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 Replace text string in single record

This is an online tutorial which can be used as a guidance and reference to learn about replacing a text string in a single record of a database. This will be of much use for the users to update the data present in a single database record. Readers can easily understand this discussed topic by the use of provided sample codes.
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 Avoiding a Type Mismatch Error

Through this web based ASP course, it is quiet possible for you to prevent the errors when designing ASP application using middle-tier components. This tutorial explains how the component by reference (ByRef) acts with ASP and COM and eliminates the type mismatch errors while transferring variables from ASP page into component.
Tags: web , component , application , using , page , into , type , tutorial , errors , reference , prevent , for , webbased ,

 ASP 2.0 vs .Net

This is an article, in which the authors elaborately make a distinguish between the performance of ASP+ and ASP 2.0. This reference comes in an easy to understand standard for the benefit of the ASP users.
Tags: easy , make , performance , reference , for , standard ,

 Which is better, rs(0) or rs("column_name")?

This tutorial is used as reference which helps the users to know what is the best way to fetch or update records into the database. Author discusses this issue with rs(0) and rs(column_name). Sample code has been given for the users to refer and understand easily.
Tags: code , best , into , update , tutorial , reference , for , records , users ,

 What are the limitations of MS Access?

What are the limitations of MS Access? is an ASP reference article through which users can know the limitations of using various functionalities while performing MS Access programs. This article will be helpful for the webmasters and the program developers.
Tags: program , using , reference , for , users ,

 Enumerating Folders in ASP

Enumerating Folders in ASP is an ASP article guiding you in listing the entire structures of your folders using ASP codes. This tutorial is simple in its explanation and illustrates the method of using FSO in enumerating the folders using the Scripting Runtime. The author has given a simple ASP code snippet for your reference that lists all folders from the root and sub directory.
Tags: code , using , folders , simple , tutorial , reference , author , lists , for , listing , method , codesnippet ,

 Prepare for .NET

Prepare for .NET is a reference guide which describes about introduction of ASP.NET. It gives definition and uses of common language runtime, describes about the visual basic language, uses of XML-based protocols, Microsoft Component Object Model, migration strategy, etc. Visitors can gain more knowledge about inheritance-based object-oriented programming, how to use the system classes in the .NET framework, etc.
Tags: system , visualbasic , visual , language , basic , migration , reference , object , knowledge , for , guide ,

 AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator

With the AJ Constant Acceleration Motion Calculator script, you can solve for velocity by simply entering the values for Initial Velocity (v0), Acceleration (a) and time (t) to get the result. Follow the simple steps to change your equation. Also for your reference a conversion table has been given.
Tags: time , conversion , change , table , simple , reference , solve , for ,


In this reference author clearly explains about the necessity of the usage of VB scripting edition on Unix. This article says that VBA is available for Macintosh office applications and ADO has allowed VB programmers to reach out beyond the Microsoft universe to ODBC compliant databases. It also discusses elaborately about using Chili!ASP on Unix for implementing ASP.
Tags: office , using , beyond , scripting , reference , applications , usage , universe , author , for , edition , available , out ,


In this reference author clearly explains about the necessity of the usage of VB scripting edition on Unix. This article says that VBA is available for Macintosh office applications and ADO has allowed VB programmers to reach out beyond the Microsoft universe to ODBC compliant databases. It also discusses elaborately about using Chili!ASP on Unix for implementing ASP.
Tags: office , using , beyond , scripting , reference , applications , usage , universe , author , for , edition , available , out ,

 Reference counting and Aliasing

This article teaches you about reference counting and aliasing. Reference counting will reduce the memory consumption of your php programmes. Performance of PHP application is improved. It gives you some tools for programming. Reference counting handles data differently like a composite data type or number of string. Variable function is used to access data from memory. Arrays are used for storing number variable. Reference counting is used for eliminating memory allocations. The main advantages of using reference counting are improve the performance, memory consumption savings, automatic resource control. Aliasing is an added flexibility for PHP. It aliases short name to a variable of longer name.
Tags: data , access , tools , php , application , using , automatic , memory , number , name , type , resource , function , reference , reduce , for , improve , counting ,

