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 Moebius PHP Library

Moebius PHP Library is a set of PHP classes with most of the common built-in functions of the PHP script. This library provides an object framework for working with PHP. Now the work of a PHP programmer is made easy, one can use the built-in functions and save time and finish work faster.
Tags: time , library , save , set , work , programmer , object , for , functions , framework ,

 Using Excel Spreadsheets as a DataSource

Using Excel Spreadsheets as a DataSource is an useful tutorial for the ASP.NET programmer in which users can gather information about making excel spreadsheet as the datasource content. Here author describes about sample codes which provides connection between the Excel spread sheet with datasource in ASP.NET application and in SQL command.
Tags: excel , information , application , spreadsheet , connection , tutorial , sheet , programmer , author , sample , for , useful , users , codes ,

 Index Server Tutorial

Index Server Tutorial is a tutorial in index server. Here author discusses about the generation of index server, various step by step method involved in generating index server, description of the codes, statements and functionalities index server, tools that has to be used to built the index server and more. This article will be helpful for the ASP programmer and webmasters.
Tags: server , tools , index , tutorial , programmer , author , for , generation , method ,

 Creating and Using Custom SOAP Headers

Creating and Using Custom SOAP Headers is a tutorial in which the author gives an idea about SOAP header and process of using it to build web services. In this tutorial the programmer can get step by step procedure for creating a web services. Here the author gives details about System.Web.Services.Protocols namespace, to create the web services through SOAP header.
Tags: web , create , creating , using , process , build , tutorial , services , programmer , author , for ,

 Configuring SQL Server 2000 Options

This article is helpful for the entry level programmer and for system administrator which guides them step by step for configuring SQL server 2000 options and also gives hints about removed server options and database options in SQL server. Syntax for database options has been provided in this article.
Tags: database , server , system , 2000 , administrator , options , programmer , for ,

 Performance Strategies for Enterprise Web Site Development

Performance Strategies for Enterprise Web Site Development is a tutorial that deals with performance strategies which helps to improve the performance of website by using apt tool to perform an operation in the users website and perfect tuning of the website which helps in reducing time for executing particular task. Here author offers few codes which can be utilized by the programmer to increase the speed of the execution.
Tags: tool , time , website , speed , using , performance , tutorial , programmer , author , for , improve , users , tuning , increase , strategies , codes ,

 Krysalis Platform

For a web applications programmer who has to develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi language dynamic websites (Content Management Systems), Krysalis is a development platform that improves the Apache/PHP framework by separating the application logic from the presentation layer, using open standards as XML/XSL/SOAP. Krysalis is an open-source PHP development platform, designed to improve the way web developers create websites. It is based on a XML/XSLT core and offers SOAP support to help developers create web services easily.
Tags: web , create , logic , development , help , application , using , presentation , language , open , support , dynamic , services , platform , applications , programmer , multi , websites , improve , framework , develop , enterprise ,

 India IT Jobs

India jobs offers programmer jobs in India for IT professionals wishing to work in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai.
Tags: work , programmer , for , jobs ,

 Hello WAP world!

Hello WAP world! is a very simple tutorial that shows the beginners how to display text messages on WAP devices, the sample coding is given for reference. Even novice programmer can understand how to display text on WAP screen after going through this tutorial.
Tags: screen , text , display , simple , messages , tutorial , programmer , sample , for , coding ,


GeoAuctions is an extremely versatile Auction program created in PHP with the ability to use over 15 different types of databases. There is a limited FREE Lite version for the experienced programmer to customize as needed. The Full version of GeoAuctions comes with added capability and much more administrative control for you to customize your auctions further and control your installation easier. You are invited to try out our online demo. We've chosen the Trucking Industry to use as our demo market, but keep in mind you can use GeoAuctions in virtually any industry. Both versions have an unlimited multiple-tier category system that is set up to accommodate any product or service market. GeoAuctions combines a high quality appearance with the assurance of very little required maintenance. Both versions are packed full of powerful features.
Tags: program , online , control , system , service , demo , mind , setup , set , version , customize , installation , quality , programmer , product , for , powerful , out ,

