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 ASPFAQs - Email

This is an online knowledgebase tool that comes with several inbuilt question and answers about emails in ASP. Displays most common and most viewed FAQs and lets you suggest about displayed FQs. Qusetions are given with the answer link that redirects you to the solution page instantly where you can also get the details about the authors.
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 ASP FAQS : Databases, Queries

The author explains about a question related to queries and database through this article. The answer which is shown in this tutorial is all about choosing the result of a SELECT..MULTIPLE or a group named checkboxes. The author explains the answer with an example along with its sample source code. In the final part the author shows how to convert those databases into queries.
Tags: convert , database , source , into , tutorial , group , author , databases , sample , question , part ,

 Create Surveys

This is a survey form management program that helps users to generate and publish surveys on their websites. The site visitors can post comments on particular survey form and users can collect data from their site visitors. Users are allowed to delete old survey and modify them on their websites. They have an option to customize logo, survey color, conclusion pages etc according to their needs. Total number of participants, survey status, total number of question can be viewed by user.
Tags: program , data , management , delete , site , form , generate , publish , number , collect , customize , pages , survey , post , modify , users , question , option ,


AskMars is a website that visitors can ask questions related to ASP and other topics. Answers come from experts and get paid a certain amount of points per question they answer. First you must sign up and sign in to post a question.
Tags: website , points , questions , post , sign , question ,


zClassified is a full featured classifieds software. Allows users to post advertisements to unlimited categories and sub-categories. Users can upload images up to 5 and automatically make thumnails. This provides Administration features like Unlimited categories/sub-categories management, Image upload and thumbnail creation, Password lost and found, Member overview, Sent newsletter, Bad words filter, New ad notification and provides User features like Add/Delete/Edit ads, Add/Delete images, Edit account information, Extend expiration date, Browse recent added and most popular, Ask seller the question regarding ads, Auto notify and more
Tags: images , make , notification , thumbnail , upload , lost , words , account , automatically , notify , post , recent , features , users , question ,

 Advanced PHP Form Builder

PhpForms is an advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms, quizzes and tests, feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, email notifications, evaluation forms, order forms etc.
Tags: email , file , create , text , message , form , upload , forms , advanced , multiple , number , customer , submission , multi , survey , quizzes , evaluation , question , fileupload , part ,

 Advanced PHP Form Builder

PhpForms is an advanced Web Form Builder that allows you to create Web forms quickly and easily. You can create an unlimited number of forms with any number of radio-buttons, checkboxes, pull-down menus, text areas, etc. PhpForms supports form validation. Form submissions may be sent to multiple email addresses. It can create multi part forms, forms with file upload fields, product/service/price request forms, message and question submission forms, subscription forms, survey forms, quizzes and tests, feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, email notifications, evaluation forms, order forms etc.
Tags: email , file , create , text , message , form , upload , forms , advanced , multiple , number , customer , submission , multi , survey , quizzes , evaluation , question , fileupload , part ,

 Alivesites Survey

This is an ASP based survey program with which administrators can conduct surveys on their websites. This program can be used by the administrators to conduct surveys by using any type of questions including questions with drop down menu boxes, radio buttons, multiple line text boxes etc., Administrators can have the entire control of the surveys including activating and deactivating the question number display and removing old surveys. This program also allows administrators to customize the look of the survey with CSS.
Tags: program , text , control , menu , using , display , multiple , radio , number , line , removing , type , customize , drop , questions , survey , question , boxes ,

 Smart Poll - ASP & Flash Poll

This is a super-fast, small-sized ASP & Flash Poll with 3D Bar Graph & Pie Chart Statistics to make your web site interactive and sticky. Get visitor feedback in seconds. No reloading of the page & attractive 3D statistics makes this product a sure winner for your site! This product is recommended for company/business, portal/vortal & educational sites, so that invaluable and focused feedback can be got by using a poll related to the website content. Complete browser-based password-protected Admin panel. SQL Server & Access versions available. Important Features: 1. 3D Bar Graph/Pie Chart Statistics 2. A single poll question is displayed in unlimited number of pages of your site 3. Super-fast load time - Get easy feedback from visitors in seconds 4. No Reloading of Page 5. Easy Installation and Customization 6. Extensive Administration Panel 7. Uses a MS SQL Server or Access database
Tags: web , time , website , easy , make , site , using , page , statistics , educational , number , interactive , pages , load , product , for , question , visitor ,

