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 Report Sharp-Shooter

Looking for a comprehensive report building solution that would be both easy to deploy and use? Report Sharp-Shooter 1.9 is a royalty-free report building engine for .NET, capable of creating complex reports from multiple data sources and featuring various report export options - PDF, HTML, EMP, BMP, GIF, TIFF, Excel, Excel (XML), CSV, TXT, RTF etc. New export options are always being added. This components library is 100% .NET compatible and features support for ADO.NET hierarchical data model with relations, WinForms and ASP.NET web forms, and a data-binding model analogous to ASP.NET. Report Sharp-Shooter offers C# /VB.NET scripting support. In addition, this software package includes Win/Web Forms viewers and end-user designer for both report templates and final (rendered) documents. Report Sharp-Shooter can be used to create both bound and unbound reports with unlimited number of master-detail relations. Importantly, unlike competing products, Report Sharp-Shooter is much easier to deploy (two dlls required). It supports all .NET data sources, including ADO.NET and any 3rd-party business objects. The software stores generated reports in the form of objects graph (using ReportDOM). Using XML format for reports makes it possible to share them online.This solution can be used to solve even the most difficult reporting issues. Open plug-in architecture guarantees easy integration into other software projects, no matter how complex. Report Sharp-Shooter’s report generator is capable of importing project namespaces, local variables, procedures and functions from .NET framework. In addition, it offers rich visual controls set, including texts, barcodes, shapes and pictures; it also supports styles and different measurement units. Report Sharp-Shooter is very affordable, starting at 375 USD. Four software editions are available: Lite, Standard, Web and Professional. Professional version comes with the source code. Localization is supported. Try it free now!
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 Ad Server Solutions (Servlet Version)

Ad Server Solution is an Internet advertising software developed on java servlet technology. It provides rich ad management software for serving and scheduling advertising in your web sites. It can work on Unix platforms like Solaris, Linux etc. It easily rotates the paid banner adds, interactive marketing units, skyscrapers etc. It can integrate ad codes like Doubleclick, AdQuantum, Engage, AdForce, 24/7, Flycast, etc. Ad Server Solution supports advanced reporting and detailed control over distribution. With Ad Server Solution you can advertise traditional interactive marketing unit ad standards set by the Internet Advertising Bureau or can create your own. It features flexibility, ease of use, high end scalability and much more.
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This XML based reporting solution can be used to query, view or manipulate data from any source. It creates interactive reports that can be easily created, designed and distributed in any environment. This enables better informed decisions through its easy to use reports integration features. Data from any source can be transformed and integrated into any application. The generated reports could be grid reports, free form reports, cross tabs, charts, columnar, summary and sub reports.
Tags: data , easy , form , view , source , reports , interactive , into , reporting , grid , solution , integration ,

 Form Hosts

Form Hosts is a powerful form processor program using which you can create online HTML forms for your webservices. This remotely hosted program provides customizable templates with which you can generate forms as per your specifications, logo, text and images. The advanced form submission reporting module available in this online form genrating software will help you to validate, extract all user details from the forms.
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 Aspose.PowerPoint for Java

Aspose.PowerPoint is a java PowerPoint presentation reporting component. With it, you can:Read, change and save existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations which support text placeholders, text frames and backgrounds without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint; Read and change PowerPoint presentations via API;Preview slides and integration with Aspose.Pdf for Ppt2Pdf converting;etc.The latest version added new video clips as a link to a video file ;etc.
Tags: file , video , text , java , save , presentation , change , link , support , version , reporting , presentations , backgrounds , frames , for , integration , clips ,


Aspose.PowerPoint is a .Net PowerPoint presentation reporting component. With it, you can:Read, change and save existing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations which support text placeholders, text frames and backgrounds without utilizing Microsoft PowerPoint. Read and change PowerPoint presentations via API. Read and change PowerPoint presentations with Windows Forms applications and Web Forms applications. Customize your PowerPoint presentation reporting application in minutes or hours from fully-featured demos both in C# and Visual Basic .Net. The latest version added Exporting slides to SVG (Enterprise edition);ect.
Tags: text , application , save , presentation , change , support , version , reporting , presentations , applications , backgrounds , frames , demos ,