 GeoClassifieds Full

This is full features classifieds managment software. This version includes a full featured gui administration panel. Several features of the site and the site text itself are controlled from within the admin panel. You can easily translate the application to your own language or just put your own spin on the text without the need of hiring a programmer to sift through code to personalize the text of your site. Many aspects of the site configuration (fonts, header, footer, right and left columns, menu bars for the site, menu bar for specific user functions, and many more). Create your own data/question fields on a category by category basis making specific implementations to matchmaking/dating, car dealer inventories and job posting sites extremely easy.
Tags: text , menu , code , site , application , language , bar , car , gui , admin , administration , user , job , version , translate , programmer , configuration , for , sites , features , fields , personalize , menubar , controlled ,

 EBA:GridList DHTML Control

EBA:Grid is the full-featured DHTML Grid Control for Internet Explorer, providing a rich and robust control for programmers who wish to allow their users to edit tabular data in a spreadsheet-like environment. Programmers can quickly develop powerful web applications Benefits Web Service Enabled Submit large, complex datasets directly from your web browser through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Get programming with EBA:Grid now A complete Grid programming control in a using a familiar HTML tag format. Mulitple Edit Masks and Dynamic Look-ups EBA:Grid allows programmers to specify unique edit masks for each grid column to allow users to enter text, numbers, dates, checkboxes as well as drop-down lists and customizable autocomplete textboxes. Leverage the power of XML The EBA:Grids bind to an XML data source that allows users to efficiently modify large datasets. The control keeps track of which cells have been modified so that network traffic is minimized during data transmission. Easy to embed Adding the EBA:Grids to your web page is as easy as adding a couple HTML Tags. Simply add the EBA:Grid tag anywhere in your web page to create powerful grid entry controls for your data. EBA:Grid provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using their web browser. EBA Controls ensure higher quality code and shortened development time by modularizing the code and isolating the programmer from the underlying complexity of implementing the interface. Familiar HTML Tag Format EBA:Grid uses the familiar HTML Tag format together with XML to simplify the development of web applications. The resulting environment helps programmers to quickly build robust and sophisticated applications. DHTML - No java applets to load XML Data Driven Web Service Enabled Keyboard Navigation - Just like a spreadsheet! Fast Data Entry Customizable Data Masks - Text, Number, Date Auto-complete using your own datasource
Tags: web , network , data , create , time , control , java , browser , edit , easy , development , code , format , using , programming , page , source , track , traffic , webpage , tag , build , webbrowser , power , interface , grid , quality , autocomplete , programmer , controls , load , lists , environment , now , column , for , modify , embed , applets , develop , users , complete , powerful , modified ,

 Krysalis Platform

For a web applications programmer who has to develop complex enterprise level applications, web services or multi language dynamic websites (Content Management Systems), Krysalis is a development platform that improves the Apache/PHP framework by separating the application logic from the presentation layer, using open standards as XML/XSL/SOAP. Unlike any other application servers and frameworks, our platform is an open source solution for productive web development. Krysalis features: --Create enterprise level PHP applications; --Powerful IDE: Krysalis benefits from the integration of KrysalIDE, the XML/XSL development environment designed for it; --Separate the application logic from the presentation layer; --Web services development support; --Code reuse; --Powerful caching mechanisms; --Multiple database type support; --W3C standards compliant.
Tags: database , web , logic , development , application , using , presentation , language , source , open , dynamic , type , services , platform , solution , applications , programmer , multi , websites , environment , for , framework , develop , enterprise , servers , integration ,


eXpand is a smoothly animated 2-level menu. This highly configurable applet dynamically expands sub-menus as you move over top-level menu items. It also comes with a great variety of pre-defined menu graphics and plenty of examples to get you started. Why use eXpand? Well, here are just a few reasons: - Saves you time and effort - no need to use JavaScript - Simple to use - no programming knowledge necessary - Easy to configure - Automatically handles navigation and rollovers - We bundle in a stunning menu graphics pack when you buy a licensed version, containing some great menu designs. All you have to do is add a eXpand applet to your web page and specify some simple parameters for your menus. There's simply no need for any JavaScript or HTML programming! We even provide a range of stylish menu graphics for use with eXpand. You don't need to be a programmer - just use our simple step-by-step instruction guide to create your own professional dynamic menus. The eXpand applet has a range of configurable features, including: - Font colors - Automatic mouse highlight effect - Animation speed - Text alignment - All menu text and navigation URLs And - we're so confident you'll be pleased with our software, we offer a no-quibble 30-day money-back guarantee.
Tags: web , create , text , time , menu , graphics , animated , programming , navigation , page , mouse , applet , webpage , simple , professional , dynamic , pack , move , programmer , buy , knowledge , for , guide , bundle , examples ,

