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 An online remote access calendar system

This script is used for creating an online remote access calendar. This script is helpful for the webmasters to generate their site with event calendar. This event calendar allows users to add, edit and remove events. Their clients can book appointments with webmasters through this calendar. Users can access this calendar from any where.
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 Modulocom Affiliate Server

Modulocom Affiliate Server (MAS) is a complete software solution that handles simultaneously the management of large affiliate networks, the tracking of partnership exchanges and the efficiency measurement of business development. MAS is the best product for webmasters or managers that want to increase their site traffic or on-line sales. MAS includes advanced features: - Affiliate program definition (simple or mixed), - Affiliate recreuitment, - Complex content delocalized display, - Visit and event tracking (sales/leads), - Real time network monitoring, - Compatible with P3P, - Complete statistical analysis for performance optimization... MAS is really competitive regarding affiliate platforms features and starting costs. Allied to the power of World Wide Web exchanges, Modulocom Affiliate Server, offers a new disclosure mode for any e-business or e-commerce Moreover, Modulocom Affiliate Server is an evolutionary software and perfectly adaptable to our client needs Modulocom Affiliate Server is proposed in a proprietary mode, which offers to our clients the necessary freedom that serves the best successes. However, an external usage, hosted on our side is perfectly possible Our software, Modulocom Affiliate Server, integrates an in-house technology called "Peer-to-Peer Affiliate", which allows a secure remote access to clients affiliate programs and unification into an affiliate marketplace
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 IBiz QuickBooks Integrator

Users can utilize this program to obtain a collection of components that can be used to build QuickBooks with ease. Users can easily incorporate the created QuickBook with any online storefront by the use of provided properties and can manage each and every aspect of the vendor details. It is possible to apply remote access to QuickBooks with the help of this program.
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