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 DHTML and JavaScript Download Center

This is a collection of javascripts from which the user can select a particular script given in freescripts and script specials according to their needs. In this website there are free scripts categorized into text, image, background, game and much more. And also there are few script specials like code generation, dirty trickletter, script forum etc. In each script the user can get details of category, description, browser, author, web site, test scripts for their perusal.
Tags: game , web , website , code , script , collection , test , scripts , user , javascripts , into , forum , for , select ,


This script allows web owners to build a slideshow on their websites without any programming knowledge on javascript. Users can have option to select any slideshow from its 18 slideshows and animations. It starts it performance as soon as users add their slides. Slideshow can be displayed by doing a simple process cut, copy and paste the given code.
Tags: web , copy , script , programming , performance , process , simple , build , paste , websites , knowledge , slideshows , select , users , option ,

 4nNews Letter for PHP Nuke

This script allows webmasters to offer a comfortable newletter service to their site visitors. Several features of this script are, it allows users to insert stories into newsletter, it uses alternate email sender for newsletter, user can subscribe or unsubscribe to the newletter, it sends confirmation mail, you can select either HTML mail or text mail, administrator can view when and what newsletter has come etc., Admin icon, graphics, installscript for the MySQL tables are added.
Tags: email , mail , text , site , script , view , service , administrator , user , newsletter , into , insert , for , features , select , users , sender ,

 Data Integrity Using MySQL and PHP (Part 2)

This is a tutorial which tells the users about data integration by using mysql and php. The author provides information to the users that they can prevent the duplicate name entered into a database. This tutorial tells the user about MySQL which supports a column option called 'auto_increment' that stores the incrementing integer in the field of each new row. This tutorial provides info to the users that they can add a column called 'EmpId' in the table which will be auto incremented by using the commands like describe, select from, etc.
Tags: data , information , using , mysql , auto , duplicate , table , user , name , into , tutorial , prevent , info , author , field , column , select , users , integration , option ,


Organizations and companies can utilize this software that connects them with the persons who need their products through emails. Buyers need to register and submit a request on a category. Sellers are notified about this request through an email. Sellers can select the category to be subscribed by the buyers. This system offers customizable category response fields. This system shows the latest buyer's request to the sellers.
Tags: software , system , submit , select , register ,


This is a file browser control which allows the users to upload files on their webpages. The users can handle browser control as a form where various fields can be added for uploading. This program has features for the users such as posting from a browser, unlimited number of files, browsing files in web pages, provide HTTP and FTP support, secure and safe for scripting, select and go etc are available.
Tags: file , web , program , files , control , secure , browser , form , upload , safe , number , browsing , for , features , select , users , fields ,

 AddPro's Free Website URL Submission

AddPro's Free Website URL Submission is an automated website URL submitter and is a remotely hosted script that helps users to submit their root pages using 20 top engines like, google, exactseek, scrubtheweb, entireweb, splatsearch, fybersearch, findonce, abacho etc from a web based interface. From the same domain you can submit number of site submissions which can be considered as spam and your site to get banned by search engines. Users may select specific search engine for submitting sites.
Tags: web , search , website , spam , site , script , using , engine , number , domain , searchengine , submit , automated , pages , for , select , webbased , users , top , engines , submitter ,


aspNetIMAP is an web email application with IMAP protocal to manage emails present on the mail server. This program provide various functionalities and each of them offers various features seperately. IMAP connection management offers feature like providing complete login facility, allowing network encoding and timeouts, changing server etc., Folder management offers various featutres like create, delete, rename and select folder, provision for downloading folders as data table, dateset, an array etc., Message management offers various features like copy, delete, append message, etc.
Tags: email , web , network , program , data , mail , server , management , application , folders , manage , emails , rename , connection , login , feature , encoding , for , features , select , changing , complete , present , append ,


Using this component, uploading process becomes very simple and easy. This component allows the selection of the entire directory, and uploading of any number of files by the users. This component allows the webmasters to select the maximum number of files to be uploaded, maximum file size and the total file size etc., They can also specify filters for certain file extensions. This component allows the webmasters to customize them according to their needs, they can create their own progress bar, define a default folder for dialog box etc., It supports SSL and basic authentication.
Tags: file , create , files , component , folder , process , size , simple , basic , number , customize , dialog , filters , box , for , select ,


