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 CAT Count

Computer Assisted Translation(CAT) software is used for easy word count. This software is mainly designed for skilled persons of translation industry and computer assisted translation jobs. Allows to print and transfer files of CAT Scheme. Provides easy interface and sharing options translators and their teams.
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 AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD)

This Virtual Device Driver is used for sharing devices by connecting serially using COM ports. It helps programmers who works with COM ports which is united by a null modem cable. This tool automatically makes invaluable if the program requires more than two COM ports. Sometimes expansion card is required for the users to connect multiple ports using corresponding number of null modem cables to link the ports, on that situation VSD is used. This tool supports upto two hundred virtual COM ports.
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 AlarIT USB Virtual Driver

This tool is used for sharing and testing USB equipments from any remote locations. It can be used in different networks by various users. It has several main features like, this tool supports multifunction devices and all kinds of interrupt, bulk and isochronous transfer, using TCP/IP protocol users can share USB devices. It has supportive plug-n-play process.
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 File archive

File archive is a simple article in which the author has given simple and effective solutions for sharing file archives on the net. The author has used 'File Access Component' built into IIS and PWS to lists all files of the website in a single folder. The author has also analysed on demerits of other alternate solutions that helps you to list the files in a single folder without the need to update the ASP files.
Tags: file , files , website , folder , list , archive , sharing , simple , into , update , author , lists , for , solutions , archives ,

 iNet Shaper

iNet Shaper is All-In-One internet connection sharing software solution covering the variety of expensive networking equipment fuctions. iNet Shaper based on software router with NAT, VPN, traffic shaping (optional bandwidth limitation for user), filtering capabilities, powerful user access accounting and restriction, detailed traffic statistics, remote administration, activity monitor, activity logs, special user authentication utility.
Tags: software , internet , access , accounting , remote , sharing , traffic , user , connection , bandwidth , activity , solution , networking , for , authentication , powerful , special , internetconnection , equipment ,

 ASP.NET Applications Overview

This article gives a complete description about the ASP.NET applications. The article illustrates about how the virtual directory is configured in the local server. The author defines the application boundaries and its lifetime. In the final part the author highlights about the application variables and projects their storage capacity and sharing values across sessions using them.
Tags: application , using , directory , sharing , virtual , storage , local , author , complete , part , projects ,

 aMember Professional

aMember Professional is a php based script and is a membership system. This system provides ability to setup paid membership areas on your site. To link with third party scripts databases it supports integration plugins. You can add, remove or modify members easily. It has an easy web based administration. It has support for PaySystems, 2Checkout and multicards. It can be used as stand alone user management script. It manages unlimited number of members. Features include password sharing prevention built in and protection plugins. Online demo available.
Tags: web , password , management , system , protection , easy , php , remove , script , scripts , sharing , demo , link , user , number , support , databases , for , modify , webbased , prevention , integration , membership , party ,

 Winter Snow Applet

This applet comes with including one background image and various snow ball or flake graphics to be customized by the users in sharing animated image with their friends, well wishers, relatives etc., They can have the entire control to fix the number and size of balls or flakes. It is easy to use this applet on any website.
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 An ASP.NET Application to View and Share Photos Online

To generate an application enabling some photo sharing possibility is the main objective of this article. In this article, the author uses a back-end windows Forms C# application which finds the files to create a database and the next application which helps the users to show and view the photos. The main advantage is that the users could edit the photo album.
Tags: windows , database , photo , create , files , edit , application , view , show , sharing , generate , author , users ,


StateStitch is an ASP based component through which all the web applications can be converted into ASP.NET and this component provide sharing of session variables between ASP and ASP.NET applications. This provides porting various applications for several pages and also share the need of ASP.NET session variable for managing web-farms.
Tags: web , component , sharing , share , into , pages , applications , for , session ,

 ASP Auction

The ASP Auction source code is free, and with your help we can develop a good solid product. As a member you will be able to contribute to the source code by adding new features and sharing ideas.
Tags: help , code , source , sharing , sourcecode , good , features , develop ,

 Data Warehouse System

Data Warehouse System is a web enabled remotely hosted application through which sharing of files in a company or a website can be done simply. Any number of categories and sub-categories can be created. Data files, maintanance releases etc can be done easily and reports can be uploaded as PDF files. A live demonstration is available for this hosted program.
Tags: web , files , website , application , sharing , reports , number , live , for , available ,

 The Giftlist

The Giftlist is a web based PHP and MySQL database that can be integrated into users website inorder to pass their regards between their family members. This tool offers various aspects like allowing the users to add the list of items to their giftlists, sharing messages between the listed members, provision for hiding private items and more.
Tags: database , web , tool , website , list , family , sharing , private , messages , into , for , webbased , users ,

