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 Ad Server Solutions (Servlet Version)

Ad Server Solution is an Internet advertising software developed on java servlet technology. It provides rich ad management software for serving and scheduling advertising in your web sites. It can work on Unix platforms like Solaris, Linux etc. It easily rotates the paid banner adds, interactive marketing units, skyscrapers etc. It can integrate ad codes like Doubleclick, AdQuantum, Engage, AdForce, 24/7, Flycast, etc. Ad Server Solution supports advanced reporting and detailed control over distribution. With Ad Server Solution you can advertise traditional interactive marketing unit ad standards set by the Internet Advertising Bureau or can create your own. It features flexibility, ease of use, high end scalability and much more.
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 Alliance of Free Customer Support Software

Alliance of Free Customer Support Software is an efficient software program with which website owners can upgrade and enrich their website by extending its apllications with helpdesk softwares. This website currently supports softwares such as customer relation management, customers support softwares and mobile data and scheduling software along with helpdesk softwares. Users are also provided with details regarding freely available softwares and its corresponding website links. Several helpdesk tools are made available for the users to efficiently take care of their helpdesk and customer support needs.
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 ScheduleAnywhere is the online employee scheduling software designed for assigning shifts to employees. Developed by Atlas Business Solutions, makers of the #1 PC-based employee scheduling system, enhances employee scheduling by making it accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection. Easily schedule shifts, time-off, and add additional information in one of four views; daily, weekly, two-week, or 28 days. Plus, the perpetual scheduling system will help you pre-schedule vacations and keep track of historical events.
Tags: software , internet , online , system , help , information , schedule , scheduling , track , employee , for ,


This script is helpful for the users to generate task scheduling utility on their projects which helps them to manage all task scheduling aspects like, task status tracking, catalog currently running task etc., Users can choose their required task and then they have to enter it to the task scheduler to execute in a given period of time.
Tags: utility , script , catalog , scheduler , task , manage , scheduling , generate , execute , for , taskscheduler , users , period , projects ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App

Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App is a tutorial which helps the users for including datas to the calendar on their websites. The procedure of this tutorial is explained in stepwise process with an example. By going through this tutorial the users can create an event scheduling calendar on their websites.
Tags: create , calendar , scheduling , process , tutorial , event , events , for , users ,

 Web Wiz Forum Calendar Mod

This is an ASP based program that can be used by the users to create and manage web calendar. This calendar supports for event scheduling and allows users to manage events by adding, deleting and editing. This program also facilitates to highlight the birthday of the members. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: web , program , create , calendar , easy , manage , scheduling , birthday , event , events , for , users ,

 Adding events capabilities to the Calendar App.

The main purpose of calendars are for displaying the event schedule. The author in his article narrates about the creation of a calendar application which mainly deals with event scheduling and displaying. This calendar works by looping through the days of the month and through the events to display the calendar.
Tags: calendar , application , scheduling , display , event , events , author , creation , for ,


CxCalendar is an online scheduling software that can be used to archive events, journal, tasks etc on the websites. This program has an ability to show calendar entries in day, month, year, week etc. Users are allowed to import and export entries from iCalendar files. Color and date picker are available in this program. Users can perform various kinds of search operations like keyword search operations, date range search operation etc.
Tags: software , search , program , online , calendar , export , archive , import , date , scheduling , show , tasks , keyword , picker , entries , available ,

 Hockey Stats PHP

Hockey Stats PHP is an online program designed specially for hockey sport. This program eases and simplifies the tasks of scheduling the games for all participating teams and generates statistical reports for the total number of goals, individual goal figures etc., Details of each and every player of the team are stored on a database with their corresponding number, team name, country and other relevant data.
Tags: database , games , program , online , scheduling , tasks , reports , number , team , for , country ,


Scheduler is a scheduling system based on PHP. It allows you to enter the events to refer later. It has several features like, two day reminders, email notifications and same day reminders. It was designed to minimize accidental appointment requests and over booking of appointments. You can delete the events or appointment details from this programme. It displays you a statistic report of total scheduled hours of appointment, percentage of showed and unshowed appointments.
Tags: email , system , delete , report , scheduling , appointment , day , events , minimize , features , booking ,

 phpEvent Calender

phpEventCalender software helps you to view and post the events in this calender. This script allows only the authorized users to customize the events in this software. Online demo is available. Authorized users can edit or delete the events from the calender. This is a simple scheduling system software. You can view the events in monthly, weekly, yearly basis.
Tags: software , system , delete , edit , script , view , scheduling , demo , simple , customize , events , post , users ,


