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 EZ Shopper

EZ Shopper is a PHP based shopping cart script integrated with popular online payment agents like Pay Pal, Nochex that supports world currencies for all online transactions. Using this scriipt administrators can create tables, view, delete and update records and also provides options for upgrading the settings of stores through administrator's panel. Single button clicks is a remarkable feature of this script.
Tags: create , online , delete , script , world , button , settings , update , shopping , popular , options , payment , feature , shoppingcart , for , records , - Product tracking - Product tracking is an ASP based component which is helpful for the online resellers and for the business persons who market and sell their products online. This is an user friendly tool for people to monitor their companies regularly selling products and also they can get feedbacks from their customers through online feedback form on the website. This utility generates a report that shows which are the most and least popular product etc.,
Tags: utility , tool , online , component , monitor , business , report , form , tracking , user , market , popular , product , for , customers , sell , people ,

 Submission Manager

Submission Manager is a URL submission program that helps users to popularize their sites by submitting to hundreds of popular search engines. Apart from site submission users can also submit search engines to the existing search engine database. To avoid spamming this system restricts only one submission a day.
Tags: search , program , system , site , engine , searchengine , submit , popular , submission , sites , users , engines ,

 4Webmasters Free Submitter

4Webmasters Free Submitter is a remotely hosted URL submitting script where users can submit their websites using popular search engines like, 0123search, advanced free, whatuseek, AA link, evisum, exactseek,, AhHa, a2z solutions, aesop, searchclickz, aec info center, ad wizard, bravenet, iseek, 2C site and more. Users need to submit their websites along with URL's, title, description and keywords. Users can choose specific search engine through a checkboxes for site submissions.
Tags: search , site , script , using , advanced , engine , searchengine , submit , info , popular , websites , for , users , engines ,

 Active Trade

Active Trade is a powerfrul ASP application with which you can conduct internet auctions for the products. Just register for the program and you can display your product on any category you wish. Have a look on the bid history and choose the highest bidder as the winner. You can advertise through banners and ads and bidders can search products. It has many features like, advance search feature, most popular links and categories, tell a friend link, site statistics, keyword submitting by advertisers etc.,
Tags: internet , search , program , site , application , history , display , links , ads , keyword , popular , product , for , features , bid , register , banners ,

 AddPro's Professional Search Engine Submission

Professional Search Engine Submission is a remotely hosted URL submitting program where users can submit their websites to top popular search engines like, altavista, google, yahoo, alltheweb, lycos, hotbot, MSN etc manually. Users just have to singup with their email and URL's for submitting sites. Automated submissions comes with more than 120 search engines and directories. Users can choose specific search engines and specific directory for submitting websites. This program displays search reports according to user's submitting search engines in HTML format.
Tags: email , search , program , directory , reports , submit , popular , websites , for , users , top , engines ,

 Antechinus Audio Editor

Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your sound files with Antechinus Audio Editor. Enjoy fast point-and-click editing. Combine, copy, record, mix, insert, and do audio operations easily, with the support for all popular sound formats, and you get to do amazing things with 29 great effects. You will not be left in the dark: the Editor explains in detail why and how to use the sound effects. Experiment without fear of mistakes: unlimited undo is always available. For stereo files, Audio Editor makes it easy to work with each channel at a time. It only takes one click to zoom into the selection when you need more precise selecting. You can then adjust the selection with simple point-and-click to get exactly what you want. Enjoy sound creation based on your intended use (for example, audio for near-CD quality) rather than raw properties (8,000 Hz, 16-bit, mono, 8kbps). Some sound formats are better for games, some for music, some for human speech... Chances are you'll need support for multiple formats, and even more so if you are using different technologies and operating systems. Audio Editor supports over 10 popular sound formats, making it easy to convert from one to another, and tells you which format to use in a particular situation. Save time when editing big audio files, which is often the case. Audio Editor supports the standard Windows Clipboard so you can copy and paste between different programs and sound files. Save time when you edit single audio files by cutting, copying, pasting and mixing using your Audio Editor's internal clipboard, which is optimized and much faster than the Windows Clipboard. Audio CD's can get scratched, or become heat-damaged. Even in ideal conditions, a lower-quality CD can become useless after few years. Your Audio Editor lets you open CD tracks with your important music files individually and save them in one of the highly-compressed formats for safekeeping.
Tags: convert , audio , music , time , files , sound , play , edit , easy , programs , copy , fast , amazing , format , using , save , fear , multiple , open , editing , zoom , simple , support , tracks , paste , work , into , click , raw , popular , creation , mixing , properties , faster , for , big , adjust , standard , channel , undo ,

 Space 2.