 Storyteller CMS System

Storyteller CMS System is a php written script that offers plenty of features to promote the content management system. Has an extremely fast and efficient caching system for heavy traffic websites that saves all HTML content on the file system. Admin interface is same to manage upto 99 websites. Can exachange news with XML/RSS supports. Importing mails to news queue requires no email program. Uploading images and adding more fields to news, articles, FAQs, and downloads are done with few mouse clicks. customizable website layout using adaptable template system.3rd party forum features the sharing of the user applications. In future it will be availing with the features of register globals set off and enabled PHP safe mode also supports the new MySQL 4.0 InnoDB tables and fulltext search. To utilize this script you need PHP 4.0 or better ,MySQL 3.22 or better and 20MB diskspace.
Tags: email , file , images , management , system , website , fast , php , script , using , downloads , manage , news , mouse , safe , sharing , traffic , content , user , template , set , interface , layout , forum , websites , for , features , contentmanagement , register , mode , fields , party , queue ,

 Invision Power Board Users module for Esvon Classifieds

Invision Power Board Users module for Esvon Classifieds is a full featured PHP software, using which webmasters can access their member management effectively. In-built search engine helps to create FAQ module and calendar system keep tracks of future / present messages. Users can select the desired layout from skin system. Members can utilize Esvon Classifieds module under sharing functionality. Control panel supports user registration and logging. Supports payments online and subcsription for ads.
Tags: search , create , online , management , calendar , system , access , using , sharing , skin , user , engine , module , tracks , searchengine , layout , for , select , registration , present ,

 Using Object-Orientation in ASP.NET: Polymorphism

This is an online tutorial that guides readers to do Object Oriented Programming in ASP.NET framework. In this tutorial the author explains about the necessity of polymorphism in Object Oriented Programming and instructs users to achieve it. The author defines that in C# Polymorphism is a process of enabling classes to execute the same methods differently after sharing them. The author clearly explains about this concept by providing explanation in detail.
Tags: online , sharing , process , tutorial , author , execute , users ,


Intellitask.NET is a web based management application which allows the user to communicate with the online business management market in extranet. This software also provides facility to solve various task in developing management projects. This software has various features like provision for sharing and managing project files in the fly, ability to perform task management between various projects, helps in sending and viewing project oriented messages and providing attractive appearance for the companies website.
Tags: software , web , online , files , management , business , application , project , task , sharing , user , messages , market , solve , for , taskmanagement , features , webbased , sending ,

 Collaboration Server

This is a program which can be used for organizations collaboration. This program comes with the ability to update members of the developments and reduce the project turn around time. Collaboration Server sports features like activity notification and tracking, supporting for both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration, integrating enterprise, sharing documents etc.,
Tags: program , notification , project , sharing , documents , sports , collaboration , activity , update , reduce , for , features ,

 VFCEE - Virtual Filing Cabinet Enterprise Edition

This is a highly secure web based document management site which can be easily integrated with a custom site and can be customized by the webmasters to satisfy their needs. Using this system, users can download, upload, and view any component virtually. This system offers folder or file level user access options optionally. Using this system, file sharing becomes more easier and it includes simple user manuals and step by step documentations that enables anyone to setup this system easily.
Tags: file , web , component , management , system , access , secure , folder , document , site , view , sharing , filesharing , user , custom , simple , documentmanagement , options , webbased , users ,

 iWeb Hyperseek Jackhammer Search Engine System

The Hyperseek Jackhammer Search Engine System features include Category Structures of Unlimited Depth, Top Rated Relevancy Matching, Adult Filtering, support of multiple paid incoming "backfill" feeds, eligible for revenue sharing to your own affiliates, PPC Options: Pay per click, Month (2 varieties), Detail View, or Impression, Completely template driven down to pixel level, Supports Minimum Bids, Allows for admin defined bid increments, bulk listing/keyword loading options, Pending "SmartBid" technology (allows for automated positional bidding), Proxy Bidding, Lexical Relevance Option allows for dynamic synonym and pluralistic bidding, Geo Targeted Bidding Zones, Time Targeted Bidding Zones, Full financial reporting and accounting, partnership Potential: Cobranding, XML Feeds, Embedded Search, SQL Database Power (including OLAP/OLTP Support), Multiple server (cluster) ready and tested, Completely (100%) Template based (via internal template system or external XSL), Statistical Tracking & Reporting, Customizable API, eCommerce integration (over 30 merchant solutions supported), QuickBooks integration and much more. Tested to handle over 10 million keyword bids, over 1 million accounts, and to serve upwards of 3 million unique searches per day.
Tags: server , system , sharing , bulk , multiple , admin , template , financial , support , dynamic , reporting , automated , keyword , for , features , bid , integration , pixel , solutions , revenue , searches ,

 soulbot - soulseek file sharing protocol bot in PHP

soulbot - soulseek file sharing protocol bot in PHP grabs the files from any file sharing network and indexes shared files. This program will also display top and recent searches. The files can be shared in the network and allows the users to download them into their hard drive. It is an useful tool for the webmasters to fetch files from various file sharing network.
Tags: download , file , tool , network , program , files , sharing , display , filesharing , hard , protocol , into , for , recent , useful , users , bot , top , shared ,

