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 "MPS" to "MPH" converter

This is a calculating tool written in JavaScript that converts the speed in ‘Meters Per Second‘ to ‘Miles per Hour’. Just type the speed in miles per second in the text box provided in this script and then press the “convert” button. The script converts the speed into miles per hour immediately. The script also provides a ‘Reset’ button to clear the content in the text box. Supports configuring the font and size in the script.
Tags: tool , text , speed , script , font , content , button , size , into , type , second , clear , box ,


When you select an option form the first menu, the second menu's contents are filtered based on what you select in the first menu. The contents of both menus are held in a Microsoft Access Database. Database provided is version 2000, however versions 97 and 2002 are available.
Tags: form , menus , version , second , select , contents , option ,

 Expired domains registered in Yahoo, Dmoz with built-in traffic

This script is helpful for finding the expired domains and ought to expire soon domain names in the directories like yahoo or Dmoz daily. Users can find any domain names through service. Every second this software will check the status of the domain names and also members can search daily to view daily expiring domain names with daily expired search engines. It also gives the details like, total number of domain names that are registered, deleted and which are in service at present and more facilities are available.
Tags: software , search , find , script , view , check , service , yahoo , deleted , number , domain , daily , second , for , names , directories , present , domainnames ,

 Data Collector.PHP

Data Collector is a programme that helps to store all your datas sent to this script by "POST" or "GET". The script saves all data in the order which it is presented to it in a CSV form. The first variable being saved in the first column, second variable in the second column and there is no limit on the number of fields stored. We can easily get the stored information by opening the CSV file. It allows multiple data files to save the data and unlimited number of fields stored. Simple to use and easy to install.
Tags: data , files , easy , information , script , save , multiple , store , number , limit , second , column , fields ,

 Axis Spectrum Analyzer

Axis Spectrum Analyzer allows you to record audio along with sincronized 31 band spectrum analyzer readings from any audio source to be inputed into Macromedia Flash movies in an easy to integrate way. It records a wave file and an action script file for that wave file to be included in your Flash project. It allows you to set the frames per second used in the Flash movie. It comes with a full example, visit the web site, there is an example there. The software can also be used to display real-time audio with customized visuals on your desktop or on video devices such as projectors, tvs,etc..., the software comes with special features for making it appropriate for music performances (such as karaokes,shows) . For video device output capability you will need a machine with an audio board and a video board with an s-video or composite video output (quality is a differential in both audio and video hardware).Help included.
Tags: software , file , desktop , video , web , audio , music , action , easy , record , board , script , movies , wave , source , display , analyzer , set , into , device , machine , second , frames , for , features , records , special ,

 Fetching random record

In this article, the author gives some tips to fetch random record in a multiple records database. He gives two ways to do this job. For this he gives some example function that are very easy to follow and get the exact result. The first way is to create random number and the second way is to form a query on MySQL.
Tags: create , easy , record , form , query , multiple , random , number , tips , function , author , second , records ,


Royalty free music for Film and TV, Flash animation, game developement and multimedia applications. Stereo broadcast quality MP3 and WAV. Full soundtracks (1-3 min) for use as the main theme or background music and 30 second cuts ideal for Flash web intro's, interactive presentations and television advertisments. music loops and sound effects for webmasters, game developers and film makers. Download instantly via e-mail. Also, Sound and html tutorials for web page background music.
Tags: game , html , web , music , sound , multimedia , page , effects , webpage , background , interactive , film , theme , broadcast , quality , presentations , television , second , for , tutorials ,


afterBURNER*Cache is a PHP based script that allows to speed up processing PHP scripts. It is a very useful utility for heavily accessed websites. The PHP file is cached in the Webserver, so when it is accessed the second time, it is returned to the user instantly since it is not processed again for a second time. It consumes less server memory too.
Tags: file , utility , server , speed , script , memory , user , processing , speedup , second , for , useful ,

 Data Transfer between two ASP.NET ListBox Controls

In this web based tutorial you can get the solution for adding the items in a list box to another list box using a button. This article also shows how to deselect an item by clicking on the item in the second listbox and clicking on another button. The source code to carry out this process can be downloaded from this article.
Tags: web , code , list , using , source , process , sourcecode , tutorial , solution , second , box , for , webbased , out ,

 CCXI XML Data Island Library

Take the Strain off Your Server. Use the CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control to allow users to interact with an entire dataset--without having to constantly contact the server for processing. When you need to display a moderate amount of data and you want to avoid server round trips for operations like paging, sorting and searching, then CCXI makes it simple to set up. The CCXItable control allows you to create a table that binds--on the client machine--rows from an XML data island with a template that you define. CCXItable makes it easy to define templates and create XML data islands. What is the best way to present two or more pages of data to users? The most common approach is to dynamically generate html that contains the first page then, when the user wants the second page, dynamically generate the second page too. Then regenerate the first page when the user wants to see it again! And, of course, do this for each user who accesses the data. Obviously, all this processing can put an unbearable strain on your server. One way to solve this problem is to generate a single (long) static page of scrollable data. But, what about sorting and searching? What if many of the data items contain image tags, making the page-load time unbearably long as each graphic is fetched? XML data islands provide a way to incorporate into a web page a moderate amount of data (even html) without forcing the browser to render all of it at once. They also make it possible to move processing of paging, sorting and searching commands to javascript on the client side. Unfortunately, there are many "gotchas" in dealing with XML islands. Inner tags cannot be the same as other valid html tags. Different browsers have different requirements and quirks. And it takes quite a bit of javascript to successively navigate, extract and format data for display. And, you have to format your data to fit these requirements in the first place. CCXI makes it easy.
Tags: image , html , web , data , create , time , server , control , browser , javascript , easy , make , extract , client , graphic , format , page , display , table , generate , webpage , best , contact , templates , user , template , simple , processing , move , set , into , pages , second , problem , searching , solve , for , tags , users , present , island , bit , static ,

