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 AIMpromote - Generate More Leads and Increase Sales

Generate more leads for your business and close more sales. AIMpromote provides you with the tools to easily generate and track leads through your website, telephone, or direct mail. With it's combination of visitor tracking, CRM, and sales force automation you will have the professional tools to give your website the competitive advantage it needs to go to the next level. Marketing Automation Features: Create & modify feedback forms with no coding necessary Instantly update forms on all sites with a single click Complete visitor tracking for every site Generate reports on a single site or for all sites cumulatively Automatically create perfectly optimized promotional sites... Detailed Reporting Features: Which campaigns are producing phone calls Which campaigns are producing feedback submissions How much revenue each campaign has produced Actual Return-on-Investment (ROI) for the campaign Number of leads closed Number of leads in-progress Number of possible sales lost Non-qualified leads handled... Also included are complete Customer Relationship Management features (CRM), automatic promotional website generation, data mining, and more. Sign up for a free 14 day full featured trial!
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 Adserver Solutions

This ASP based ad management software is used to generate rotating banners and images for marketing the products of private firms online. This tool really gives solutions for the online marketers for revenue generation and gives real time report to the customers. By using this tool users can generate different models in ads on their web pages like, contextual ads, vertical scrollers, text ads, scratch offs, moving ads etc.,
Tags: software , web , tool , text , time , online , images , management , report , using , generate , marketing , private , ads , models , pages , vertical , real , for , webpages , users , banners , solutions , generation , revenue , moving ,

 Adventia Chat Server Pro .NET

Using this user friendly communication tool you can increase your sales by means online customer service and it stores all the information about the visitors in the log files. This software increases revenue by banner advertisement and it does not require plug-ins as well as third party component and it can be easily integrated into any custom web application. It has many enhanced features.
Tags: software , web , tool , online , component , information , log , service , sales , user , custom , communication , customer , into , banner , increase , revenue , party ,

 Alternative Advertising

This PHP based program is helpful for the webmasters to display their site with Google's Adsense Public Service Ad's and if the Google Adsense is not displaying regular ads the users can display their own Ad's instead of Google's Adsense and they can earn cash regularly every. This tool is helpful for every webmasters to generate revenue online.
Tags: tool , program , site , display , generate , ads , cash , for , users , revenue ,

 Antiadbuster (ASP)

Antiadbuster protects your websites from ad killers/ad busters and site grabbers. Thus helping you regain the revenue that you are losing due to these Blockers. This is written completely in PHP. This also protects your site from dangerous offline grabbers and leechers which can download your entire site in seconds and jeopardize years of work.
Tags: download , site , offline , websites , revenue ,

 Ad Mentor

Ad Mentor is an ASP program which is helpful for web site owners to cover their site with banners for increasing web traffic through their site. It helps business persons to increase their revenue by giving ads to the website. It uses different image formats to build rotating banners on the web pages. Users can use this tool easily and it is understandable.
Tags: image , web , tool , program , business , site , traffic , ads , build , cover , for , banners , increase , revenue ,

 Ultiamte Image Hosting

Incredible image hosting script! Imagine free and paid options, fully fledged membership system and of course, batch uploading. Check it out! That's right, an incredible tempalte driven image hosting website is here for you! Imagehosting can be a great revenue provider and with this bargain script, you will be getting the money you DESERVE from your website. Constructed to be easy to make unique, you will have no trouble blending this script in with ANY site. Image hsoting, at its very best.
Tags: image , system , website , easy , make , batch , script , money , for , membership , hosting , revenue ,


BidVertiser is a remotely hosted affiliate program which generates income. Using this program users can make use of the ad space provided on the website and by every visitors click on the ad, users will get paid. By placing Bidvertiser ad on the user website they can get more hit from the advertisers. This is an useful program to generate revenue using the ad space.
Tags: program , website , space , make , using , generate , user , click , useful , users , revenue ,

 :: AJ PPC :: Advanced Pay Per Click Script

The AJ Square Inc has come up with new innovative and revolutionary PPC Search engine is PHP and Mysql based software. So it is fast and easy to use and install. PPC search engine can be easily installed using installer script Show banners in search results. Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, if site's member has enough money on his account. Clicks are counted; the visitor is redirected to that site instantly. Any new listing becomes active or a new listing is not active until admin approves it. It depends on option, which can be changed by admin at any time. Earn extra revenue by using affiliate search results.
Tags: search , easy , fast , site , script , money , using , admin , engine , searchengine , installer , keywords , active , bid , banners , listing , revenue , visitor ,