When you select an option form the first menu, the second menu's contents are filtered based on what you select in the first menu. The contents of both menus are held in a Microsoft Access Database. Database provided is version 2000, however versions 97 and 2002 are available.
Tags: form , menus , version , second , select , contents , option ,

 Round Corner HTML tables

This utility is helpful for programmers to design card style or buttons in round corner table. Users have to do is just select three row and column table to place images on center of the table. Creation of this round table is simple and easy. By using this tool they can design their own banner ads, buttons etc.
Tags: utility , tool , images , design , using , table , buttons , simple , banner , style , column , for , select ,

 Drop Down menu with the months between two dates

By using this program the webmasters can create a combo input box on their website through which the web visitors can select their input to enter into their required page. Open source code has been given for the users for better understanding.
Tags: web , program , create , website , code , using , source , sourcecode , into , input , box , for , select , users , combo ,

 AWS FilePicker 2.1

In new version 2.1: file download, 1-click folder download(!!), user interface in Portuguese and more! AWS FilePicker is a free ASP.Net web control that lets users navigate through a folder on the server and select a file. The user can also upload files, create folders, copy/move/delete files and folders. In many ways, FilePicker emulates the “Open File” dialog in Windows applications.
Tags: file , web , create , server , files , control , folder , upload , user , version , interface , dialog , select , users , userinterface , navigate ,

 RainbowJ - IT marketplace: best projects, best developers is IT marketplace site. If you have a project to be performed you can post it for free on our site. Service providers will bid on your project and you will select a winner. We have service providers from whole world including cheap countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia, Romania etc. If you prefer local developers don't worry: we have providers from whole world! You are going to pay about 1/5 of regular price, so try it!
Tags: project , service , world , local , post , for , cheap , select , bid ,

 Alivesites Form Builder

This is a program with which users can generate enhanced web form on their ASP supported websites. Users can have the facility to create forms with several types of fields including text box, check box, text area, select box etc., It is possible to integrate forms with database.
Tags: web , program , create , text , form , check , forms , generate , box , select , webform , users , fields ,

 Paypal Button Factory

This is an online tutorial that guides online shoppers to have a secured selling of products online. This tutorial explains about one of the major pitfalls which occur while using point-and-click code at This tutorial also elaborates about fixing and customizing that code using ASP language. This tutorial says that one shoulld select to sell through websites for four important functionalities one is shopping cart, donations, single item purchases and subscriptions. So this tutorial covers all these above four topics.
Tags: online , code , using , tutorial , shopping , websites , for , select , sell , covers ,

 Display Alternate Colors in your Records

After reading this online article the developers can present their records of database in variety of colors which would attract the readers and helps to get the details easily. The author demonstrates this concept with an example and gives the entire sample source code of this demonstration. The developers can change few code to select different colors of their choice.
Tags: database , online , code , change , source , sourcecode , colors , reading , author , sample , select , records , present ,

 .DR.AG URL Redirection

.DR.AG is a URL redirection service provider which allows the user to get a domain name in their own name or in the name of their choice. They can select a domain name extension from a list of domain names like,, and many more. All the domain names will be protected with a secured password.
Tags: list , service , user , name , domain , extension , domainname , names , select , protected , domainnames ,

 Andys Chat 4.5 Gold

This version of 4.5 gold is better than the previous ones with new features and a cool win XP-Design. features like, Smilies, coloring text with a colour bar to select individual colours, Registration (and Reg free versions also available), Profiles with profile manager, password protection capabilities, avatar images, private messaging functions, Login, Admin login, to boot and ban a user, IP blocking system and more.
Tags: password , text , system , protection , bar , cool , private , messaging , win , version , avatar , passwordprotection , gold , boot , colour , coloring , profile , features , select , blocking ,


Freelancer is a PHP utility in which the programmers have provision to select their desired project. Through this website the users can communicate with the project owners about the project, its utility and the method of executing the project. This utility gives guidelines to execute the various job types and its requirements. An useful system for the Freelancers.
Tags: utility , system , website , project , job , execute , for , select , useful , users , method ,

