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 ASP Frequently Asked Questions

ASP Frequently Asked Questions is a FAQ program which helps the visitors to know answers for the frequently asked questions regarding ASP. This script describes an ASP.NET, filesystemobject, detailed information about the usage of option explicit, date funtions, passing variables between the two pages, about an email, and more. This is very useful for the novice programmers.
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 Whizlabs Oracle 9i DBA OCP (1Z0-032) Exam Simulator

Whizlabs Oracle 9i DBA OCP (1Z0-032) Exam Simulator contains 315 fully explained questions in five mock exams and a customizable quiz comprising of about 200 questions. The main topics that are covered in this simulator include basic Oracle Net architecture, client side configuration, RMAN backups, user manages backups, Oracle recovery manager overview and configuration, user managed complete recovery and much more. In addition, it also provides candidates with free online testing environment.
Tags: online , manager , recovery , client , exams , user , basic , quiz , testing , simulator , questions , complete , onlinetesting ,

 Active Server Pages: General FAQ

Active Server Pages: General FAQ is an ASP FAQ program which shows the answers for the frequently asked questions regarding ASP. This contains any types of questions like, the scripting language used with ASP, describe about the installation of ASP, editors to generate an ASP page, ASP running under the operating system, etc. This is an important knowledge base for the beginners.
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This is a hosted feedback program that helps companies to improve their product quality and service. This program helps users to build feedback form with multiple questions using which site visitors can post comments. This program gives business process automation and promotion to increase your site traffic. Users are allowed to download data and to protect their data. This program has other features like, ability to view reports, customizable URL, ability to publish data online and more.
Tags: download , program , data , online , protect , business , site , using , form , view , automation , multiple , process , publish , build , promotion , quality , product , questions , post , features , improve , users , increase ,

 Web-based Helpdesk Manager

This is a program that comes with the ability to bring visitors or customers questions to the right help desk personal and replay the questions by email. This program also stores the questions and answers into the FAQ database. Webmasters can also have the facilities to categorize the FAQ section into any number categories and sub categories. They can also include FAQ with more number of help desk personal accounts. Admin can have entire control including approval of questions and answers before displaying. This program needs email confirmation and customer registration. This program will be of much use for the webmasters in building FAQ with searching capability and categorizing functionality.
Tags: email , program , control , help , personal , number , customer , into , questions , searching , for , customers , replay , building , desk ,


How ePowerGuestbook!! Works: 1. POTENTIAL CUSTOMER VISITS YOUR WEB SITE Right now, people visiting your website will vanish without a trace. You are missing an opportunity to establish rapport with all those potential clients. ePowerGuestbook!! offers web visitors a shot at $1,000,000 or another Grand Prize just for telling you about their wants & needs. You can even offer your own Grand Prize & consolation prize(s) at odds you select. Give your web visitors a reason to tell you about themselves. 2. VIEWER CLICKS THROUGH THE EPOWERGUESTBOOK!! Enticed by the chance to win one of our fabulous Grand Prizes or a custom Grand Prize, your visitors start the registration process by providing information about themselves (Name, Email, Phone, etc.) & continue answering a series of custom survey questions which are integrated into an entertaining virtual application. 3. RESULT: VIEWER WINS A PRIZE - YOU GAIN A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER Once a registrant completes the process, you get an instant heads-up email notification (an automatic email outlining the contact's info & answers to the custom survey questions). The registrant (assuming he doesn't win the Grand Prize) gets a consolation/traffic-building prize (if you choose to include one) that he can print on a local printer. He also gets an instant, custom email responder from your company with a thank you note & added incentive to visit you again. In addition, each registrant is compiled into a database belonging to you & you alone. The real power our application provides is ongoing emarketing to your ePowerGuestbook!! list.
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AskMars is a website that visitors can ask questions related to ASP and other topics. Answers come from experts and get paid a certain amount of points per question they answer. First you must sign up and sign in to post a question.
Tags: website , points , questions , post , sign , question , ASP Forums

This online discussion allows members to post their questions and comments which are related to ASP. They can perform a live discussion to discuss about ASP related topics. One can also easily find answers to their questions by searching disscussion forums. This online discussion forum helps people in several ways to let them develop their knowledge on ASP technologies.
Tags: online , find , live , forum , questions , post , knowledge , searching , develop , people ,

