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ChangeRequest is an ASP.NET software through which users are allowed to submit their request for performing changes in their management projects on the fly. By which developers can know about the changes made in that particular projects. This application has various features like allowing the users to assign the various status and priority for particular issues, supervisors are allowed to check regularly about any change request and more.
Tags: software , management , application , check , change , submit , for , features , priority , users , projects , changes ,

 Power Ad Banner Manager

This is a program using which webmasters can display and manage ads on their websites. It displays and manages advertisements according to the priority of the advertisers. Webmasters can utilize this tool to display more types of advertisements like rich media ads, shockwave ads, banner ads, java ads, flash ads etc., Number of ad displayings can be decided by hours of a week, days of a week and client counting. Webmasters can create zone in tree structure and any number of page positions, compaigns, website tree positions, advertisers and banners.
Tags: tool , flash , program , create , java , website , client , using , media , tree , page , manage , display , ads , number , banner , structure , priority , zone ,

 Service level manager

This is a program that has the ability to provide entire solution for the administrators to perform an extensive internet applications. Admin can utilize this program to serve according to the priority of their clients. This program facilitates the admins to manage their web services in various platforms. They can also manage all processes, operational data and entire business with the help of this program. This program comes with the ability to protect from the service problems by proceeding earliest warnings, diminishing the action timely and by making better analysis. Admin can also have the facility to make an usage analysis to know about the trends and thereby to increase the income. It has several enhanced features like displaying detailed service level views, visualizing the system health and objects, providing reports about service level health in both HTML and pdf formats, across HTML, HTTP, SOAP/XML, non SOAP/XML, .NET, java, JSP, JMS and servlets, coming with enterprise level architecture etc.,
Tags: internet , web , pdf , program , data , action , system , protect , business , make , health , help , analysis , service , manage , reports , services , solution , usage , for , features , priority , enterprise , increase ,

 PHP Tickets

The PHP Tickets is a Ticket management system which can manage emails from hundreds of customers regarding support tickets. The system provides better priority ordering of tickets, ticket assignment can be done manually or automatically, able to search closed or old tickets etc., It also allows multiple users with their own username and passwords. If you have a little knowledge in PHP programming, it is easy to customize.
Tags: search , management , system , easy , manage , emails , multiple , support , knowledge , customers , priority , users , ticket ,

 Crazy Email Form Without Mail-client

Crazy Email Form Without Mail-client is a JavaScript that can be implemented in your webpage to send emails from your website. The script supports a hidden field with redirect URL that is opened when the email is sent by the script. The script can also load same page after sending the email if the hidden field in the form is left blank without any redirect URL. The script provides option for setting From address, To address, CC, BCC and subject. Assigns high priority for sending emails and the script is compatible with almost all browsers.
Tags: email , script , form , page , send , emails , hidden , load , field , for , priority , option , sending ,

 MetaIRC Free Hosted Java Chat

Your users need quick access to your IRC channel. Ease of use is a top priority for gaining access to your IRC channel. With MetaIRC, dropping in a simple JavaScript snippet customized for your channel, will insert the world-renowned PJIRC Java Client.
Tags: access , quick , simple , insert , for , priority , users , top ,

 eZ publish Content Management System

eZ publish is dual licensed. Get new business opportunities with the Professional license (as in eZ publish Pro and Enterprise) or use the open source GPL license you get in eZ publish standard and the free download. eZ publish is build after the eZ software philosophy: Open software that has an open and dynamic architecture, and follow general open standards. Usability for the target user is a top priority and the software is developed following strict academic processes ensuring a high quality and ease of use.
Tags: software , business , source , open , user , publish , build , dynamic , quality , for , license , priority , processes , standard , top ,


The ezyhelpdesk is an online helpdesk system which is an ideal solution for companies who likes a professional and elegant way of solving customer queries regarding technical, sales and other departments. The system is suited to any industry. The system supports multiple language and other features include web based and email based file attachments, assign priority to tickets, supports unlimited number of users as well as staffs, searchable knowledgebase etc., Staff section features performance tracking, assign requests to other departments or staffs, easy call display, showing emergency etc., The admin section includes user management, staff management, manage software configuration, view online or active staff members, email notification of new tickets and much more.
Tags: software , email , file , web , online , system , easy , notification , view , language , performance , manage , sales , multiple , admin , helpdesk , user , number , professional , customer , call , solution , staff , active , knowledgebase , for , features , priority , webbased , users , emailnotification ,