Space script creates popular background of starlit sky. Look at the stars on this page. Do you see any repetitiveness, which often happens when using multiplication small files? That may appear oppressive and tiresome to visitors due to contrasting shapelessness and geometry. You see another image where position and size of each star are chosen by generator of random numbers.
Tags: image , generator , script , using , background , size , random , small , stars , star , popular , position , multiplication ,


Webmasters gets a free jobboard for your website. It posts every job that one of your users posts to 100s of other popular job boards for free.
Tags: job , popular , for , users ,

 AnalyseSpider updated

AnalyseSpider is a very well featured Web Log File Analyzer tool that provides a lot of information that allows you to analyze the success of the site promotion as well as the optimization of the site. The information available is who has visited your site, how many, which HTML pages are being visited, which geographic region do the visitors come from, which files/directories are accessed, which files are downloaded and how often , most popular pages, which search engine spiders have found your site and whether a marketing campaign is successful.
Tags: tool , search , files , information , site , marketing , engine , optimization , analyze , searchengine , promotion , pages , popular , available ,

 Skalinks Links Management Script

SkaLinks Exchange Script is modern and convenient script, which was specially created for arranging link categories on those sites that employ the reciprocal links exchange concept. Software features: links exchange; categories hierarchy support; virtual categories support; related categories support; admin panel; customizable settings; statistics display; broken links verification support; fast-to-customize layout interface; advertisement system; multi-criterion search; script installer; directory editors system. advanced system of most popular related searches; "Search panel" added to "Edit URL" page; advanced system of letter subtemplates; link's editor name display added;
Tags: editor , system , display , link , links , exchange , name , layout , popular , letter , for , sites , verification , editors ,


ASP.NET DHTML Menu is a component (Server Control) for ASP.NET. It generates hierarchical DHTML menu for web sites. The component is based on XML and CSS. The generated HTML and client JavaScript is compatible with all popular browsers. ASP.NET DHTML Menu is a flexible, reliable, powerful and easy to use product. No HTML, JavaScript or special knowledge required. The Menu Structure is defined through XML and can be obtained from a static file or programmatically. Supports unicode. Also, there is a large number of ready-to-use menu styles. With ASP.NET DHTML Menu you can add a DHTML menu to your web site within a few minutes.
Tags: file , web , component , menu , easy , client , site , number , popular , knowledge , for , powerful , special , static ,

 Omnistar Live Online Chat Support

Omnistar Live! is a popular alternative solution to Human Click (a.k.a. Live Person) Live Customer Support Chat system. Omnistar Live! is completely web based so you can provide Live! support from any computer, anywhere! No extra client software needed! No Setup fee. Small monthly fee! Launch Omnistar Live!, minimize it and get back to your normal things like working, sending emails, or surfing. Omnistar Live! will chime you when a new support request is made! Everything is web based!
Tags: software , web , client , support , alternative , solution , popular , minimize , back , webbased , monthly , sending ,


Aspose.Total is one of the most powerful .net component suites ever assembled. Aspose.Total offers each and every component that Aspose has available. With Aspose.Total you will be able to programmatically manage some of the most popular file formats used in business: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, PDF and Flash. Aside from the powerful file management components Aspose.Total also contains components for charting, email, spell checking, barcode creation, ad hoc query generation, recurrence patterns and workflow. There are many suites that help developers build beautiful presentation layers, but no other suite offers wealth of raw functionality provided by Aspose.Total. Each component contained in the Aspose.Total suite is of the highest quality and each one is continually adding new features.
Tags: file , component , management , barcode , help , presentation , manage , query , components , beautiful , build , filemanagement , raw , quality , popular , spell , for , patterns , powerful , suite ,

