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 Creating a TCP Component in Visual Basic

Creating a TCP Component in Visual Basic is an article which deals with generating TCP component using VB which helps in accessing the emails from the POP server. Here author explains about implemetation of the component to send data, retrieve data, to check if the data available in the server, and about opening and shutting down connection of the components.
Tags: data , component , using , check , send , emails , connection , retrieve , author , available ,


4CM_Grabber is generated using PHP script that helps you to retrieve data strips from other websites. You can grasp data from any category and can insert them on your content pages. Info about latest news, current weather, stock quotes and much more can be gotten from major website URLs. No need for HTML and PHP to access this script.
Tags: data , access , website , script , using , stock , content , retrieve , quotes , insert , for ,

 IIS Log Manager

This software is basically built in ASP that performs to calculate the bandwidth of a website in a monthly basis and store the report in a database. Users can easily retrieve the report about usage of bandwidth per domain from the database and also the users can delete the report from the database. The backend log managers works under windows scheduler environment. Features included with this program are, bandwidth per site calculations and bandwidth per reseller, after process users can compress the log files, results are displayed in front end of the web page etc.,
Tags: software , windows , database , web , program , website , delete , site , report , log , compress , page , scheduler , webpage , store , process , bandwidth , domain , retrieve , calculate , usage , users , monthly ,

 PPP Web Mail

PPP Web Mail is an ASP.NET email utility application that provides mailing solutions on websites. This tool allows user to retrieve emails from pop server and they can store it in MYSQL database. This tool offers various features like providing links to PPP users registrations, logins and address books, support for any number of pop accounts, folders to manage mails, ability to create new folders, integrated WYSIWYG HTML editor and more.
Tags: email , utility , tool , editor , create , server , application , address , folders , manage , pop , emails , mailing , links , store , user , number , support , retrieve , for , features , users , solutions ,


ANPOP is an advanced POP3 COM object to retrieve and parse email from ASP or VB or other COM environment application. . It fully supports asynchronous operating mode and event firing. ANPOP supports all operations of POP3 protocol. It incorporates POPMSG object that parses email structure, abstracting specified stuffs from Message Body, such as Recipients, Subject, Body, Attachment, store mails in local disk and more.
Tags: email , disk , advanced , store , retrieve , event , local , object , environment , mode , parse ,

 AITOC BackUp Manager

AITOC BackUp Manager is a web based database application through which users can insert, create, delete data from the database. This tool allows users to retrieve data from the existing data base table, created SQL script files can be inserted into the database tables, capability of deleting time stamp or row version columns, provision for selecting top n rows, provision for disabling the constrains while restoring and more.
Tags: database , web , tool , data , time , files , delete , script , application , retrieve , into , version , stamp , for , base , webbased , users , timestamp , top ,

 An Email Mailing List Manager

The Omnistar Mailer is a dynamic contact database and email list manager combined. It will give you the ability to dynamically create forms for obtaining information, create email list campaigns and create customized advanced searches to quickly retrieve your stored information.
Tags: email , database , create , manager , list , forms , advanced , contact , dynamic , retrieve , for , searches ,

 An Email Mailing List Manager

The Omnistar Mailer is a dynamic contact database and email list manager combined. It will give you the ability to dynamically create forms for obtaining information, create email list campaigns and create customized advanced searches to quickly retrieve your stored information.
Tags: email , database , create , manager , list , forms , advanced , contact , dynamic , retrieve , for , searches ,

 ColorConversion Object

This ASP article has an example source snippet that demonstrates how the color values of RGB and HexaDecimal can be converted between them. Clearly explains the RGB methods and properties to retrieve color values and describes all functions used to transfer the RGB color into HexaDecimal color and vice versa. Given snippet can be copied into your source directory.
Tags: color , transfer , source , retrieve , into , properties , functions ,


This is a server application that provide security to ASP components for a shared web hosting. The added components in the suite are AdvFile- that manages files, AdvSMTP- for sending email messages, AdvIMAP4- that retrives and deletes messages from the server, AdvHTTP- complete http client, AdvDirectory- for directory management, AdvRegistry- for registry management, AdvDSN- for DSN management, AdvPOP3- to retrieve and delete mails from pop3 servers, AdvLDAP- all basic operations on LDAP directory servers, AdvZIP- to zip and unzip files on servers. These components comes with security box and intuitive admin interface.
Tags: email , security , web , server , files , delete , zip , registry , pop3 , application , http , directory , components , admin , basic , messages , unzip , retrieve , box , for , complete , sending , shared , suite ,