 OnTime 2004 Windows Edition

This is a defect tracking solution that can be used to track particular software developement project defects and features. Users are allowed to group a list of defects or features by status, project, priority etc by using grouping feature. Administrators or project managers would be able to easily define a set of workflow for both defects and features. Audit trails, role and project based security are provided with this software.
Tags: software , security , list , using , project , tracking , track , set , solution , group , workflow , for , features , priority ,

 Infomentum ActiveMessenger

ActiveMessenger is an email component for Active Server Pages (ASP). Send high-impact email from any ASP using HTML-formatted messages, priority designation, file attachments, and more
Tags: email , file , component , using , for , priority ,

 AliaWeb Power advertising banner manager

Unique hierarchy structure 5 campaign types (fixed, day, clicks, percent, free) and 1 campaign type reserved for future use (images) Campaign targeting for: date interval (date from - date to; 1.6.2002 - 7.6.2002) time interval in a day (time from - time to; 9:00 - 15:00) weekday (saturday and sunday only) client (max. client count, max. period count, max. period time) Campaign priority (if not defined a campaign has low priority; if defined higher number means higher campaign priority) Campaign is targeted for specified order, the order has a relationship to specified advertiser Advertising zone is specified by page and page position One campaign can belong to one or more advertising zones if pages are entered in tree structure, campaign can belong to zone and it's sub-zones in pages tree structure User can define page capacity for every page if not defined default page capacity is used User can define page capacity in a day for every page if not defined default page capacity in a day is used Every page has specified category to which the page belongs (business and economy, ...) Banner targeting for: date interval (date from - date to; 1.6.2002 - 7.6.2002) time interval in a day (from - to; 9:00 - 15:00) Banner is targeted to specified order or campaign indirectly through banner weight; banner weight determines probability, that defined banner will selected from a set of advertiser's banners Banner is specified optionaly by html code or image url and image reference url Banner flag define, if statistics will collect data about click through and images sended Default banner definitions for default page and all page positions allow to send default banner in situations, when none other banner was selected from set of banners High performance - Over 100 milion banners can be resolved per 1 day (Dual Athlon 1500)
Tags: image , html , data , time , images , code , client , tree , page , performance , date , statistics , send , url , collect , set , click , type , advertising , banner , reference , day , pages , for , priority , zone , banners , period , zones ,

 SMS Web Sender

PHP class which connects to a web site offering free SMS sending, logs you in with your username and password and sends your SMS message to a mobile number. Supports various SMS sites like,,,,, Supports multiple login details from different sites, will try different sites if one fails Randomly start with different servers, allows priority on individual sites. Supports Auto translate to SMS text
Tags: web , password , site , mobile , message , class , sms , multiple , start , translate , login , logs , sites , priority ,

 Traffic Pro

This 'Traffic Pro' program is a website promotion tool supporting over 760 search engines. This program analyses the whole content of your website and optimizes the keyword and meta tags to suit the contents and then submits your URL to various search engines with supportive information. The main highlight of this program is that it assists site owners to manualy submit their application for certain specific search engines. Key features include biweekly submission, spider and robot sitemap linking, keyword priority setting etc.,
Tags: tool , search , program , website , site , application , content , spider , submit , promotion , keyword , websitepromotion , for , features , tags , priority , robot , meta , contents , engines ,

 YUDO The Ultimate Web Desk for the ASP

The YUDO is an ultimate helpdesk system for the ASP world. The system uses the ACCESS database to store and retrieve data of customers etc., The system provides various client area features like multi-language support, to assign priority for request, submission tracking without logging in, unimited number of users etc., The staff area features allows performance tracking of staffs, assign requests to other departments or staff members, ticket notification by email etc., Administration features provides user management, staff management, ticket overview, to create unlimited number of support departments, and much more. An online demo is also available in the website.
Tags: email , database , data , create , online , system , notification , client , tracking , performance , demo , helpdesk , store , user , number , support , logging , area , retrieve , staff , submission , ultimate , for , features , customers , priority , users , ticket , available ,

 Omnistar Live

Omnistar Live is one of the best script available for customer support online with five major components - Live chat support, Help desk, Knowledge base, Contact manager and Document manager with unlimited features; all through an user friendly interface. This script proves as a single solution to serve all sorts of customer's queries online. Live chat support includes using system tray,online chating with site visitors, push web pages to visitors, operator to operator chat etc., Help desk includes filter email from POP accounts, keep history of all resolved tickets, set priority based ticket subject etc., Knowledge base includes creating customized knowledgebase;categories;sub-categories; FAQ section etc., Contact manager includes features like view statistics, monitor links, create custom fields, internal fields, multiple email campaigns, create and send HTML emails, manage bounce emails etc., Document manager component links documents to users,create multiple access levels and much more. Further, Omnistar offers you to select readily available chat icons or else you can use your own logos and chat icons.
Tags: email , web , create , online , manager , component , monitor , system , access , filter , creating , site , chat , script , using , history , view , icons , manage , send , emails , components , links , multiple , best , documents , user , custom , support , levels , set , customer , pages , solution , for , webpages , features , select , base , priority , customersupport , ticket , available , desk , logos ,