 Alivesites Survey

This is an ASP based survey program with which administrators can conduct surveys on their websites. This program can be used by the administrators to conduct surveys by using any type of questions including questions with drop down menu boxes, radio buttons, multiple line text boxes etc., Administrators can have the entire control of the surveys including activating and deactivating the question number display and removing old surveys. This program also allows administrators to customize the look of the survey with CSS.
Tags: program , text , control , menu , using , display , multiple , radio , number , line , removing , type , customize , drop , questions , survey , question , boxes ,

 Alxnet Poll

This is an effective program that helps site visitors to post their opinions. This program supports questions and answer type of poll system. This program uses cookies to avoid double submissions and users can provide upto 30 different answers to every question. Users are allowed to customize poll background images, color etc according to their needs.
Tags: program , color , site , cookies , background , type , customize , questions , post , users ,


PollHelper is created for web application which adapts to include a PHP poll manager on portal sites. PHP files are used to add new polls and to view the past polls. Polls can be displayed anywhere of the site pages. MySQL is used as backend and is used to retreive required poll data quickly. Users are restricted to vote twice for a poll. Supports numerous questions on polls. It is based on Opensource that supports modificatios with configuration and modules. It runs on PHP 4.0 or greater and MySQL 3.2.3 or advanced version.
Tags: web , data , manager , files , site , application , view , advanced , configuration , questions , for , portal ,

 Web4W3 is a site for web developers who are looking for possible solutions of non usual tasks. After years of developing Web sites and Web-based applications we have accumulated a vast industry experience and ready to share with you our knowledge and creations. We hope you will find this site interesting for you and your business. Our area of interests includes ColdFusion, Delphi, Java, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP.NET. You can be absolutely sure that all components, services and applications from here are 100% original. We are always open for dialog with other developers. Just mail us your questions or suggestions and we will thoroughly take theirs up. We can always find appropriate solution for your.
Tags: web , mail , find , site , open , share , area , services , solution , applications , dialog , questions , knowledge , for , sites , us , solutions ,

 :: iSupport ::

A robustly featured help desk solution equipped with ticket support system, knowledge base, FAQ and customer testimonial manager. Includes many features such as : template system, multiple administrator support, customizable ticket support form, subjects, and departments - knowledge base comment system, statistics, announcement manager, testimonial section and much more. iSupport includes the ability to convert past customer support tickets directly into knowledge base articles, FAQ questions or even testimonials! Extremely easy to install and customize.
Tags: convert , easy , help , multiple , install , administrator , template , support , customer , into , solution , questions , knowledge , features , base , customersupport , ticket , desk ,

 Bulletin Boards Ideas

How to build successful online community? What scripts and services there are avialable to create meaningful and featured message board? How to optimize your forum to rank higher with search engines? What are the benefits of vBulletin, phpBB, invisionboard? How do these community scritps differ? Bulletin Boards Ideas covers these questions and provides meaningful and detailed discussion of bulletin boards software based on php. You can also learn about development, promotion and optimization ideas, tips and advises.
Tags: software , search , create , online , message , optimize , learn , scripts , optimization , build , tips , promotion , services , forum , questions , community , covers ,

 ASP Quiz Manager

Quiz Manager features include: Easy to install and use. Easy to customize user pages using templates. Password protected browser based administration interface. Create quizzes with start and end dates and times. Modify and delete previously created quizzes. Quizzes can have up to 50 questions with 15 answer selections each. Question and answers setup can include HTML / images. Archives allow the viewing of quiz statistics (such as: question difficulty & average quiz score). Users are prevented from taking a quiz more than once.
Tags: delete , browser , using , statistics , install , administration , user , start , quiz , customize , pages , questions , quizzes , features , protected , question , dates , average ,

 ASP World - Knolwedge Base

Webmasters who want to provide cost effective customer service online, can utilize this ASP application. Comes with many features like - user oriented admin section to manage FAQ module content, voting to get feedback about the effectiveness of FAQ, categories to group questions, search engine to find particular info, print and email option, new question submission facility displaying specific number of questions per page and many more.
Tags: email , search , print , find , service , page , manage , admin , user , engine , number , module , searchengine , customer , cost , group , submission , questions , features , question , - Quiz - Quiz is one of the way to increase your webiste traffic by allowing your visitors to submit their answers with quiz module. You can create your own questions in your language. Setup can be done easily with wizards. Color schemes supports 9 colors and layouts can be customized to fit your site settings. Result output page can be presented in a way you desire. Coding supports cut / copy / paste functions. Bars, Jave pie charts can be included to show result statistics.
Tags: create , copy , site , page , show , traffic , colors , quiz , paste , submit , charts , pie , questions , increase ,


