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 012 Guestbook

You can freely signup for this guestbook to track visitor's comments. Website visitors and users would be able to post either public or private messages with differnet colours and backgrounds on customizable data fields. HTML tags are allowed. Admin can track all visitors from their browsers and can also include profanity filters to prevent any disgusting comments from the messages. This remotely hosted program is easy to install and requires low maintenance.
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 2simplifi Group Forums

2simplifi Group Forums allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics via a back office administration module. Administrators and moderators can create main categories and subcategories that are dynamically displayed. Members can easily communicate through the discussion board and through private messaging. Try the demo to experience the full functionality of the application. Download contains 100%** Open Source ColdFusion code and SQL Server 2000 scripts. Priced with a 15% Customer Appreciation Introductory Discount for a Limited Time.
Tags: create , office , code , board , demo , 2000 , private , administration , creation , for , back ,

 2simplifi Group Forums

This tool, which contains 100% Open Source ColdFusion code and SQL Server 2000 scripts, allows the creation of unlimited discussion topics through a back office administration module. Administrators and moderators can create main categories and subcategories that are dynamically displayed. Members can easily communicate through the discussion board and through private messaging.
Tags: create , office , code , board , 2000 , private , administration , creation , back ,


This is a software and a guestbook which can fully administer the entries in users guestbook. This script includes a search engine, compressed code and national flags. Here users can post several entries in the guestbook. Features like language translation system, anti double post through IP address, long line, word wrap, time zone, private messages, extensive field, verification, min and max character limits and bad word censoring. This also provides IP banning, admin email notification, administration replies and page spanning.
Tags: software , email , search , time , word , code , script , language , page , admin , private , administration , translation , character , post , entries , users ,

 4nChat for PHP Nuke

4nchat script is used for php nuke. It is used as addon for php nuke. It helps webmasters to facilitate their site with chatting facility. Some features of this script are, own admin section, it allows users to protect their chatroom by using password, private messages in chatroom is available, it supports multiple language, sounds and smilies integration are allowed etc.,
Tags: protect , php , site , script , using , addon , multiple , admin , private , messages , for , sounds , features , smilies , users , integration ,


This is a xml script which is unique solution for magazines and newspapers online and allow users to build guestbook and post messages on the guestbooks. This rogram places the control on more aspx pages in xml data storage. This program acts as a message board that provides WYSIWYG editing abilities, word censorship, private messages, moderation etc. Features like saves users data in GMT offset, store multiple messages, provide support for UTF-8 character sets which are encoded, avoids client side script tags and more are available.
Tags: program , data , online , control , word , xml , client , board , script , message , multiple , store , private , editing , messages , support , build , pages , solution , character , post , for , tags , users ,

 Adserver Solutions

This ASP based ad management software is used to generate rotating banners and images for marketing the products of private firms online. This tool really gives solutions for the online marketers for revenue generation and gives real time report to the customers. By using this tool users can generate different models in ads on their web pages like, contextual ads, vertical scrollers, text ads, scratch offs, moving ads etc.,
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 Flash Text Chat Using MySQL Database 1.8RL

Flash Chat is a flash based chat application, which allow the administrators to provide concurrent chat facility to a large number of users, like the server. They provide the administrators, the right to add, delete and modify the chat rooms and to ban and unban any chatter's IP. They also support certain additional features such as color options, basic chat features, private chat etc.
Tags: flash , delete , color , chat , private , basic , number , support , features , modify ,


The ANEI Chat component is another IRC client that is accessed through a web page using only HTML. Many companies and ISP may block IRC clients for reasons of security or company policies. Our Chat component allows those users to still access IRC rooms by only requiring http access between the client and the Web Server. Many users can access these pages directly or through Proxy Servers. ANEI has designed this software to only require that user have a web browser and no other client side software. Userlist updating is more reliable. /me & /describe support has been added and now works as an action code to other clients. /msg now works from the command line for sending private messages. New features include the following: The local nick now shows in blue when messages are directed for the local user. CTCP outbound and inbound commands are working and being added at this time. The ability to change the CTCP response messages. RoomFlip is a new feature that puts the newest text on the top of the page not the bootom. History is a new feature that allows you to see the last 150 lines of text for that room.
Tags: software , security , web , text , component , action , access , browser , code , client , using , http , page , block , change , lines , commandline , webpage , private , user , line , messages , support , webbrowser , command , local , pages , feature , now , for , features , users , top , sending , clients ,