 Eazy Cart

Our PHP based shopping cart system designed for the novice or the professional programmer, easy to install and easy to customize shopping cart. No experience needed to install, be up and running within 10 minutes of downloading. Our web based administration page allows you to easily customize to fit seamlessly into your website, with multi language support and 17 of the most popular payment gateways also supported. We have an active support forum that we visit daily to assist in any way possible all questions answered very quickly. We are constantly developing and adding new features, once you purchase you have unlimited upgrades. Allows Options and additional prices for each option. Only $22.00
Tags: web , system , easy , language , page , install , administration , support , professional , into , customize , shopping , daily , popular , active , payment , multi , forum , questions , shoppingcart , purchase , for , webbased ,

 Multi Search Engine

Multi Search Engine, as the name indicates implements the use of three familiar and popular search engines for the web into your webpage. With this all the three engines can be incorporated in just a single page of your web site. Uses search engines like the, altavista or google to execute quick search. The script can be copied on to your web page to implement this feature in your web site.
Tags: web , search , script , page , webpage , google , quick , name , into , popular , feature , execute , for , engines ,


SpiderBlair is an useful and efficient online search engine utility written in PHP. This program is designed in such a way that it has the ability to list your website link on the popular search engine database with appropriate keywords. By just creating a website with simple text content adjoining your site’s keywords you can have it listed on the search engine spider.
Tags: database , utility , search , program , text , online , website , creating , list , link , content , engine , simple , searchengine , keywords , popular , useful ,


This is a fun and entertaining script that presents bogglers on user's websites for their site visitors. These are brain teasing, riddle and puzzle solving visual entertainments for visitors. Visitors are presented with hints of popular phrases, words, sayings etc that they have to guess. Pressing the answer button, displays the correct answer. This script helps to increase site traffic by getting repeated visitors.
Tags: puzzle , fun , site , script , visual , traffic , brain , popular , websites , for , increase ,

 HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic

HyperSubmit - Basic Traffic is an URl submitting script where users can submit their sites to popular 100 search engines. This program submits URL's every month. It has a meta tag generator and sends email reports every month. Users have a easy to use control panel. Free customer support is offered for this program.
Tags: email , search , program , control , easy , generator , script , tag , reports , support , customer , submit , popular , for , sites , users , customersupport , meta ,

 Building your first Enterprise JavaBean.

From this tutorial you can learn how to build an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) and also learn to install them on a production class, open source and free EJB Server namely JBoss, which is a very popular EJB Container. The topics covered by this tutorial are: Installing and running JBoss Server, Installing, configuring and running Tomcat Server, Developing your first Session EJB, Deploying this EJB on JBoss Server, Creating the client JSP page, Running the JSP page and finally Summary.
Tags: client , learn , page , source , install , open , build , tutorial , popular ,

 BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter

BuildTraffic's SearchEngine Submitter is a remotely hosted search engine optimizing program designed as a perfect search engine marketing tool. You can register your site and its products on all popular web directories, topsites, search engines, ads sites etc., The main highlight of this program is that all search engine submissions are automated and hence supports unlimited number of resubmissions for your services.
Tags: web , search , program , site , marketing , ads , engine , number , searchengine , automated , popular , for , sites , register ,


The LinkSeeker is a link checking script which is available online that is coded in PHP. With this script, you will be able to check the link popularity by connecting to any of the popular search engines like Google, Altavista, AOL etc and can determine how many sites at each engine are linking to yours. It provides you with detailed statistics showing the number of links at each engine, average and total link numbers etc. An online demo can be viewed in the website.
Tags: search , online , script , check , statistics , demo , link , links , engine , number , numbers , checking , popular , sites , linkpopularity , available , engines , average ,

 Phantom Cycler - The Matrix

You can enhance your online business and earn more money through this program. You can add several money making scripts to your website and create member subscription pages with several levels and matrix structures. This program supports points as well as twisting system and deals the transaction securely through popular payment processors. Some key features are banner rotations, link exchange, reserve funds, instant sign up, unlimited matrix lines etc.,
Tags: program , create , online , system , website , business , money , scripts , lines , key , link , instant , levels , matrix , banner , enhance , pages , popular , payment , points , features , sign ,

 Scratch n Win - Entries Version

Now, the internet's most popular and addicting game can be yours. Attract more users and keep them even longer. Easy to setup and even easier to maintain. Use this version to award a single prize.
Tags: game , version , popular , users ,

