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 SparkPlug Content Management System For Coldfusion

This is a script where the webdesigners and developers can power the portals, websites and intranets on a coldfusion platform. This is a content management system developed for macromedia coldfusion. Features like remote and local publishing, providing support for multilingual websites, provide user workspaces, coldfusion tag and cfml support, allowing single and unlimited number of templates, more users and sites etc are available. HTML knowledge is not required for the users to use this program.
Tags: management , system , script , remote , content , tag , user , number , support , power , local , macromedia , websites , knowledge , for , sites , contentmanagement , users , contentmanagementsystem ,


SBDDirectoryScript is a powerful PHP/MySQL solution for intelligent link indexing. Our main attraction is the aesthetically pleasing template-driven front-end of the script, with specific attention to user-friendliness. SBDDirectoryScript runs completely dynamic, producing fast-loading static HTML pages that help to grasp the full power of search engines at low-bandwidth costs. The script also features an advanced ranking search feature, which allows for quick sorting of the directory in real-time. Check out our site to see a full list of features, including an easy to use intuitive administrative control panel.
Tags: search , control , easy , help , site , list , script , directory , link , advanced , quick , power , pages , solution , for , features , ranking , powerful , out , engines , static ,


aldap is a opensource PHP script that merges all user admin controls on a intranet or internet sites. Supports include multiple user administration, searching functions, Layout customizing components, creating announcements, and more. User access level is categorized into 4 levels of user, power user, super user and administrator. you can add multiple groups and can move one group to another. Entries supports single quotes and multiple character set. Importing contact into LDAP server is possible via perl modules. Gives support for multi-language.
Tags: internet , server , access , creating , script , perl , multiple , contact , admin , user , support , levels , intranet , move , into , quotes , power , group , character , controls , opensource , searching , for ,


How ePowerGuestbook!!™ Works: 1. POTENTIAL CUSTOMER VISITS YOUR WEB SITE Right now, people visiting your website will vanish without a trace. You are missing an opportunity to establish rapport with all those potential clients. ePowerGuestbook!!™ offers web visitors a shot at $1,000,000 or another Grand Prize just for telling you about their wants & needs. You can even offer your own Grand Prize & consolation prize(s) at odds you select. Give your web visitors a reason to tell you about themselves. 2. VIEWER CLICKS THROUGH THE EPOWERGUESTBOOK!!™ Enticed by the chance to win one of our fabulous Grand Prizes or a custom Grand Prize, your visitors start the registration process by providing information about themselves (Name, Email, Phone, etc.) & continue answering a series of custom survey questions which are integrated into an entertaining virtual application. 3. RESULT: VIEWER WINS A PRIZE - YOU GAIN A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER Once a registrant completes the process, you get an instant heads-up email notification (an automatic email outlining the contact's info & answers to the custom survey questions). The registrant (assuming he doesn't win the Grand Prize) gets a consolation/traffic-building prize (if you choose to include one) that he can print on a local printer. He also gets an instant, custom email responder from your company with a thank you note & added incentive to visit you again. In addition, each registrant is compiled into a database belonging to you & you alone. The real power our application provides is ongoing emarketing to your ePowerGuestbook!! list.
Tags: email , database , web , print , website , notification , information , application , automatic , note , virtual , shot , process , custom , instant , start , win , into , power , local , info , questions , survey , real , for , odds , registration , people , emailnotification ,

 AK Calculator

This program is used for calculating numerical values. This tool is not only used for normal numerical calculations, it is also used for scientific calculations like trigonemetery, roots, square, power etc., It performs like a real calculator.
Tags: tool , program , power , scientific , real , for ,