WebSched is an full encompassing online programme for scheduling in an organisation. This is helpful to medium to small size job sites to produce daily or weekly or monthly schedules. With this solution you have a full admin control over the schedules. Easy to download and install and also execute this programme. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: download , online , control , scheduling , demo , admin , install , size , small , job , solution , daily , execute , for , sites , available , monthly ,


kidSister is a project scheduling script that works with PHP platforms. It organizes all users and their tasks through a uniform interface system. Users are allowed unlimitedly and you can define their levels to read / add / edit / update projects. And a spy option displays each user's performance in a single page. Supports database to store all site information and contents. Multiple projects are allowed and the pending reports are generated for every project invidually.
Tags: database , edit , information , site , spy , script , project , performance , scheduling , tasks , store , reports , read , levels , update , interface , for , projectscheduling , users , option , projects ,

 Knabba appointment scheduling system

Knabba online appointment scheduling can provide you with a simple, fast and inexpensive e-scheduling solution. It can be useful for suitable for companies, organizations or individuals who have resources that can be booked by time.
Tags: online , fast , scheduling , appointment , resources , for , useful ,

 Knabba appointment scheduling system

This script is used for creating an online appointment scheduling system on your web server. This program is useful for private firms, organizations, doctors or individuals to give appointments to their clients. This program is used for resource booking. This script comes with customization facility to add or remove the events.
Tags: web , program , online , system , remove , creating , script , scheduling , private , appointment , resource , appointments , for , useful ,

 Total Calender

TotalCalender is a PHP based programme. This script is used for scheduling systems. It allows the users to add events into this system and displayed to view. It has an option which allows the visitor to add their events who have accounts. MySQL database is used to store data. Special features of this software are, customizable setup, search functions, easy to use administration area, ability to have your events annually, monthly,weekly and daily, easy to edit, delete etc., mailing functions and more.
Tags: software , database , search , system , delete , easy , script , scheduling , mailing , store , administration , into , events , for , features , functions , users , option , visitor ,

 Calendars by Veraci Scheduling Software

Veraci's web based scheduling software enables organizations of all sizes to easily create group calendars for scheduling employees, resources, events, meeting rooms, equipment, vehicle fleets, facilities and more. There is no software to install or maintain. Simply use your web browser to create and manage powerful group calendars and scheduling system. Customize scheduling system to fit your organization's needs and workflow. Available for an affordable monthly fee. Gives you access to schedules 24x7x365 from any computer connected to the Internet - home, work or road. Enjoy intuitive side-by-side calendars, color coded event/meeting types, and outstanding ease of use. Send automatic email invitations and set up email reminders. Download events with a single click to Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop, and Lotus Notes.
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 Metaverse Content Server

This remotely hosted content management software comes with plenty of solutions and features to build and maintain content systems via web based interface. Supports upto 5 distinct workflows to upgrade and update contents dynamically. Email systems and other communication tools like PDA, phone are available to organize the workflow on content. A web based history maintains all workflow performances with viewable format. Enables to view the content in any language. Supports scheduling functions with content updating. And several other fucntions makes this content management software as a more effective one.
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 THe Quick N EZ Program Scheduler

This software is a scheduler programme which allows you to personalize your website with scheduling system. This script is fully customizable. Some benefits to the users of this script are, you just fill out the form to create your weekly schedule, you can change and edit all programme time slots or fields, it allows you to change colour, fonts, font sizes, days of the week to other languages, time zones, link colors, scroll bar colors and more. It requires no database.
Tags: software , create , time , slots , website , edit , script , form , scheduler , change , bar , scheduling , link , font , colors , fill , scroll , users , personalize , out ,

 Web Calendar Pro

Web Calendar Pro is a personal and group calendaring system with scheduling and event planning capabilities. Being easy to use even for a novice, Web Calendar Pro offers powerful features: ability to create and fully customize unlimited number of new calendars/sub-calendars. Handle your public schedule for publishing events on your site, managing each calendar’s users, subscribers, and their privileges with ease. Its user friendly interface allows to publish evens on online schedule, set recurring evens, use multiple languages, personalize email notifications, set online event alerts, apply importance labels, highlights and many more features. If you have ever used Outlook™, you will be surprised how enjoying is online event planning and calendaring with even more features, all integrated in Web Calendar Pro. In addition, you can easily export events created in Web Calendar Pro to the most popular formats (vCal, eCal) compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and other organizers.
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 Script Schedule

This is a program which can be used by users as task scheduler for scheduling events. It can be used by the users to view certain web pages, allowing this script to run and send email automatically in an periodic interval. It comes with the ability to email users when their script not in function and it allows users to customize the interval period from every five minutes to every week. It provides a free trial for the script which are scheduled by the users. It stores scripts results for the benefit of the user and provides users an intuitive interface.
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 Adelage Ad Server

