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SBDDirectoryScript is a powerful PHP/MySQL solution for intelligent link indexing. Our main attraction is the aesthetically pleasing template-driven front-end of the script, with specific attention to user-friendliness. SBDDirectoryScript runs completely dynamic, producing fast-loading static HTML pages that help to grasp the full power of search engines at low-bandwidth costs. The script also features an advanced ranking search feature, which allows for quick sorting of the directory in real-time. Check out our site to see a full list of features, including an easy to use intuitive administrative control panel.
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 Simple Calendar

This is an online tutorial which instructs and guides the web programmers to create their own event calendar on their website. This tutorial provides sample source code for the learners by which they can test the program for quick reference.
Tags: web , program , create , online , calendar , code , test , source , quick , sourcecode , tutorial , event , sample , for ,

 Flash Pie Chart

Flash Pie Chart is a flash movie that has the ability to produce pie charts on users applications. It generates flash pie charts for ASP applications in a quick manner. Users can utilize this tool to display any statistical information or report on their existing websites. It is an intuitive program and users can have a live demo of this program.
Tags: tool , flash , program , movie , information , report , display , demo , quick , charts , live , applications , pie , for , users ,


This program has the ability to help the users in submitting forms or in parsing information from the other websites. It enables web applications to download in a quick manner. Users can easily customize the starting and ending time of the process and this program manages proxy, proxy login and also proxy exceptions perfectly. It uses HTTP and HTTPS with client certificates to perform a safer transactions and allows any number of connections.
Tags: download , web , program , time , help , information , client , proxy , forms , quick , process , number , login , customize , applications , users , parsing ,


This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have any knowledge on php or html to setup this programme, just approve new members everyday and this programme takes care of the rest. The admin panel is easy and quick to master. This programme has advanced features like, photo uploads, instant messenger, chat, voice and video, multiple languages, hot list and black list, virtual kisses and a simple member registration process.
Tags: html , photo , website , easy , php , list , voice , advanced , multiple , admin , virtual , quick , simple , instant , levels , knowledge , for , features , registration , dating ,


TaskFile is a quick and easy to use web-based multi-user task flow management application designed for small- and medium-sized businesses and teams. It allows you to quickly organize and share your tasks between the members of your team. Its web-based nature makes it ideal to install on your company Intranet. It will also work fine on a public web server for distributed teams with remote and work-at-home employees.
Tags: web , server , management , nature , easy , application , remote , organize , task , tasks , install , quick , share , webserver , work , flow , for , public ,

 Current Active Users on Your Site

This article is helpful for the webmasters which steers them to develop their own site statistics program. This is an user friendly tutorial section for them to generate an online counter easily in an easy way. This tutorial has given sample code snippets for quick development of web counter program.
Tags: web , online , easy , development , code , site , statistics , generate , quick , user , tutorial , counter , sample , for , develop ,

 Antony's Directory Indexer

Antony's Directory Indexer is a perfect file indexing software that provides a quick insight view of all available files from the directories and sub directories. You have an option to either allow or disallow the file types to be displayed while indexing the files. Being designed with CSS style sheets this script is easy to use and can also be easily customized as desired.
Tags: software , file , files , easy , script , view , quick , style , directories , option , available ,

 ASP Help's ASP Chat

ASP Chat Professional allows anyone using IIS to provide chat to their users. It is an all HTML chat. Thus it is compatible with most of the browsers available. The users does not need to download anything. It has a number of features including private rooms, administrative features, smilies, automated URL and e-mail linking, quick loading, online control panels, unlimited rooms and users, modifiable look, bad word filter, webmaster definable actions etc.
Tags: download , online , control , word , chat , using , private , quick , number , automated , features , users ,

 Daily Hits

New Website makers can find some details about the usage of Daily Hits program on their website and what benefit will be provided by that program etc., has been shown briefly for quick reference. Sample code has also been provided to install on their web page to test.
Tags: web , program , website , find , code , page , webpage , install , quick , usage , for ,

