be deleted. Webfree My Friends add-on: The My Friends add-on allows your users to add friends to their friends list which in turn shows them which friends are logged in and provides a link to their website. Webfree Share Files add-on: The share files add-on allows for your users to share any file on their website with any of their friends and in turn allows their friends to share files with them. In order to use this add-on you must have the My Friends addon. Your users will be able to share any type of file such as pictures, .doc files, mp3's or any other type of file. Imagine how popular your site would be if your users could share mp3's with their friends. Webfree Send Messgaes add-on: The send messages addon allows for your users to send messages to their friends so they can keep in touch. The send messages form allows for html so they can create fancy messages or send just plain text. In order to use the send messages add-on you must have the friends add-on.
Tags: software , file , html , database , web , create , files , control , website , browser , edit , easy , php , site , list , form , mysql , page , home , addon , send , link , links , contact , admin , administrator , user , share , template , messages , account , set , into , package , version , click , type , storage , login , installation , homepage , popular , websites , for , select , rules , users , sign , friends , top , point , Free Domain Service Free Domain Service is a URL redirection system where you can get shorter URL for the pages of your website that could be easily remembered by your customers and visitors. Once you sign up in this service, your URL will be listed free in the directory, and also listed freely in the top list. In addition, it is capable of supporting search engine meta tags.
Tags: search , system , website , engine , searchengine , pages , for , customers , sign , meta , top ,


dotcampaigns is a website builder where users can create multiple webpages as they wish. You can post bio, issues, campaign news, position papers etc. Builtin award winning WYSIWYG Editor can be included in this program. This program has features like, hosting services, mobilize supporters with a volunteer sign up link, sending newsletters to supporters, building an email supporters list, accepting contributions online and more.
Tags: email , program , create , online , builder , website , multiple , position , post , features , users , sign , hosting , building , sending , newsletters ,

 Jokes Website

Jokes Website is a jokes management website where users can sign to submit jokes. The site features are, emailing joke to a friend, email newsletter signingup, joke and funny picture of the week list, searching the jokes database and rating a joke feature. Admin has rights to, add, edit or delete jokes and links, sending email newsletters, adding and deleting categories and banner ads, viewing top 50 searches and approving or declining user's submitted jokes.
Tags: email , database , picture , management , website , delete , edit , site , newsletter , funny , submit , banner , searching , features , rating , users , sign , top , searches , joke , sending , emailing ,

 Elite Zone's Banner Exchange

Elite Zone's Banner Exchange is a powerful utility by which webmasters would be able to display their ads and banners on other website pages in exchange to other site banners. By doing so you can considerably increase your site traffic. You can freely sign up for the program to display the ads from your control panel. This program is available with a simple interface and allows you to even track the hits and performance of your ads on other websites.
Tags: utility , program , control , website , site , performance , display , track , exchange , ads , simple , interface , pages , for , sign , banners , increase , available , powerful ,

 Email Verify

Email Verify is a simple and versatile tool in JavaScript that can be used in your webpage for validating email addresses given by the user while filling up the registration forms and news letter sign forms in your webpage. The script performs verification of email validity by returning the Boolean.
Tags: email , tool , script , news , forms , user , simple , letter , for , addresses , sign , registration , verification ,


This is a news management system where the users can post news and articles on the websites. The users have the ability to access a login page from a browser on any system. The users should sign up to create new account with username and password. The admin can lock news board and the users cannot create account without admin pasword. This program displays news with posted date and time, username etc.
Tags: program , create , management , system , access , browser , board , lock , page , news , date , admin , account , login , post , articles , users , sign ,

 eToolHaven Mailing Lists

This is a mailing script where the users can send mails to the subscribers in text and html form. The users can rate subscribers with cookie expiration dates and thank you pages. Features like joint venture lists, HTML and text mailings, detecting bounced email addresses, subscriber log in area, creating lists on the fly, twenty custom fields on users sign up forms, messages with data collection, form generator etc are available.
Tags: email , html , data , text , creating , generator , script , log , form , send , mailing , custom , messages , detecting , cookie , lists , rate , users , sign , fields , dates ,