 Working with ActiveX Server Components

Working with ActiveX Server Components is an ASP tutorial which deals with generating the Active server components, methods that have to be adapted to access various components and their attributes. In this article author discusses about procedure involved to retrieve data from database, managing page navigation and more.
Tags: data , server , access , navigation , page , components , retrieve , tutorial , author ,

 Counters Component

This article tells us about counter object which is created by counter component inorder to store, create, increment and retrieve any number of count in the website. Here there are few examples and sample code for executing the counter with various methods like get, increment, set and remove.
Tags: component , code , number , retrieve , set , counter , count , object , sample , for , us , examples ,

 Classic ASP Screenscraping

This is an article that deals with a function to return and send details from and to a website. Author says that this process can be easily done by using a tool suite from Microsoft component that is capable of working with XML technology. This tutorial elaborates that those tools have the ability to return HTTP output after posting variables. The author of this tutorial suggests that this function can be used by the users to submit information to several search engines to retrieve the results.
Tags: tool , search , component , tools , information , using , send , process , retrieve , tutorial , submit , function , author , users , engines , suite ,

 Putting Arrays to Work

With the help of this ASP learning module, it is obviously illustrated how an element in an array can be called and can be displayed together with other text expressions. More useful to get info on data manipulation through ASP and this article provides two easier ways to retrieve an array data with example parameters.
Tags: data , text , help , learning , retrieve , info , useful ,

 Aspik's Web Calendar

This script is built in ASP which is used for creating a website with powerful and customizable event calendar that allows the site visitors to add, edit, retrieve and delete the events from the calendar. Users can customize the layout of the calendar and also they can print out the selected view of the calendar. This program is easy to setup and to run.
Tags: program , calendar , print , website , delete , easy , creating , site , script , view , retrieve , customize , event , layout , events , for , powerful , out ,

 Media Processor

This is a program which can be used by the users for loading the files and media formats. It uses formats such as PNG, TIFF, PCX, JPEG, Adobe photoshop, BMP, TGA, Kodak flash pix image, DIB, 3DMF etc., And it supports BMP or JPEG to store all the results after producing thumbnails, croping, rotating and drawing the text etc., This program can be used by the users to load different varities of video format and to retrieve the information from audio files.
Tags: video , audio , flash , program , text , files , information , format , media , drawing , store , retrieve , load , for , users ,

 Active Metadata

Active Metadata as the name indicates is a powerful image metadata utility by which you can generate thumbnails for image files with details like copyright, camera model, date, comments, exposure time, resolution, color tables and binary information etc., You can also retrieve image attributes from files and can also add new metadata for files. This program supports JPEG,TIFF, Exif, and PNG image format.
Tags: image , utility , program , files , color , information , camera , generate , name , thumbnails , retrieve , binary , metadata , for , powerful ,

 Babylon Pro Corporate

This script is used to allow users to retrieve internal corporate or external corporate information in a single click with the help of desktop utility. By using this babylon corporate users can access internal corporate information through any word or phrase from any PC applications like, browsers, email applications etc. They can access the information about, partners, customers, employees, competitors and more.
Tags: email , desktop , access , word , help , information , script , using , retrieve , click , applications , phrase , users ,

 Client Manager

Client Manager is a handy webmasters tool that helps to generate and maintain a seperate database of their business clients. This PHP application is simple and is supported by MySQL backend where all client's details are stored. You can add, edit and delete, access and retrieve those details easily through this program.
Tags: database , tool , access , business , edit , application , generate , simple , retrieve , maintain ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader

Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader is a powerful javascript enabled online news publishing addon that enables users to display specific news on your webpages. This program can read all news feed sources from the XML files and displays the same on your web pages. The key feature of this program is that it uses a single configuration file to retrieve and convert RSS news feed.
Tags: file , convert , web , program , online , files , javascript , news , addon , display , key , read , retrieve , feed , publishing , configuration , feature , users , newsfeed , powerful ,