Aspose.Pdf.Form is a .Net Pdf document reporting component which allows developers to read all the fields of the pdf documents, including its name and value;fill the field through the specified field name; Flatten some specified field or all the fields of the pdf documents; Customize your Pdf document reporting application in minutes from 48 fully-working examples in C#, Visual Basic .Net.etc. Application scenario includes mailmerge from an database and invoices with master relation.The last version support to import data from fdf file into pdf and export data from pdf into fdf; etc.
Tags: file , database , pdf , data , component , export , document , application , import , read , name , support , into , version , reporting , invoices , field , master , fields , examples ,


asRep is a tracking script designed to measure the performance of your web pages and domains by tracking the clicks and impressions on the adsense ads displayed on the websites pages. This software is capable of reporting results with statistical details like the number of views, clicks, CTR and ACD etc,. Users will be reported with daily and monthly results through e-mails.
Tags: software , web , script , tracking , performance , ads , number , measure , reporting , pages , daily , websites , webpages , monthly ,

 OnTime 2004 Web Services SDK

This is a solution that can be used to create bug reporting application on exising web or windows applications for software testing personals. Web developers would be able to generate customized win form applications to submit bugs and web pages. They can integrate bug reporting feature into their existing applications. Software developers can store data in their OnTime database and can manipulate, read or update them using web service APIs.
Tags: software , windows , database , web , data , create , application , using , form , service , generate , store , read , testing , win , into , update , reporting , submit , bug , solution , applications , feature , for , webservice ,


bigWebDesk is a customer support help desk system that offers many features like allowing the administrator to setup custom ticket fields, category reporting system that identifies and reports the reasons behind a ticket submission, includes a powerful knowledgebase, parses email and create tickets, allows users to select support representatives of their own, and has many other features.
Tags: email , create , system , help , administrator , reports , custom , support , customer , reporting , features , select , users , customersupport , ticket , powerful , desk ,


This is an ideal newsletter management programme backed by powerful tracking and subscriber management features. This programme delivers optimal performance utilizing less server power and is also accessible via a web based browser. It has features like, an HTML admin interface, advanced tracking and reporting and user management options, multi part MIME email and an enormous capacity of 25,000 message deliveries per hour. A 15 day free trial usage of this programme can be downloaded from the site.
Tags: email , web , server , management , message , tracking , performance , advanced , admin , trial , user , newsletter , reporting , power , day , usage , multi , features , webbased , powerful , part , freetrial ,

 Ad Hoc Query Builder

This is a program using which webmasters can include ad hoc reporting functionality with their ASP.NET applications. This program is very easy to use and it utilizes DataTable object as data source, so webmasters can use any database backend. This program delivers various output such as Filtered DataView, SQL statement, Filter DataTable, Where statement etc.,
Tags: database , program , data , easy , using , reporting , object ,


This program will help you to design and create PHP applications through an object oriented approach. Being completely template driven, this tool will help you to cache templates, design the layout etc., This program can even assist you in building powerful client side validator with backfire and post back. Some of the key features include support for DHTML, reporting abilities, seperate debugging window, different level of controls etc.,
Tags: tool , program , create , design , help , client , key , cache , template , support , reporting , layout , applications , object , controls , validator , post , for , features , powerful , objectoriented , building , debugging ,

 Code4Design Contact Manager

Code4Design Contact Manager is a PHP based mailing list script that provides web based access to manage contacts and emails. You can send mails both in text and HTML formats containing informations about your company, products or services. You can also generate notification emails to staff employees. Mail merge and reporting filters are also provided for the ease of customers in using this script.
Tags: web , text , access , notification , list , script , using , manage , contacts , send , merge , generate , emails , mailing , mailinglist , reporting , staff , filters , for , customers , webbased ,