 J-Integra Espresso - .NET - Java Interoperability

Set of development tools and run-time components that bridge Java, and .NET technologies. J-Integra Espresso is written as fully managed C# code and is therefore compatible with any .NET language (C#, ASP.NET, …). J-Integra Espresso provides a bi-directional interoperability bridge between Java, CORBA and .NET. While existing J-Integra products implement standard Microsoft protocols in pure Java, J-Integra Espresso implements the standard RMI/IIOP binary protocol present in all J2EE and J2SE Java environments in pure Microsoft .NET. The solution also includes full Secure Socket Layer (SSL/TLS) support and works with major J2EE application servers, including IBM Websphere, BEA Systems WebLogic, JBoss and Sun. J-Integra Espresso features include: Pure .NET implementation, 100% managed code It is several times faster than Web Services Bi-directional: .NET to Java/CORBA and Java/CORBA to .NET Enables interoperability with any J2EE or CORBA infrastructure that is IIOP-compliant such as VisiBroker, Orbix, JacORB, JBoss, WebLogic, and WebSphere Support for IIOP transport protocols including SSL and TLS over IIOP (SSLIIOP) Marshalling objects by reference or by value One-sided deployment (no touch on J2EE AppServer) For a free evaluation, visit our website at
Tags: website , tools , development , code , application , language , components , support , protocol , binary , reference , solution , faster , for , features , objects , standard , deployment , present ,


This is an article that helps users to create an image upload in ASP.NET. In this tutorial the author presents sample codes that can be utilized by the users as a better reference guide to create their own image upload application. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.
Tags: image , create , easy , upload , tutorial , reference , author , sample , guide , useful , users , codes ,

 ASP Databases - Using VBScript

This article elaborately explains about the interaction of database with ASP pages using Visual Basic. For quick reference small hints has been provided with this article. Instructions have also been given in a simple format hence a layman can also understand and use this utility with ease. An useful tutorial for the beginners to establish database connections with VB Script.
Tags: database , utility , format , using , quick , simple , small , tutorial , reference , pages , for , useful ,

 Web Service: XML Config To C# Class

This tutorial gives introduction on XML config to C Sharp class and also it helps them to gather the information about the use of web services and teaches them how to handle configuration data on ASP.NET applications. The author has given sample source code for quick reference and the users can use this code snippets on their program for testing.
Tags: web , program , data , code , information , source , class , quick , sourcecode , tutorial , services , reference , author , configuration , sample , for , users ,

 Reason to use XML

This is an article that provides explanation on using XML to transmit data between systems. Here the author also elaborates about the function of XSL in permitting web developers to take control over the data processing. This article also discusses about using XML with ASP, CSS, XSL etc., This tutorial can be used as a better reference guide to learn basic features about XML technology.
Tags: web , data , control , using , learn , basic , tutorial , function , reference , author , features , guide ,

 Tilde: Reference the Application Root

This tutorial can be used by the users to learn about using tilde character to reference the application’s root. In this tutorial the author explains that this tilde (~) has the ability to reference the virtual web’s root to the web server’s root and explains this concept in detail by providing sample codes.
Tags: web , using , learn , virtual , tutorial , reference , character , author , sample , users ,

 Connecting to a database without a DSN

The webmasters can learn about linking to an Access database through this article. The author in this online article teaches the beginners how to connect an Access database using DSN Less connection. The sample source code is given in this article for the reference of the users.
Tags: database , online , code , using , learn , source , sourcecode , reference , author , connect , sample , for ,

 Server-Side Includes Reference

This is a quick reference SSI article that helps you to know about the various directives and how to use them. #include, #config, #echo, #exec, #flastmod, #fsize are the directives of ASP discussed in this article. You can place the size of the file easily in each web page using the #fsize directive and you can also execute server variable using #exec directive. All these SSI are showed with syntax in this reference article.
Tags: file , web , server , using , page , webpage , quick , size , reference , syntax , execute ,