Adelage is a banner manager system written in ASP and operates with MS SQL database. This will be integrated easilty with cold fusion tags. Implemented in 100% ASP for compatibility, and customizability. This can be Integrated smoothly with ColdFusion pages via provided custom tag. This provides keyword matching to improve targeting of ads. Provides Flexible Ad scheduling and provides ability to spread impressions/click-thrus of an ad evenly over a range of dates. This also Supports serving ads on a multi-lingual site. Apart from ad features this also support integrated accounting and Invoicing, Integrated reporting, including reports on unsold inventory. Supports multiple sales associates and/or resellers, with integrated wholesale and retail invoicing. Allows Client logins to give clients real-time updates on their ads' performances. This also provides Optional ability to enable clients to enter their own Ad Insertions, Artwork, and/or update their own contact information, and more.
Tags: manager , system , accounting , scheduling , sales , multiple , contact , ads , reports , custom , support , update , banner , pages , keyword , matching , retail , for , features , improve , clients ,


This is a program especially built for server management. Users can utilize this as a tool in scheduling tasks on the Windows servers, since it comes as a two file program with a main page and an email function in addition. They can use this program to manage any number of domains what may be one or several.
Tags: email , file , tool , program , server , page , manage , scheduling , tasks , number , function , for ,


CF_StockGrabber is customizable CFML tag, which gets the detailed stock information from Yahoo Finance by passing simple parameters. User can supply the simple parameters like single stock, mutual fund, or index ticker symbol. Also user can supply a comma delimited list of stock, mutual fund, or index ticker symbols for processing. Apart from this user can supply other parameters like ErrorCheck, ErrorPage,ErrorMailTo (optional). Also user can change the default query. For more details see These parameters are passed to site using CFHttp. Because the tag makes use of CFHttp, the user never has to leave the site calling the tag. In addition, those using CF 3.1 or CF3.0 with a scheduling program will find this tag extremely useful for gathering stock quote information on an automated basis. The uses of this tag are virtually unlimited and demonstrate the power of intelligent agents within the Cold Fusion framework. This can be customized to other sites also.
Tags: program , find , information , site , list , using , stock , change , scheduling , tag , user , yahoo , simple , index , power , automated , quote , ticker , for , sites , useful , comma ,

 Physician Scheduling Software

Offers staff scheduling software that automatically generates fair, accurate schedules for physicians/medical staffs. Preferences and complex rules can be customized to implement scheduling policies for your group. Balances the needs of the individual those of the groups. Users login to make requests, view/modify schedule, or locate scheduuled staff members.
Tags: software , make , scheduling , automatically , login , staff , accurate , for , locate , rules , schedules ,

 Day Planner

This program helps users in organising contact details by providing address book application. It can be also used in event scheduling using its advanced event calendar. With its entire features users can build an effeciently organized day planner.
Tags: program , book , using , address , scheduling , addressbook , advanced , contact , build , event , day , features , users ,

 ASP Events Calendar - Basic

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to have a full featured event scheduling calendar with several functionalities. This program allows administrators to update calendar at wherever they want. This program also facilitates administrators to manage each and every aspect including event scheduling and username and password. Administrators can allow public to post events and can display numerous events on all pages.
Tags: program , calendar , manage , scheduling , display , update , event , events , post , public ,

 Viet Calendar

Viet Calendar software is a scheduling system based on PHP. This script allows you to view month, days, dates and year. It shows the current month on any page you like. This script shows calendars either as a single month or twelve months like a real calendar and it allows the viewers to view full calendars of any year. You can customize any color on the calendar and can also change all the month and day names to your language.
Tags: software , calendar , system , color , script , view , page , change , scheduling , customize , day , real , names , dates ,

 email marketing application

email marketing application is a .NET email web application. This tool offers various benefits like executing complicated marketing campaigns from existing infra structure, allowing multiple departments for marketing, provision of adding new services, scheduling campaigns, web based HTML editor with image manager, viewing active or inactive email ID's, reusable email templates etc.
Tags: email , image , web , tool , editor , application , scheduling , marketing , multiple , templates , active , for , webbased ,


Webmasters can utilize this program for several types of organizations which may be a small business, mid-size business or large one. It also has the ability to be utilized in government agencies and DCAA compliance. This software is enabled with the features to be flexible to suit all organising needs including task management, event scheduling etc.,
Tags: software , program , business , task , scheduling , small , event , for , features , government ,


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