 XSL Formatting Objects

XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) are the second half of the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL). XSL-FO is an XML application that describes how pages will look when presented to a reader. A style sheet uses the XSL transformation language to transform an XML document in a semantic vocabulary into a new XML document that uses the XSL-FO presentational vocabulary. While one can hope that Web browsers will one day know how to directly display data marked up with XSL formatting objects, for now an additional step is necessary in which the output document is further transformed into some other format, such as Adobe's PDF.
Tags: data , document , application , language , vocabulary , display , into , sheet , day , pages , style , second , now , for , transform , formatting ,

 Prepare to Unleash Your Web Site's Potential with ASP.NET 2.0

This presentation provides a sweeping overview of the new features in ASP.NET 2.0. The first half of this presentation previews topics that are covered in detail in the next eight decks. The second half (beginning with the first slide after the Web Parts demo) introduces features that, with the exception of what's new in localization, won't be covered again later on.
Tags: presentation , slide , second , features ,

 Cool Focus AniMenu

A 2-level vertical menu. First-level items can act as links or can contain a panel of second-level items. The second level is revealed by clicking the caption or hovering over it: items below slide upward or downward. If you choose 'hover' mode, the hover-delay time can be set in milliseconds. AniMenu can also be used in 'text-sensitive' mode, looking and behaving like HTML links. Items can display a selector-bar or HTML-style underline on mouse hover. Captions and items can use gradient fills.
Tags: time , mouse , display , links , slide , set , vertical , second , caption ,

 APC -Alternative PHP Cache

APC is a free and simple PHP script that helps in enhancing the performance of the servers where a PHP site is hosted. Performance of PHP can be boosted on heavily loaded sites by caching the scripts in a compiled state. Since the PHP files are cached once it is not processed in the server for a second time, so the server responses instantly.
Tags: server , files , site , script , scripts , performance , simple , second , for , sites , servers ,

 PHP Timed - view once Resource Protector

PHP Timed/view once Resource Protector secures your source code page from accessing by users. You can allow your users to view your resource only one time with time specifications. The webmaster can edit the configuration to permit the user to view the source page second time. When the limited time reaches, it redirects the user to log-in page. And it checks the user IP to check previous logging. Text files are included for script modifications.
Tags: time , files , edit , code , script , view , check , page , source , user , sourcecode , resource , configuration , second , for , users , checks ,

 Email to SMS

PHP script intended to be run every x minutes / hours (can be done by scheduling, eg. cron) to check a POP3 account for email and forward on to mobile. Uses SMS Web Sender class to send the SMS, see to see which sites are supported. Features include Leave mail on server (stores and compares UIDL numbers), Email alias piping (have your email processed the second it arrives), Specify mobile number in subject line (if you'd like to sms others through email, Random SMS site to send through (specify as many accounts as you line in config), Basic filtering of the To: header to reduce Spam
Tags: email , web , mail , server , site , script , mobile , check , send , class , sms , number , run , line , account , accounts , filtering , second , reduce , forward , for , sites , sender ,

 Script an Online User Counter

Script an Online User Counter is a simple counter script that provides accurate number of online users of your website. This counter software possess a lot of enhanced features that are efficient in handling proxies and collisions. This real time counting system uses the first 3 tuples of an IP in tracking the users and is available with loop cap and timestamp facilities to manage heavy web traffic. Users can just view the total number of users within a second by just selecting the number of unique IP's in the table.
Tags: software , web , time , online , system , script , view , tracking , manage , simple , number , counter , accurate , second , real , features , users , counting , available ,

 Web Site Montioring with WebWatchBot

Web Site Montioring with WebWatchBot allows you monitor sites in various ways: Ping the site - verify the site is available. Download a page from the website - verify the page is available. Download a page from the website and verify that a word or phrase is being displayed to the screen - critical if you want to ensure that the entire page is being loaded properly. Customize conditions of errors to be reported. Continually monitor your website: Set up multiple watches for a URL or a web page. Customize frequency - once a second to once an hour. Clear and Detailed Reporting: Produce reports in HTML, XML, or a comma separated list. Choose the data you wish to see in a report: number of failures, date and time of failure, and other vital information. Know exactly when your website is down: You decide when to be notified and why. Receive notification via email alerts or screen display. Receive web site health reports at scheduled intervals.
Tags: email , screen , web , data , time , monitor , word , website , health , notification , site , page , date , multiple , reports , number , errors , verify , second , for , sites , phrase , alerts , frequency , comma ,