 Apex SQL Clean

Apex SQL Clean is an ASP based software which analyze the content of database, select the object which is not used and it will erase the content which is not used often. It has several features like providing interfaces to detect the objects that is used and objecfts that is not used, allowing graphical display for unused content, providing automatic drop statement, capablity to analyze all the files in the database and more.
Tags: software , database , files , automatic , erase , display , content , detect , analyze , object , drop , for , features , select , objects , graphical ,

 SQL: Select Birthdays in a Date Range

SQL: Select Birthdays in a Date Range is a tutorial which helps the users the range of date to select birthday's date on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is described in detail with an example. This tutorial guides the users to display the list of date to choose birtyday dates.
Tags: list , date , display , tutorial , select , users ,

 Color Selector

Color Selector is an easy to use tool which helps users to select colors for their web applications. The various options provided by this tool to choose colors are name of the colors, hexa decimal value of the colors, web safe colors and definable color selection. You can even hide the name of the color selected easily using this component.
Tags: web , tool , easy , color , using , hide , safe , colors , name , options , value , for , select , users , decimal ,

A website for your children / newborn babies can be constructed with few simple steps through this full featured baby site. Allows you to upload any number of photos, video files and interesting and important events in your child life etc., You can select a theme of your choice to design the pages. All available data can be maintained more securely.
Tags: video , data , files , website , design , children , upload , simple , number , child , theme , life , events , baby , for , select , available ,

 Babbage Home Page Search Applet

This program is a powerful search engine creator that helps users to create their own searching field on their home page. It displays radio buttons at the bottom of page that asks users to select case sensitive, case in sensitive and match whole word according to their way of searching. If there is no match in the word it will display no matches found at the status bar. You can search upto maximum hundred pages.
Tags: search , program , create , creator , word , page , home , display , buttons , radio , engine , searchengine , match , case , field , searching , select , users , powerful ,

 Filtering Large Select Lists

This is an online filtering program that helps users to filter desired item from the select list menu. This program displays only matching items according to user's input. The filtering process can be done by using regular expressions. Users are allowed to define hook function and to configure select list according to their needs. Key features include, easy to use interface, provides case sensitive filtering and more.
Tags: program , online , easy , filter , list , using , process , function , filtering , case , matching , features , select , users , configure ,

 .NET Anatomy: Creating Templated DataGrid Controls Using Visual Studio .NET : Part 1

.NET Anatomy: Creating Templated DataGrid Controls Using Visual Studio .NET : Part 1 is an article which shows the step-by-step process of creating templated controls. Datagrid control is a templated web server control which integrates with various controls such as text box, dropdownlist, checkbox etc to get the information and helps users to select the rows in the datagrid control.
Tags: web , text , server , control , information , creating , process , webserver , controls , select , users ,

 XStandard - XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

This is a XHTML WYSIWYG editor which can be used for rich text content editing on web content. Users can have several options from the drop down menu to select styles. Users can easily create their projects or documents at their desired design with the help of CSS style sheets. Styles can be either categorized or combined using headers for a good convenience. It supports multilanguages such as russian, chinese etc., and structural elements as hyperlinks, tables, drag & drop of files, semantic markup, lists and images. This program has several enahanced features and comes as two editions one is Pro and another one is lite.
Tags: web , editor , program , create , text , menu , design , help , using , content , documents , chinese , editing , good , options , style , drop , lists , for , features , richtext , select , projects ,

 Best Java Scripts Collection

This is a package of 1100 JavaScript and DHTML scripts and provides tutorials, help, source code, references, guide etc. It also provides codes manual and free sample download demo to the users. The Scripts explained in this collection can be installed in your page by simply copying and pasting the code. All the scripts in this package are presented under 49 categories and sub categories so that the user can select it very easily. The parameter setting of all these script can be done without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming. An another feature of this package is that all the JavaScripts included are Free, Freeware, Free under GNU GPL, Linkbase and Free for Non Commercial Use.
Tags: download , script , collection , scripts , page , source , demo , user , package , feature , sample , knowledge , for , select , guide , manual , codes ,

 Graphs from a database

This tutorial helps you to create simple bar graphs. You can access any form of database and can select any fields in the table using this code. These bar charts can be displayed with different colors. This tutorial provides the easy way to create bar charts.
Tags: database , create , access , easy , using , form , bar , table , simple , tutorial , charts , select , fields ,


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