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 Use prefix notation when naming your variables

This ASP article explains the ways to declare the variable names in web applications. It guides you to define the variable name in a way that itself makes others to understand the usage of that variable name and the data type it is assigned so as to reduce the complexity while reading the code. Given list provides the prefixes that can be added with varialbe names.
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Phase is a powerful PHP application that allows webmasters to build their own websites. You can use this program to modify all the contents, templates and content of the website. Using the site manager available in the script you would be able to edit all you website contents without using any special plugins. This online content management software uses the caching system to reduce all server and database loads to a minimum. Some of the important features include MySQL backend, support for snippets and templates, intuitive interface etc.
Tags: software , database , program , online , manager , server , management , system , website , edit , site , script , application , using , content , templates , support , build , interface , reduce , for , features , modify , contentmanagement , contents , available , powerful , special ,

 Reference counting and Aliasing

This article teaches you about reference counting and aliasing. Reference counting will reduce the memory consumption of your php programmes. Performance of PHP application is improved. It gives you some tools for programming. Reference counting handles data differently like a composite data type or number of string. Variable function is used to access data from memory. Arrays are used for storing number variable. Reference counting is used for eliminating memory allocations. The main advantages of using reference counting are improve the performance, memory consumption savings, automatic resource control. Aliasing is an added flexibility for PHP. It aliases short name to a variable of longer name.
Tags: data , access , tools , php , application , using , automatic , memory , number , name , type , resource , function , reference , reduce , for , improve , counting ,

 Building database table handlers in PHP using OO approach

This tutorial is particularly aimed for PHP programmers to know the basic OO ideas and SQL. The author discusses about the heading like why table handlers, need for Object Oriented programming, reference implementation, example table handler, example application. The author finally concludes that the methods described in the article gives a possibility to reduce huge amount of work related to database integration through reusability of code offered by OO approach and collecting all the related code in one place. This makes initial writing, rewriting and supporting of the code, a easy task. Useful for PHP programmers.
Tags: database , easy , code , table , basic , work , tutorial , reference , author , reduce , for , integration , ideas ,


Adding shopping to your website is now easier than ever with CF Merchant. CF Merchant is a shopping cart program designed for ease of use and unprecedented power. With our step-by-step guide you can quickly and inexpensively build a secure storefront to sell your products, take orders online, process payments, and distribute digital products over the Internet today. Store Front Features: Cookie-less and Java-less ColdFusion driven storefront. (No client dependencies other that a standard web browser) Upsell/Cross-Sell, Assign discounts on a per user basis, Product pages optimized for search engines, Intelligent product search engine, Automatic delivery of electronic goods, Shipping, Flat fee for entire order, Base price plus weight. Allow returning customers to login, and account data is automatically retrieved from a previous registration, Email customers their forgotten user names and passwords, allows your customers to track their orders 7 days a week/24 hours a day via the web with their login and password. This will allow your customer to be informed and reduce the number of phone calls. Administration Features: Update order status to be viewed by your customer, Top selling months, days and products reports, Set the number of products to display per page in storefront, Customizable messaging settings such as the home page, order complete, invoices, etc. Set your own colors and fonts for a customized look, Use our included graphics or define your own images for all navigation buttons, Define sales tax rates, Unlimited number of categories, Assign category header and tree images, Assign name, product code, weight, taxable status, description, keywords, images and more to a product and many features
Tags: web , search , program , data , images , graphics , website , secure , digital , client , phone , tree , navigation , page , home , display , track , sales , user , process , messaging , tax , colors , number , account , build , settings , customer , automatically , login , shopping , day , pages , fonts , product , shoppingcart , now , forgotten , orders , reduce , for , names , electronic , customers , distribute , guide , sell , standard ,

 Boardnation Free Forum

Boardnation Free Forum is a remotely hosted discussion board software that supplies free forums to all website owners. This online efficient message board service is available with sophisticated flagship plans to enable webmasters to reduce the webspace usage to the lowest ever value. Some of the many advanced features include moderation tools, user online coloring, word censoring, complex statistics, private message limiting, avatars, personal text, sticky threads etc.
Tags: software , online , word , website , board , message , service , personal , advanced , private , user , usage , reduce , features , sticky , available ,

