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 24 Update Cam portal Script

The 24 Update Cam portal script allows you store digital camera images automatically with multi user interface. The script supports multiple language to run it on any server in the world. With this script you are able to chat with your online visitors and cam members with chatrooms. Other features include bad word filter, selectable custom template, easy to configure admin area to add, change or delete picture information and much more. An online demo of the gallery is available in the website.
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 AC e-Garage Sale System

Ac e-Garage Sale System is an application meant for the garage sale market, where there are not much solutions to assist this markets.This programme is a total solution for your internet store and no professional web developers are needed to manage and administer your Garage Sale business anymore.This programme is fully customizable and also this programme maintains your portal automatically.
Tags: internet , web , business , application , manage , store , professional , solution , for , portal , sale , solutions ,

 Job Board Pro

Job Board Pro is a PHP application for running and managing a jobs portal website. It is written in PHP and supported by a MySQL database. It is a complete script for those that want to run a professional Job Board website, with all the features that you would expect and simple and easy to navigate and use. The Job Board script was designed by applying many of the principles learned from the study of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Features include: Job Posting, Premium Job Posting, Resume Posting, Billing System with subscription managment, Confugurable Forms, Multi-lingual, Categories, Admin Panel, RSS Feed, Search Jobs and Resumes, and well though-out, practical design.
Tags: easy , script , application , simple , run , professional , study , for , features , portal , complete , navigate , jobs ,

 Reactor Server

The Reactor Server is an easy to install Apache distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP, Perl, phpMyAdmin, PHP-Nuke and Zina. You can begin operating a web portal with a streaming music interface in a matter of minutes. View artist images and album covers while you stream or download your favorite music. You can even create custom playlists and listen to songs or albums at random. The Reactor Server Project successfully integrates some of the best open source software available into one simple installation for Windows. No registry changes are made and all of the files are localized. If you need to remove the Reactor Server from your system, just delete the C:/Reactor directory and the shortcut from the desktop!
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 Humanity Portal

Humanity Portal supports upto 5000 users and it provides authentication and authorization services to constituent applications. Some key features of this portal are, it provides free email-based support, sample codes, web form support, free update service for one year, helps to access Private Subscriber Support Forums etc.,
Tags: web , access , form , service , key , update , services , sample , for , features , portal , webform , users , authentication ,


allWorkSpace is an optimum solution for PHP based web portal to organize user and project management simply. It is a browser based , accepts accessing from any part of the world. Unique file keeps all data in safe. Authorized users can control projects. Private messages from all users are fully visible to administrator. Information are raised against project end date. Payment records are stored. Electronic invoices can be generated. Secure socket layer supports data transmission. Header/ footer files are customizable.
Tags: file , web , data , files , control , management , browser , project , organize , projectmanagement , user , messages , invoices , solution , for , records , portal , users , socket , layer , part ,


PollHelper is created for web application which adapts to include a PHP poll manager on portal sites. PHP files are used to add new polls and to view the past polls. Polls can be displayed anywhere of the site pages. MySQL is used as backend and is used to retreive required poll data quickly. Users are restricted to vote twice for a poll. Supports numerous questions on polls. It is based on Opensource that supports modificatios with configuration and modules. It runs on PHP 4.0 or greater and MySQL 3.2.3 or advanced version.
Tags: web , data , manager , files , site , application , view , advanced , configuration , questions , for , portal ,

 Deluxe Portal

Deluxe Portal offers everything you need to run a successful website. News posting with comments, download and link management, and a powerful forum are just some of the features offered. The entire portal is also highly customizable.
Tags: download , link , run , forum , features , portal , powerful ,

 Invision Portal

Invision Portal is a dynamic portal system which gives more interactive to the website. It has pre built templates that can be used into any web applications. It is used to built site templates, events, news, articles, downloads, guestbooks and more. Backend can be MS Access or MS SQL server and it is easy to customize the style sheet. Apart from this it has many features for the users to accommodate into this system.
Tags: web , server , system , easy , site , templates , interactive , dynamic , into , customize , style , for , features , portal , users ,

 ASP Scripter Easy Portal

ASP Scripter Easy Portal is a portal website providing the entire tools needed to build, maintain and look after webmaster's web site. Easy Portal comes with more special features including complete web based administration. These features helps the web administrators to build an attractive web site and maintain it effectively.
Tags: web , website , tools , site , build , features , portal , webbased , maintain , complete , special , Portal

This is a Delphi 8 that enables users to build and run database driven websites. This program can be used for ASP.NET web applications. This portal provides support for both Microsoft SQL server and MSDE databases. The initial code of this portal is in the format of MS IBuySpy portal. Users can easily customize the look and feel of this portal by the use of CSS. This program comes with several enhanced features for users benefit.
Tags: database , web , program , server , code , format , run , support , build , customize , for , features , portal , users ,