 Termin Planner

Administrative Features· Multiple schedules are supported with unique resources. Blackout times are easy to add and manage to restrict reservations. · User permissions allow the administrator to decide on what resources users can place reservations. This feature can be turned on or off from the configuration file.Reservation minimum and maximum time limits can be set on a per-resource basis. · Administrator has power to add and manage an unlimited number of resources. All which can be toggled active and inactive at any point. Administrator has control over all reservations and can browse, modify and delete any reservation in the system. Mass email feature allows the administrator to send out a system-wide email to notify users of resource downtime or other important information. Administrators can search through the reservation database with a very flexible search tool. Search results can be viewed as HTML, plain-text, XML or CSV. Database data can be dumped to the screen in XML or CSV format. Administrators can view a bar graph showing reservation statistics. Complete logging feature logs all activity through the system. User Features· Users can manage how and when they receive email notifications about their reservation activity. Recurring reservations and reservation summaries are completely supported. Schedule is GUI based with easy to identify reservations. Configuration Options· Time format, email program, announcements and much more can be set in the config file. The code is object-based and there is a strong attempt to maintain complete separation of business logic and presentation. This makes it easy to change the look and feel or functionality of the system. The provided phpDocumentor-generated documentation is complete and easy to follow for any PHP programmer.
Tags: email , screen , database , search , data , time , control , logic , business , delete , easy , code , view , manage , change , bar , send , graph , administrator , number , restrict , logging , set , activity , documentation , resource , power , active , notify , configuration , resources , feature , receive , logs , for , modify , maintain , users , complete , schedules , out ,


CodeThatIndexer provided with the fast and straight way to add the search engine power into the any web site in minutes. You specify the web site (set of the html/txt files) you would like to index and make searchable and once the wizard completes its job you are getting several files that, once uploaded on the web, make your site searchable. In order to achieve this you do not need any special knowledge (scripting or programming knowledge). The result search functionality does not depend on any external search engine and after you have updated the site you can rebuild the content index within minutes. The CodeThatIndexer itself is a wizard based fancy program with the intuitive understandable GUI. The indexing is performed as step by step action. The learning curve equals the time spent on selecting options and clicking buttons.
Tags: web , search , program , time , files , make , fast , site , programming , wizard , content , index , job , into , power , options , knowledge , curve , special , Estore Builder

Posses the power of e-commerce through a dynamic e-store builder that will allow you to create, customize and maintain your own e-store. With this user-friendly solution, you will be able to sell products directly from your web site.
Tags: web , builder , dynamic , power , customize , maintain , sell ,

 Database Summary Info

After reading this online tutorial, the beginners can understand the real power of OLEDB in database connections. This presentation is all about the summary information of complete database. The author demonstrates this concept with an example.
Tags: database , online , information , presentation , reading , power , author , real , complete ,


This is an ideal newsletter management programme backed by powerful tracking and subscriber management features. This programme delivers optimal performance utilizing less server power and is also accessible via a web based browser. It has features like, an HTML admin interface, advanced tracking and reporting and user management options, multi part MIME email and an enormous capacity of 25,000 message deliveries per hour. A 15 day free trial usage of this programme can be downloaded from the site.
Tags: email , web , server , management , message , tracking , performance , advanced , admin , trial , user , newsletter , reporting , power , day , usage , multi , features , webbased , powerful , part , freetrial ,

 Agent See

Agent See is aphp based programme to list property details online for prospective buyers to view. Listings can be published online just in a few minutes and without any technical knowledge. Agent See provides the power to list the properties without any delay and other features are, searching facility by area, type, price etc. Maps for each property, mailing details, news letter, admin area and a template system to fit with your existing website. An online demo is available in the site.
Tags: online , system , list , news , demo , mailing , admin , template , area , power , technical , properties , property , searching , for , features , available ,


Cartweaver combines the Macromedia development environment with the power of ColdFusion. Cartweaver is the first of it's kind. Cartweaver is as easy to edit and modify in the Dreamweaver MX visual environment as it is in CFStudio or Homesite+. It is easy to set up and modify, it's well documented and the code is extensivly commented. With the "Starting Point" template you can add your own graphics and set the CSS to your liking and be ready to go. Or with the "Bare Bones" files the layout and design is totally up to you. Both versions are included with Cartweaver as well as a complete administrative back end.
Tags: files , graphics , design , edit , easy , development , code , visual , template , setup , set , power , layout , environment , modify , back , complete ,