 When Session Variables Go Bad - Introduction

In this ASP tutorial, the benefits and disadvantages of Session Variables are analysed where the solutions are also provided to reduce the probelms when using session variables in ASP applications such as newsgroups. Also, describes the utility of database hidden fields and query string etc., with web applications.
Tags: database , web , utility , using , query , hidden , applications , string , reduce , fields , solutions , session ,

 Real-World Tips for Real-World Web Applications

Creating a flexible Web application is more than just putting together a bunch of ASPX pages. Learn the top 10 things to do to make an ASP.NET application sizzle! See demonstrated techniques such as: configuration management, creating a base page class, and creating a data-driven menu system. See how to benefit from User Controls and effective exception management. Learn how optimizing your architecture will increase your code reuse from one ASP.NET application to another, and how it will reduce your development time! See how this worked in the real world at a major insurance company's Web site.
Tags: menu , development , make , code , creating , application , page , world , configuration , real , reduce , base , increase , top , insurance ,

 What is new for security in .NET 2.0?

The new security components in .NET 2.0 can help you greatly reduce the amount of code you need to write in order to make your applications secure. Security is difficult to get right, and it is a good strategy to leverage the code provided by Microsoft and other security vendors. To that end, .NET 2.0 provides numerous additional types that encapsulate functionality already provided in the base Windows OS., as well a new functionality only available in .NET 2.0. The improvements affect public key cryptography, Windows security, remoting, ASP.NET and Code Access Security. Even if you plan to stick with .NET 1.1 for a while and implement your own security classes, you might want to take inspiration from.NET 2.0 beta.
Tags: security , strategy , make , write , help , code , key , components , plan , good , applications , reduce , for , base , publickey , public , available ,


SecureTE™ and SecureFT™ with built-in 1024 bit SSH encryption is the ideal server access and file transfer solution for webmasters and IT professionals. It gives you the power to manage UNIX and Linux systems from anywhere using your Windows PC. It can save time, reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity in your Windows / UNIX / Linux environment.
Tags: file , server , encryption , access , using , transfer , save , manage , productivity , filetransfer , power , enhance , solution , reduce , for , systems , bit ,


E_Cloaker can protect your web sites from spambots. This can convert your text and email addresses into browser-readable Unicode, which can reduce your spams drastically. It is important that the code be installed in all the pages of your web site. This is a freeware and can be easily installed in your web page. Works on the Win 95/98/Me/XP/NT/2000 platform.
Tags: email , freeware , convert , web , text , protect , code , into , pages , reduce , sites , addresses ,


Covidia is a fantastic turn- key e-learning solution provider.In learning environment this is very low cost and effective.e-learning technologies are helping to reduce training costs by providing businesses and organizations with new tools to deliver and educate more effectively and efficiently.This software company has tiedup with various content providers to distribute and integrate multi-media coursework in a variety of subjects.
Tags: software , tools , key , learning , training , content , cost , solution , environment , reduce , distribute ,


This is a program which has the ability to reduce load times of the webpages and network traffic. This program allows users to secure meta tags from their competitors and help programmers develop applications that could be compatible with any browser. It saves browser statistics in a secured database. This program has many features like browser can be updated automatically, new browser detection, blazing speed, maximum scalability, detecting wireless devices, detecting devices like palm, iPaq PDAs, TV, web kiosks etc, search engine detection, detecting bots, spiders and crawlers, detecting firewalls, proxy settings etc.
Tags: web , search , network , program , secure , browser , help , statistics , proxy , engine , settings , searchengine , detecting , applications , wireless , load , reduce , features , tags , develop , users , meta ,

 1-2-3 JumpTracker

1-2-3 Jump Tracker will allow you to track links on your website and/or your email campaigns so you know exactly when and where your visitors are coming from. 1-2-3 Jump Tracker was created to take the guess work out of your advertising efforts. If you own a website or advertise free ads, paid ads, solo ads, ppc search engines, link swaps etc., then you NEED to know what works and what doesn't! Why waste YOUR money if you don't have too! With 1-2-3 Jump Tracker, it's all figured out for you. When you log into 1-2-3 Jump Tracker you will know right away, how many times your link has been clicked. So you'll know right away what ads are working and what are not. 1-2-3 Jump Tracker is easy to use, affordable and you'll be up and running within minutes once you quickly setup your tracker. You can use this to track both internal and external links. You can even use it to track how many people click on your email links. This is handy for a lot of reasons, but primarily it is an excellent way to completely hide your email address from email spiders that traverse threw your website grabbing them. Just another method to help reduce the amount of spam you receive in your inbox.
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 Use Local Variables