 PGVote - A simple poll/vote script

PGVote - A simple poll/vote script is coded by PHP modules which gives features to build an effective poll manager on portal systems. Supports HTML tags for polls on non-PHP pages. Expiry date of polls is default. Adminstration can have many links to provide poll pages. Layouts of results and poll pages can be modified. Polls can be enabled/disabled. Users can put pollID in URLs. Administrator is provided with the rights to allow users to generate their own polls. Active poll is detected and is displayed automatically. It works on PostgreSQL 7.2 or greater.
Tags: manager , script , date , generate , links , simple , build , pages , for , features , portal , tags , users ,

 Zip Code Look Up Form

This is a program where the users have the ability to view state, zipcode and city. The users can create minimum lookups to the US portal service since this program can log the zip which is stored in a database. This program allows any users to register them in a form to sign up and validate data. This program can be cutomized and configured by the users. Helpful for the webmasters and the users.
Tags: program , create , zip , log , form , view , service , validate , for , portal , register , users , sign ,

 BlazeBoard Co-Branded Portals

No knowledge of coding: BlazeBoard’s Co-Branded portal system helps an individual to start his/her own co-branded portal/CMS solution without knowledge of coding. It allows emoticons, threading, moderators, admin/user control panels, avatars, 1 MB user web space, file manager etc. Customizable header/footer, Meta tags, and splash introduction.
Tags: file , web , manager , control , system , user , start , filemanager , solution , knowledge , portal ,

 School Intranet Portal

This intranet school portal is written in ASP which has enhanced features. It is useful for the students and teachers in the school. It provides seperate login for teachers, students and administrators with password security by means of encryption. You can customize the design of your site with any web editor and it replaces all the bad words with related phrases. some key features of this portal are administrators management panel, bulk users upload, template driven site etc.,
Tags: security , web , password , editor , management , design , site , words , key , bulk , template , school , intranet , login , customize , webeditor , for , features , portal , useful , users ,

 Portail PHP

Portail PHP is a content managemnet system intended to be used with MySQL. With a WYSIWYG editor and supporting French, English, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese languages, this portal system is easy for anyone to use to create dynamic websites.
Tags: editor , create , system , easy , content , dynamic , for , portal ,

 xBuilderSMS Site Management Software

This is an xml script that initiates trainees and professionals to deploy and create websites such as portal and WAPsite by utilizing XSL transformation and XSL. This script is capable of reducing the time and trouble of maintaining the site based tasks. This program do not require system components. This software joins XML and XSL / XSLT for defining the structure of the website. This script has the abililty to work with any web based server which supports PHP. Features like extensible API, security, navigation, smart linking, any web browser etc.
Tags: software , web , program , create , time , server , xml , browser , site , script , smart , webbrowser , work , websites , for , structure , portal , webbased ,

 SaveWeb Portal

Saveweb Portal is an enhanced portal manager which is built using PHP technology. It supports features for frameworks for the website, gives solutions for dynamic portals. Has the content manager for providing News articles, news searching, archiving stale news, news letters , menus with submenus, Membership forms for new visitors, admin interface for allowing users under authorization, Chats, Forums, FAQs, Mailing lists that consists of cookies for visitors information, messaging system for posting comments, articles, availing of SMS processing, Language files for accessing this code in desired language, customizable templates, smilies, emoticons. themes, and editable text formatting. , Voting, viewing polls, users, profiles, inforamtion are allowed. Tables are assigned for users administrations.
Tags: text , manager , files , system , code , using , news , forms , cookies , content , admin , messaging , menus , dynamic , interface , lists , for , features , portal , archiving , users , letters , solutions , editable ,

 Online Event Registration

Online Event Registration Templates is a web based portal system with hosted application database, source code and demo data. Through this website online payment and modification of payment can be done. This website offers various software like online voting and survey web system with web interface and database file, source code library web applications, web based HTML email merge with the customers database using web browsers, online help system to access databases and many more.
Tags: software , email , database , web , online , system , access , website , library , help , code , application , using , source , merge , demo , sourcecode , interface , payment , databases , survey , customers , portal , webbased , sourcecodelibrary ,


CourseWebs is an ASP based portal that helps in developing a website to conduct online distant learning programs. This program itself has hosted application like discussion forums, course calender, tests and quizzes and HTML contents. This program has instructors control panel through which instructors are allowed to edit, modify and create course content, conduct quizzes and exams and administer student and their grades. This program offers attractive features like conducting online exams and qizzes, registering students through credit cards, providing discussion forums and many more.
Tags: program , create , online , control , website , application , learning , exams , tests , student , credit , quizzes , features , modify , portal , course ,


This is a prgram that helps webmasters by automatically managing their website links. This program can be used by the webmasters for both reciprocal and non reciprocal links, directory, vast resources, large portal etc., This link manager reports the webmaster after verifying dead links and reciprocal links. With the help of its reciprocal links users can link with the other sites to build a directory and thereby increase more traffic. It has several enhanced features like supporting any browser which has internet connection, allowing users to manage numerous categories with sub categories, automatically importing the links which are in progress without requiring retyping or recoding etc.,
Tags: internet , program , manager , website , browser , help , directory , manage , link , links , reports , build , automatically , for , sites , features , portal , users , increase ,