This is a program that enables users to have a configuring system to control the HTTP compression with IIS 6.0. This program supports the compression of dynamic and static files and facilitates users to configure each and every aspect including compression level. Users can have the facility to verify browser compatibility in real-time and to adjust the priority of deflate compression schemes and default Gzip. This program comes with intuitive interface and allows users to manage effectively.
Tags: program , files , control , system , browser , compression , manage , dynamic , interface , verify , priority , users , configure , adjust , static ,

 Local Banner Rotate System

Possibilities: The banner rotation is carried out depending on several factors, where - banner priority and quantity of obligatory rotates (replays) are the main ones; Support of graphic, text (html-banner) and flash banners; Full statistics of banner rotate (replay), unique rotates, clicks, CTR for banners; Possibility to provide client with full statistics; Possibility to get statistics to an admin e-mail (daily, weekly, monthly); Possibility to set schedule for banners: by dates, weekdays, hours, browser language; Possibility to stop banner rotate (replay), without deleting it (banner status); Possibility to show banners of a certain clients,groups,category(size),priority,format; and other..
Tags: flash , text , browser , client , schedule , statistics , show , admin , stop , set , rotate , banner , for , priority , banners , rotation , out ,

 Comdev Customer Helpdesk v2.0

Comdev Customer Helpdesk is the most advanced helpdesk ticketing system that allows you to establish an online support centre for customers on your website. Your customers can create support tickets if they cannot find the answer online or from FAQ support. They will appreciate the service thus increasing loyalty to your company and products. This is the best way to employ 24/7 support to your customers and fast resolution without breaking the bank. Tickets are easy to lookup with priority levels set by the customers. Key features: automatic reply to support tickets, e-mail notification, ticket replied acknowledgement, customers view, add comments and upload attachments to ticket on the website, all-in-one view of support tickets listing with status, sortable list, ticket history and tracking, set ticket status, flag and unflag ticket, add support issues and customizable email contents. Common help desk requests are replied quickly using the preset canned messages. It is easy to integrate the support questions with Comdev's FAQ Support since they compliment each other. Replys to help desk tickets can even be directly added to a FAQ knowledgebase, with a simple mouse click. Customer Helpdesk comes in the One Admin Suite (web based interfacing system specially designed to provide centralized access to all of your Comdev modules from a single point). The Installation Wizard eases your pain from complicated configuration. Plug it into your web design pages is so easy with just a PHP snippet, and you are ready to provide helpdesk ticketing system on your website. OSCommerce compatible. Take advantage of our FREE Installation Support. Get your copy today!
Tags: email , web , create , online , system , access , design , easy , find , copy , fast , help , using , automatic , history , view , service , upload , mouse , advanced , best , helpdesk , simple , support , lookup , levels , set , into , attachments , pages , questions , resolution , for , customers , priority , listing , ticket , desk , reply ,

 smc WebLinks

smc WebLinks is a combination of search engine, directory system, link manager and listing manager which helps you to create and manage a Yahoo style directory with thousands of links and listings. It contains advanced features like rating system to allow your users to rate the links and post their comments and views, priority listing feature for links and listings, option to display the number of links in each category and sub category, allows you to have unlimited number of categories and sub categories and has many other features.
Tags: search , create , manager , system , directory , manage , display , link , links , advanced , number , style , feature , post , rate , for , features , rating , priority , users , listing , option , Free 10:9 Banner Exchange is a free banner exchange with a 10:9 exchange ratio. You get 1000 free impressions when joining, advertise up to 20 banners, both image and text, detailed stats, targeting, set priority on banners, anti cheat and more.
Tags: image , exchange , set , banner , priority , cheat ,

 UltraApps Issue Manager - Web-based Issue and Task Management

This programs helps any team in sharing their tasks and in issuing assignments between them to discuss about their projects. It has a full featured frame work in where users can classify their issues easily, users can issue assignments in respect to person, priority or status. It is possible to post specific record to the MS Excel database and it supports all databases like MySQL, My Access etc., It is easy to customize its look and feel through HTML templates and access it through any web browser.
Tags: database , web , access , easy , programs , record , sharing , tasks , templates , work , customize , frame , databases , team , post , priority , users ,


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