An ASP tutorial which is helpful for the ASP developers to obtain several tips on variables usage. It is described with a sample snippet how to use local variables on sub-routines that include sub and End Sub. Also, this tutorial directs you to use local variables instead of global variables to reduce the process time complexity of programs.
Tags: time , process , tips , tutorial , local , reduce , sample , for , global ,

 Client-Side Validation of HTML Form Data Using VB Script

From this easier ASP tutorial, web developers can create their own validation program in ASP using VBScript functions. The form fields can be checked at the client side to find the invalid data and this article describes it as lesser effective way to validate form content but would be a handy tool to process data of low importance and also to reduce bandwidth. Comes with a downloadable zip file from which you can obtain the required functions.
Tags: file , web , tool , program , data , create , zip , find , client , using , form , content , process , validation , validate , reduce , downloadable , fields ,

 DigiChat Pro Server

This hosted application has more features to communicate users through text based messages. Enables to increse the number of visitors with the help of powerful online community. You can provide solutions to customer requests through this online community tool and can reduce your support cost. This remotely hosted chat application can be called from any website.
Tags: tool , text , online , help , chat , application , number , support , customer , reduce , community , features , users , solutions , powerful ,

 Email to SMS

PHP script intended to be run every x minutes / hours (can be done by scheduling, eg. cron) to check a POP3 account for email and forward on to mobile. Uses SMS Web Sender class to send the SMS, see to see which sites are supported. Features include Leave mail on server (stores and compares UIDL numbers), Email alias piping (have your email processed the second it arrives), Specify mobile number in subject line (if you'd like to sms others through email, Random SMS site to send through (specify as many accounts as you line in config), Basic filtering of the To: header to reduce Spam
Tags: email , web , mail , server , site , script , mobile , check , send , class , sms , number , run , line , account , accounts , filtering , second , reduce , forward , for , sites , sender , e-learning

eClassroom is a company that provides solutions to reduce cost in providing training and increase efficiency. professional platforms and courses are available in umpteen number of languages. More useful for e-learning websites, re-sellers and small medium enterprise training.
Tags: training , number , small , professional , cost , reduce , for , useful , enterprise , increase , solutions , available ,

 Ensim Pro

This is a utility and a commercial grade control panel program where the small business clients and resellers can offer professional quality hosting plans to customers. This tool supports shared, dedicated web hosting services. Features like permitting the users to differentiate their business, offering automated and management of common hosting to reduce the burden for the users, facility for expanding users revenue opportunities, avoids theft for customers data and more are available.
Tags: web , utility , tool , program , data , control , management , business , small , professional , smallbusiness , automated , quality , reduce , for , customers , theft , users , commercial , hosting , revenue , clients ,


eHome is an application that helps to run real estate business online. This tool is very useful for the landlords and sellers to sell their property through internet. Provides easier approaches and reduce document works and contains administration facility to handle listings and listing agents while online. It is integrated with paypal gateway for online transaction.
Tags: tool , online , business , document , application , administration , run , realestate , property , real , reduce , for , gateway , useful , sell , listing , paypal ,

 HelpWorks Professional

HelpWorks Profesional is a complete knowledge base system. It can help reduce your support time drastically and give your customers answers to their problems quickly. Categorize your knowledge base questions and add as many questions under each category as you like! Let users post their comments on each question in your knowledge base. Comments let your users provide extra tips or information that relate to a particular question. Attach files to each knowledge base question that you post. Backup your answer by attaching a screenshot, code snippet, documentation, or any other type of file! Customize how your knowledge base looks by specifying links to your own web site templates. The HelpWorks Professional admin area has 3 user types: writer (level 1), editor (level 2) and superuser (level 3). You can let multiple people manage your knowledge base, but restrict certain users from certain activities! HelpWorks Professional makes use of MySQL's powerful full-text search capabilities -- your users can search for knowledge base answers based on keywords or complete phrases. It's up to them! The 10 most popular questions are shown on the front page of your knowledge base area. This helps new users find answers to the most popular questions quickly and easily! Your users can print or email any knowledge base question to a friend or colleague. Each knowledge base question you post can link to other related questions. Each knowledge base question displays a "Did this help you?" option, which allows your users to rate each question as useful or not useful. Use this feedback to adapt questions to meet your users needs and reduce your support time even more!
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 Project Pack