ProSupport is a powerful script that enables clients to help themselves. Clients can browse through your Knowledge Base articles, download helpful utilities and tools, view company announcements in real time, or submit a trouble ticket to your support team. ProSupport was built on several key features that are important to maintaining a good relationship with your clients. It is a tool to help you answer your clients' questions with ease and efficiency. Several important features such as email piping, complete ticket management, server scanning, per department registration requirements, template based design for easy customization, and an advanced activity alert program (ProAlert) are all included in the base package to enable you to serve your customers better and faster than ever before.
Tags: email , download , tool , program , server , utilities , design , easy , help , script , view , key , advanced , browse , template , alert , support , activity , good , package , submit , questions , real , faster , for , features , customers , base , registration , complete , ticket , powerful , clients ,

 Eazy Cart

Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading. Our web based administration page allows you to easily customize to fit seamlessly into your website, with multi language support and 17 of the most popular payment gateways also supported. We have an active support forum that we visit daily to assist in any way possible all questions answered very quickly. We are constantly developing and adding new features, once you purchase you have unlimited upgrades. Allows Options and additional prices for each option. Only $22.00
Tags: web , system , easy , language , page , install , administration , support , professional , into , customize , shopping , daily , popular , active , payment , multi , forum , questions , shoppingcart , purchase , for , webbased ,

 BFN Quiz and Tests

This program lets the webmasters to conduct both fun quizes and real exams. This online tool comes with the ability to detect and protect from people retaking the tests and cheating. The test has certain set of questions and certain number of answers for each question. The test taker should choose the right answer from the options. The administrator can limit the test with a certain time frame.
Tags: tool , program , time , online , protect , fun , test , administrator , number , tests , detect , set , limit , questions , real , for , people ,

 Easy Content Forum

With the help of this program administrators can create and manage online discussion board on their ASP supporting websites. They can allow their members to share their views on any topic by using this program. This program facilitates administrators to post the comments and questions with name, date and time. This is an easy to use program.
Tags: program , create , online , easy , help , board , using , manage , date , share , questions , post ,

 Creation and Maintenance of Appealing ASP Pages with Dynamically Generated Contents

This is a tutorial that comes with the ability to allow web developes to build ASP pages using dynamically generated contents. Here the author presents a passage from FAQ section section that contains this subject related questions and answers. The author says that this tutorial will be useful for the web developers in adding apostrophes and pipe characters in database, managing CRLFs and BR tags and spaces to increase the look of the text etc.,
Tags: web , text , using , build , tutorial , pages , author , questions , characters , for , tags , useful , increase ,


PhpTest is an web based application for conducting test quiz. Feature highlights are, randomization of questions on tests, randomization of order of multiple choice questions, user and group security models, yes or no type, true/false and multiple choice question types, automatic grading , multilingual support of English, Spanish, Czech, Norwegian and chinese and easy installation. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: security , web , online , easy , application , automatic , test , demo , multiple , chinese , user , support , group , multilingual , questions , for , webbased , question , available ,


C#@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge in C#. This is a text engine and also a question bank of 150 questions in C#. Supports a Diagnostic text to understand your weakness and strength. Provides detailed descriptions for each and every question and quick revision. Each and every concept is supported with examples. When you finish a text it can generate a report of the result. Customization includes number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.
Tags: text , report , application , test , generate , quick , engine , number , bank , questions , knowledge , for , question ,

 Magic List Pro

This is a mailing list software where the users can maintain and generate mailing lists for their websites and can build custom questions of their own. This program allows the users to create multiple additional questions which can also be viewed through demographic reports. The users have the ability to target their email messages in two forms like demographic information where the users can have their mailings in larger impact and in interest group users can create the list where the members can choose the type of information for receiving. The users can send HTML and plain text messages to getback their members to their site often.
Tags: software , email , program , create , text , information , site , list , send , forms , generate , mailing , multiple , custom , messages , build , mailinglist , type , group , lists , questions , websites , for , maintain , users ,


The PHPfaqtastic is a simple and useful script which allows you to get questions and queries from your website visitors and answer to them through the administration panel. If you do not wish to get any questions further, you can close the form. The features that are available in the latest version comes with a password protected admin panel, allows users to submit queries, ability to sort the list in ascending or descending order. An online demo is available in the website.
Tags: password , online , website , list , script , demo , admin , administration , simple , version , submit , sort , questions , features , protected , useful , users , available ,