 Simple password generator

In this tutorial, the author gives tips to the beginner programmer for creating a random password. For creating this, he uses loops and random letters in the functional programme on the webpage. For additional security he defines a minimum length and a maximum length in the password. Useful tips to the beginners. Easy to follow the function.
Tags: security , creating , random , tips , programmer , author , length , for , letters ,

 Maintaining State With User Controls

Maintaining State With User Controls is a tutorial which is helpful for the .NET programmer to know how to create an user control which achieves the task of maintaining state and allowing navigation and track the users through your site. In this tutorial the author provides you the complete source code.
Tags: create , control , navigation , task , source , track , user , tutorial , programmer , author , for , users , complete ,

 Make popup window without coding

A significant percentage of Internet users have a negative attitude towards popup windows. In fact, a recent survey found that 32% of people would prefer no popup windows at all while surfing. But, if we turn that survey I just mentioned around, it also found that 68% of people felt the use of some popup windows were appropriate. How to get a popup window then? If you hire a programmer to write the JavaScript popup code for you, it can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 or more, and that's just for one PopUp. With WisePopup 1.0, you can generate popup after popup with no further charge, adjusting your campaigns as necessary to maximize your revenue, just for a reasonable one time charge, that's what I call an excellent investment for your business. With the help of WisePopup, five minutes from now, you can be making your own popup windows! Yes, just like the one generated by an expert programmer or even better! You have the full control on what the position, the size and the style of the popup window, you can also decide to launch the popup window when the visitor ENTER or LEAVE your page!
Tags: windows , time , control , write , help , code , generate , window , launch , size , call , cost , investment , style , programmer , expert , survey , for , recent , users , maximize , visitor , people ,

 Making a Cookie with ASP

Making a Cookie with ASP is a tutorial which deals with how to generate functional cookies with the help of ASP application. Here are few examples and statement which helps the ASP programmer to construct cookies in their website. It is an easy to learn article that helps young developers to generate cookies.
Tags: easy , help , learn , generate , cookies , tutorial , programmer , construct , examples ,

 Maguma Studio

Integrated debugging support allows the programmer to step through a script line-by-line, while watching the variables. An internal HTML window allows quick viewing of the finished product while supporting multiple definitions for external browsers. Syntax highlighting and code insight are also supported. An integrated class browser shows a tree-view of the code with custom classes and functions parsed into the view. With the introduction of version 1.3.4, Studio now has the integrated ability to encode whole projects easily using the ionCube encoder.
Tags: browser , code , script , using , class , window , multiple , quick , encode , custom , support , into , version , programmer , product , highlighting , now , for , functions , projects , debugging ,

 ASP Time

This tool is helpful for any programmer that allows them to facilitate their web pages with stop clock which enables their web users to perform their working duration in an application in a given period of time using stop clock. Webusers can control the operation of clock like start, stop, time pause and time gap. Its easy to handle and to work.
Tags: web , tool , time , clock , control , easy , application , using , stop , pages , programmer , for , webpages , users , period ,

 Interactive Event Driven ASP.NET User Controls

Interactive Event Driven ASP.NET User Controls is an ASP.NET tutorial in which author discusses about generating the event driven user control, which helps in executing two or more user control to work together. Through this tutorial users can learn about creating interactive user control in a single page with two user control to perform specified task. The author elaborates the above said method with examples inorder to make programmer to understand easier about the concept.
Tags: control , make , creating , learn , page , user , interactive , work , tutorial , event , programmer , author , users , method , examples ,

 Web Services in Action

This tutorial helps the beginners and web developers to gather what are the benefits that available with web services and how to work with web service. It guides them like a leading programmer which gives complete knowledge about web service in a step by step mode in an understabale manner. It also discusses about SOAP, use of SPROC on web service, WSDL, XSD etc.,
Tags: web , service , work , tutorial , services , programmer , knowledge , mode , webservice , complete , available ,

 Implementing XML Key Management Services Using ASP.NET

This tutorial is helpful for the entry level programmer which helps them to learn more about web services on Microsoft ASP.NET applications with the tips that are provided by this tutorial with sample codes for quick reference. It also discusses the use of SOAP and WSDL and also it instructs them how to create XKMS service.
Tags: web , create , learn , quick , tips , tutorial , services , applications , programmer , sample , for , codes ,