 Proxy Inspector

By using this tool the network administrator of a private firm can monitor their company employees behaviour with internet connection like which site they have visited, users regular activity in internet, what the users attempted in a blocked resources and many more operation are monitored and reported in a screen in graphical form. It offers many enhanced features like displays reports in chart format, reports can be saved as html format or as MS Excel format etc., Administrators can send reports through email.
Tags: internet , screen , html , tool , network , monitor , site , format , using , chart , send , administrator , private , connection , reports , activity , resources , features , users , graphical , internetconnection ,

 EasySnaps is the next generation of image hosting service which allows you to have private, semi private and public image galleries. Customize the galleries change skins, frames, slide shows, editing tools, or add music to provide your personality. Get feedback from your visitors with guestbook option. All these for free
Tags: image , music , service , change , slide , private , editing , galleries , for , public , generation , hosting ,

 Real Estate Ad

This is a great way to supplement a newspaper real estate ad. Just put the URL in your newspaper ad. You can add photos of every room in your house to your online ad. You have all the room you need to describe everything about your house. You can change your ad yourself at anytime. The ad also comes with it own private hit counter.
Tags: online , photos , change , private , realestate , real , house , room ,

 Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition

Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition is helpful for large private firms or any enterprises to administrate their data from the database. They maintain more than hundred millions of data records per day. These records contain information about the utilization of their customers and flow of data etc. This tool gives solution for their data administration. It has many features and facilities are available.
Tags: tool , data , information , private , solution , flow , for , features , records , customers , maintain ,

 CodeHungry Bulletin Board

This is a forum program that helps the users to build forums. The users can make a reply for the messages posted already. The users can rate and lock threads. This program has many enhanced features like lost passwords are emailed to the users, users can search keywords in threads, create stickys, admin and register only forums can be set, users can see threads which are reported, moderators, members, choose avatar list, private messages can be sent to the users, email address can be hidden etc.
Tags: email , search , program , make , address , lock , lost , passwords , admin , private , hidden , messages , build , keywords , avatar , forum , rate , for , features , register , users , reply ,

 Andys Chat 4.5 Gold

This version of 4.5 gold is better than the previous ones with new features and a cool win XP-Design. features like, Smilies, coloring text with a colour bar to select individual colours, Registration (and Reg free versions also available), Profiles with profile manager, password protection capabilities, avatar images, private messaging functions, Login, Admin login, to boot and ban a user, IP blocking system and more.
Tags: password , text , system , protection , bar , cool , private , messaging , win , version , avatar , passwordprotection , gold , boot , colour , coloring , profile , features , select , blocking ,

 PlaySMS - SMS Gateway

This is a simple tool for sending and recieving SMS messages through mobile phones. This program enables you to send SMS either to a single or multiple recipients at a time and to forward any recieved messages to unlimited number of groups. This communication tool features SMS polling, SMS commands for saving and retrieving details, private SMS inboxes for the users, multiple database engine support etc.,
Tags: database , tool , program , time , mobile , send , multiple , private , engine , simple , number , communication , messages , support , forward , for , features , sending ,

 Read and write windows INI files in VBS?

Read and write windows INI files in VBS? is an easy to understand online article for all webmasters who have installed hosted applications on their systems. From this tutorial you will come to know how to read formatted Windows INI files using VBS functions with scripting.filesystemobject. You are also provided with example codes to modify, to get private profile string, to parse, read and write INI files.
Tags: windows , online , files , easy , write , using , private , read , tutorial , applications , formatted , profile , for , functions , codes ,


This is a forum program written in XML and ASP where the users can add messages in forum. This program supports multiple categories and forums. This web application can attach files with the users postings without using any third party components. This program has many enhanced features like signatures, avatars, providing group based security, email validation by user, filtering bad words, online administration, contact lists of the users, supports moderated forums, private messages, handled data abstraction layer, changes XML language files, users can view hidden forums, clustered servers support and more.
Tags: email , web , program , data , online , files , application , using , view , language , multiple , contact , private , hidden , messages , support , filtering , group , validation , lists , forum , features , users , servers , party , changes , attach ,

 ASP Help's ASP Chat

ASP Chat Professional allows anyone using IIS to provide chat to their users. It is an all HTML chat. Thus it is compatible with most of the browsers available. The users does not need to download anything. It has a number of features including private rooms, administrative features, smilies, automated URL and e-mail linking, quick loading, online control panels, unlimited rooms and users, modifiable look, bad word filter, webmaster definable actions etc.
Tags: download , online , control , word , chat , using , private , quick , number , automated , features , users ,