 ASP Databases - Using VBScript

This article elaborately explains about the interaction of database with ASP pages using Visual Basic. For quick reference small hints has been provided with this article. Instructions have also been given in a simple format hence a layman can also understand and use this utility with ease. An useful tutorial for the beginners to establish database connections with VB Script.
Tags: database , utility , format , using , quick , simple , small , tutorial , reference , pages , for , useful ,

 Web Service: XML Config To C# Class

This tutorial gives introduction on XML config to C Sharp class and also it helps them to gather the information about the use of web services and teaches them how to handle configuration data on ASP.NET applications. The author has given sample source code for quick reference and the users can use this code snippets on their program for testing.
Tags: web , program , data , code , information , source , class , quick , sourcecode , tutorial , services , reference , author , configuration , sample , for , users ,


Aspose.Email is a pure C#, fully managed, robust and reliable component, allowing you to send email from your applications.It has zero reliance on CDONTS, on which System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail is built. Using of Aspose.Email allows you to absolutely avoid using of unmanaged code in your aplications, increase reliability and decrease costs for debugging. Aspose.Email is feature rich and provides services, that System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail does not. For example, Aspose.Email offers user authentication, mail merge and much more.Aspose.Email has compact and intuitive object model, that along with complete documentation and featured examples allows you to quick start using Aspose.Email in you aplication, avoiding usual "learning curve".The latest release Integrated all of the features of Aspose.Mime into Aspose.Email;etc.
Tags: email , mail , code , using , send , merge , quick , user , start , into , documentation , object , mailmerge , feature , compact , for , features , reliability , increase , complete , examples ,


Aspose.AdHoc is a ASP.Net component. With the Ad Hoc Query Builder component you can quickly and easily add ad hoc capabilities to you ASP.Net application. The ad hoc component can be used for a variety of task, ranging from ad hoc reports to quick and easy search screens. Simply drag and drop the ad hoc component on to your web form, assign a DataTable object as the data source and let the component do the rest. Since the ad hoc component uses a DataTable object as its data source, you can use virtually any database back end. The ad hoc component offers a variety of output, including: SQL statement, Select statement, Where statement, Order By statement, RowFilter statement, Filtered DataView, Filtered DataTable or Filtered DataSet.
Tags: database , web , search , data , component , easy , source , quick , reports , object , drop , for , back , draganddrop ,

 Server-Side Includes Reference

This is a quick reference SSI article that helps you to know about the various directives and how to use them. #include, #config, #echo, #exec, #flastmod, #fsize are the directives of ASP discussed in this article. You can place the size of the file easily in each web page using the #fsize directive and you can also execute server variable using #exec directive. All these SSI are showed with syntax in this reference article.
Tags: file , web , server , using , page , webpage , quick , size , reference , syntax , execute ,

 SmartWin Professional

SmartWin is a resource manager.It gives you quick access to your favorite applications ,files, folders and web sites through a smart prompt used without mouse clicks or through keyboard shortcuts. Resources are inputed by drag and drop, their names can have spaces in them. You can group them. You can schedule them. It comes with features for fast batch changing names or deleting resources making it easy to access and manage your resources.
Tags: web , access , easy , fast , batch , schedule , keyboard , folders , manage , mouse , quick , smart , resource , applications , group , favorite , resources , for , names , sites , features , changing ,

 Multi Search Engine

Multi Search Engine, as the name indicates implements the use of three familiar and popular search engines for the web into your webpage. With this all the three engines can be incorporated in just a single page of your web site. Uses search engines like the, altavista or google to execute quick search. The script can be copied on to your web page to implement this feature in your web site.
Tags: web , search , script , page , webpage , google , quick , name , into , popular , feature , execute , for , engines ,

 Textfile hit counter

This is an online tutorial through which the webmasters can find the solution for making a powerful textfile hit counter. This article really contributes with the beginners for the web counter generation. Code snippet for quick reference is given in this site.
Tags: web , online , find , quick , tutorial , counter , reference , solution , for , powerful ,