 Smart Multi Poll 1.0

Smart Multi Poll 1.0 Created integrating Active Server Pages (ASP) and Flash, it's super-fast, small-sized Flash file with 3D Bar Graph and Pie Chart Statistics makes your web site interactive and sticky. MS SQL Server & MS Access versions available. Recommended for portal/vortal, educational & eCom sites that need focused feedback. Cool Features 1. 3D Bar Graph/Pie Chart Statistics - Smart 3D statistics display the poll results either with a Pie-Chart or a Bar-Graph. You can customize the Poll to start with displaying the statistics view or the poll question view. Once a visitor submits a vote he/she cannot answer the same poll question for 30 days. 2. Create UNLIMITED number of polls on your site - you can display new polls for each section or page, related to its content, for focused user feedback. It can also be used by sites which provide free web space, thus letting each user set their own poll. 3. Super-fast load time - The Smart Multi Poll loads extremely fast because of its small file size (13K). 4. Flash Interface Advantage - You don't need the page to be refreshed for the vote to be submitted or to view results. Thus viewing results, voting and seeing the new results is possible in just a few seconds. 5. Easy Installation and Customization for your site 6. Extensive Administration panel - When you install the Smart Multi Poll for your site you are also provided with a stand alone password protected Administration panel to have complete control over your product.
Tags: file , web , password , time , control , fast , site , view , page , statistics , educational , display , install , user , size , number , small , interactive , start , set , customize , load , for , sites , protected , question , complete , visitor ,

 ASP Quiz Manager

Quiz Manager features include: Easy to install and use. Easy to customize user pages using templates. Password protected browser based administration interface. Create quizzes with start and end dates and times. Modify and delete previously created quizzes. Quizzes can have up to 50 questions with 15 answer selections each. Question and answers setup can include HTML / images. Archives allow the viewing of quiz statistics (such as: question difficulty & average quiz score). Users are prevented from taking a quiz more than once.
Tags: delete , browser , using , statistics , install , administration , user , start , quiz , customize , pages , questions , quizzes , features , protected , question , dates , average ,

 ASP World - Knolwedge Base

Webmasters who want to provide cost effective customer service online, can utilize this ASP application. Comes with many features like - user oriented admin section to manage FAQ module content, voting to get feedback about the effectiveness of FAQ, categories to group questions, search engine to find particular info, print and email option, new question submission facility displaying specific number of questions per page and many more.
Tags: email , search , print , find , service , page , manage , admin , user , engine , number , module , searchengine , customer , cost , group , submission , questions , features , question ,

 ASP Messageboard

Got an ASP-related question? Doesn't matter what topic, as anything goes here! Keep in mind that this is the busiest and nosiest forum on the ASPMessageboard. Posting a relevant question to a more specific forum will likely yield a quicker and more direct response.
Tags: mind , forum , question , - Polls - Polls is a useful remotely hosted program for website owners to generate interactive tools on their web based systems by running multiple polls and surveys. Features included are: customizable parameters with unlimited polls creation, maximum of 15 question and answers with each poll, setting expiring date, allowing single vote from an IP address, generating results in percentage and numeric with seperate windows, archiving old polls, supports comments from voters, and still lot more.
Tags: web , program , website , tools , generate , multiple , interactive , for , archiving , useful , webbased , question , systems ,


This is an online survey management system through which you can build multipage questioners. This system allows you to handle various types of question such as images-checkboxes, images-radio buttons, multi-list, edit, multi edit, combo box and list. This is an useful polling tool for your web sites.
Tags: web , tool , online , management , system , build , multi , survey , box , for , useful , question , combo ,