This is a free banner exchange service exchange. Allows you to promote your web site for in your own private labeled banner exchange it also lets you sign up and build your own banner the version it operates is 1.0
Tags: web , site , service , exchange , private , build , version , banner , for , sign ,

 esCHAT irc applet

Capable of connection to any ircd server, mIRC like features, Multilang, Double click, right click, left click with different menus, Colors of all elements can be changed from parameters, Smileys, sound, pre-made message support, All ircd commands are supported, Channel topics and modes, users can change it also,Color text support, Text selection, copy&paste,User can change options, Multiple channel support ,Services commands,Hiding user list and disable private chats, Ads by using ticker ,Auto message protection, message history buffer, Auto nick writing by pressing tab key, Channel listing with color, Profile support,Fontsize and font name and much more.
Tags: text , list , using , message , history , change , font , private , user , connection , disable , name , support , click , writing , ticker , tab , users , listing , channel ,

 WebCab Chat

This chat includes profiles, audio shortcuts, a message box when someone has logged off, private message, create rooms, private rooms, invite, search by different fields within profile.
Tags: audio , search , create , chat , message , private , box , fields ,

 BFN Source Protection

Protect any HTML documentís source code. Source code protected with this service is not only encrypted with a private key, but the decryption source code and private key are also protected by several different systems. Extremely difficult to bypass, but simple to use. No Ads.
Tags: code , service , source , key , private , sourcecode , simple , encrypted , decryption , protected ,

 BFN Chat Servers

Full chat solution for any web page. Includes java applet for web page use, as well as a windows client. Admin controls, nick registration, banning, access delegation, private messages, multiple rooms, auto joining, and more. No Ads.
Tags: windows , web , java , access , chat , page , auto , applet , webpage , multiple , private , solution , javaapplet , for ,

 Boardnation Free Forum

Boardnation Free Forum is a remotely hosted discussion board software that supplies free forums to all website owners. This online efficient message board service is available with sophisticated flagship plans to enable webmasters to reduce the webspace usage to the lowest ever value. Some of the many advanced features include moderation tools, user online coloring, word censoring, complex statistics, private message limiting, avatars, personal text, sticky threads etc.
Tags: software , online , word , website , board , message , service , personal , advanced , private , user , usage , reduce , features , sticky , available ,

 Bocazas Light

This system is built on java and it can be used by the users to have chat system with any IRC registered network. Users can have facilities to intregrate a chat program on their websites by allowing both public and private to converse at the same time. It supports most IRC commands including mode, map, links etc., and multiple languages including English, Deutsch, Turkish etc.,
Tags: program , java , system , chat , links , multiple , private , languages , websites , users , public ,

 Bocazas Deluxe

Bocazas Deluxe is a webchat client built on java, which can be used by connecting it to any chat network. Users can use file finder to find any file including MP3 files. They can have the facility to draw by using its drawing table and all conversations are logged into a flat file. It provides games like Float, Chess, connect4 etc., and supports multiple languages. Users can have conversation with each other and can let public and private to have conversation simultaneously. And it has several enhanced features for the benefit of the users.
Tags: file , games , find , client , chat , using , table , finder , multiple , drawing , private , draw , into , for , features , users , public , conversation ,


This website is a place where the templates are available that helps the webmasters to build their site with perfect layout. This site has two product categories they are, Turnkey Website and Premium Domains. In Turnkey Website there are several categories they are, Joke website, search engine submission, dating, shopping cart, real estate, auto classifieds, garage sale, premium domains, pharmacy websites, domain appraisal website, recipe website etc., You can discuss your doubts and problems through forums in this site. It also supports private messages.
Tags: search , website , site , auto , templates , private , engine , build , domain , searchengine , shopping , product , recipe , real , available ,

 Carbon Communities

This is a program where the users can post unlimited messages. This program has the ability to format messages with emoticons, font size, font styles, colors, links and images. This program attract members by providing info about community events and other info. The admin can edit, remove and sort real time forums. This program has enhanced features like emails to the members, public and private bulletin boards, administrators, moderators, users can communicate members with private messaging and through email, email addresses can be secured from spammers, provide setup community for the members details etc. The users can customize this community with color schemes.
Tags: email , program , time , color , remove , format , font , emails , links , admin , private , messaging , messages , customize , events , info , sort , post , real , for , community , features , addresses , users , public ,


This is a fast web chat which does not uses any database. This makes it useful for a small site or for an intranet. This has features such as multiple channels support, private message, IRC commands support. A demo of this can be seen at
Tags: web , fast , site , chat , demo , multiple , private , small , for , features , useful ,


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