Project Pack is an useful software to keep track of the projects of your business and also helps you to reduce costs and increase the productivity of your product or software development team. The main features that are available with this software allows you to manage project, create new project, edit existing project, allows individual users to extract lost password, ability to upload or download files, supports private messaging, maintains accounts, backs up the entire database and compresses automatically in a zip file and has many other features.
Tags: software , download , file , database , create , business , zip , edit , development , extract , manage , upload , lost , track , private , productivity , automatically , product , reduce , features , useful , users , increase , available , projects , softwaredevelopment ,


The ActiveKB is the easiest way to create, modify and update your own knowledgebase or frequently asked questions, without the need for technical knowledge to your website. By installing this script you will be able to provide support to your customers around the week, reduce your supports time by solving their queries immediately, helps you to improve sales and finally improves the satisfaction of customers in their mind. The major features that are offered in this script include an Active response system which finds an answer in your knowledgebase and gives the answers to the customers instantly, the script is completely webbased and rebrandable, includes a word glossary to define meanings or words which your users may not understand, enhanced search capability with which your customers can easily find questions and answers; knowledgebase categories allows your customers and website visitors to find what they are looking for in an easy way, you can also add file attachments to your knowledgebase entries, including Word, Excel, PDF, Text, images and many other features. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: file , search , time , online , images , system , word , website , easy , find , script , words , demo , sales , support , attachments , update , technical , questions , knowledgebase , reduce , knowledge , for , features , improve , modify , customers , glossary , users , available , easiest ,

 Collaboration Server

This is a program which can be used for organizations collaboration. This program comes with the ability to update members of the developments and reduce the project turn around time. Collaboration Server sports features like activity notification and tracking, supporting for both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration, integrating enterprise, sharing documents etc.,
Tags: program , notification , project , sharing , documents , sports , collaboration , activity , update , reduce , for , features ,

 Subscripton Track

This is a program where your subscribers and clients informations can be tracked. The users can bill their customers at a specified duration. This program has the capability to reduce the losses that occurs in your business. The users have the facility to search their clients. The operation of editing, removing and adding clients and employees, companies can be done by the users. The subscription contract can be printed by the users. The users can disconnect the subscription evaders to avoid their business losses.
Tags: search , program , business , removing , bill , reduce , customers , users , clients ,

 Porter Stemming Algorithm

Porter Stemming Algorithm is a very simple utility that works on a algorithm which can reduce english words to their word stems - without the "ing", "ings","s" etc., This scrpt is very useful for Search engine programmes or for other searches mainly, where the search engine can automatically trim the user input to the original stem word and match them exactly with the keywords. There is no configuration needed, very easy to use.
Tags: utility , search , word , easy , english , words , user , engine , simple , searchengine , automatically , original , match , configuration , input , reduce , for , useful , trim , searches , algorithm ,

 Ticket System

This is an easy to use web based utility that allows the user to communicate with their online clients in real time. This system helps you to improve your business volume. A built-in knowledgebase assists staffs to reduce their time in solving customer's queries. This is an useful tool for your web sites. This ticket system is written in PHP and MYSQL.
Tags: web , utility , tool , time , online , system , business , easy , user , knowledgebase , real , reduce , for , improve , useful , webbased , ticket , clients ,


EnVivo!CS is a powerful web content management system. It offers you the tools to keep your web site up-to-date, build traffic and reduce costs. It is 100% ASP script. No DLLs are required. It is template based, you can use your existing HTML editor with it. It works with MS Access, MySQL or SQL Server. It enables uploading of images without FTP. It allows an unlimited number of users, articles and categories. It offers customizable security levels. Registered users get a 12 months free technical support, free source code, design guide and lots more.
Tags: security , web , editor , images , management , design , tools , site , source , traffic , content , template , number , build , technical , reduce , contentmanagement , articles , guide , users , powerful ,


This is an online site manager that can be used to generate, modify, remove multiple web pages. This program is suitable for personal websites. Admin would able to reduce their site maintenance cost by using this program. This is an handy tool for webmasters. No programming knowledge is required to run this software. Users can integrate this software into their active websites.
Tags: software , web , tool , program , online , manager , remove , site , using , programming , personal , multiple , run , maintenance , into , cost , active , reduce , knowledge , for ,


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