 Uploading and retrieving images from SQL Server

This is a tutorial where users can find information on using SQL server database to save and retrieve images. In this tutorial the author starts with a simple description about using data type image to save binary data and explains clearly about storing and retrieving images in SQL server. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: image , database , data , server , images , easy , find , information , using , save , simple , retrieve , type , binary , tutorial , author , useful , users ,

 Getting the HTML Web Form Name in Code

Getting the HTML Web Form Name in Code is an article in which author discusses about the procedure to retrieve the HTML web form name through java script using the clientID property. The author explains about the codes with examples and also he explains about ClientID prorperty and the method to utilize this to retrieve the HTML web form name.
Tags: web , java , script , using , form , name , retrieve , author , webform , method , codes , examples ,

 Registry for .NET

This is a program that can be used by the webmasters to keep track of the registry data which is collected during system operation. Registry can be expanded as Registry key and registry root key. It is possible to rename keys and values and to generate registry sub key with event. User can have the facility to retrieve the last write time in what the last modification has occurred to the key or value. This program allows users to export data into XML and has several enhanced features for the users.
Tags: program , data , time , system , export , registry , write , key , generate , track , rename , retrieve , into , keys , for , features , users ,

 Smart Publisher Pro

This is an easy to use content management program that can add, edit or delete contents on the websites. This program supports multiple language and multiregional environments. Users are allowed to retrieve and index language including keywords, classes, categories etc. Admin features like, ability to add, edit or delete images, managing files, databases, presentation etc.
Tags: program , management , delete , edit , easy , presentation , language , content , multiple , index , retrieve , features , contentmanagement , contents ,

 Arctor D2D Backup

Arctor D2D Backup is a powerful online server managemnt tool using which you can backup files and folders from the system. This program gives a hot redundancy solution for your data backups and enables you to to retrieve latest version of your files from the archive. This utility supports spreadsheets, address books, word documents, database files, images, videos, etc., and creates a disk mirror where you can copy all your important files to a CD or DVD with your favorite CD writing software.
Tags: database , utility , tool , backup , program , data , online , server , files , word , disk , copy , using , address , folders , retrieve , version , mirror , solution , writing , favorite , for , backups , powerful ,

 Resurrection and the .NET Garbage collector

This article teaches elaborately about .NET's garbage collector method which is helpful for every developer that allows them to retrieve back the destructed object i.e- reactivated again from destruction for normal play. To view this action practically users can use the given sample source code snippets on their codes.
Tags: action , code , view , source , developer , sourcecode , retrieve , object , sample , for , back , collector , users , method ,

 SPLIT String Function by Charles Carroll

With the help of this ASP learning article, the ASP programmers can get more useful tips to manipulate strings in their ASP applications. The SPLIT function is explained along with it's syntax and it is explained to retrieve particular elements from an array this function should be used with delimiter. Demonstration enables you to get clear idea on SPLIT function.
Tags: help , learning , tips , retrieve , function , syntax , clear , useful ,


circeOS_CV is a simple and yet an efficient web based application designed to search words inside all types of documents especially curriculum vitae. Using this software you will be able to insert and modify anagraphic datas and can also list the curriculum as desired. Some of the main features include ability to retrieve all details of the curriculum, anagraphic data filters, upload and retrieve curriculum vitae documents etc.
Tags: software , web , search , data , list , application , upload , words , documents , simple , retrieve , insert , features , modify , webbased ,

 CMedia CMS

This is a content management solution that helps users to add, delete or edit dynamic contents on the websites. Admin can edit site layout, forms and designs according to their needs. This program has an ability to export and import data from other systems such as, ERP, CRM, SFA etc. Admin can add menu items, text, graphics into their websites. This progam uses MS Access database to store and retrieve data. Users can update contents on their websites. This program has features like, updating everyting online, providing tools to analyse statistics and more.
Tags: database , program , data , menu , management , graphics , delete , edit , tools , export , site , import , statistics , forms , content , store , dynamic , retrieve , into , update , solution , analyse , features , contentmanagement , users , contents , systems ,

 JavaScript Print Page From Different Frame

Webmasters can use this script for designing framesets for their websites in which they need a link to one page in the frameset to display the contents from page in another frame. This function can retrieve data from any number of frames in the frameset. This is a simple script and can be used by persons who have little programming knowledge in javascript.
Tags: data , script , programming , page , display , link , simple , number , retrieve , function , websites , frames , knowledge , for , contents ,


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