 StormPay Randomizer

StormPay Randomizer is an application in PHP script to start your own randomizer system to increase revenue of your business. Feature highlights are, a fully controlled admin area, add members, list names and emails, sending mails automatically, the IPN controlled anti cheat system stops the members from bypassing payment links, IPN system add members when signing up, allow members to advertise their own personal URL, unlimited number of members and easy installation. Totally a cash generator to admin.
Tags: system , easy , generator , list , script , application , personal , admin , number , start , cash , payment , names , increase , revenue , cheat , sending , controlled ,


Leadhound is an ultra-fast, feature-loaded service, designed from the group up to be robust and yet very simple to use. Leadhound is absolutely feature loaded! It contains many features that are broken down into three main areas: Affiliate, Merchant and Admin Back office. Further details on each of the areas can found in below on this page. Leadhound is a highly developed, but simple to use interface making site administration easy to learn and maintain. Feature Highlights Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, 22 unique affiliate features, 31 unique merchant features, 19 unique staff features, Almost complete automation of the process. Ease of use - get new campaigns online in just 5 minutes!, Password protected, Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption(Dependant upon your server connection), Review personal information, Subscribe to HTML or text based newsletters, Edit personal information, Country selection. Country field matches to merchants selected countries of promotion - target campaigns, Edit content categories of interest (Fields of interest that match the affiliates website content - target campaigns), List all available campaigns, List subscribed campaigns, List new campaigns, List expired campaigns, Display earnings per click by campaigns, Real-time impression, click, lead, sale tracking and reporting, Auto generated HTML for affiliates subscribing to any campaign, Sub-affiliate IDs. Affiliates can tag the HTML with their own unique affiliate ID codes to track their own members' activity, Ability for affiliate to select automatically generated static, rotating, or text link to promote the campaign, Real-time statistics sorted by month-to-month drop down menus, Real-time statistics for sub-affiliates, Real-time revenue statistics (When an affiliate's end-user converts to a lead or sale on the merchants website, it automatically updates the affiliates account. and more
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 Ensim Pro

This is a utility and a commercial grade control panel program where the small business clients and resellers can offer professional quality hosting plans to customers. This tool supports shared, dedicated web hosting services. Features like permitting the users to differentiate their business, offering automated and management of common hosting to reduce the burden for the users, facility for expanding users revenue opportunities, avoids theft for customers data and more are available.
Tags: web , utility , tool , program , data , control , management , business , small , professional , smallbusiness , automated , quality , reduce , for , customers , theft , users , commercial , hosting , revenue , clients ,

 Professional Banner Exchange Scripts

Owning your own banner exchange is an excellent revenue generating traffic tool that you can use to promote your own website network. Plus you make 100% of advertising and traffic services. The banner exchange site is both free and paid with free accounts operating 100% automated. How it works The free/paid banner exchange provides a 2:1 banner ration (of which the administrator can change), which means for every two banner impression that loads on a user loads on their website, they get one impression of their banner on a member site. Every other banner impression is filled by a house promoting the exchange. For paid services, this site boasts paid credits and banner advertising on the main website. In addition this banner exchange has an anti-cheat referral system that promotes the exchange itself. You set the referral credits for your members. With no extra fees other than hosting, this site is a serious traffic generation and advertising based money making tool.
Tags: tool , system , website , make , site , money , traffic , exchange , administrator , user , set , accounts , advertising , banner , addition , for , house , generation , revenue ,

 Affiliate Directory (Blue Colour)

The affiliate program directory is a mega resource for websites to list their affiliate programs that features a rating system. The administrator can moderate categories, sub categories and and listings. This site is a great traffic builder that includes a built in automated banner and newsletter system and sponsor links for advertising revenue generation. The site requires a graphic to be be placed on the website of the submitted link, when the admin verifies the link and the link back, the listing can be added to the directory with one click.
Tags: program , system , builder , website , programs , site , list , graphic , directory , link , traffic , links , admin , administrator , newsletter , resource , advertising , automated , banner , websites , for , features , rating , listing , revenue ,