PhpTest is an web based application for conducting test quiz. Feature highlights are, randomization of questions on tests, randomization of order of multiple choice questions, user and group security models, yes or no type, true/false and multiple choice question types, automatic grading , multilingual support of English, Spanish, Czech, Norwegian and chinese and easy installation. An online demo is available on the website.
Tags: security , web , online , easy , application , automatic , test , demo , multiple , chinese , user , support , group , multilingual , questions , for , webbased , question , available ,


C#@Whiz is an application to test your knowledge in C#. This is a text engine and also a question bank of 150 questions in C#. Supports a Diagnostic text to understand your weakness and strength. Provides detailed descriptions for each and every question and quick revision. Each and every concept is supported with examples. When you finish a text it can generate a report of the result. Customization includes number of questions, topics, toughness level and time.
Tags: text , report , application , test , generate , quick , engine , number , bank , questions , knowledge , for , question ,

 Comet Network's FAQ's

This is a remotely hosted FAQ application through which you can maintain a knowledgebase regarding your products and web based services. This user friendly program is easy to handle and does not require any programming skills to work on it. You can have and maintain plenty of frequently asked question and answers on your faq database using this program.
Tags: database , web , program , easy , application , using , programming , user , work , knowledgebase , skills , webbased , maintain , question ,

 Exam9 Online exams

This is an online tests and quizzes program written in CFML containing web based software modules for organizing online tests for students. You can create your own question papers for the students with multiple choices for the answers on various subjects. You can set time limits for the tests, provide unique student ID's for all students taking the exams, view the result either in graphical or tabular format etc., Students submissions are corrected automatically and the results are displayed along with the reference number of the students. This program comes in two distinct versions as educator and college with flexible features.
Tags: software , web , program , create , time , online , format , view , multiple , number , tests , set , student , automatically , reference , for , quizzes , organizing , webbased , question , college , graphical ,


eWebquiz features: Web-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor Copy Quiz. Add quiztaker email per Quiz. Allows teachers to list students who can take the quiz. Import Questions from XML file. Quiz types. One form questionnaire. One question at a time. Display answer after each question. Try Again - answer the quiz in 3 tries or less. Save Quiz and Resume later and many other features.
Tags: email , list , form , quiz , question ,

 Power Voting Poll

Power Voting Poll provides simple and easier means of modules to generate and maintain a poll manager on your websites. Several polls can be created on the fly, each one can have upto 20 question and multiple answers with checkbox buttons. Results output page is highly customizable in its color, outlook and supports graphical based results. Supports optional ad links with poll page. Users IP address can be blocked to vote many times. Date can be fixed to receive votes from polls. Users can write their comments when rating the polls.
Tags: outlook , manager , write , address , page , generate , links , multiple , simple , receive , rating , maintain , question , graphical ,

 PHP Faqts

PHP Faqts is an online website that provides vital informations to the users, webmasters and programmers regarding PHP programming techniques. This website is provided with a powerful question and answer database covering all PHP related faqs and serves as a complete encyclopedia for PHP. Users can also raise questions, answer for the posted questions, add sample codes, syntax etc,.
Tags: database , online , website , programming , syntax , sample , for , question , complete , powerful ,


This XML driven flash FAQ is available with a simple interface to help you to manage knowledge base for your online webservice. You can simply upload all your question and answer files through this script to your site just like other flash files with a cut, copy interface. Being built with the support of XML you can easily maintain the FAQ's on your own style with image support and you have the facility to edit and modify the topics and answers according to the needs.
Tags: image , flash , online , files , edit , copy , help , site , script , manage , upload , simple , support , interface , style , knowledge , for , modify , base , maintain , question , available ,

 Virtual HelpDesk

The Virtual HelpDesk is a customer support program which allows the user to setup a pleasant looking knowledge base or helpdesk. With the assistance of this system, the users are allowed to search for the popular help questions. To maximise the search capabilities, use keywords for every question entered. The system is more useful for those who are having a technical website. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: search , program , online , system , help , demo , helpdesk , user , support , customer , keywords , popular , technical , knowledge , for , base , useful , users , customersupport , question , available ,