 Code4Design Email Marketing Tool

Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is a mailing software that assist website owners to implememt flexible mailing list subscription program for their clients with the options to unsubscribe. This program allow users to personalize their mails, archive newsletters automatically, create HTML templates etc,. This email system script is capable of reporting the website owners about the the total number of opened emails, bounces and clickthroughs.
Tags: software , email , program , create , system , website , list , script , archive , mailing , templates , number , mailinglist , reporting , options , for , users , personalize , clients , newsletters ,

 Code4Design Email Marketing Tool

Code4Design Email Marketing Tool is an mailing script designed to support email campaigning tasks on the website. Using this script you will be able to launch flexible mailing list program with subscription and unsubscription options on your website. Key features of this script includes personalized emails, automatic newsletter archives, generation of HTML templates etc., This online script is capable of reporting the website owners about the total number of opened mails, bounces, and click throughs on the sent mails.
Tags: email , program , online , website , list , script , automatic , mailing , tasks , templates , launch , number , support , newsletter , mailinglist , click , reporting , options , features , personalized , generation ,

 SWAT - A simple Web-based Anomalies Tracker - Part 9

This is an online tutorial that allows readers to gather knowledge about implementing reporting feature to their ASP.NET applications. Here the author illustrates about the process of generating web application on ASP.NET in a series of articles. In this article the author covers on implementation of reporting feature. This tutorial guides readers to add a reporting feature with more flexibility.
Tags: web , online , application , process , tutorial , reporting , author , feature , knowledge , covers ,

 Component One Studio

Component One Studio script is an ASP.NET based tool which has several components that allows webmasters to create their own web application in few seconds. Component available with this tool are, web grid component, reporting component, web chart to display charts in both 2D and 3D model, web menus, web bars, web spell and component for e-commerce etc.,
Tags: web , tool , create , component , script , application , chart , display , components , reporting , charts , grid , spell , for , available ,

 Synaptris Reporter

Synaptris Reporter is an reporting system that allows users to distribute reports across enterprises and it is a web based application. This tool can be connected to any RDBMS database and the range of outputs may be in excel, html or in pdf format. Some features of this script are, it supports multiple users, user management, highly secured and easy to install.
Tags: html , database , web , tool , pdf , system , easy , script , multiple , user , reports , reporting , features , distribute , webbased , users ,

 Willow Issue Tracker pro

Willow Issue Tracker pro is a PHP built advanced issue-tracking application available with powerful reporting capabilities. You can export and import reports to and fro between team members in any desired format, analyze the reports and records offline, create formatted reports with custom fields like date fields, numeric fields, drop-down lists etc., Key features include integrated FAQ system, complete audit trail for tasks, design simplicity etc.,
Tags: create , design , export , application , import , date , advanced , reports , custom , analyze , audit , reporting , pro , formatted , lists , team , for , features , records , fields , complete , available , powerful ,


This is an advanced database reporting tool designed to help users to get connect with the database and to create queries. You can work on databases like MySQL, Text, Excel, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Paradox, DBF etc., It can automatically create reports, schedule alerts and export data through mail without user interaction. You can alslo define filters, sort orders, group functions and save them for later access.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , mail , export , help , schedule , save , advanced , user , work , automatically , reporting , group , sort , databases , connect , for , functions , users , alerts ,

 Host Admin

HostAdmin is a hosting automation software and it is based on PHP. It has been designed to automate your entire account and order management, recurring billing, domain registration, reporting needs and server provisioning. MySQL database is used to store data and it also uses HTML templates and CSS. The main features of this admin programme are, client area features, manager area features, admin area features and general features. This script is highly securable and configurable.
Tags: software , database , data , manager , server , client , script , automation , templates , admin , store , automate , account , domain , area , reporting , features , hosting ,

 Duotec solution

Duotec solution is a php based online discussion forum where users are allowed to comment and post messages. Several categories are there for users to discuss on like, templates, sybase server, reporting bugs, asking for features and general features. Admin has ability to edit or delete users postings.
Tags: online , delete , edit , php , reporting , solution , sybase , forum , post , for , features , users ,