 PHP Classifieds scripts

Classifieds are an age old tried and tested form of selling that everyone is familiar with. From getting rid of those old skis in your basement to selling your family vehicle so you can upgrade. Classifieds are an excellent revenue generator that brings sellers and buyers together. With our classifieds site, you can build revenues by offering a service that everyone can use. How it works The classifieds site is a 100% automated site that allows seller to post ads based on categories. The site comes preprogrammed with PayPal and Stormpay as payment processors using the IPN system for a truly hands free experience. Sellers create an account and pick a package to post their ads that the admin specifies, which includes choosing from standard ads to featured ads that appear on the main webpage.
Tags: create , system , generator , site , using , form , family , service , admin , ads , account , build , package , automated , vehicle , payment , post , hands , for , standard , pick , revenue ,


Plug in Search is a site search engine script where users can perform searches on the website. There are 15 categories available like shareware, sports, MP3 etc for searching sites. Users can choose specific category to search the web. Search results are displayed into your site. This program has features like, online setup and managing, fast and accurate search results, keeping users longer, getting 50% of the banner ad space, creating incremental ad revenue and more.
Tags: search , program , online , fast , creating , site , script , engine , searchengine , into , banner , accurate , searching , for , features , users , available , revenue , searches ,


Tidalrangemobile v.0.5 makes use of the XML feeds of Mediaplazza to create a MySql database of the Polyphonic ringtones. The MySql database can be used to display the ringtones on your website in such a way that it is indexable by search engines. With i-frames search engines did not index the ringtones. The aim of the script is to enable Mediaplazza affiliates to creat a total unique website. For people that do not have a knowledge of PHP and MySql, a complete customizable script is added that makes use of XML feeds to display to 'New Polyphonic Ringtones' and 'Top Downloads' so that it is up to date at all times. The rest of the categories - Advertising to Zouk Ragga - are displayed in alphabetical order via the MySql database created. You can also insert the code for Adsense or banners or any other advertisements you want to make use of to generate an extra revenue besides that from the ringtones.
Tags: database , search , create , website , make , code , script , date , display , generate , index , aim , insert , ringtones , feeds , knowledge , for , banners , complete , revenue , people , engines ,

 FirstEuro High Yield Investment

This e-commerce software is based on 'Forex' market trading and contains several investment plans upon which investors can invest their funds to earn profits. This program is designed in such a way that you can increase your long term return on investment through different high yielding investment plans and depending on the plan you choose you can earn profits and revenue along with the day to day profit based on the profit ratio.
Tags: software , program , plan , trading , market , day , investment , profit , increase , revenue , invest ,

 FirstEuro High Yield Investment

Using this utility you can maintain forex market trading website which can generate revenue based on your client's transactions as commissions. This e-commerce software is based on 'Forex' market trading and contains several investment plans upon which investors can invest their funds to earn profits. This program is designed in such a way that your clients can increase their long term return on investment through different high yielding investment plans and depending on the plan they choose they can earn profits and revenue along with the day to day profit based on the profit ratio.
Tags: software , utility , program , website , generate , plan , trading , market , day , investment , profit , forex , maintain , increase , revenue , clients , invest ,

 Word Jumble

Word Jumble is a online gaming programme. This script is fast loading and a highly addictive and an all family game. The rules are simple to follow and everything is handled on the server itself and has a customizable look. You can add as many as words in the game and has an administrative screen. Brings revenue through banner ads and builds loyality and repeated traffic in your website.
Tags: game , online , server , fast , script , family , words , traffic , ads , simple , gaming , addictive , banner , rules , revenue ,

 phpYellow Lite Edition

phpYellow Lite Edition is a PHP based software designed to assist business people to launch their potential yellow pages with CSS templates on the internet. Admin can include their own header images on the pages with unlimitwed ads and are facilitated with several advanced features like form validation, brandable interface, new listing pages, point and click user interface etc.,The most highlighting part of this program is that it can earn revenue commissions too and can be easily installed providing admin with complete control over the online program.
Tags: software , program , online , control , images , business , form , advanced , templates , admin , user , ads , launch , click , interface , pages , highlighting , features , listing , complete , userinterface , point , revenue , part , people ,


PHPYellow is an application in PHP for creating yellow pages. This online programme brings more recurring revenue to your websites by making advertisement on yellow pages. Features are, you get paid for listings, sponsor/mini webpage listing type, set listing position, set images with listings, search by map ie:- USA map included, has advanced search facility, browse by category letter, intenet login to retrieve newer version, free paypal connect code, check version of Phpyellow via the admin center and easy installation. There are two versions lite which is free and Pro with more advanced options for a price.
Tags: search , online , images , easy , creating , application , check , map , advanced , admin , browse , retrieve , set , version , login , options , websites , connect , for , listing , paypal , revenue ,


