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01Publisher is a remotely hosted website creating program where users can create websites for their use. This program helps users in setting up of message boards, calendars, photo albums, guestbook, email, newsletter, map, polling booth, links etc. This program has features like, html or text editor, displays web page listing, publishing press releases and more.
Tags: html , web , photo , program , create , text , website , creating , message , page , links , webpage , publishing , websites , for , features , users ,


TXnews is a complete news or article publishing system (cms). It includes the backend, data storage system and updater. It uses "flat files" for storage so no need for a database. Templates available for titles, icons, snippets, news body, user, time, date, month, year and email. You can specify the number of headlines to be displayed and view an archive. Includes support for multiple users and automatic building.
Tags: data , system , automatic , view , news , multiple , number , support , storage , year , publishing , for , users , complete , available ,

 adenin DynamicIntra.NET CMS

adenin DynamicIntra.NET Content Management system is a content managemer and publishing tool. It dramatically reduces your maintenance costs nad increases the contextual relevance of your portal. It has been specially designed for intranets. It allows publishing of any documents, files, information and bookmarks/links directly with the web browser.
Tags: web , system , information , content , maintenance , publishing , for ,

 How to make flash (.swf) transparent

How to make flash (.swf) transparent is a simple tutorial which is useful for the web developers to know how to make the flash files transparent by publishing the flash file from Macromedia flash as well as by using the value attribute of the param tag in the HTML code. The author explains the HTML method with a sample program as well as shows how to make the flash file transparent by publishing it with the live screen.
Tags: file , web , flash , program , files , make , using , tag , simple , transparent , tutorial , live , publishing , value , author , sample , for , useful , attribute , method ,

 Airvae Commerce

Airvae Commerce is a PHP based script that performs real time UPS shipping calculations for every sale of your products. This script is provided with publishing modules for PriceGrabber, CNET, Nextag and Dealtime Price Engines. This software is supported by Verisign payment gateway and is provided with Popup Generators for advertising any specific product in the store. Online demo is available on the website.
Tags: software , time , script , demo , advertising , publishing , payment , product , real , for , gateway , sale , available ,


Editlet is an online html text editor that helps users to edit html pages on any remote server from a browser based interface. This program offers several features to the users like, ability to copy and paste from MS word and excel, spell checking, publishing output to database, international language support, multiple OS compatability, tables, CSS, image text wrapping etc.
Tags: image , html , editor , program , text , online , server , word , browser , edit , copy , remote , language , multiple , paste , texteditor , publishing , pages , spell , features , users , international ,


SSR Tech is a Web application development and publishing engine. SSR API features: session management, user/group management, template parser, easy application installation, database abstraction, a file system interface, network i/o interface, and Multilanguage support. Available modules include: Text and HTML pages, articles, site map, biography, small dictionary, news, photo album, downloads, FAQ, and Links directory, pricelist, and Internationalization.
Tags: file , database , photo , network , system , easy , development , site , application , template , small , publishing , filesystem , session ,

 Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL - 2

This article discusses about publishing newsletter with the combination of PHP and MySQL database. In this section the author elaborately discusses about verifying the validity of the emails which are entered by the people who want to receive newsletter. The author explains every procedure by providing sample codes for a better understanding.
Tags: emails , newsletter , publishing , author , receive , sample , for , codes , people ,

 ASP Report Wizard

With the help of this script webmasters can build any type of reports including columnar, tabular, master detail, charts with graphs etc., on their websites. Users can have the facility to preview before publishing and export them into different formats like CSV, Excel, XML and Text if necessary. It has several features like ability to produce reports dynamically when clicking on the links and to hide specific table or view, creating report from more than one table, generating pagesize report dynamically etc., So using this program users can create reports for increasing the efficiency of the buisiness.
Tags: program , create , export , help , creating , report , script , using , hide , table , links , reports , build , into , type , preview , charts , publishing , graphs , master , for , features , users , efficiency ,

 Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader

Instant RSS, XML Feed Reader is a powerful javascript enabled online news publishing addon that enables users to display specific news on your webpages. This program can read all news feed sources from the XML files and displays the same on your web pages. The key feature of this program is that it uses a single configuration file to retrieve and convert RSS news feed.
Tags: file , convert , web , program , online , files , javascript , news , addon , display , key , read , retrieve , feed , publishing , configuration , feature , users , newsfeed , powerful ,

 One Stop Document Creation: Standards in Publishing Workflows

In this presentation, the speaker will look at new publishing tools and standards that are enabling truly personalized content on demand in the print world. He will examine the roles of XSLFO and SVG within publishing workflows, and how XML as a neutral format for creating Web, print, and wireless content can be formatted and presented as a PDF document. The session describes the new place of XML and Web standards in publishing for printable representation of dynamic text and graphics as well as static content.
Tags: text , print , graphics , tools , creating , format , content , dynamic , publishing , wireless , formatted , for , personalized , static , session ,