 ExcoBoard Free Message Board Hosting

ExcoBoard Free Message Board Hosting is a simple and effective discussion board hosting software that enables website owners to sign up for their own discussion forums. This discussion board is enriched with different style sheet wizards to make easy customization of the forum layout and all webmasters are facilitated with several advanced features like private forums for discussing private issues through a personal profile page, customizable templates, user titles, unlimited moderators, super moderators and administrators etc.,
Tags: software , website , easy , make , board , personal , advanced , private , user , simple , sheet , layout , style , forum , profile , for , features , sign , hosting ,

 Fido7's free-cgi WebForum

Fido7's free-cgi WebForum is a simple online discussion board software available with CSS style sheets. Using this discussion board you can post topics for discussing various issues online either openly or through a private discussion board forum. Admin can freely sign up for their password protected discussion board forums in the prescribed signup forms and are provided with full control over the forum with the ability to add, delete and edit all message postings. Key features include easy installation, customizable forums, CSS style sheets etc.
Tags: software , password , online , control , delete , edit , easy , board , message , forms , private , simple , style , forum , post , for , features , protected , sign , available ,


This is a simple web based application using which you would be able to generate online forms. Through the advanced field validation tool available in this program you can verify and validate user inputs. This program will help you to create order forms, survey forms, guest books, sign up forms etc., through the powerful HTML editor.
Tags: web , tool , program , create , online , help , application , using , forms , generate , advanced , user , simple , verify , validation , field , survey , validate , webbased , sign , available , powerful ,

 Simple Member

Simple Member is a member management system and is a simple script based on php. This system provides ability to stop non members or new visitors from visiting all areas of a website. It requires Mysql database as backend. Members can signup in real time on the websites. To visit all protected areas of the website you first need to sign up as a member. Installtion is easy. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: database , time , management , system , website , script , demo , simple , stop , real , protected , sign , available ,

 Freelance Work

Now the web administrators can search the right person to complete their task through this freelance work website. Here in this site, the freelancers and buyers can sign up to select their partner in completing their work for their various tasks. Any projects can be finished easily just through online.
Tags: web , search , task , work , for , select , sign , complete , projects ,

 Global GuestBook

Global GuestBook is an easy to install guestbook program designed to help webmasters to provide an intuitive platform for all their customers in expressing their views. Visitors are facilitated with the ability to sign on the guestbook along with their details like name, mail address, geographical location, time etc., with links of their URL. After signing up freely for this program you can customize the whole program to suit your website requirements.
Tags: program , mail , time , website , easy , help , links , install , customize , platform , for , customers , sign ,

 Free Website Guestbooks

This is a guestbook script where the users can add guestbook into their websites. This program permits the users to sign up for many guestbooks according to their need. This script runs without pop ups and banners. The users can add their guestbook header image to change the layout of the guestbook.
Tags: image , program , script , change , pop , into , layout , for , users , sign ,

 gosmart forum

This is a message board application which permits the users to post messages and the message board shows the posted messages by the users. This program provide an option for the users to search for messages. This application permit the admin to remove and edit messages posted by the users. The users can view replies for the messages on a webpage. This program provides sign up form which can add new users. This software has ability to provide control for categories like to add or remove the categories from databases.
Tags: software , search , program , control , edit , remove , board , application , message , form , view , admin , messages , post , for , users , sign , option ,

 Goetz's Signature Applet

Goetz's Signature Applet displays a signature area for the user to sign the form instead of just typing in the name. Once the signature is made, a CGI script interprets the coordinates and recreates the signature as an image file either as JPG or PNG. The server script sends the signature via email. This requires uuencode or a similar encoding program installed on your server. This feature can also be utilized to have an art gallery of the pictures submitted by your visitors.
Tags: file , image , program , server , pictures , script , form , art , gallery , user , area , typing , signature , feature , encoding , for , sign , coordinates ,


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