SecureTE™ and SecureFT™ with built-in 1024 bit SSH encryption is the ideal server access and file transfer solution for webmasters and IT professionals. It gives you the power to manage UNIX and Linux systems from anywhere using your Windows PC. It can save time, reduce administrative costs and enhance productivity in your Windows / UNIX / Linux environment.
Tags: file , server , encryption , access , using , transfer , save , manage , productivity , filetransfer , power , enhance , solution , reduce , for , systems , bit ,

 NewzPort Online publishing system

NewzPort Online publishing system implements PHP driven functions to create and manipulate online magazine on PHP websites. Publications can utilize this script to increase their readership, advertising profit and circulation. Admin has the full power to control user access and customize the presentation of articles. Supports images with news content. Compatible for all news publishing websites.
Tags: create , online , control , images , system , access , script , presentation , news , user , power , customize , advertising , publishing , profit , for , functions , increase , magazine ,

 Dr.Tag Plus!

An intuitive interface, common mode for beginners, advanced mode for professionals and a load of features let you organize your music collection (MP3, Ogg Vorbis and WMA files) with Dr.Tag Plus! in a nice and easy way. Beside the common features like tagging, renaming, playing, etc. Dr.Tag comes up with some nice special features. With burning of Audio and Data CD's feature you can make backups for any purpose. Ripping and encoding feature let's you easily add new music to your collection. FreeDB support automatically collects all necessary information from the Internet database FreeDB. Restructure tool resorts all music files on your hard disk into folders that you defined before. It uses tag information and current folder information. A tag summary window shows you all the important facts about the current selected file. Common mode hides any difference about tags from you and automatically fills all information into any tag. Advanced mode gives you full control about tags in your files. Ability to define templates for restructure, generate tag, rename and swap features gives you all the power you need to clean up your music collection in no time. Interface for Plug-Ins enables you to use available add-ons.
Tags: database , tool , music , files , control , folder , disk , easy , make , clean , information , collection , organize , folders , generate , window , advanced , tag , rename , templates , hard , support , into , automatically , power , burning , load , nice , feature , encoding , for , features , tags , difference , mode , backups , available , swap , special ,

 e-Properties edition

This is a classified ads program where the users can manage an online reality listing business allowing sellers to list their property details on the website. Advantages such as free hosting, free installation, free upgrades, startup costs, free technical support etc. This script saves time by allowing the brokers and agents to update listings. This script has ability to automate selling process. Features like house hunter search agent, comparison shopper etc are available. This program can be optimized using country and metropolitan area subcategories, power search, top level geographical based sections, database fields and graphical interface.
Tags: database , search , program , time , online , business , list , script , using , manage , startup , automate , ads , support , area , update , power , comparison , technical , property , country , users , fields , house , listing , top , graphical ,

 Flash Templates by

In this website the webmasters and programmers can find flash templates to match their website needs in flash. All flash templates are compatible with flash MX and easy to download. These flash templates are classified into three packages as Electro packs, Super power packs and Budget templates for the benefit of the users. It is easy to use and customize these templates on any website.
Tags: flash , website , easy , find , templates , into , power , customize , match , for ,