 An ASP Tutorial to create your own News Letter

An ASP Tutorial to create your own News Letter is a tutorial that clearly explains about building a full featured mailing list manager. Author guides administrators by providing simple four steps, one is generating HTML page to collect vistors email addresses, second one is generating MS Access database to save the visitors email addresses, thirdly a simple ASP admin page for sending email to the visitors after picking addresses from the database and finally generating an ASP page to give an option to the visitors to remove their email addresses if they wish.
Tags: email , database , create , remove , list , save , page , mailing , admin , simple , collect , mailinglist , tutorial , second , for , addresses , option , building , sending ,

 Flash 101 (part 2): Lights, Camera, Flash!

This is the second part of the article on Flash Toolbox. The first one took you on a guided tour of the Flash toolbox, and showed you how to use the various drawing and painting tools available in Flash 5.0. This one takes you close and personal with some of the other things you need to know before you start animating - things like symbols, frames and the library. It also explain the various types of animation available in Flash, and walk you through the process of creating and exporting a movie to your Web site.
Tags: tools , movie , animation , creating , personal , drawing , process , start , painting , second , frames , available , part ,

 Flash 101 (Part 4): Don't Touch Me!

In the second article of a series, The first gave a quick tour of the Flash toolbox, and explained what the various tools were used for. This article covers the Text Tool and demonstrates how it can be used with the tweening techniques to create interesting text effects.
Tags: create , text , tools , quick , second , covers ,

 Database Session and State Management with ASP

The Sessions component from frameWERKS stores user info in any ODBC database. This state info can persist across Web Farms, and also across application boundaries. We call it a Sessions component, but in all actuality it manages more than just session info. The Sessions component stores info across application boundaries. Another program can access information from entered by another program simply by authenticating to the Sessions component. This makes the Sessions component act as a Single Sign-On solution as well. In essence, once your users have authenticated to one program, that same login info can be utilized to access login credentials for a second application, and more.
Tags: program , component , access , information , application , user , call , login , solution , info , second , for , users , session ,

 Using FWA Docs for complex financial instruments evaluating

Here the complete working of FWA Docs is clearly explained right from the beginning where a financier manipulates data in a database like MS Excel etc., and the second step where xperts analyse and move on to decision making.
Tags: database , data , move , analyse , second , complete ,

 IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings

Programmers can find three types of briefings first one is by geography, second one is by country / religion and the last one is by type. They can gather more information about software development including new advanced technologies, techniques and products which are collected as briefings from all over the web. It makes programmers in resulting a quality solution in their effective software projects.
Tags: software , development , find , information , religion , advanced , quality , solution , second , country , softwaredevelopment ,

 Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Application Development : MIDP Programming.

This is an article that introduces you to MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile). This article is an extract from the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Application Development. It explains the MIDP in three steps where the first step gives you a detailed introduction to MIDP. The second step provides information about the high-level user interface API and the third level explains low-level API.
Tags: extract , information , user , interface , second , userinterface ,

 Parsing a Form's Text Field

Parsing a Form's Text Field is a tutorial which analyses and extracts the site visitors second name alone from the given first and last name in the single text field present on the form. The site visitors should leave a single space between the first and last name. For example if the site visitor enters "Bill Gates" the script will return "Gates".
Tags: text , space , site , script , name , tutorial , field , second , present , visitor ,


Phprank is a simple php based script and is used by the webmasters to note their site visitors informations and this script functions are, fully Functional Top Site, instant addition to the program for webmasters, it counts incoming and outgoing hits, statements are printed out at real time, MySQL datbase backend, fully functional top site, members can check their stats in real time, top site referers, unique visitors, Site of the second script, cookie & IP protection to stop cheaters etc., are the informations stored in MySQL datbase. Freeware and paid versions of this script are available. Freeware version has limited options than paid version.
Tags: program , protection , php , site , script , check , note , simple , instant , stop , version , stats , cookie , options , second , addition , real , for , functions , top , out ,

 Second Hand Trading System Abstruct

This easy to use web application helps you to create an online second hand trading system. This web application has various pages such as index page, member registration page, member service page, post a new add page and trading detail page. Using this application you can buy second hand books, software etc.,
Tags: software , web , create , online , easy , application , service , page , index , trading , hand , pages , second , post , buy , registration ,

 ASP.NET Code Behind Pages

ASP.NET Code Behind Pages is a web based tutorial in which author describes the process of sepearting codes and content in the ASP.NET page. The first method is encapsulating UI functionalties for seperating the content and code, which uses code behind pages. And the second method is to develop a page logic which will be used frequently in seperate files inorder to render it for the request.
Tags: web , files , logic , code , page , content , process , tutorial , pages , author , second , for , develop , webbased , method , codes ,

 Function to convert date and time

This article describes to change a MySQL datetime and datatype record into some other format as you like to create. For this purpose, the author gives two codes. In the first you can declare a function to show where you need to show it and the second is to print it.
Tags: print , record , format , change , show , into , function , author , second ,


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