 Bugalyzer Bug Tracking Tool

Bugalyzer Bug Tracking Tool is a kind of development tool in PHP that tracks bugs in all web based applications and allow users to report bugs to site admins from an easy to use interface. This bug tracking software is completely template driven and furnish users with a quick solution for the bugs found on the programs.
Tags: software , web , tool , easy , development , site , report , tracking , quick , template , tracks , bug , solution , applications , for , webbased , users , bugtracking ,


C#@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge in C#. This is a text engine and also a question bank of 150 questions in C#. Supports a Diagnostic text to understand your weakness and strength. Provides detailed descriptions for each and every question and quick revision. Each and every concept is supported with examples. When you finish a text it can generate a report of the result. Customization includes number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.
Tags: text , report , application , test , generate , quick , engine , number , bank , questions , knowledge , for , question ,

 Events and Delegates

This article is basically for the C sharp and .NET developers which guides them how to use event and delegates. The author has given test code for quick reference and to allow users to test on their system. It helps users for callback functions in C sharp program.
Tags: code , test , quick , event , reference , author , for , functions , users ,

 CGIInstalls-Portal Installation Service

CGIInstalls is an installation servive management company that installs whatever script, template, sites and pictures you want to upload on your website, And edits Flash templates and logos and modifies the scripts to perform the requirements, It gives friendly and helpful services. Also provides solution for script problems. It searches the required scripts and find it for you in no time. Any kind of programming knowledge is not required. It does simple and quick services.
Tags: management , pictures , find , script , programming , scripts , upload , templates , quick , simple , installation , solution , knowledge , for , sites , searches , logos ,

 XML Login

In this tutorial administrators can find information about using XML file for user validation. The author explains that a disadvantage of the ASP form is that it performs verification against the users information on a database which takes longer time to process, so here the author uses ActiveX Objects and javascripts to give a quick response to users when they login.
Tags: file , database , time , find , information , using , form , quick , user , javascripts , tutorial , author , for , users , verification ,

 Advertising Manager

Manage all of your advertising campaigns from ONE location. Real time stats so you can see real time click through rates. This script will help you see which of your advertising campaigns are getting the most clicks. Manage as many domain names as you have.When you add a new campaign you set a "Redirect To URL" and the visitors are automatically forwarded to any website and any page on that website that you specify! Each campaign will be assigned a unique ID and a full URL is displayed for you to give to the company you are advertising with. There is a built in banner manager also. No more hunting for banner URL's to give to the company you are advertising with! Just upload your banners and a URL is automatically assigned to that banner. The entire process is quick and simple.Comes with an auto installer as well!
Tags: time , manager , website , help , script , page , upload , auto , quick , process , domain , set , automatically , installer , click , advertising , banner , stats , real , for , names , banners , domainnames ,

 DBA’s Quick Guide to Timeouts

DBA’s Quick Guide to Timeouts is an ASP article that deals with setting time for executing the ASP application. Here author describes about DBA quick guide that helps in setting the command time out and connection time out with in ADO and about global transaction time out and class level transaction time out within COM+ objects.
Tags: time , class , quick , connection , command , author , for , guide , global , out ,

 Riverside Internet Forums

Riverside Internet Forums is a web based article in which the author explains you about creating set of ASP.NET custom controls that make it quick and easy to add a forum to any web page. When the forums are viewed in Tree View mode, the look and feel is very similar to the codeproject forum.
Tags: web , easy , make , creating , quick , custom , set , controls , author , forum , webbased ,

 An improvement to RegisterClientScriptBlock

This tutorial gives introduction about .NET's new method called RegisterClientScriptBlock and the author says this method helps the users to add a new base class for web pages i.e- it allows the users to register blocks of client-side script which helps the users to sort out the page rendering easily. Code for testing and for quick reference is given by this tutorial.
Tags: web , script , page , class , quick , testing , tutorial , reference , pages , sort , author , for , webpages , base , register , users , method , out ,