 Webfree: Give Away Free Websites

Web free is more than a software package that allows you to give away free websites or web accessible storage to your visitors. Webfree was written with the idea that that not everyone wants the same thing and as such the software is written in such a way that you may select the functionality that you desire. It is written in php and uses a mysql database. The installation is very easy just edit the config.php file and then direct your browser to setupmysql.php which adds the tables into your database then login to the admin control panel and enter all the variables. Thats it! the software is set up!. Then all you need to do is point to the sign up page or edit it to your liking and include it in your template so that your users may sign up then just edit the header and footer that will be included at the top and bottom of all of the web accessible files that your users create or upload! The free version will add a link to our home page in the footer. If you don't want the links to our site you will have to pay for the software which is only 24.99 and gives you the right to all of the updates for free. So far Webfree has several addons which are described below: Webfree Suspend Users add-on: The suspend users add-on allows you to suspend users that violate the rules of your website with just a click of the mouse. Once suspended and the user tries to login he/she will be notified that their account has been suspended and that they have 7 days to contact the administrator or their files will be deleted. Webfree My Friends add-on: The My Friends add-on allows your users to add friends to their friends list which in turn shows them which friends are logged in and provides a link to their website. Webfree Share Files add-on: The share files add-on allows for your users to share any file on their website with any of their friends and in turn allows their friends to share files with them. In order to use this add-on you must have the My Friends addon. Your users will be able to share any type of file such as pictures, .doc files, mp3's or any other type of file. Imagine how popular your site would be if your users could share mp3's with their friends. Webfree Send Messgaes add-on: The send messages addon allows for your users to send messages to their friends so they can keep in touch. The send messages form allows for html so they can create fancy messages or send just plain text. In order to use the send messages add-on you must have the friends add-on.
Tags: software , file , html , database , web , create , files , control , website , browser , edit , easy , php , site , list , form , mysql , page , home , addon , send , link , links , contact , admin , administrator , user , share , template , messages , account , set , into , package , version , click , type , storage , login , installation , homepage , popular , websites , for , select , rules , users , sign , friends , top , point ,


This is an useful comprehensive online rental business creator script which is helpful to improve your online rental business. This script helps you to create your own customized version of your online rental business. This script also provides you attributes template listing based on the popular rental sites already doing business currently.
Tags: create , online , creator , business , script , template , version , popular , rental , sites , improve , useful , listing ,

 cPanel Gui Windows Client

Cpanel GUI helps its users manage every aspect of their website from their familiar Windows desktop. Cpanel Gui backend is powered by Cpanel, which is the most popular web hosting management software. The Cpanel Gui Client is a fully skinnable Windows client like Winamp. CPanel Gui handles unlimited hosting account, you can even switch from one hosting account to the other with a simple mouse click. It can be installed on your Windows computer just like any other software.
Tags: web , management , website , computer , client , manage , mouse , simple , account , popular , switch , users , hosting ,

 Interactive Reporting Solutions

Interactive Reporting is a database tool that helps users to generate their reports and also they can publish the reports via web. Users can create drag and drop report and it requires no complex programming. This tool accepts to export reports to any popular formats like, pdf, xls, rtf etc., Users can design interactive reports with Oracle, SQL, Access, MySQL etc.
Tags: database , tool , create , design , export , report , rtf , generate , reports , publish , interactive , popular , drop , users , draganddrop ,

 PHP OpenCard 2004

This is an efficient V-card system in PHP. Using this program you can generate cardfile similar to the popular 'rolodex' files through a simple user friendly interface. This MySQL supported PHP program enables you to edit and replace the HTML templates of the card file according to the theme and requirement of your website.
Tags: file , program , files , system , edit , generate , replace , templates , user , simple , theme , popular ,

 AClass Auctions

The auction site is one of our most popular web sites that allows you to set up your own paid auction site like ebay. The site is PHP/my SQL and runs on cron jobs for full automation. The admin area features all aspects of user and site control from account moderation payment options and advertising features. In addition, our auction site features muti currency support and payment processing support from PayPal, Stormpay and 2Checkout all moderated in the admin area, which also allows you to pick which payment processors you wish to use and set processing fees. All scripts are included, you only need a hosting account with mySQL/cron!
Tags: web , control , site , scripts , admin , user , support , account , setup , processing , area , set , currency , auction , advertising , popular , options , payment , for , sites , features , hosting , pick , jobs ,


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