 Macro Scheduler

Macro Scheduler lets you create macros to control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to scheduled events, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. Perform complex tasks with a single mouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you're away. Power users will appreciate the ability of the Pro version to compile scripts into standalone EXE files which can be launched on any Windows PC, and an integrated script debugger aids the creation of complex macros. The Macro Scheduler script language, now supports custom dialogs, complex expressions, subroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include Microsoft VBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allowing increased flexibility and advanced OLE/ActiveX automation. Macro Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate any task. More than 200 script commands and standard programming constructs include the ability to send keystrokes and mouse events to other applications, wait for windows to open and close, make a particular window active, perform internet tasks, run programs and commands, execute files, read from and write to files, copy, move and delete files, and control applications with DDE. You don't have to be - or hire - a programmer to use Macro Scheduler. For complete ease of use, you can record macros to automatically create efficient, reliable scripts that can be edited and modified later. Recorded macros can even be compiled into standalone Windows applications. From running regular disk maintenance to generating financial reports, controlling file transfers and downloading e-mail, Macro Scheduler lets your computer work while you're not there. By operating at the user level it is application-independent and allows automation of repetitive, time consuming tasks. Automate intricate software processes and save wasted time and money.
Tags: software , windows , internet , file , desktop , create , time , files , control , delete , disk , programs , make , computer , record , write , schedule , script , save , programming , scripts , automation , send , mouse , window , advanced , tasks , open , automate , user , financial , engine , custom , read , run , move , maintenance , work , into , automatically , version , type , power , events , applications , shortcuts , popular , syntax , programmer , debugger , creation , now , execute , for , macros , keystrokes , processes , users , standard , complete , modified ,

 Class pages

Class pages makes PHP programming easier when the programmer wants to print records from MySQL backend. This class can aid page navigation or separation easily. There are several propeties for this script like :- start, lim (limitations), Script, Vars, Title and Center. These functions are very unique and very few other libraries provide this type of class.
Tags: print , script , programming , navigation , page , class , type , pages , programmer , libraries , for , records , functions ,

 Event Handler Basic

This program is perfect for beginners and advanced programmer's alike. The basic version is perfect in that it's turnkey. Reference the DLL into your application, modify the configuration settings, and you are ready to start logging your errors, events, and exceptions like a professional. Speaking of professionals, if you are a seasoned .NET programmer in either Visual Basic.NET or C#, then you will love our Pro version (Under $10!). It includes everything from the basic package, but includes the source code. This will allow you to tweak the program to meet your logging needs.
Tags: program , source , tweak , advanced , basic , start , logging , into , love , version , programmer , configuration , for , modify ,

 PHP with mySQL introduction

In this article, the author gives PHP with MySQL introduction and explains the basic interaction with MySQL by making a link databse. Further the author says that to create a table to work from, place this info into your MySQL database and ask your host how to do this. Some simple functions are given for easy understanding. By familiarising these programmes the programmer can know himself that what is going on here. Easy to understand functions helps to know easily for the beginner programmers.
Tags: database , create , easy , table , link , simple , basic , work , into , info , programmer , host , author , for , functions ,

 In-Memory Data Compression in .NET [C#: Beta 2] PART I

In-Memory Data Compression in .NET [C#: Beta 2] PART I is an article in which author describes the method of compressing and uncompressing the data in memory for migrating the data in the stream of wire. Here the author describes the method of downloading the file in the CAB file, which will be easier for the programmer for compressing and uncompressing the files for sending the data through wire.
Tags: file , data , files , memory , stream , programmer , author , for , method , sending ,

 Cookie Basics

Cookie Basics is a web based tutorial through which users can get an idea about generating cookies for tracking the visitors activity. Here there are few codes to create cookies, to view the information that have been stored in the cookies and how to make the cookies to expire. These statements can be utilized by the programmer to track their visitors activity.
Tags: web , create , make , information , view , tracking , track , cookies , tutorial , programmer , for , webbased , users , codes ,

 Compare Web Service Security Metrics

Compare Web Service Security Metrics is an ASP.NET tutorial which discusses about various web service methods and gives suggestion to the programmer to select a perfect method of encrypting web services. In this tutorial the author details about HTTPS, SSL, TLS and X.509 digital certificate method which helps in sending the SOAP message between two points.
Tags: web , digital , message , service , tutorial , programmer , author , select , webservice , certificate , method , sending ,


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