 EBA:GridList DHTML Control

EBA:Grid is the full-featured DHTML Grid Control for Internet Explorer, providing a rich and robust control for programmers who wish to allow their users to edit tabular data in a spreadsheet-like environment. Programmers can quickly develop powerful web applications Benefits Web Service Enabled Submit large, complex datasets directly from your web browser through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Get programming with EBA:Grid now A complete Grid programming control in a using a familiar HTML tag format. Mulitple Edit Masks and Dynamic Look-ups EBA:Grid allows programmers to specify unique edit masks for each grid column to allow users to enter text, numbers, dates, checkboxes as well as drop-down lists and customizable autocomplete textboxes. Leverage the power of XML The EBA:Grids bind to an XML data source that allows users to efficiently modify large datasets. The control keeps track of which cells have been modified so that network traffic is minimized during data transmission. Easy to embed Adding the EBA:Grids to your web page is as easy as adding a couple HTML Tags. Simply add the EBA:Grid tag anywhere in your web page to create powerful grid entry controls for your data. EBA:Grid provides users with a familiar interface for manipulating tabular data using their web browser. EBA Controls ensure higher quality code and shortened development time by modularizing the code and isolating the programmer from the underlying complexity of implementing the interface. Familiar HTML Tag Format EBA:Grid uses the familiar HTML Tag format together with XML to simplify the development of web applications. The resulting environment helps programmers to quickly build robust and sophisticated applications. DHTML - No java applets to load XML Data Driven Web Service Enabled Keyboard Navigation - Just like a spreadsheet! Fast Data Entry Customizable Data Masks - Text, Number, Date Auto-complete using your own datasource
Tags: web , network , data , create , time , control , java , browser , edit , easy , development , code , format , using , programming , page , source , track , traffic , webpage , tag , build , webbrowser , power , interface , grid , quality , autocomplete , programmer , controls , load , lists , environment , now , column , for , modify , embed , applets , develop , users , complete , powerful , modified ,

 OnTime 2004 Hosted Edition

This is a defect tracking software that can be used to track particular software development defects and features. Network opearation centre is provided to monitor network connectivity 24 hours per day. Redundant power connectivity is provided to opearate entire data centre. This program manages installation, setup and maintenance of the sever based application. This program prevents unauthorised people to access data center production areas by using security method.
Tags: software , security , network , program , data , monitor , access , development , using , tracking , track , maintenance , power , people , softwaredevelopment , connectivity ,


This is a software based on php where files like http and ftp files are transfered in a webserver through a web based browser. Here users can FXP between servers even if they do not support FXP for transfering. This script uses the power and bandwith of paid hosting servers for performing transfers. Features like FXP from one FTP to another without FXP able FTPs, anonymuse and normal FTPs are supported, autodetects tranfer mode, PHP timelimit workaround, multiple source servers, recursive directory scanning and built in FTP Client.
Tags: software , web , files , ftp , php , script , http , directory , source , multiple , support , power , scanning , for , webbased , users , servers , hosting ,

 HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom

HMS InvisionPowerBoard ChatRoom is a PHP application that can be used to generate chat rooms. You can use this program to create attractive rooms with your own colour themes and design layouts. Being incorporated with the popular 'Invision power board' program this software can carve up with the same security, password and IPB MySQL database for its usage and thus the IPB's e-mail link is displayed on the in-chat email link instead of the e-mail address. The main highlight of this program is, this program can even work through firewall, proxy server etc.,
Tags: software , email , database , password , program , create , server , design , chat , application , proxy , generate , link , work , themes , power , popular , usage , colour , for , proxyserver ,

 Reporting Formmail Abuse

Reporting Formmail Abuse gives function to find the malicious tasks done on your website. Abused Emails are grabbed from many sources. MySQL is included to manage database. The report form can be modified before sending it to the abuser. Admin has the power to customize user information. Email system notifies you when an abused email is online. IP numbers can be deleted from database table. Supports webpage customization and has an in-built image system.
Tags: email , image , database , system , find , report , form , manage , tasks , user , deleted , power , function , customize , numbers , sending , modified ,

 Censura Standard Edition

Censura Standard Edition is a simple rating program and is a simple script based on php. This program helps users to present categorized item listings via their website. Item listings like consumer product reviews and book reviews. It also provides unparalleled level of content value withtin existing community platforms. It gives power to provide personal ratings and feedback for community members. It has an unlimited number of product categories and subcategories. Features include 100% web based administration, 100% compiled php code and 100% database driven. Online demo available.
Tags: database , web , program , code , php , book , script , personal , demo , content , simple , number , power , product , value , for , community , rating , webbased , users , present ,