 Mediaccess V1.00 Artist and Band Managemet

Simple easy Band and Artist Management software. Artists - manage your portfolio and your events and discography and make direct contact with your visitors who can buy your tracks video direct from your site through the many Digital Content Media Distribution and crossmedia publishing features available.
Tags: video , easy , make , site , manage , contact , tracks , publishing , portfolio , events , buy , features ,

 Threat Matrix

Threat Matrix is a little web grabbing script wcich is powered on PHP language. This scipt is highly useful in news publishing sites. All news information are grabbed from 'homeland' website and reports are given with images along with URLs from that site. HTML tags are used to customize 'terror' reports. images supports 'jpg' formats.
Tags: web , images , website , information , script , news , reports , customize , publishing , tags , useful ,

 Publish And Subscribe with C

Publish And Subscribe with C# is a tutorial through which you can know about publishing and subscribing data over a network using the C# language. In this tutorial the author clearly explains about each component of a project. This tutorial also shows the functions that are used for publishing and subscribing data in C#.
Tags: network , data , component , using , tutorial , publishing , author , for , functions ,


FeedMe is a powerful blog reader that helps webmasters, particularly those publishing news on their websites, to fetch and read news feed. All fetched news feed are displayed on the left side of the applet in a vertical scroller along with the title, description, web page link and enclosure if present any. This program can also load news even from URL's and provides easy formatting of news feed fonts and styles.
Tags: web , program , easy , page , news , link , applet , webpage , read , reader , blog , feed , publishing , fonts , load , vertical , newsfeed , present , powerful , scroller , formatting ,

 Get the News, Part 1

In this article 'Get the News, Part 1' the author has given simple and effective ASP codes for MFC applications. The author has explained readers about the ways and means of publishing the news on their web pages right from the starting of the tasks, the news capturing to the end of the process, to upload the news file online through the ASP. You will also come to know the flexibility of CHtmlView and ASP COM components in displaying the news.
Tags: file , web , online , upload , news , components , simple , publishing , pages , author , for , webpages , codes ,

 Mynews Beta Fix

Mynews Beta Fix is written using PHP and MySQL as the database. It is used to fetch the news from MySQL table in a date wise order. It has many enhanced features for the users to fetch news from the database. It display all active news in half template and display full news template on news article selected. This script can be easily embedded into any active news publishing websites.
Tags: script , using , news , date , display , table , template , into , publishing , active , for , features , users , wise ,

 PHP Yahoo News

This script is basically built in PHP which is helpful for the webmasters that allows them to facilitate their website with publishing updated news on their website. This script is provided with simple source code, it displays a single form field on which the web visitors should enter the keyword to retrieve the news from Yahoo server. It also displays latest news on the webmasters website.
Tags: web , website , script , form , news , source , simple , retrieve , publishing , keyword , field , for ,

 NewzPort Online publishing system

NewzPort Online publishing system implements PHP driven functions to create and manipulate online magazine on PHP websites. Publications can utilize this script to increase their readership, advertising profit and circulation. Admin has the full power to control user access and customize the presentation of articles. Supports images with news content. Compatible for all news publishing websites.
Tags: create , online , control , images , system , access , script , presentation , news , user , power , customize , advertising , publishing , profit , for , functions , increase , magazine ,


The e-publish web application is a content management system that is perfect for publishing newspapers, magazines or any other content, over the Internet. It is very convenient to manage the contents of the site with an easy and quick way throught the administration module. No special knowledge is required. e-publish comes with a banner campaign utility. Throught this service the site owner can administer any advertizing banner campaign in the site. Supports true multilingual support (UTF-8)
Tags: web , management , system , easy , site , application , service , manage , content , quick , administration , true , support , banner , publishing , multilingual , knowledge , for , contentmanagement , owner , contents , contentmanagementsystem , special ,


This is a content management program and also an user authentication system. This program has a two level approval publishing system. It has the ability to add new modules through an easy mechanism and also comes with 45 inbuilt plugin modules. This program supports, newsletters, surveys, forums, estore, XML news feeds, flash, maps etc. Users can edit the modules with a WYSIWYG editor and deliver well formatted contents. This program supports multiple languages.
Tags: editor , program , management , plugin , edit , easy , news , content , multiple , user , publishing , formatted , maps , contentmanagement , authentication ,