 ATL Server Tutorial

This is an online tutorial which guides the programmers to generate an ATL server which is basically used for developing ISAPI extension. This article not only discusses about ATL server and also it instructs about smart pointers, IXMLDOM interfaces, _bstr_t and ATL CString class. The author has given example for ATL server and also he gives daily tips online. Sample source code with snapshots for quick reference is displayed in this tutorial.
Tags: online , server , code , source , generate , quick , sourcecode , smart , tips , tutorial , reference , daily , author , for ,

 verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, content management systems (CMS) or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. VerveJEdit has been extensively tested under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will work on any platform that supports java. VerveJEdit requires the java plugin version 1.4 or better. Key Features * Rich support of HTML 3.0, including images, tables, lists, and indents. * Easily integrated into any custom project. * Fast loading times (up to 4 times faster than the competition). * Saves to any web page via POST method for easy integration with database backends Intuitive, Attractive, WYSIWYG Interface VerveJEdit is built with an attractive, intuitive interface immediately recognizable to anybody who has worked with industry standard editors like Microsoft Word. VerveJEdit allows anybody to jump in and start creating or changing content, freeing the web developer from mundane site updates and empowering the users themselves to shape and contribute to the site content. The interface familiarity even extends to keyboard shortcuts. Familiar combinations like ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-x (cut), ctrl-v (paste), and ctrl-z (undo) are handled under Windows and Unix. For Mac OS, the shotcut keys use the standard command key combinations. Screenshots: Windows Mac OS X. Easy, Flexible Integration VerveJEdit is independant of any web scripting software. It can be integrated into a project built on any platform including ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, or even CGI scripts. VerveJEdit posts it's content to any form on any webpage. From there, the data is easily routed to whatever backend database is being used for the site. Being based on Java makes this WYSIWYG HTML editor platform/browser independant - freeing the web developer from having to worry about client compatibility and thus simplifying the developer's job. Rich HTML 3.0 Support Without any knowledge of HTML Programming, the user can create and edit content that includes: * Bulleted Lists * Images * Tables and nested tables * Indents * Links and anchors * Different fonts and font sizes Fast, Effective Support Codeverve offers 24 hr email support for any issues that crop up during integration of our product with your project. Your questions will be answered directly by one of our developers. Most importantly, for a very fair price, the product can be customized to your particular needs. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like to see. Distinguishing Features There are a few good browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editors available but we believe that we provide the best balance of features, capabilities, and price. Unlike all the active-x components and javascript scripts out there, verveJEdit will run on any client platform. All that is required is the java plugin. Unlike the ASP or PHP solutions, verveJEdit is not tied to any particular server platform. VerveJEdit has been heavily optimized for quick loading times - the applet is only 40 KB in size. Compare this to our java competitors who weigh in at over 150 KB. This makes a very noticeable difference in loading times - and nobody wants a page that takes 30 seconds to load. VerveJEdit is well priced and flexibly licensed. It can be integrated into your project for as little as $299 USD.
Tags: email , database , web , editor , data , create , online , server , java , management , plugin , edit , javascript , easy , creating , client , site , application , project , form , keyboard , scripts , page , developer , key , font , applet , components , content , webpage , best , contact , quick , user , custom , start , run , support , scripting , work , into , good , version , keys , command , crop , interface , platform , fonts , product , questions , balance , faster , knowledge , for , shape , jump , contentmanagement , difference , changing , users , integration , standard , us , available , userinterface , systems , method , out , editors ,

 1 DB Manager

This is a simple database tool which is helpful for the users to create database table to add, update, remove and retrieve data from the database. Users can query fields and records as quick as possible. Users do not require any third party components to manage database.
Tags: database , tool , data , create , remove , manage , query , table , components , quick , simple , retrieve , for , records , users , fields , party ,


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