 Poll service

This is a web based polling solution using which site visitors to register their votes. Users are allowed to add or modify upto ten answers for every poll question and to gather opinions from their site visitors. This program uses cookies to avoid vote frauds. Users have an option to customize poll title, background color, foreground color etc according to their needs. There are 3 types of HTML form items available such as drop down menu, radio buttons and check box using which users can select particular poll style and design poll system.
Tags: web , program , design , color , site , using , form , check , cookies , buttons , radio , background , customize , solution , style , drop , box , for , select , modify , register , webbased , users , question , option , available ,

 HelpWorks Professional

HelpWorks Profesional is a complete knowledge base system. It can help reduce your support time drastically and give your customers answers to their problems quickly. Categorize your knowledge base questions and add as many questions under each category as you like! Let users post their comments on each question in your knowledge base. Comments let your users provide extra tips or information that relate to a particular question. Attach files to each knowledge base question that you post. Backup your answer by attaching a screenshot, code snippet, documentation, or any other type of file! Customize how your knowledge base looks by specifying links to your own web site templates. The HelpWorks Professional admin area has 3 user types: writer (level 1), editor (level 2) and superuser (level 3). You can let multiple people manage your knowledge base, but restrict certain users from certain activities! HelpWorks Professional makes use of MySQL's powerful full-text search capabilities -- your users can search for knowledge base answers based on keywords or complete phrases. It's up to them! The 10 most popular questions are shown on the front page of your knowledge base area. This helps new users find answers to the most popular questions quickly and easily! Your users can print or email any knowledge base question to a friend or colleague. Each knowledge base question you post can link to other related questions. Each knowledge base question displays a "Did this help you?" option, which allows your users to rate each question as useful or not useful. Use this feedback to adapt questions to meet your users needs and reduce your support time even more!
Tags: email , web , search , editor , time , files , print , find , help , code , information , site , page , manage , link , links , multiple , admin , user , restrict , support , tips , area , type , keywords , popular , writer , questions , post , rate , reduce , knowledge , for , customers , base , useful , users , question , complete , powerful , people ,

 Hosted Survey

This is a program that can be used to build different types of forms such as feedback form, survey form, questionnaires etc on the websites and users can collect data from their site visitors. Survey results are generated according to the response of the visitors and are exported into XML, MS Excel applications etc. This program would be helpful for evaluators, researchers etc. Users are allowed to deploy online surveys. This program supports twenty different question types.
Tags: program , data , online , site , forms , collect , build , into , applications , websites , survey , for , users , question ,

 Survey System

Survey system is designed for displaying survey details on website that is written in PHP code. Administrator is provided with full control to generate multiple surveys dynamically. Webbased question editor is availble. Displays various questions and variety of choices to answer. Results can be exported to Excel format. Administrator decides which of the results to be reported. Calendar facility can be included. Supports CSS for modifications. Layout and templates are customizable. Availblity of PHP and MySQL suits to run this script on your site.
Tags: editor , control , system , website , script , generate , multiple , templates , run , questions , survey , for , question ,


This is an online survey conducting program that can be used for particular research requirements and to extract the results. Website visitors can post their votes by using survey system. This program supports standard and advanced question types of surveys. Survey libraries are available with this software to store question and answers for further use. Users are allowed to control survey background color, font size, font style etc. They can access, edit, view and download results on their websites. Survey results are represented in tabular and graphical mode. This program supports multiple languages.
Tags: software , download , program , online , control , extract , using , view , font , advanced , multiple , background , store , research , style , libraries , survey , post , for , standard , question , available , graphical ,


This program can be used by the administrators to maintain knowledge base to minimize their work in supporting via telephone and email. By using this program admin can allow customers to submit their questions straight to the knowledgebase to let the experts reply and to publish the question and answers immediately. This program permits admins to take control over the content and entire function of this program by providing users accounts facility and powerful admin area. It has several enhanced features for the benefit of the administrators and customers.
Tags: program , control , using , content , admin , publish , work , accounts , submit , function , telephone , minimize , questions , knowledgebase , knowledge , for , features , customers , base , maintain , users , question , powerful , reply ,


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