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 Snippet Compiler

Snippet Compiler compiles snippets! It allows to test a small .net code. This tool from Jeff Key could be incredibly usefull in cutting down the time taken to experiment with a .net code. Here are its features : Compiles and runs single or multiple C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET snippets; Optionally builds WinFormEXEs, console EXEs or DLLs; The user can store a library of templates; Displays compile errors, including the red squiggles; IntelliSense for static members and method signatures, as well as constructor signatures; Imports VS.NET projects; Exports snippets to HTML/RTF.
Tags: tool , time , library , test , multiple , store , user , small , console , red , for , features , cutting , method , static ,

 Greyscale an image

This is an online tutorial for transforming an ordinary image into greyscale image. In this tutorial the author demonstrates this process by providing a sample that converts color image into a black and white image by using an average of green, red and blue values. This tutorial is especially for ASP.NET users.
Tags: image , online , color , using , process , into , tutorial , author , red , sample , for , average ,

 Red_Reservations Calendar

This Red Reservation Calendar is a small and flexible calendar application which shows the reserved dates in red format. (You can also replace the header, footer and navigation with your own code to match your site's design).
Tags: calendar , code , application , navigation , replace , small , match , red , dates ,

 ActiveX Extension Instrumentation library

ActiveX Extension is designed to enhance your user interface with an outstanding look and feel and helps you to apply attractive 3D configurable button control, dialog box with different shapes, icons, colors and fonts. With this tool, you can create different types of buttons, on/off switches, toggle switches, red and green switches, different types of sliders and switch sliders, numerous designs of knobs and switch knobs etc that can be used in various applications.
Tags: create , user , button , colors , interface , enhance , dialog , switch , box , red , userinterface ,


ASP source is a source viewing script in ASP. Through the browser this script outputs the important words in colour code. This script has features to display the content of the asp script in blue, comments in green and displays ASP keywords such as 'if', 'then', 'else', etc.. in red and font and colour of output controlled by CSS. The colouring of ASP keywords in red could be turned on or off.
Tags: asp , browser , script , words , source , display , font , content , keywords , colour , red , features , controlled ,


Through these template system, e-commerce professionals can create and manage auction websites online. These ready made templates are available in red and blue colour schemes that can be easily edited to suit your website requirements. You can integrate these e-comerce auction templates on any existing website.
Tags: create , website , manage , templates , template , auction , colour , websites , red , available ,

 Indicate All The Required Fields

As the name suggests ‘Indicate All The Required Fields’ is a tool in JavaScript to indicate that all the required fields of any of the forms of your webpage has been completely filled out by the visitor before submitting it. If the visitor has missed any of the fields, the unfilled fields will be displayed with a red background. The script also provides an option to set fields as mandatory or as optional. The script can work on all browsers.
Tags: tool , script , forms , name , set , work , red , fields , option , visitor , out ,

 PictureMan Imagic

This is a program using which users can edit their digital photos in all aspects with the help of its built in editing tools. They can use this program to remove red eyes, retouch and clone the photos. It allows users to warp, smudge, punch and pinch the photos by providing transform effects. This program also lets the users to make creative outputs such as wall paper, calendar, screen saver, email, fax, etc., and to import pictures from various sources. Users can have the facility to view the previews of all texture effects, deformation and texture effects through its thumbnails. It supports file formats such as gif, tif, tga, jpg, bmp etc., for importing and exporting. It has several enhanced features to let the users to output proffesional quality in editing digital photos.
Tags: file , screen , program , photos , bmp , pictures , edit , make , digital , help , remove , using , import , view , effects , editing , clone , quality , texture , red , for , features , users , creative , digitalphotos , transform ,


This is an employee logging in program that tracks an employees office attending hours. If 9:30 AM is the office starting time, any employee logging in after that will be red marked which can be viewed by the admin or boss. An employee has to manually login and logout his / her office hours. The office starting time can be customized by the admin. An employee has to manually logout his / her account and improper shutdown of the system will not logout.
Tags: program , time , system , office , shutdown , admin , employee , logging , tracks , account , login , red ,


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