This is fully customizable banner solution that allows allows web sites to properly track and report on banners and advertising campaigns thus offering administrative users scalable features to manage and properly identify banners. A powerful reporting engine, FuseAds allows administrators or clients to view their impression and click through statistics on individual pages, web sites, banner sizes and categories. FuseAds supports Oracle (ODBC Drivers Only), MySQL, MSSQL Server, and Access for database. Features: Client Features • Extensive Viewable Reporting • Customizable Printable Report • Intuitive Interface • Updatable Profile Information Admin Features • Extensive Database Support (Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft® Access) • Robust Site Administration • Full Campaign Support with costing, weighting and more. • Powerful Client Control, control what reports your clients see. • Full Clustering Support, no session or application variables are used. FuseAds can run on as many clustered servers as you require, with proper licensing. • Full Support for generating banners on servers that are not running ColdFusion.
Tags: database , web , control , report , application , view , manage , statistics , track , reports , run , click , reporting , advertising , banner , solution , for , sites , features , users , servers , banners , powerful , clients , session ,


This is a content management software that can be used to add, edit or delete content on the websites. Users can control their web content and they need not have any technical knowledge or assistance. This program offers different types of tools such as, dynamic menu navigation, instant form creation, email subscriber management etc. Sales and marketing applications can be created from the admin area. This program has a reporting system and provides central repository for these reports.
Tags: software , email , web , program , control , menu , management , system , delete , edit , tools , form , marketing , content , admin , instant , dynamic , reporting , applications , technical , knowledge , for , contentmanagement ,

 Enterprise Blocks Web Controls

This is an useful database component which is used for generating professional database for enterprise sectors which allows them to access OLAP and OLTP data. It also helps them to generate an analytic applications. It has many web controls to help the web developers in an easy and friendly way. The components that available with this utility are encapsulated many data analysis features like, sorting, filtering, charting, cube analysis, reporting and publishing. It is easy to setup and to install.
Tags: database , web , utility , data , component , access , easy , help , analysis , generate , components , professional , reporting , controls , for , features , useful , enterprise , dataanalysis , available ,


This is a ASP based source code analyzer that helps users to monitor server side include files and global variables or constants and to produce reports on them. This program supports both file and virtual include references. Users are allowed to scan particular directory of ASP pages and to insert JSP, JS, include file reports. ASP based search and reporting tool are available with which users can search component names and comments for particular component type.
Tags: file , tool , search , program , server , files , component , monitor , scan , code , directory , source , virtual , analyzer , sourcecode , reports , reporting , pages , insert , for , names , users , available , global ,

 Report ADD on module for X-cart

Report ADD on module for X-cart is a PHP based script with reporting features designed for merchants in maintaining their sales history. This script provides you with simultaneous Category based and Annual Reports for all sales made. Detailed reports are given on data ranged basis so that you can make quick analysis to spot current trends of product sellings. This script also allows you to extract customers based on stored order history.
Tags: data , make , extract , script , analysis , sales , quick , reports , module , reporting , product , for , features , customers ,

 Free Find Search Engine

Free Find Search Engine is a site searching program that can perform keyword searches on the web pages. This program has many features like, boolean searching, reporting track visitor searches, reindexing, phrase matching, automatic site map, multilingual support, password authentication, adjustable indexing speed, parallel indexing, PDF indexing and searching subsections etc.
Tags: web , password , program , site , automatic , track , reporting , keyword , multilingual , searching , features , phrase , searches , visitor ,

 Fusion Bot's Site Search Engine

Fusion Bot's Site Search Engine is a website searching program that helps users to create search engine. Through a search box, site visitors can search contents on their websites. This program offers site map, reporting solutions and site search for your website. Users can integrate this software to improve site navigation into their active website.
Tags: software , search , program , create , website , site , navigation , engine , searchengine , into , reporting , active , sitenavigation , searching , for , improve , users , contents , solutions ,


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