 Syndicate your Content using ASP

By going through this tutorial you can learn the basics of site syndication. The author has dealt on the concept with the support of javascript and shows you how to get in touch with those HTML tags through a single ASP command. Besides these you will also find some useful tips and guidelines on how to enhance your site traffic by sharing your website files online through website page syndication.
Tags: online , files , website , javascript , find , site , learn , page , sharing , traffic , support , tips , tutorial , enhance , author , tags , useful ,


MyPWA is a PHP written software works as your personal information manager. This online application help you in giving information of day to day activities and acts as a personal assistant. This single or multi-user capabilities script has sharing features like sharing contacts, link and calender events with othe other site users. Site administrators can set up their own user specific permissions to allow or refuse use of any part of the site. Easy to install and run.
Tags: software , online , help , information , site , script , application , personal , sharing , link , install , user , setup , set , day , events , features , personalinformation , part , activities ,

 ICON Communicator

This is an useful and efficient voice communication software perfect for both personal and business application and virtually supports unlimited number of users at a time. Users can start communicating with their associates online with just a microphone and a speaker and this standalone communication utility is bundled with communication visual module, audio module and text module to support users while chatting and sharing messages online.
Tags: software , utility , audio , text , online , business , application , visual , personal , voice , sharing , number , communication , start , messages , module , support , microphone , for , useful , users ,


LocateIP is a web based online tool which is used to show the correct languages as well as currencies. Credit card fraud is reduced and password sharing is prevented. Moreover it updates the IP database. This script shows the correct label forms such as zip, state, etc. The other key features are detect possible hacking, auto select country, detect fake postal addresses and a lot.
Tags: web , tool , password , online , script , auto , show , sharing , forms , key , label , detect , languages , features , select , addresses , webbased ,


MRLiveShare is a revolutionary PHP live file sharing facility that does not require any java applets. Whenever you upload a file, it will be instantly available for preview or download for everyone who is currently online within the same web address. Just call your friend, tell him to go to the same web address and try it together. You can also open two separate browser windows, point them to the same address (e.g. Demo on, upload a file in the first one and see the result in the second! Currently *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png, *.doc, *.xls and *.txt file types are supported. MS Word and MS Excel files will not appear on other OS than MS Windows. Please note that each upload will take a while to appear.
Tags: download , file , web , online , files , java , browser , php , address , note , upload , sharing , filesharing , open , preview , call , live , for , available , point ,

 Reducing your Server workload by mixing a little Javascript with your ASP

This is a tutorial that elaborates on sharing workload with client to decrease the server side workload with the help of javascript. Here the author says that this process can be easily done by loading-off the server by allowing the browser to output small amount of work using javascript. This tutorial will be essential for the websites that get more traffic.
Tags: server , browser , help , client , using , sharing , process , small , work , tutorial , author , websites , for ,

 Storages and Files

This is an useful utility to build a file storage utility for your .NET applications, it provides codings for file management like storage and download functions. This can be used for any site or application that is much dependant on file sharing over the internet, it also provides security for sharing.
Tags: download , file , security , utility , management , site , application , sharing , filesharing , build , filemanagement , storage , for , useful ,

 Tornado - UR Business Partner

Tornado - UR Business Partner is an ASP.NET business oriented solution center which provides all the needed solution for developing business applications and provides all the usefull method for solving the all complicated business application in multilingual languages. This enterprise offers solution for developing more multilingual websites, providing facility for internal and external relationship with sharing contents between the business enterprises, providing multilingual digital assets for enterprises, shareholders, stockholders etc.
Tags: business , digital , application , sharing , solution , applications , multilingual , for , enterprise , contents , assets , method ,

 Embracing the Web Part 1: Distributed Computing

This article is one of the series describing about the complete features of distributed computing. The author explains about the principles of few items dealing with the component sharing, development, standardization and resource sharing which helps in holding the web. The author also discusses a problem while creating a server or client application and its solution is also given in this article. In addition to these the author narrates about the homegrown marshaling code and its security. In the final part the concept of RPC is well explained.
Tags: server , component , code , creating , client , application , sharing , resource , solution , author , problem , addition , features , complete , part ,


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