 XML and XSLT Maker

XML and XSLT Maker is a powerful code generator designed to create and manage dynamic XML/XSLT websites with ASP pages and XSLT style sheets. Webmasters would be able to format those XML documents with the help of XSLT and XPath and can also enhance the design layouts for publishing them in an unique format. Users are also facilitated with an option to generate templates containing data driven HTML presentation codes that can be used for later usage. Key features include client side javascript validation for all edit pages, advanced security measures to prevent data from unauthorized access, selective script generation etc.,
Tags: security , data , create , design , edit , javascript , help , code , client , generator , script , format , presentation , manage , generate , advanced , documents , templates , dynamic , enhance , publishing , pages , prevent , style , validation , websites , for , features , option , powerful , generation , codes , codegenerator ,

 emagiC CMS Enterprise edition

This is a content management system that can be used to control the web contents, XML integration and extranet usage for huge concerns. Users can update contents by using WYSISWYG editor without any technical knowledge. They can modify cotents before publishing them and can obtain XML data and parse them. Messaging centre are provided to communicate with other admins. This program has several features like, ability to implement HTML output, content can be described to improve ranking, emails for the pending tasks can be received from the admin and more.
Tags: web , editor , program , data , control , management , system , using , emails , content , tasks , admin , update , publishing , usage , technical , for , features , improve , modify , contentmanagement , integration , contents , parse , contentmanagementsystem ,

 EditLive for Java

This is an online XHTML content publisher that can create and publish contents on the websites. This program comes with rich content creation features and open standards based solutions that can be used for publishing the content through the web or from directly within an internet application. Users can create and edit a table by using table editing feature. They can insert images on the websites from the local file system with the help of insert image function. This program has source editing function which can be used to edit XHTML or XML content on the websites. This program has many useful features like, text formatting, international language support, spell checking, drag and drop functionlaity etc.
Tags: internet , file , image , web , program , create , text , online , images , system , edit , help , using , language , source , table , content , open , editing , publish , function , local , publishing , insert , spell , drop , creation , publisher , websites , for , features , useful , draganddrop , international , filesystem , contents , solutions ,

 Elite News

Elite News is an efficient PHP program that allows admin to post latest news and hot topics on their websites in HTML formats with special tags. You can post news and reviews with smilies along with your signatures. Users are facilitated with unlimited number of news categories and several plugins to make easy customization of their message postings. This online news publishing program supports BB code conversions and avators and allows admin to post news on their website without the support of MySQL database. Some of the main features include color schemes, rating systems, immediate posting, word wrap etc.,
Tags: program , online , word , website , easy , make , code , color , message , news , admin , number , support , publishing , websites , post , features , rating , smilies , special ,

 FlexPoint Publisher

FlexPoint Publisher is a content publishing program that can be used to create and maintain various types of contents like, articles, news etc. Users need not have any HTML knowledge to use this program. Admin can add, edit or delete users, can manage images, topics etc. Rich Text Article Editor are available with this software to edit articles on the websites. This program supports multiple page articles and multiple drill down topics.
Tags: software , program , create , delete , edit , page , manage , news , content , multiple , publishing , knowledge , articles , maintain , contents , available ,

 Internet Explorer 6 as an FTP Client

This article brings out the need and the importantce of IE 6 in publishing websites on the net. The author has done a comparative analysis on IE and the FTP in authoring and uploading the contents on web pages. So this is an useful tutorial for all webmasters with which they can gain knowledge on the IE as a better alternative choice for FTP.
Tags: web , analysis , authoring , tutorial , alternative , publishing , author , websites , knowledge , for , useful , contents , out ,

 Fidelity Advertisement Package

This program comes with all basic functionalities that are needed to build and manage a full-featured advertisement system for internet businesses. This program allows administrators to validate ads before publishing and to modify users on the user page. Administrators can take control over every aspect including managing categories by including and removing categories. Administrators can also have the facility to include sponsors to the categories and can have options to bring statistical reports in month wise, day wise or page wise.
Tags: internet , program , control , system , page , manage , user , ads , reports , basic , build , removing , day , publishing , options , validate , for , modify , users , wise ,

 NewsPHP Value-Pro

This is a software to maintain and run a professional publishing business. The news or articles contents can be maintained from a web based browser with so much of ease. This programme has general facilities like, session tracking, banner management, auto meta tags, customizable site design and layouts, built in polls etc. Has a search engine that allows users to search any content by title or news body. A WYSIWYG editor for text formatting, and facility to upload photos or videos to add with the news article. Has seperate category management and user admin modes. It also has many advanced features like news letters, hostory navigator, user rates, comments and more.
Tags: software , web , search , editor , text , photos , management , design , browser , site , upload , news , auto , content , advanced , admin , user , engine , run , professional , searchengine , banner , publishing , videos , for , features , articles , webbased , maintain , users , meta , contents , session ,

 HardCore Web Content Management

This is a content management program that can be used to add, edit or delete contents on websites. This program comes with many enhanced features. This program uses WYSIWYG web editor to edit contents on websites. Users are allowed to preview and update content before approving and publishing it. This program has other features like, providing search facility, ability to create reusable content element, revision control system, template and style sheet support and more.
Tags: web , search , editor , program , create , control , management , delete , edit , content , template , support , update , preview , sheet , publishing , style , webeditor , features , contentmanagement , contents ,


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