intranet is a PHP based solution to activate a powerful relationship manager on intranet and internet web portals. You can add more users and teams into your project group. User can submit their requests and reports online. Administrator has the power to decide which submissions can be allowed for further accessing. Users can contact through discussion forums, mailing system and can submit files. All your users may know about the notes, articles and documents you made.
Tags: internet , web , manager , system , project , mailing , contact , documents , reports , intranet , into , submit , power , solution , for , articles , users , powerful ,


iQhyiprating is fuss-free and simple to install complete advertising oriented solutions to list advertisers, rating their creditbility and serving the investors and owners. It gives the admin the power to make immediate advertising/rating websites. This system does not require any additional software, monthly payments or expensive programming.
Tags: system , make , list , admin , install , simple , power , advertising , rating , complete , solutions , monthly ,


Polly is a PHP script that helps you to access poll manager on PHP and MySQL based sites. Too many polls can be created with time of expiry. File system keeps up web based interface. Results can be evaluated with graphic formats. Admin has the power to define colors and customizing images. IP logging supports an user to keep off from voting many times. Rating on single website can be done with multiple polls.
Tags: web , time , manager , system , access , website , graphic , script , multiple , user , colors , logging , power , webbased ,

 Menu Based Template

The program first reads the content of "feature.txt" in an array. It displays the content in a nice table and the name of the book becomes the link. When you click on the link to see the review the program calls itself back and passes the name of the review file in the variable "load" to the called program. When no review is called only the table is printed. Otherwise, the correct review file is included at the end of the table. You click on another book and the present review is replced with the new one. The beauty of the script is that it doesnt matter how many books are there and you can add or remove any number of them without bothering about their order of appearance etc. All you have to do is edit the "feature.txt" file and remove or add the record containing the book. You ofcourse have to add the review file to be included in case you add new books. It doesnt matter what you call the review files so long as they are correctly placed in the record in "feature.txt." and the program will find it for you. Great isn't it ? Thats the power of php and template driven programs. In fact its a very simple example. Templates can make building and maintaining large complex sites very simple. Also the user can concentrate on content building without bothering about changes in the program.
Tags: file , program , files , edit , find , make , record , php , book , remove , script , table , link , content , user , template , simple , number , name , click , call , power , case , nice , for , sites , back , books , present , building , review , changes ,

 ABuzz Ad Servers

The impotance of ABuzz is Internet Advertising Manager in ad management.It gives flexibility and power than any other product on the market. ABuzz features are Deliver any type of ad: GIFs, JPGs, Rich Media, Java, or Flash. Use ASP, Cold Fusion, or HTML.Display multiple ads on the same page, different sizes or the same size. Create campaigns to serve ads by demographics.Combine with SnowFlight's First Tracks software for complete personalization. Create advanced reports that can be customized per your specifications. Available four ways for every need from the smallest site to the largest ad agency or web host. Runs on Microsoft SQL 7 for scalability. Telephone, E-Mail support, personalized online help.
Tags: software , web , online , site , advanced , multiple , ads , reports , type , power , product , for , features , personalized , complete ,


nPortal is PHP based little script that helps the webmasters to maintain their cams image on the webpages. Pages are customizable and the cams can be included in pages. Number of cams can be defined. The properties of cams are editable. Images can be given with the details such as URLs, name, etc., Admin Panel has the power to edit, delete the cams and modify the layouts. Template driven system is included. Modular design on this script suits to work on any webiste. It finds out the errors on pages and displays them automatically.
Tags: image , system , design , delete , script , work , power , errors , pages , properties , modify , maintain , out ,

 Perfect Dealership

Perfect Dealership is one of the ASP driven car dealership program which is available with unlimited features to manage user and product modules by easier means. Owners can add, edit, delete product listings dynamically. User friendly interface allows customers to view / buy items online. All aspects of site pages can be customized in it's color, appearance, information etc., Users can find required products using key features like vehicle make, model, engine power and many more.
Tags: program , delete , find , information , site , using , view , manage , key , car , user , engine , power , interface , pages , vehicle , product , buy , features , customers , available ,


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