Greatplaces4u is a remotely hosted application for users website to make revenue and increase more hits to their web pages. This offers many online applications like, auction site, freelancers work place, advertising, job market and more. It is easy to link these remote application from your site.
Tags: web , online , website , easy , make , application , remote , link , job , work , market , auction , applications , for , users , increase , revenue ,


The FAQ is a simple PHP script which helps you in managing the FAQ database on your website effectively. The script uses the MySQL database for storing and retrieving all the information. With this script you will be able to answer the customer queries instantly and thereby increase your revenue or business as well as increase your customer satisfaction. This is a simple and easy to use script which can be customized easily. An online demo for the users as well as for the administrators are available on the website.
Tags: database , online , website , business , easy , script , demo , simple , customer , for , users , increase , available , revenue ,

 Fully Developed Real Estate Website

Using this program you can create amd manage a real estate website with all essential features. Business people and selling agents can list ads on this website for their rental properties with banners and ads. Payment transactions are done via paypal gateway with automated registration. Some key features include mail notification for the agents to remind on their account expiration, support for affiliate programs, high revenue etc.,
Tags: program , create , mail , website , notification , list , manage , key , ads , support , account , automated , realestate , rental , remind , properties , real , for , features , gateway , banners , paypal , revenue , people ,


iQB2B is a industry directory catered to suppliers, manufacturers, exporters & importers. This solution can be used purely as standalone revenue generator or it can be a complement to an existing corporate site that you already have.
Tags: generator , site , directory , solution , revenue ,

 WebspaceUK free forum hosting

This is an useful phpBB module with which you would be able to add hosted forums on your phpBB. This program also enables you to offer forum hosting service from your website to your visitors. Facilities to earn revenue by including templates, logo, mods etc., on the forums are available for you. This program supports unlimited space and bandwidth for the forum hosting and is easy to integrate on any existing website.
Tags: program , website , space , easy , service , module , bandwidth , forum , for , useful , available , hosting , revenue ,

 iWeb Hyperseek Jackhammer Search Engine System

The Hyperseek Jackhammer Search Engine System features include Category Structures of Unlimited Depth, Top Rated Relevancy Matching, Adult Filtering, support of multiple paid incoming "backfill" feeds, eligible for revenue sharing to your own affiliates, PPC Options: Pay per click, Month (2 varieties), Detail View, or Impression, Completely template driven down to pixel level, Supports Minimum Bids, Allows for admin defined bid increments, bulk listing/keyword loading options, Pending "SmartBid" technology (allows for automated positional bidding), Proxy Bidding, Lexical Relevance Option allows for dynamic synonym and pluralistic bidding, Geo Targeted Bidding Zones, Time Targeted Bidding Zones, Full financial reporting and accounting, partnership Potential: Cobranding, XML Feeds, Embedded Search, SQL Database Power (including OLAP/OLTP Support), Multiple server (cluster) ready and tested, Completely (100%) Template based (via internal template system or external XSL), Statistical Tracking & Reporting, Customizable API, eCommerce integration (over 30 merchant solutions supported), QuickBooks integration and much more. Tested to handle over 10 million keyword bids, over 1 million accounts, and to serve upwards of 3 million unique searches per day.
Tags: server , system , sharing , bulk , multiple , admin , template , financial , support , dynamic , reporting , automated , keyword , for , features , bid , integration , pixel , solutions , revenue , searches ,

 SFS Image Hosting

How it works: For free, users can upload images to host without registering that are available for 60 days. To moderate multiple images, users can register for their own account. Not only can the site offer this great service for free, but the administrator can make it a paid service for registration through PayPal. High traffic and revenue potential. Start earn today!
Tags: images , make , site , service , upload , traffic , multiple , administrator , host , for , register , users , registration , available , revenue ,

 SFS Domain registrant

This site is 100% automated and features transparent operation with the provider so your customer never know who the provider is. This site features your own nameservers for domain parking, customization of customer emails and additional domain tools to insure repeat visitor's such as whois, word wizard and Domain Twist. How it works The domain registration site offers domain registration services for top level and .us domains. This site is 100% automated, giving commission on each sale. Not only is this site a great revenue generator but it gives you great flexibility allowing you to determine your own prices for featured services.
Tags: word , tools , generator , site , emails , wizard , domain , transparent , customer , services , automated , for , features , registration , top , revenue , repeat ,


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