Fusker!ne (network edition) is a collection of PHP scripts for extracting and linking to web content from other web pages. It is a full portal system, with community features like forums, user management, integrated search, and a modular structure which makes it easy to add new features. Fusker!ne can easily handle millions of impressions per month; websites using our scripts are among the most visited, and profitable, on the Internet.
Tags: web , easy , using , collection , scripts , content , user , websites , for , community , structure , features , portal ,

 Passage Portal Server

This is a portal system that enables the combination of the efficiency of an enterprise portal server and a content management system for an effective distribution of web applications to the employees, partners etc., This program comes with a powerful contact management capability and performs role based security for the members. This portal server also has the ability to protect web applications from being attacked by dictionary, buffer overflow, URL tampering etc., This program facilitates members to manage the content online by performing rich text editing, page layout formatting, sandbox editing etc., This program can be used for web form development and designing with C#.NET, cobol.NET, VB.NET etc., due to its integration with VS.NET. This program comes with searching functionality and several features for the users benefit.
Tags: security , web , program , text , online , server , management , system , protect , development , form , page , manage , content , contact , editing , distribution , layout , applications , contactmanagement , searching , for , features , richtext , portal , contentmanagement , webform , enterprise , users , integration , contentmanagementsystem , powerful , efficiency ,

 Proposal System

This script specializes in website software solutions that helps your site to grow. This gives the solutions for, job posting manager, will have a proposal system, portal management tool, matchmaking tool and content management system. This software allows you to add dynamic content to your site. It will provide your visitors with something they can come back daily. This script is more affordable to use.
Tags: software , tool , management , website , site , script , content , job , dynamic , back , portal , contentmanagement , solutions , affordable ,


DSPortal is a powerful, flexible and modular portal system. Features include: Admin page with Page settings, Menu's categories settings(add, edit), Links(add, edit, sort), Pages settings(add, edit), Registered members settings, Ip blocker settings, News settings, Newsletter settings, Downloads settings(add category, edit categories, add download, edit downloads), Polls settings, Shoutbox settings(add,edit MANY polls), Boxes settings, Statistics settings, Navigation settings. Site with Login system(Very safe), Themes , Languages , Shoutbox , Forum , Newsletter, Menu, Polls system, News system, Downloads system, Statistics system(Online members, Online Guests, Membership, Counter). Requires: PHP + MySQL, Easy installation with install.php , THE SIZE is ONLY 205 kb (zip).
Tags: edit , php , page , downloads , blocker , installation , portal ,


DSPortal is a powerful, flexible and modular portal system. Features include: Admin page with Page settings, Menu's categories settings(add, edit), Links(add, edit, sort), Pages settings(add, edit), Registered members settings, Ip blocker settings, News settings, Newsletter settings, Downloads settings(add category, edit categories, add download, edit downloads), Polls settings, Shoutbox settings(add,edit MANY polls), Boxes settings, Statistics settings, Navigation settings. Site with Login system(Very safe), Themes , Languages , Shoutbox , Forum , Newsletter, Menu, Polls system, News system, Downloads system, Statistics system(Online members, Online Guests, Membership, Counter). Requires: PHP + MySQL, Easy installation with install.php , THE SIZE is ONLY 203 kb (zip).
Tags: edit , php , page , downloads , blocker , installation , portal ,

 MadDogs Portal

An asp portal based website with intergraded forums (webwizforums). The admin and moderators of the forum can post news, downloads, and all members/visitors can submit links to the links directory. Now includes a Site Poll that is fully admined and a guestbook with full admin. This website is ready to go, all you have to do is download it and upload it to your site. This script comes with full support on installing it and any quesitons regarding it. Once you get the portal you can login to a members section where you can download skins.
Tags: download , website , asp , site , script , upload , links , admin , support , submit , login , forum , post , portal ,

 e-Luminate R-Web

e-Luminate R-Web is a portal website which helps users to develop restaurant websites that can be managed by the staff itself. This offers features like providing demographic information, restaurant location, search engine registration, providing news manager and menu manager for adding / editing and deleting particulars, users manual, meta tag for search engine with both static and dynamic information and more.
Tags: search , manager , menu , website , information , news , tag , editing , engine , dynamic , searchengine , staff , websites , for , features , portal , develop , users , meta , restaurant , static ,

 Effex Media

This web site offers you advanced templates which are created by the best web site designers. In this web site you can get the templates for various categories such as travel and vacations, shopping & catalogs, logos, sports and cars, forum and portal themes, flash, photoshop, powerpoint, word, excel etc.,
Tags: web , excel , site , advanced , best , templates , travel , sports , shopping , forum , for , portal ,


Fullxml is a open source portal builder based on XML technologies which allows webmasters or webowners to display the news or contents in an easy way through a GU Interface. It has more enhanced features they are, surveys can be placed, page stats, themes manager, fully functional GUI based admin control panel, system moderator, link to us, refer page and much more. This is an useful system for webmasters to bring every web applications under one roof.
Tags: web , control , system , builder , easy , page , news , source , display , link , admin , open , themes , applications , for , features , portal , useful , contents ,


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