 ASP Eight Ball

This is an online article that provides a script for 'magic eight ball' that deals on three things as follow: firstly a random number, secondly a dim statement and finally a tautology that has the ability to find whether the users ask questions for the first time or not. This tutorial says that this will be very useful for the users in performing web programming on their websites.
Tags: web , time , online , find , script , programming , random , tutorial , questions , for , useful , users ,

 verveJEdit - Browser Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor

VerveJEdit is an online what-you-see-is-what-you-get WYSIWYG HTML editor written as a client-side java applet. It is ideal for inclusion in custom e-learning applications, online forums, content management systems (CMS) or any similar application where a consistent, easy to use user interface is required across platforms. VerveJEdit has been extensively tested under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris. It will work on any platform that supports java. VerveJEdit requires the java plugin version 1.4 or better. Key Features * Rich support of HTML 3.0, including images, tables, lists, and indents. * Easily integrated into any custom project. * Fast loading times (up to 4 times faster than the competition). * Saves to any web page via POST method for easy integration with database backends Intuitive, Attractive, WYSIWYG Interface VerveJEdit is built with an attractive, intuitive interface immediately recognizable to anybody who has worked with industry standard editors like Microsoft Word. VerveJEdit allows anybody to jump in and start creating or changing content, freeing the web developer from mundane site updates and empowering the users themselves to shape and contribute to the site content. The interface familiarity even extends to keyboard shortcuts. Familiar combinations like ctrl-c (copy), ctrl-x (cut), ctrl-v (paste), and ctrl-z (undo) are handled under Windows and Unix. For Mac OS, the shotcut keys use the standard command key combinations. Screenshots: Windows Mac OS X. Easy, Flexible Integration VerveJEdit is independant of any web scripting software. It can be integrated into a project built on any platform including ASP, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, or even CGI scripts. VerveJEdit posts it's content to any form on any webpage. From there, the data is easily routed to whatever backend database is being used for the site. Being based on Java makes this WYSIWYG HTML editor platform/browser independant - freeing the web developer from having to worry about client compatibility and thus simplifying the developer's job. Rich HTML 3.0 Support Without any knowledge of HTML Programming, the user can create and edit content that includes: * Bulleted Lists * Images * Tables and nested tables * Indents * Links and anchors * Different fonts and font sizes Fast, Effective Support Codeverve offers 24 hr email support for any issues that crop up during integration of our product with your project. Your questions will be answered directly by one of our developers. Most importantly, for a very fair price, the product can be customized to your particular needs. Just contact us and tell us what you'd like to see. Distinguishing Features There are a few good browser-based WYSIWYG HTML editors available but we believe that we provide the best balance of features, capabilities, and price. Unlike all the active-x components and javascript scripts out there, verveJEdit will run on any client platform. All that is required is the java plugin. Unlike the ASP or PHP solutions, verveJEdit is not tied to any particular server platform. VerveJEdit has been heavily optimized for quick loading times - the applet is only 40 KB in size. Compare this to our java competitors who weigh in at over 150 KB. This makes a very noticeable difference in loading times - and nobody wants a page that takes 30 seconds to load. VerveJEdit is well priced and flexibly licensed. It can be integrated into your project for as little as $299 USD.
Tags: email , database , web , editor , data , create , online , server , java , management , plugin , edit , javascript , easy , creating , client , site , application , project , form , keyboard , scripts , page , developer , key , font , applet , components , content , webpage , best , contact , quick , user , custom , start , run , support , scripting , work , into , good , version , keys , command , crop , interface , platform , fonts , product , questions , balance , faster , knowledge , for , shape , jump , contentmanagement , difference , changing , users , integration , standard , us , available , userinterface , systems , method , out , editors ,


This allows you to get on within a short period of time with CORBA. Provides examples along with detailed explanation to each and every concept of CORBA. It provides 125 questions and also a diagnostic text to text your knowledge. Supports quick revision tips to enhance your revision efficiently. Allows customization of the toughness level, time, topics and number of question. It generates a report after each and every test to evaluate your performance.
Tags: text , time , report , test , quick , number , tips , enhance , questions , diagnostic , evaluate , period , examples ,


This allows you to get on within a short period of time with CORBA. Provides examples along with detailed explanation to each and every concept of CORBA. It provides 125 questions and also a diagnostic text to text your knowledge. Supports quick revision tips to enhance your revision efficiently. Allows customization of the toughness level, time, topics and number of question. It generates a report after each and every test to evaluate your performance.
Tags: text , time , report , test , quick , number , tips , enhance , questions , diagnostic , evaluate , period , examples ,


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