 Building database table handlers in PHP using OO approach

This tutorial is particularly aimed for PHP programmers to know the basic OO ideas and SQL. The author discusses about the heading like why table handlers, need for Object Oriented programming, reference implementation, example table handler, example application. The author finally concludes that the methods described in the article gives a possibility to reduce huge amount of work related to database integration through reusability of code offered by OO approach and collecting all the related code in one place. This makes initial writing, rewriting and supporting of the code, a easy task. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: database , easy , code , table , basic , work , tutorial , reference , author , reduce , for , integration , ideas ,

 Page generation time

Page generation time is an article that shows the time taken to generate a web page. The author describes an easy way to display the page generation time in a fraction of a second. The author gives three function codes for doing this quickly. He also discusses in the following headings like PHP programming and language features for easy understanding with some reference sites. Easy to learn.
Tags: web , time , easy , programming , language , page , display , generate , function , reference , author , for , features , generation , codes , fraction ,

 Creating Web Services in .NET

This online tutorial expresses more about the use of web service and it describes how it works. This article helps the learners to develop their own web service in .NET applications. It offers and teaches most important topics like how to compile VB or C sharp source code to obtain proxy dll, Web Service Description Language(WSDL) etc., briefly. Sample codes for easy reference has been displayed.
Tags: web , online , easy , code , service , source , proxy , sourcecode , tutorial , reference , for , develop , webservice , codes ,

 What the Heck is PHP?

What the Heck is PHP? is a tutorial that teaches you to create effective and active PHP pages and files. This tutorial is also bundled with several reference links so that PHP developers can then and there clarify their doubts regarding PHP. Users are also facilitated with example codes so as to give a clear idea of the code formats.
Tags: create , code , links , tutorial , reference , pages , active , clear , codes ,


Progsys is a support system script for programs. It supports multiple languages and instances in one data base. It has more features like own footer, admin interface, change logs, Todo lists and reference lists. It has bugtracking facility also. Ability for users to request for features and it has download counter facility also. Very easy to understand and user friendly. Online demo is available.
Tags: download , data , system , easy , script , change , demo , multiple , admin , user , support , counter , reference , languages , lists , for , features , users ,

 Textfile hit counter

This is an online tutorial through which the webmasters can find the solution for making a powerful textfile hit counter. This article really contributes with the beginners for the web counter generation. Code snippet for quick reference is given in this site.
Tags: web , online , find , quick , tutorial , counter , reference , solution , for , powerful ,

 Introduction to ASP.NET

Introduction to ASP.NET is a reference guide which gives introduction to ASP.NET. It describes about the features such as cross-language integration, object-oriented programming support, automatic memory management, etc. It also discusses about the ASP+ platform, page framework, web services, deployment, ADO+, etc., and are more helpful for the users.
Tags: web , automatic , memory , programming , page , reference , for , features , guide ,

 .NET brings the fun back to programming

.NET brings the fun back to programming is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. Entering Microsoft Windows, C versus Pascal, entering Visual Basic, Microsoft access and access basic, entering .NET, language like C#, Java, etc., are described briefly in this article. This is more helpful for the novice programmers.
Tags: access , fun , information , programming , language , reference , for , back , guide ,

 An Introduction to Microsoft .NET

An Introduction to Microsoft .NET is a reference guide which gives information regarding ASP.NET. It gives the introduction and evolution of Microsoft .NET, communication with .NET components, some important new features, describes about security environment which is customizable, .NET to the rescue and more.
Tags: security , information , communication , rescue , reference , environment , guide ,

 ASP.NET - A New Operating System

ASP.NET - A New Operating System is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. This article gives the introduction of common language runtime with its advantages and functions, event based programming model, user control, ADO+, XML based web service and some important features. This is one of the easiest article for the users.
Tags: web , information , programming , service , language , user , event , reference , for , guide , webservice , easiest ,

 .NET Framework For Java Programmers

.NET Framework For Java Programmers is a reference guide which gives detailed information regarding ASP.NET. It gives an introduction to CLI and CLR. It briefly describes about common language infrastructure, common type system, common intermediate language, just in time compiler, virtual execution system, runtime hosts, and more. This is an useful article for the visitors.
Tags: time , information , language , virtual , type , reference , for , guide , useful ,


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